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hello everyone and welcome back to my channel so today I am here to review these new budget planners and the Creator is none other than the call from frugal chic life here on YouTube so I will link her channel down below in the description box and fun fact I actually started watching Nicole around the time that I started youtube two years ago it's interesting because basically I started watching YouTube videos whenever I started creating YouTube videos so she actually read my mind and went ahead and sent me another one without asking so shout-out to her for that I'm gonna keep one and then I'm going to give one away I'm trying to figure out which one we should flip through hmm the one that I would be interested in giving away is probably the pink one because I have no emotional attachment to either one of these colors because I don't really care for pink or blue so I figure we'll go ahead let's go ahead and flip through the pink one okay so this is how it comes packaged my package and I'm super excited to look at this budget planner because you guys know I am a budget planner I stand a budget planner I live for a budget planner it does have a bookmark which is pink and matches the cover and it matches the color of this band which I am here for because I don't really care for like some of the planners I have received have like very different colors for the bookmarks which is kind of weird like brown and colors that just don't match the planner at all you know although Brown is kind of like a neutral color but that's neither here nor there so again this is how the planner comes the one thing that I notice is that there is no pen loop so we will have to see what the inside of this looks like so let's go ahead and open it up and flip to the front page and so far we have nothing on the front cover or on the front page and then let's see what the guts look like this is super cute I'm already obsessed with this pattern this is a really cute pattern so it says beyond the budget money planner plan to prosper beyond the budget money planner this planner belongs to designed by frugal chic life LLC my money story so that's something interesting that I had yet to see and then we have a money journal earliest money memory what messages did I receive about money growing up how does my personality and packed my finances money strengths money weaknesses or areas of improvement and my word for the year and then we have more money journal stuff what's my financial why what do I have in life but what do I value in life what does true wealth look like retirement brain dump what's my ideal retirement age how much money will I need to retire what does my ideal retirement look like and then we have a vision board and you can write out your ambitions and dreams and your different goals and what have you we have a quote by Harriet Tubman and it says vision board think dream feel see so I guess you could write down your different goals yes and your different ambitions and dreams and what have you then we go actually just kidding we can put our financial goals here so we have enough space for 12 goals so that is a great amount of space and then we have a gratitude exercise develop an attitude of gratitude and then we have income planner plan to prosper brainstorm additional ways to earn income love that what skills talents and interest can i monetize here for that and I'm already liking the pattern and then we have note section two pages oh this is interesting because first of all wondered if the monthly view would be on one page or two page I just like a one page one because normally it's just one little section and I write big and I just have my own personal issues with that so I'm here for the fact that this is undated and that it's big enough because as we all know I like to put like monthly financial notes over here and I like to put all of my bills throughout and of course we're gonna see if one of my bill do stickers with it in here one of my mini ones actually oh well well I paid a ones wood so that's good I don't really like looking for over here some build Oh sneakers I would say that with fit so that could be a thing for me this planner could actually be a thing for me because I could use my mini kit or my petite kit inside of here perhaps and I can use my sticker and my extra I could probably use my deco washi yep so this could be a thing okay so anyway this is a month on two pages which I already and loving and then huh hold on if the monthly budget is does not have it's not pre filled with mortgage electricity water what have you then that's gonna be right up my alley but we're not there yet so we're at monthly overview we do this month's goals important dates upcoming purchases notes ideas gratitude challenge I love that and then we have our budget our income sources are budgeted in our actual so sometimes I'm a little indifferent about the income section because it forces you to I like to have my income sources all I like to have them I guess broken down but this kind of and if you have a lot of income sources it does challenge you to like confined them so I probably have to do you know probably my full-time job my husband's full-time job Etsy in YouTube although I like to break them down further so I'd probably just have to categorize them which isn't a huge deal we have our expenses are due on our budget yet in our action oh this is the monthly page okay we write down all of our bills and expenses here and then we do our totals cool let's see 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 25 so 25 of these pretty good I use about 18 right now and I do like have to crunch some of the categories which I don't like doing I do it in my budget planner because I run out of space I feel like but I don't do it in every dollar I like break everything down in every dollar so love this so far and then how this is every month so January February March you know I just love budget I think this is if you want to do know this is maybe the timeout this is maybe if you want to do like a monthly budget and then a paycheque to paycheque budget and then another one I think Michelle's gonna love this a monthly budget you can do a monthly budget a paycheque to paycheque budget another paycheck-to-paycheck budget and then I guess another one or well yeah you could do that or I was gonna say maybe you can do all of your bills on one and then all of your expenses on the other that would be redundant but it does give ample space if you do have a lot of bills and expenses and then what do we come to we come to the monthly debt tracker so we have debt balance or the debt amount interest rate minimum payment balance and then the total depth for the month so I think we're doing a monthly thing yeah and then we have another space and then we have our expense tracker date description amount category okay and then moving on okay so we have two expense trackers uh that's usually enough for most people but I feel like I need probably three of those or four of those because we have like a bunch of expenses so I would probably need four of those so we have our expense trackers then we have budget review okay we can review the month the biggest wins that I stick to my budget if no why not that I achieved this month's goals and you know why not areas of improvement for next month and then we have notes so I think this is notes for because we had notes up here I think these were maybe notes for the first month and then maybe these are notes for the second month okay and then we keep going okay cool so this just repeats itself for X amount of time I would imagine twelve times and then we come to and then we come to more notes back here and then a year in review your credit score your annual take-home pay I love that your annual household spending your financial accomplishments this year in your areas of improvement for next year I love that and then that actually ends the planner so there is I like lots of notes page notes space so I think it's ample if you get two per month that's pretty good and then that is pretty much it for the planners so if you're asking me if you want to know what I think about it I love it the only thing that I would want and this is just me being picky is a pin loop but truth be told I can add my own pin loop like I do literally every other planner like this one I have edit my own little pin loop here you can normally get them at different craft stores you can make your own they're normally quite cheap like let's see if I have one that I've created that's within my reach I do have a couple that I have created but I don't think any of them are within my reach so that would be the only thing that I would add to this planner like me personally to make it more functional for me but otherwise I really really like it you can decorate this with stickers just to kind of make it fun you can put your name on it I really like this beyond the budget money planner situation it looks really classy and I love the silver foil so I'm living for that let's see what the blue and head okay it has silver foil too so I really like it it's probably one of the favorite one of my favorites that I flipped through as far as like a budget planner journal type of situation of this caliber because it's kind of like to me this screams journal so it's kind of journalist journalist journal ish so again I really really like it I think that she did an amazing job and incorporating all of these different aspects and again I really really like it so if you would like to get your hands on one of these make sure that you click the link in my description box or in my comment section because she has created an affiliate program which means that if you purchase through my link then I will get a commission off of that and I don't even know what it is at this point I don't think but I will get a commission so make sure that if you want it you do purchase through my link I will link where you can get this budget planner and also her contact information and her YouTube channel and so on and so forth so that is it for this video I hope that you guys enjoyed it and I will see you in my next one bye guys


  1. I think it has the 4 pages for budget for folks who get paid weekly??? or…
    You can do a projected biweekly budget and then an actual biweekly budget using those pages 😳

    Oh, I like having options 😏

    Edit: It’s very minimalist and a good planner to get someone who is starting out with budgeting 👌🏾

  2. Love these! Have watched Nicole for so long on my personal channel (you too 😁) and since I've seen this on her channel, I've been stalking her website ever since. Love this flipthru especially, to see it "in hand". Thanks!

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