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37 thoughts on “POPULAR BOOKS I DNF'D 😱

  1. I also enjoyed the first book of the miss peregrines home for preculiar children however after the second book I wasn’t interested in completing the series. I can’t get into Sarah j Maas writing. I wanted to love Strange The Dreamer as well and omg you are so right about the plot. I DNF’d after chapter 10.

  2. Girl, I totally feel you on One Day! It was so hyped up.. I read that book about 4 years back and I did push through and finished that book..(kill me plz!) The concept was good, but the execution was so slow and dragged on and on and was so freaking boring! I would say just watch the movie.. It has Anne Hathaway and is so much better than the book. πŸ˜…

  3. Ah I remember reading Miss Peregrine's when I was younger and not really enjoying it so I just never continued with the series – glad I didn't! Ah I just got The Bone Season (YES TO PRIORY) so I'm excited to see what I think of it – I think Ashleigh is hosting a read along so i'll read it then, hope it doesn't disappoint!!

  4. I DNF'd the Bone Season too I was told it was a Hades/Persephone retelling and I loved Priory so I tried it out and maybe only got like five chapters in before I couldn't do it

  5. I had the same problem with Riggs' Hollow City. I loved the first book in the series, but I dnf'd the second one after 30 pages or so. And I really don't know what happened. πŸ˜€

  6. I dnfed strange the dreamer too!! I usually don’t mind slow books but I agree that it had no plot basicallyπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
    I’ve had outlander on my shelf for ages oops hahaπŸ˜…
    I read the first peculiar children book and didn’t like it much!
    loved hearing all your opinions!πŸ’—

  7. I've read four Outlander books now and really like them when I get into them, but I listened to them on audiobook and doubt I'd have finished them otherwise, the characters do make strange strange decisions haha. Saying that, I am scottish and my Scottish roots may keep the series going for me haha. But I absolutely love one day!

  8. I'm so happy to see your channel being sponsored, you deserve it so much πŸ’›
    I had huge expectations for Miss Peregrine's, and it truly was a disappointment. yeah I should have dnfed Strange the Dreamer too πŸ˜…

  9. Hey Bri, just finished Strange the Dreamer, and while I also felt the first 20 pages were a bit slow for me to read, I got soaked in after them! And flew threw the book! I'm not too keen on the ending but there is a sequel so that is that keeps me from feeling sad but I'd advise you to maybe give it a chance! I get your point but I think the build up is wonderful and I don't agree that there is no plot, because everything comes together if you let it!

  10. i read the first 2 peculiar books but yeah, will not continue this series

    i read the first few throne of glass, but i just can't go on. will not touch a sjm again

    i do love his dark materials, need to reread them

    i loved the graveyard book, though i have problems with other neil gaiman books

    i read the first outlander and i enjoyed it but i have no desire to read more of this series

  11. I agree with so many of these! I read the first two throne of glass books and found them so meh. I found The Bone Season meh and I dnfed Strange the Dreamer too and I loveddddd her Daughter of Smoke and Bone series so weird! Amazing video Britt πŸ’•βœ¨

  12. I personally didn't care for the first three books in the Throne of Glass series like I literally was like how am I going to get through the rest of this series. But it does improve so much in my opinion after those books, just in case you were ever thinking about getting back into it! But yeah the books definitely aren't for everyone

  13. I looooooved the graveyard book but I wasnt a big fan of the ocean at the end of the lane. It was sooooooo weird. And just kept getting weirder. And then at the end I was just like: "…wha?" Lol

    I am currently rereading the first His Dark Materials book and I am really enjoying it but I definitely don't love it. There is a lot of conversation about mundain things and also confusing politics. But overall I like it. And I liked it the first time I read it. I am excited for the TV show though!!!

    What popular book did I DNF? Hmmmmm
    Norse Mythology, Ready Player One, This Savage Song, Carrie, THE DIVINERS

  14. The most surprising DNF you had is no surprise to anyone commenting here. Wow. What an eye opener! Strange the Dreamer and it's sequel. Do you like the writing in a book. Character building. Ok you do not like beautiful writing, I see. That makes me different from you. You like more popular fiction whereas I most adore literature. That is an author who creates setting and characters with skillful poetic language. I judge a book both on readability and writing. Currently reading Faulkner. I try to read one classic a month. I feel like I will not continue the Illuminae series and I dnf'd The Poppy War and barely finished Nevernight. I don't like cliches and both of these are training schools — so overdone.
    One thing we both like is Skillshare and I used your link.

