Pen and Ink Journals Flip Through / Etsy Stock

Pen and Ink Journals Flip Through / Etsy Stock

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I have made 11 journals that you can use as is or it can be an insert for your traveler’s notebook. They have 58 pages from front to back and an envelope in the middle. The ephemera pieces and pockets have been sewn as well as the cover. The journals have been decorated in a mindful way, so that you can still add your own style to it. All the pages have been tea stained and the inside of the journal is covered with fabric. The link to my etsy store will be linked down below. Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you very soon.



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hi guys welcome to my channel it's Tracy from cheeky journals today I'll be showing you these journals that I've made it will be available in my Etsy store I've got in total 11 journals so for most of them I've got two available in each design except for these three here at the end I've only got one of them so in total I've got 58 pages in them with an envelope in the middle and they all have exactly the same amount and type of papers in these just slight differences between ephemera pieces and the design of the pockets and papers that I've used on the inside but they all come from the same pack of paper so it's very cohesive and very similar so I'm going to do a flip through and show you what they look like on the inside this is what the first set of covers look like in total I've got seven different covers the journals all of them also these two you have small differences on the inside maybe an ephemeral piece or some of the pockets have different types of paper or a different design of paper in them but they're all from the same range they're very cohesive so let's flip through these two and see what they look like they both come or all the journals come with a closure and this is just normal ribbon are tired the way that I tie a shoelace that's the easiest way to explain it so very easy I think I'm maybe gonna put them one to the side and then just go through this one because it's gonna be quite the morning to go through both of them at the same time but um throughout this video I'll show you this Frances so on the inside it comes with a some fabric inside a pocket with some of my pieces in so we've got a doily and she tickets and we have some music paper here that's from an old vintage music book and some of this paper actually still have a more Kings and notes on that somebody's made in it which I thought was quite special and then we have this butterfly at the bottom a pocket on the side and I've added some different textures and lice and I love that button I actually went out and got some of it this is true favorite pieces in the pocket and they need to do some journaling at the back and I've got it a made a cluster here out of fabric and sign paper just a side note this is not a real stamp I wanted to keep it all the journals as similar as I could so I've made a copy of the stamp and I've added the same stamp to all the cords then we have a book page here that folds art all the papers being tea stained and we have a package here or a tax pot with some ephemera pieces this is a playing card and then we just have some more journaling space at the back and another cluster here again all the stamps are just copies the copies don't come out very well and sometimes it is difficult for me to even tell the difference until I can fly so or like touch it and I've kicked the journal very neutral in color and also added an over decorate I've added some elements but they still a lot of space for you to do your own journaling and add your own ephemera in yeah then we have a fabric tag over here with an some journaling the you can do if the back maybe adding some photos and a book page I've added some tabs different tabs some from lace fabrics paper fabric flip out this is lovely fabric I love the design on it and I've actually used this in my own personal journal as well book page and on this page let's see if you'll be able to see it I've done some stamping it's like a script stamp but it's not too much in your face so you can definitely still write over it and then we have a pocket here with another little cluster and a tum hold sticker then inside the pocket these are tag you can of course I'm in the pocket remove the tag use it for something else an agile ephemeral photos in me and they're just paper clips back in me all the pockets have been unsewn and another tab with some butter flour paper a book page some lace and then I've got a little plastic here and this is also where the difference comes in with these um little ephemera pieces I didn't have double so each of them will have a difference if in my piece they then I have this envelope and inside the envelope I've added some writing paper with a little fabric banner at the top and then another tuck spot with one of these a restaurant dockets some more broad paper fabric tab I did some more stamping year it's very it just it makes the paper look so old and then I've got this little piece yeah so how can you search you can just keep it like that and it's very lucky night add some interests to the journal and once you can just add some glue there and here on this bottom side and then stick it down and it becomes another tuck spot and we have another pocket here and you can add something in here in the front or the in the middle and here's another pocket made out of sewing paper or a subbing pattern I never know where to call it saying paper sewing pattern but you know what I mean and then there's another ephemera piece in here with one of those stamps another fabric flip art another one of those book pages and then right at the end we've got that music paper with a journaling chord and you can totally add a little title day and these are pockets here on the inside and I've added item Holtz journaling course so each one will also come with a differential in cord and at the back a little baby bag with two tickets one is out of craft paper and the other one is a tea Stein one and then I'll just type a clipped it here at the top and that's what it looks like so one of them as I mentioned or very similar there are slight differences so I've got another one of these are by well and I'll show you the differences between the two so for example you can see there the pockets a different design but it still comes with two tickets and it weally and then of course the book pages order friend to each one but they all have this wild flower page in and they come with two different pockets so very similar design but not exactly the same the pluses are different as well they're little taps pots and then these two boots are a little bit different with different phrases and words on but they do come with the same pockets so those are like the small differences between each one this is the next journal now this video I don't want it to be super long so I think what I'm going to do is do a flip through but play some music and I've got a second journal that looks exactly the same with small differences so I'm gonna flip through this one and they just show you the different pages in the other one instead of doing as page by page flips through and seeing the same thing over and over again so grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea set back and I hope you enjoy the rest of the flip through see stable Adri to strangers intention stable run so planning a dream you whispered street touch and this is the lost Journal this one's got an extra book page I don't know how it happened but somehow a book page got sneaked in here so instead of 58 pages it will have 62 sometimes incorrectly becomes the front and the back I think it should be another one on that side so two extra book pages in this one I was thinking of taking it out and then just bonding it again but in the end I thought it was not worth it and this book can just have an extra page in with an extra pocket that I've added and that's just a little bonus so there is the extra pocket pocket and we coming to the end of this video I will leave a link down below if you're interested in any of these journals thank you for watching and I'll see you again with another video have a great day and take care bye

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