New Marmalead Shipping Tool for Etsy SEO, Plus a Pro Tip for Etsy Search

New Marmalead Shipping Tool for Etsy SEO, Plus a Pro Tip for Etsy Search

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Marmalead just added a shipping meter that will help you make decisions about free shipping in your category and let you see what the averages for shipping are. When you use that in conjunction with the pricing meters you’ll be able to make better decisions about your shipping prices.

Plus, I add a Pro Tip for Etsy search and shipping for the holiday season.

I am NOT a Marmalead affiliate and I don’t get any type of payments for using it!

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hi guys I am here today to show you the new feature in marmalade that might help you with your shipping since everyone is having such a freak out about the shipping cost being added into the search algorithm it's really not a huge part of it at this point but you know Etsy loves free shipping and they've been pushing free shipping they've been talking about making you know encouraging sellers to do free shipping or lower shipping as long as your shipping costs are in line with your category it's gonna be fine so let's look at silver starfish necklace that's the that's the example everybody uses now this is the new feature in normally that just came out today and they might still be moving things around on it I'm not sure but this shows you the minimum shipping price the maximum shipping price and the averages in that category so I averaged azar kind of a weird thing because you have you know it's it can be really skewed by a lot of listings at the top or the bottom or a lot of and so you know you have to kind of look at the average as a as a benchmark sort of but not really take it too seriously but then you can go down here and see the price for it so most most shipping costs are around four dollars for this particular item okay now that's good to know because if you're shipping things for ten dollars then you're way up at the top here and you might want to think about reducing it because Etsy is gonna look at your shipping cost and say you're kind of too high there so you know it's the kind of thing where you can make decisions based on this free your own category now remember that you only have to compete for your category so I'm going to look at this one and I'll look at a different one our seller is covering shipping prices okay on average listings with free shipping or price five cents lower this is less than the average shipping cost of five dollars and thirty cents so sellers are not covering the cost of shipping in their prices for this keyword market so if people are offering free shipping this tells you that on average they are not adding that price into the cost of their item you need to price things so that you're not losing money so if you're taking profits out just because you're desperate to do free shipping you might want to look at your strategy now I understand that jewelry is competitive so they're private looking at the average price and saying well I can't really you know add too much to that and so they're willing to take a little cut in profits in order to keep their price lower but if you're if you're not covering the cost of shipping in your price then you really need to stop and look at the math so that's a that's a good way to look at it and you can look at this to see if you were if you're trying to decide about free shipping for this category so for jewelry in general listings with free shipping or price five cents lower than listings that don't have free shipping so that means people aren't adding it in but how much is the average cost of the item you know you can go through all the data in here to try to figure that out here's the mid-range price premium so you know you can look at your own stuff I personally would not do free shipping if I wasn't adding the cost in somewhere and just that's just basic economic sense you know what I mean that's just that's just ecommerce anyway because I you know people don't expect free shipping to be free they know that it's added in somewhere that's just common sense but this this dad is going to give you a lot more information than just guessing so if you're trying to make decisions based on your category then it's a good it's a good way to kind of get a look at it now let's see this is one that I did it kind of surprised me because I was thinking that this would be something that could not be shipped for free because it's just so heavy and live it would tables take a long time to make and they're a lot of times they're made custom and it's just the kind of thing that it's it's such a big item that I didn't think people would be able to ship that for free but when you look down here let's see here's the maximum shipping is five thousand so there even if there's one item that's five thousand dollars that's it's going to show up there so I would take this part kind of with a grain of salt just look at it but then go down here and kind of see where your pricing falls if you're if you're kind of down here in this section then you're alright if you're if you're the one who's doing this this is probably someone who's making a very large custom piece that takes a long time to make it's going to cost a lot to ship safely or might be internet I don't know there's a lot of things that you don't know but if see if there's one item that ships for $1,200 then if you're down here you don't really need to worry about this one item that's that might be a strange you know circumstance but this surprised me our sellers covering shipping prices I would say oh there's no way they can offer free shipping for