  15. omg the amber spyglass was my fave of the three but i totally get how the series wasn't for you!! tbh i really did not like the bone season so you were smart on that one, and again i love strange the dreamer but completely understand how you and others do not get along with it. these videos are sooo fun i'm always so curious about what makes someone dnf a book!!

  16. "basic YA series", YES! I was so excited to read Throne of Glass, the whole assassin part sounded awesome, but the book was so boring. Not actually bad, but super disappointing. I didn't even bother picking up the next book (which is why I was surprised I liked ACOTAR so much). But tbh, I am curious if the series does get better because it seems a lot changes later in the books?
    and your opinion on Strange the Dreamer was really helpful, I haven't read it yet because I kept wondering what this book was about and what's going to happen.. apparently nothing 🀣

  17. I also DNFd Strange the Dreamer and it broke my heart to do so! I absolutely loved her Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, and based on the synopsis and the way people talked about StD, all the like…mystery around the plot and such, I really thought I was going to totally adore it. And I was BORED AF. I got like 300 pages in, which was only a little over halfway, and I just found it so tedious and slow and boring. I saw a review where the person said you could read only the dialogue and skip everything else and you'd be able to know what was happening and get through the book in like 1/10th of the time. And yeah, there were just these long passages of narration that did nothing to advance the plot. Plus, I felt like the whole damn story was one giant plot hole. I kept thinking to myself HEY GUESS WHAT IT IS POSSIBLE TO MOVE TO A NEW PLACE IF THE PLACE YOU ARE IN HAS PROBLEMS. Like………that whole thing, the whole "it sucks here but we can't leave" was so lame because it relied on one of my most hated cop-outs: the "no one knows why things are this way, they just are." BOO.

  18. I love watching booktubers talk about books that they don't like, it's really helpful to have a different perspective on a book 😁. I don't think I've ever DNFef a book. Sometimes it takes me several tries to get through the book, but I kinda like books that are hard to read haha. I loved His Dark Materials so much, especially the Amber Spyglass, but I get why some people don't like the series. It's not really a middle grade or YA series in my opinion, even if it's presented as such. It's more of a philosophical tale, and I don't think it's very enjoyable to read if you don't like looking for subtext in a book.

  19. Loved this video, Britt! πŸ˜„ Even though you can’t get into Neil Gaiman’s work cries he’s one of my fave authors! I agree with His Dark Materials – I couldn’t even get through the first one! ☹️ I actually thought Strange the Dreamer was better than Muse of Nightmares lol 🀣 I still need to read The Bone Season though…a bit scared now πŸ˜…πŸ’œ

  20. Honestly I only finished the Miss Peregrine's series out of determination to finish a series. The last book was a flop so don't regret that one lmao.
    I've DNFed the Thrones of Glass series too but mainly because she went on a detour and I didn't want to read the book I was up to so I just gave up aha. I'd be tempted to finish it now if it didn't involved rereading 6 books, nope.
    The Amber Spyglass was awful, ew.
    BONE SEASON MY BABY. HOW DARE YOU.my heart is hurt. it cannot be repaired. * sobs*
    I really liked Strange the Dreamer but still haven't continued the series. I do intend to at some point but I'll have to reread the first book so…that can wait awhile aha
    Outlander is another one I loved but then I DNFed the third book (and made a full rant video lol) so goodbye to that series
    Loved this! (besides the slander on my bae but…I'll forgive. Reluctantly)

  21. I just dnf The Bone Season because I was trying to re-read the first book to finish the trilogy but I couldn't do it😩 the chapters were just too long. I also dnf Miss Peregine's I couldn't get past a couple chapters.

  22. I've never even bothered with Throne of Glass. It's seems like very generic YA.
    Also, I've got bad news for you. The Priority of the Orange Tree is so drawn out and boring too.
    It's a shame about Strange the Dreamer. It's been on my TBR for the longest time, but I'm concerned it will be overhyped at this point.

  23. I think its very easy to get caught up in the hype of a book. People can be so enthusiastic about certain books that you've already convinced yourself going into the book that its going to be amazing and your expectations are so high. Its one of the good things about reading a book you know absolutely nothing about, to try resist the urge to go onto goodreads or youtube before reading the book so theres no expectations going in.

  24. I didnt think I would like Hollow City as well since I only enjoyed the first book but wasn't that interested. However after the first 50 pages or so I got into it and the plot twist was so interesting to me. And the third book got even more explosive. I'm not saying that to change your mind or anything I just wanted to share my thoughts. I also do not like Neil Gaiman's writing style and I can only get through his books on audio. Most are 3 stars but I did really enjoy coraline and I eventually liked the graveyard book but I do have to say that I only found myself liking it by the end so it was a bit disappointing.

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