Oh Christmas Tree! Will I sell thee? Buying and Selling on Etsy Haul

Oh Christmas Tree! Will I sell thee? Buying and Selling on Etsy Haul

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Isn’t this a pretty tree with it’s blue lights! I found some great items while antique shopping for things to buy and sell!

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30 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree! Will I sell thee? Buying and Selling on Etsy Haul

  1. Wanted to say thanks for the idea to get one of each design of corelle plates. My KIDS love this! A tiny piece of joy each day and super excitement when we find new design. Love it so! Thanks again!

  2. I have a collection of ceramic trees. I sold some. Now I have 2 green, 2 white and a good large one with Amber bulbs. Cost $4 at a church fair. Great bargains at them. Most have white elephant tables. Going to 5 tomorrow all in one town.

  3. I’ve been thrifting for 10 years & I don’t think I’ve ever come across any glasses like those. Very Atomic Glam. Love Hazel Atlas Mid Century! Being a 60’s child we had a kitchen set with seats that matched those. LOL

  4. Love the Nortake. I made lots of trees in the 70s and 80s. I made one just like yours but it had a blue star on top. Now I have no trees. I prefer the textured trees over the smoother ones and I prefer to paint and drybrush over to glaze one. Love the blue and white!! ❤

  5. That plastic devil face is like my early 1960's Rocky the Flying Squirrel's face. I thought those plastic faces were so weird then! Now, I think they are charming and glad I kept Rocky. Lots of character dolls were made that way at the time. I bought a vintage Santa with the plastic face a few years ago.

  6. Aaron's mother is so adorable it would be fun for her to tell us about her collection or items you picked up that she remembers at parties or sets she used to own etc. She is so lovable. A family haul would be fun.

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