#NoBuyJuly Update + Tips For A No Spend

#NoBuyJuly Update + Tips For A No Spend

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hello everyone and welcome back to my channel so today I am here to share with you guys how am I know by July went so I think I share with you guys like a 2 week update perhaps and I did share with you guys that I successfully completed the note by July but I do want to just share really quickly just how it went for me like on a broader scale if you will so if you're interested in hearing about that then please keep watching ok so I will tell you that I actually am always up for a challenge and so when Michelle challenged me and others to know about July I was like yes girl I am here for it and you guys I have to correlate this I recently learned about the Ania gram and Nia gram not really sure what it's really called but I recently learned about that and I took a quiz which I will leave the quiz down below if I remember so you guys can take it to and get your number and I learned that I was a challenger so I think it's kind of interesting that I am also always down for a challenge but maybe that's because I am a challenger and maybe challengers are down for challenges and down for challenging but what I did learn is that challengers do not like to be controlled and honestly this is like the realest personality test I've ever taken and my mind was blown when I took it and I send it to all my friends and everybody and they took it and they were all in agreement that the test is at least 90% accurate and so the results were are at least 90% accurate and so what I learned also is that challengers don't like to be controlled which is very much the case I don't like to be controlled medicines peels coffee caffeine food or they can't tell you would think I am controlled by food but I'm very much not I do fasting like intermittent fasting and fasting all the time so as to not be controlled in my head I don't like to be controlled by my own personal spending by people I really just am NOT into being controlled and that's like a huge thing for me like a very huge thing I don't like people to tell me what to do I don't like for people to tell me how to feel I don't get bent out of shape I'm not gonna like challenge anybody if they try to control me or would have you I just kind of like retreat so I'm not confrontational at all but I definitely kind of retreat and I'm like yeah I would prefer you're not trying to tell me how to live my life basically so it's not like a huge huge thing from the outside looking in you would never know that I don't like to be controlled but if you like pick up on clues here and there like you would know that I definitely don't like to be controlled this is why I don't consume coffee on a regular basis and whatever I don't want to be controlled because I know people who don't have their coffee it's not a thing I mean you know like it's not having their coffee it's not a thing and it's a whole thing actually it is a thing but anyway that's like a complete side note but I thought that that was really interesting and maybe that's why I'm always down for a challenge and just trying to put my best foot forward I don't know but neither here nor there let's go ahead and get back to what we were talking about so again when Michelle challenged me I was down for the cause and so I've done those spins before and everything like that but this one was a little unique because it wasn't brought on by me it was brought on by someone else and so therefore I really felt that I really had to put my best foot forward I will tell you that it took about three or four days into July maybe five for me to actually commit to it like okay you've been challenged you cannot not you know successfully complete this is go time and then took me probably another weekend some change to actually like really really commit it was about week two and if we – whenever I was like you know what like we got this like we're not gonna be you know wanting things and trying to save things to our card or doing online window shopping or what have you we're gonna really complete this challenge and so I actually do still have my list of the things that I kind of wrote down that I was wanting along the way cuz I know this Michelle was writing down the things that she would have normally spent her money on and so whenever I started to do that that was really helpful for me but it was also something that I stopped doing around like week two so I literally just didn't want anything after about halfway through the month but the things I did write down included – Nikki plus three kits in notes pages which the total of those would have been like $52 I wanted to buy some sunglasses because I had forgotten mine at home probably would have been about a $10 purchase I wanted some Starbucks interestingly enough I do drink coffee like every now and again but it's not like it's probably once a month at best I did want another Apple watch band I wanted a fossil wallet and I wanted another Nicki plus three kit so in total I would have for sure spent maybe a little bit over $100 now our personal allowance money is $100 each but often times if we go over $20 $30 $40 you're under so we don't trip about if one person is over one month or whatever because chances are that person is gonna be under a different month or something like that or the other persons are gonna be under so I probably would have spent a little bit more but those were things that are very much wanted at the time and was very much prepared to pay for so that would have been about six different purchases because I would have combined the two kits the August and the september kit together so that would have been about six purchases that i would have easily made without thinking and so the purpose of the no buy was to not buy things that were not necessarily an S&S –'tis and so for us our personal allowance categories are for things that are totally not necessary so anyway again about six different purchases is what I would have made but again I ended up not making any purchases and I did successfully complete the know buy so my advice for those who