Nurse Inspiration for our Stethoscope Nurse Gift on Etsy

Nurse Inspiration for our Stethoscope Nurse Gift on Etsy

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– Inspiring nurses from Toronto Canada share their stories working in Emergency, ICU, Research and Multi Organ Transplant. They were the inspiration for the Heart and Stethoscope necklace available on Etsy –

I love nursing definitely think we work in a very challenging area a lot of caring and you have to have a lot of compassion improve their quality of life in a difficult it's hard but it's compassion and I enjoy what I do that's what Nursing is a lot of giving just giving it that you can my name is Angie I'm a clinical trials nurse and I'm working in sarcoma my name is Amy and I work in emergency okay my name is harmony 'try Gado I'm working in the multi organ transplant unit my name is Polly and I am a critical care nurse work in medical surgical ICU I'm not to leave I'm Katherine in transplant the hardest part of my job is when you see patients that are deteriorating and you really want to help them but there really isn't anything that you can do so especially in sarcoma it's really hard because because their lifespan is significantly shortened by their disease and it can it can really reduce their quality of life so that's one of the things that are really hard about being a nurse yeah just a lot of you never know what's going to come in the door it could be anything from a heart attack to stroke to just simple abdominal pain or someone's stubbed their toe and and some patients think the smallest emergency is the biggest emergency so you're dealing with all kinds of personalities well it's your staff the patient's the families a lot of conflict a lot of problem solving and also a lot of caring and you have to have a lot of complications definitely think we work in a very challenging area we definitely do a lot of family and they're there at the end stage if like their disease it's very it's very taxing with the yeah we literally see patients when they're hanging on for life and there years to get a new organ I think the most challenging thing about my job is looking after people in their most critical unhealthy States and explaining this to family members as well it's also pretty challenging I do it because our research can really help them offer them the opportunity to try new treatments and new therapies that can prolong their life or improve their quality of life in this in a difficult time for them I came that became a nurse because I was inspired when my my uncle when he is 50 passed away from cancer and he was very young and I was in the hospital visiting him I just saw the nurses taking care of him and sort of inspired me to get into that area for I am a nurse because I have the compassion and I enjoy what I do I enjoy looking after people in a sick estate and and just helping them get better and I'm doing it because when I was younger I thought about how can I help people and I like to be sociable I like to interact with many people so I want to be where people really need help and being a nurse is the best because that's where most needed people are and I love to do what I do and I don't I just enjoy and enjoy working with people and taking care of people and we have good days and bad days where he loved his job and some days where you don't want a job but most times I do I love what I do at the end of the day the patients there's a reward there's a fulfillment that you get when you've known when you know in your heart that you've done 100% and you give your all and you can go home and you could sleep knowing that that was it you you gave it your all so that's what nursing is interviewing nurses like yourself because we want to start a jewelry line the brand-name Pardoner's their nursing expire and and once our Kickstarter has been launched hopefully we can create some interest and eventually fidelity's and a portion of the proceeds will go towards charitable organizations with healthcare theme so we'd like to do it each of you want to be I think it definitely represents us and I actually think that the intertwining has to do with the nurses the collaborating with the patient's like it's a coming together of everyone wrapped output linked is that link and then the heart is how much we give up ourselves that's what that represents

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