Poinsettia Poison Ivy Part 2 | Day 17 of Vlogmas

Poinsettia Poison Ivy Part 2 | Day 17 of Vlogmas

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It’s Day 17 of Vlogmas and I took a break from making gifts and such that I worked on my Cape for my Poinsettia Poison Ivy!

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hey guys and welcome back to my channel it is day 17 of vlogmas this is part 2 of working on my Christmas cosplay point set up poison ivy I took a break the other day of making Christmas gifts and other things so I decided to line up my cape it's amazing I can't wait to show you what it looks like in the and it is not a hundred percent completed after this video I still have to do like one more thing on it and then add a little bit things on to it and then it'll be done but I guarantee you I think part three is going to be the final video I am hoping before Christmas that it snows so that I can get some decent shots of poinsettia poison ivy because I would really love to have her be in the snow and have this all done by Christmas I am just so excited that this tape is gonna keep me so warm when I go out to do my shoot with her because it's so massive and it covers me from literally head-to-toe it kills me that I also picked up new supplies for a new cosplay but I really want to finish this one first before I work on that costume so get ready for another another cosplay whip video which I think I can finish in probably in a day if I have this cosplay done and have extra time after finishing up Christmas gift I might make a prop for this costume I have an idea but I'm again not a hundred percent sure if I have the time for it you you I am going to chime in on this part right here I know there's so much fabric going on where I'm not even sewing near the edge of it when I made the shell of the Cape I tried it on and it was way too long so I shortened it but I did not shorten it on the pattern I should have but I didn't so I just wanted to clarify I asked you why there's so much red and like in green and then there's some ports to where it's a little bit of green so yeah that is it for part 2 of how I'm making my point setup was an IV I am obsessed with this cave I love this cave it's so comfortable it's so pretty the green is amazing with the red well I cannot wait to do a showcase video for you guys if you guys like my part two of my construction video of poinsettia poison ivy please give this video a nice like and if you want to follow me and my other social media accounts all the links are down below in the description box as well make sure you subscribe to my channel to see future projects I will be doing such as crafting cosplay etc and the rest of the content I will be releasing that for the month of December for the vlogmas challenge and I'd like to say thank you guys so much for watching I a greatly appreciate and I would see you all in tomorrow's video bye

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