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hey everybody it is Tonya and today we are in Panama City Beach Florida and we are going to go check out this goodwill so you will notice there is snow sound in the background that's because they were playing music so I had to take out all of the sounds so you won't be able to hear us talking that is my daughter Madeline and I'm with my husband Kurt and my son was driving the car and he just dropped us off because he's too cool to go inside good whoa okay no I'm just kidding he went listen to his music so yeah so this is actually the second time we have been to the store we did a vacation here last year as well so it's a really big store there's lots to see so let's go see what we can find I did not spend a whole lot of time looking at the clothes I'm not a real really big clothing seller plus it's so time consuming and looking at all of those clothes and I didn't want to bore my family too much with drifting for too long so we just kind of made this a real quick little trip but I was surprised because this store definitely has a ton of electronics and computer items which was neat to see because my store doesn't really carry stuff like that so we're just checking out some of the knickknacks over here Morgan knickknacks on the bookshelves so let me know if you see something that you would have picked up let me know in the comments down below what you would have picked up so I always like to check out the coffee mugs they're usually pretty inexpensive and sometimes they can sell for really good money I do have some videos on coffee mugs on my channel if you guys are interested in checking those out now here Madeline found a solar system little project that she can do and I think it was only a dollar ninety-nine she's happy so we're gonna get that so she is really into space right now as a matter of fact her whole bedroom is space themed so she is all about that so yeah when we get back home we're going to get her some paint so she can paint those different balls the spheres the different planets and I think that'd be a really fun project for her so I'd be interested now to know if any of you guys have ever been to this goodwill location it is in Panama City Beach Florida and it was the only one around as far as I could tell it's a really big store too so we did find some more masks over here so we're just kind of checking those out that one's really cool it kind of reminded me at the Day of the Dead but it was correct or I would have bought it for sure so and as a matter of fact I think the ones that I have at home I think I'm just going to put them in a lot and sell them that way I have so much inventory if you will right now that I really just kind of need to group things up and sell them that way this is an interesting little baby hero thing we did buy this I'm asking her to look with her young eyes so she can read what it says so it wasn't marked but when I went to go check out they only charged to be $0.99 fit so that's pretty neat looking so this caught my eye I think it's some kind of a lampshade but it was super heavy and definitely don't have room to be lugging that all the way back to Texas so I was really just trying to keep it to the smalls looks like I passed up some clowns how do you guys feel about clowns I know that there's really no gray area for that it's usually just black or white like you really like clowns or you really don't like clowns so let me know in the comments down below if you like clowns or if you don't so I think Madeleine also found a little NASA little space refrigerator magnet and it was marked $0.99 so we got that for her as well she's so cute she's my little helper so we found a little Reese's tin and we did buy that was 99 cents she suggested that when we go home we could buy some Reese's candy and store it in there how convenient she loves candy of course I guess what child doesn't so yeah tons to CEO and this coffee mug was really neat I had to get this I believe I paid a dollar 99 for this but it was really pretty I love the colors it's very elegant looking and I loved how the handle was actually a swan really pretty so this is one of those Boyd's bearers I believe those do not sell well for me sometimes the plush sells but I've not really had much luck with the little figurines I just think that they're they're probably just so mass-produced that they just don't sell well okay so let's head back over to the other side of the store the main part and see what we can find over there yeah I was a very clean store very nice and organized I noticed they had changed the layout from last year and you know what the store didn't even really have very much story and the jewelry they did have was like all new like fashion type cheap kind of jewelry so it was nothing really that was vintage or that had been donated or anything like that that I saw so tons of clothes but like I said I didn't really focus a whole lot of time on the clothes but yeah and that's pretty much how I shop in these stores if something catches my eye then I'll stop and actually take the time to look at it but I'm usually not too tired to sit there and go through every piece of clothing on a rack unless I'm just trying to kill time waiting for it doctor's appointment or something crazy like that but I do always like to check out the linens this is some need a neat little set of integer green linens here sometimes the vintage linens can bring good money they're definitely collectible sorry my hair keeps getting there in the camera this is a really neat pillow but you can't tell by looking at it on the video but it was kind of dirty since it was white it had some dirt marks on it and they were asking ten dollars for it and this is a cool little piece of furniture here it was really heavy-duty good quality you could tell it was nicely made I might have considered picking that up but again we were all the way in Florida and I didn't really have space to be lugging something like that home I'm sure my husband would have been just thrilled if I would have purchased that you know what I mean ladies right so I do always like to check out the shoes now these pink and green crooks caught my eye from a distance so I had to boogie on over there and see what they were all about I was bummed to find out that they weren't my size because I love Crocs they're like my favorite shoes right now I love Birkenstocks and Crocs and but they are a size 9 I believe and they were $6.99 so I'm gonna clean these up and probably list these for about $25 on eBay and Poshmark reminds me of like watermelon colors so they're really cool and I do believe that is the last thing that we purchased at this store I do like how they had their jeans hanging like that that's nice because it's easier to see the clothing tag like the good wools and euston most of the places don't display their jeans sideways like that they put them upright on the hanger kind of like the way they're supposed to be but this is actually to me a better way of doing it now when I first saw these I thought these were like Lilly Pulitzer hopefully I said that right but they weren't but it was definitely that type of pattern like she usually prints so we are about to wrap things up here so we didn't spend a tough time here just a quick little trip I wanted to show you guys with the goodwill look like here so again please let me know in the comments down below if there was something that you saw that you would have picked up and I did find another pair of Crocs you just saw him they were super small was trying to get Madeline to see if they fit her but she just wasn't interested in those so she is pretty picky yeah I really do appreciate you guys watching and stay tuned for some bonus footage at the end of this video we did take the kids on a helicopter ride and of the main strip there in Panama City Beach so it's really cool so stay tuned to see that and that will have sound so please subscribe if you haven't already liked the video and share with your friends and we will see you guys in the next one bye everybody you you


  1. I'm from PC but haven't lived there for years. I went to that Goodwill several years ago during a visit, but don't recall it being that large. There was a decent Goodwill farther east, closer to Tyndall AFB, but I think it was destroyed by Hurricane Michael.

  2. Also, my grandson who I believe is the same age as your son, 17, wouldn't go into Goodwill either until he started hanging out outside of school with one of his friends who Thrifts & garage sales for resell. I love it!!! Get em started young.

  3. I would have bought that white egret bird statue. I think it was near the clowns.. your daughter is adorable and she really reminds me of when my youngest daughter was her age. I would definitely encourage her passion of space.

  4. Fun haul. I’m in Arlington. Love thrifting in other places. I’m ambivalent about clowns. My grown daughter hates them. That blue and white swan mug is very pretty

  5. Tonya, since your daughter is into space and science, she might wanna check out Mark Rober’s Youtube channel. He was a NASA engineer that worked on the Mars Rover. He makes the most awesome videos about all things pertaining to science. One of his big passions is to educate and inspire today’s youth so that they may develop a passion for science as well. My personal favorite is his Glitter Bomb video. He also has an amazing video on the solar system that Madeline would probably enjoy. As always thanks for sharing! πŸ’š

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