that but it says that sellers who do these and offer free shipping are just increasing the cost of the of the item and it says this what their their price three hundred sixty dollars and fifty cents higher that's more than the average shipping cost of three hundred four dollars so it looks like sellers are covering the cost of shipping in their prices for this keyword market so if people are offering free shipping that's not everybody covering the cost of shipping in their prices the people are offering free shipping they are adding it into the cost of the item and what what they're adding in tends to be more like that makes those prices a little bit more than the average so they are covering the cost of shipping in their prices okay that's smart but if you're in this market then you might look at that and kind of do the math for yourself see if you can add in the cost of shipping and still be within the range of you know the price range up here that you want to be in and if that makes sense and other people are doing it then it might be okay for you to do now this does not give you permission to just add shipping cost in any way you still have to go and look at your market you still have to see where your prices are going to add up you have to you have to figure out for yourself don't ever rely on one tool to make a decision for your business you need to look at all of these tools in marm alene they all give you good information this this will just calm you down a little bit so this is the year this is the time of year when people actually start physically typing in the words free shipping to find things it's like like the end of October all the way through the holiday shopping season they're looking for free shipping okay so what you want to do is put free shipping in there but what they're gonna type is like jewelry with free shipping okay so let's say they're typing they're looking for jewelry with free shipping for gifts because everybody wants free shipping this time of year because you're spending so much money they might as well save a little bit right so that brings you to hundred sixty nine thousand six hundred forty one results but what they're doing is Etsy is finding all of the results that have the words free shipping in them in the title or tags so if you have jewelry or anything that you're selling that has free shipping on it then put that in the title or tag somewhere or you're not going to be included when someone physically types in the words free shipping all right that's that's just a little SEO tip for today and I'll show you what happens let's let's take this out and just search okay so wait that had two hundred and two hundred sixty-nine thousand six hundred and forty one results if you put in the words free shipping that means that that many listings had the words free shipping in the title or tags because see over here the filter isn't clicked so it's just by putting in the words free shipping and you can do this with ships fast fast shipping that kind of thing you know investigate these words to see if it's something that's used in your category it might help if you search for jewelry on its own it's sixteen million seven hundred and two thousand four 258 results that's a lot okay so jewelry with free shipping brings that down to two hundred sixty-nine now if I click the free shipping filter for jewelry what we would think that that would bring it down to two hundred and sixty nine thousand right no it brings it down to four million nine hundred and eight thousand seven hundred sixty four so that's almost five million results that's four point nine million results and it's nowhere near 269,000 and that's because those 269 thousand results which is still a lot but those have the words free shipping in the title or tags so just using a filter isn't going to help you with people who are searching for the words jewelry with free shipping it's a different it's a different process and this time of year like I said if you go maybe I should spell it right if you go and look at Google Trends you can see that the searches for the words free shipping the physical typing into the search engine free shipping not using filters physically timing it in that spikes this time of year so if you have the words free shipping in your title or tags because that's appropriate I mean don't put this in if you don't have free shipping cuz then you'll just make people mad and then it's you'll stop showing your listing eventually if nobody buys it but just having those words in there are going to have you included in a much smaller pool of results so that's your SEO tip for the day and that's what we're talking about shipping in general so if you like this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel I have more SEO tips coming and I did just put the new my shop review is back up in the listing so if you want to get a shop review and join my facebook group you can do that and leave me any questions I'll be glad to answer them but I can't review individual shops I just kind of the ones that I use in my videos are from my personal Facebook group so leave me questions about the videos in general and I will be glad to answer those as soon as I get a chance

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  1. Thank you Kara for the video, I have one question. If I want to offer free shipping for the holidays, do I go through all my current listings and increase the cost of the shipping, which is $2.66 (US Only) then add the title/tag? Or just let my current listings prices be, offer free shipping on them anyway and adjust the cost of the new items I add with the cost of shipping?

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