No shop names under Etsy listing photos? Why it doesn't matter as much as you may think.

No shop names under Etsy listing photos? Why it doesn't matter as much as you may think.

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Etsy is doing a test where the names of shops under listing photos in search aren’t being shown. Depending on the device that you’re on and where you are on Etsy (home page vs search results page etc.) you may or may not see the name of the shop under the photo.

This isn’t really such a big deal as you might think. Customer behavior is different than seller behavior, and when people want to find your shop, they go to your shop, not to random search results. It’s our jobs to market our own businesses, which is what my E-Shop Success course is about.

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hey guys alright let's talk about this new thing that I've seen this for a while this is Etsy's homepage they don't have the shop name they don't even have what the thing is under the picture now not having the shop name I don't really care about because when people are skimming through search results on Etsy they're really not looking for the shop and if they're looking for the shop they'll search for the shop and they'll go to the shop so you have to think of this in terms of being a customer and not in terms of being a shop owner it's two separate things what bothers me more is that they don't put what the thing is under the listing right or under the picture now one thing to keep in mind is let's say I'm shopping for gifts I'm gonna click see more all right so let's go to a Gift Guide Gift Guide for the lovely couple now look under here they do have what it is and the shop name so this is kind of a test I know it I know they've been testing the homepage for a while they've been moving things around the shop names and the item is still under their search results for a lot of things let's let's go to search results here first day of kindergarten shirt I'll just click that because it's the first thing that comes up we do have the shop names we do have the item names so if you're seeing no shop name under it it's it's a test they're testing things out and let me show you why let's go to Amazon oh look the shop names are not there they do have what the item is I think that's important I think you need to have what the item is because a lot of things you look at you're not not sure exactly is it soap is it a supply you don't know cuz things come in different shapes let's look at eBay oh look the shop isn't under there either the true fact whether you like it or not is that when you're on a market place people are on the market place in order to find many items not to find your shop okay if they're coming here and they're going to search for your shop specifically then Etsy suggests do you want the shop and it's gonna show them you know everything that's got those those words in it if they want your shop specifically they'll go to your shop now your job is to make them want your shop specifically and that's the kind of thing that we go over in my shop success course there are ways to do that you can drive your own traffic but when you're relying on Etsy search it is not oh geez do I even need dumpster fire let's look at printed dresses when you're relying on Etsy search people are doing a search and they're skimming they're not reading the shop names okay if they if they see something they're interested in they'll click through the they might go to the shop to begin with you know just like the whole thing if they're interested in the shop they'll go to the shop but when they're searching through search results they're looking at pictures they're not looking at shop names we might look at shop names because we are sellers you have to think interim this is sellers versus buyers it's it's not the same thing a lot of people think that Etsy is one big mall store like they think that everything comes from one source so it's not like people are coming to Etsy and going to a generic search result and looking for specific shops if they're looking for a specific shop they'll go to the shop and this is just a test to begin with at this point it's not it's not a test of anything it's not nothing is set in stone so don't worry about this too much but they've been doing this on the home page for a while I'm more concerned that they don't put what the thing is underneath it because that makes it confusing for me personally but you know don't don't sweat this stuff so much because we're thinking of it in terms of how we sell and buyers think of this in completely different terms their behavior dictates how Etsy is going to set up the the listings so if s he's doing their research and they find out that not putting the shop names doesn't make a difference and it can save them a little space on mobile devices then they're gonna do that so don't worry about it too much don't stress about it too much work on driving your own traffic and getting people to know your shop so that they come to your shop and not to Etsy okay you want people to come to your shop and not to Etsy as an entity and that's the kind of thing we go over in the eShop success class and it's it's just marketing your own shop okay so leave me questions give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel you can join my facebook group which is listed in the description if you have questions that you want to go and talk to other sellers and I will talk to you guys later

6 thoughts on “No shop names under Etsy listing photos? Why it doesn't matter as much as you may think.

  1. Honestly, I'm not really concerned about whether or not customers see my shop name or not on the listing showing up in search results. It bugs me as a buyer to not have shop names there! I like to see at a glance which shop has more than one of the things I want, without having to click on each listing, then go to each shop to see their inventory and figure out from there which shops have which things. It's convenient for me to see the shop names so I can narrow down my choices more quickly. However, I'm probably the odd one out as a buyer and we are all certainly different in our preferences 🙂

  2. I’m not too worried about the shop names not showing in search. People are going to see the shop name when they click on the item and end up in your shop and your branding will be on display for all to see. I shop a lot on Etsy and honestly the only time I paid attention to the shop names was when I was noticing all the clumping that came back when they adjusted the algorithm a while back. But that’s as a seller. As a buyer I didn’t make note of the shop name before clicking on the listing.

    I’m with Kara though on the product info missing from search… that can cause a lot of confusion, so hopefully that isn’t a permanent thing.

  3. As a buyer I do actually look for the shop names. If I have looked at a listing from a shop before and have decided not to buy from that shop I don't want to keep clicking into that shop to look at more listings. So I will look at the photo if i'm interested and then look at the shop name to know if I have looked around that shop before and if I have I will move on. It saves me time. I agree with you though it needs to have the name of the item. I put my mouse over the photo so I can see the name pop up before I click on the listing so I can check the name. Ah we are all such diverse creatures aren't we!

  4. When i shop on Etsy i look for shops name, not because i'm a seller too but because i always look for a shop that has at least a few products that i'm looking for to buy. For example, when i'm looking for earrings i 1st look for a design that i like, then i check if there are other listings that i like from the same shop in the search results. If then have than i will click one of the links and go the shop. So, for me as a buyer, it's important to see shop's name under the listing, i want a shop with a lot of things that i want to buy, even if i only ending to buy just 1.
    It's not a drama not having the shop's name but it's important for shoppers like me and also for individuality and brand. Most of Etsy customers don't know shop's names when they go to Etsy so they will not search for a shop's name. Sorry, but i cannot agree with you on this.

  5. If buyers think etsy is one big shop and no shop names become normal than thy won’t understand if they are hit with a big shipping fee or multiple shipping fees. Free shipping will help but not all shops offer free shipping. This only adds to buyers confusion. And we’ve Got to have item name. Many of my items look the same at first glance but because of type of materials and sizes items have different uses.

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