are interested I'm not saying go out and do a no buy or no spin I really do think that that's something that is more so unique to the people who just don't have the means to be spending recklessly or excess money so like really have to because their funds are tight or for people who like me who just want to do it just to be challenged us to challenge oneself so I think you know you have to be a special place to kind of force yourself to not spend money whenever you have money or to just force yourself to not spend money whenever there are things that you actually want to buy but if you are going to do it I do want to suggest that you definitely write down the things as you go because the things that you want but are not going to purchase as you go because then at the end of your no-spin week or your no by month or whatever you can reevaluate and see just and see if you really want to make those purchases for me there's not a single thing on this list that I have purchased not a single thing August one rolled around I had already created a new list of things that I had wanted honestly and none of that nothing on that list included any of the things on the July list so you know after a couple of weeks basically I didn't even want these items so that's why I'm recommending that you got that you guys definitely do that because if a couple of weeks pass and you still really really really really want the items then probably you might want to go ahead and purchase them instead of putting yourself through turmoil providing you have the funds to do so but yeah nothing on this list I wanted nothing that I needed nothing that I bought in fact like I had this Apple watch and I was kind of over it cuz I don't know if you guys know but I've been wearing this for months which is really unique for me to be wearing the same watch I really do like it but I was thinking like I'm wondering maybe like a gold one or something or just something different and then like after forcing myself to keep wearing this I honestly like it all over again and I don't want a new one and I'll probably I mean it's not fading I should probably do a review on this because this is a really good band I literally will probably wear this for the rest of my time that I'm wearing this specific Apple watch I love it that much like I've fallen in love with it all over again I've become okay and content with the things that I have and that's the thing that I'm really big on as well is just being content with what you have oftentimes we want this and we want to keep up with the Joneses and we want that because this person has it or this ad pops up and we want to go out and buy that and we just want to buy a lot of things even though we don't need them and I'm definitely guilty of that but also I am very adamant about being content and practicing gratitude and being just happy with the things that we have right now because you know I talk about this all the time I am 100% grateful for the things that I do have and if you compare what I have to other people other people have much nicer things that I then I have much better things I mean I long for the day where I have a car that has bluetooth or has the GPS integration thing navigation built in or just has like some fancier features now I do can't wait I can't wait for that day because I do think having a like the safest car that you could possibly have is worth having but you know I got to have the phones for that and it has to be in the budget and so on and so forth I long for the day that we have our house we're obviously in the middle of the home buying process home building process rather I should say and we'll have a house and but that even that that is something that we want for us not because everybody else has a house because we've waited literally longer then you could possibly imagine to get this house it's just a great time to get one we want one we can afford one you know what better time than now to go ahead and get one but I am Bert I am pretty big on practicing gratitude and also just being content so that is another tip that I will share just practicing gratitude every day waking up and you can do this whether you're on a no buy or no spend or not but just waking up looking around being grateful for the things that you have no matter what it is that you have it's something that somebody else doesn't have and that's one thing that I have come to realize like even though this camera is not the one that I really want right now and I really would like to upgrade to a very nice camera and I want two cameras actually I want two cameras I could film like two way and all kind of stuff but some people are saving up so they can buy their first camera for YouTube and whatever you know so like everything that you have there's probably somebody out there who does not have that so I am grateful I am content and practicing that throughout the know by month I was able to kind of just be okay with what it is that I have and be okay with what I didn't have also so those are two I would give you guys as you move through a know by week or a day or month or a year or what have you just to practice gratitude daily practice contentment and also write down the things that you want and see if you still want them at the end of your week or your day or your month or whatever the case is so that is it for this video just wanted to give you guys a quick update even though we're in the middle of August about how am I know about July went I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you in my next one bye guys

9 thoughts on “#NoBuyJuly Update + Tips For A No Spend

  1. Not spending money is such a hard thing to master for most Americans. As a culture we want instant gratification. This mindset goes completely against wealth building which normally requires a long term outlook on the way we spend.

    Great video.

  2. I ❤ the E.Test. I did mine in March and am: motivator 🔸️ thinker 🔸️ reformer 🔸️ artist 🔸️ peacemaker. Its eye-opening 😳, love it! And love this – you showed great discipline. It's cool that you kept record too, I really like that

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