Printful Tutorial for Etsy - Use Print on Demand for your Etsy shop - Etsy shipping

Printful Tutorial for Etsy – Use Print on Demand for your Etsy shop – Etsy shipping

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Looking for a Printful Tutorial so you can get your Etsy items printed and shipped straight to your customer? If you’re ready to sell more items on Etsy and SHIP less, get your Etsy shipping under control with a Print on Demand company.



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today we're going to talk about five steps to get set up with order fulfillment this is a method that you can use to get your etsy items printed and shipped for you by a third-party company so let's get started step one you want to start by deciding what you want to get fulfilled what products do you want to sell once you decide which products you'd like to choose and sell in your shop you can go ahead and choose a fulfillment provider for the purposes of this video we're going to go ahead and use print full printful is a company that is available to ship out of Europe and the US and they do print on demand they pack your items they ship them to the customer and they track your shipping so now let's move on to step two so now that we've chosen the products that we're selling and we've chosen our print-on-demand provider let's move on to step two once you've chosen a provider and signed up with them it's time to create shipping profiles for all your fulfilled items all you need to do is go to your shop manager and go to your shipping settings and you can add a new shipping profile what you're going to want to do is go ahead and enter your fixed costs manually your shipping origin is where your print-on-demand station is so for example if you are using the United States one to fulfill your order you would click the United States if you're selling out of Europe or the UK you can select one of those I selected the United States because most of my orders do ship out of the United States all my international items do ship from the EU center but that'll just be a pleasant surprise for those buyers because they are just getting quicker shipping without even realizing it next you want to select your processing time this is actually how long it takes for the fulfillment center to receive your order print it and ship it so in the case of printful that is usually three to five business days then all you need to do is move down to your fixed shipping costs you can go ahead and just use the default two categories you can add other locations so print files website actually gives me the exact shipping costs that I need to put into Etsy in order to find that all I need to do is select their products and choose the category that I want to sell in this case we're making a fulfilled profile and let's go ahead and name our profile fulfilled and we're gonna call it t-shirts cuz that's what I'm gonna sell here and then we're going to just go through printful and find those exact costs so all I need to do in printful is select shirts and then I can scroll down and get the details of all the different shirts but all I care about right now is shipping so now I have all the details about my shipping costs so each shirt to the USA costs $5 so I'm just going to go ahead and drop that in right here now let's look and see how much an additional item costs that is seventy-five cents so I can literally just copy and paste and now I can add additional locations like the ones they have here I can add Canada I can add worldwide so all I have to do is go ahead and copy and paste this according to the values available here now all I need to do is create this profile and then I can just go into my listings manager now I don't have any shirts in my shop but if I did I could go through and I could just check off the items that are shirts I could click more actions I could click shipping profiles and I can go ahead and select my new Fulfilled t-shirts profile which will automatically apply to those new listings now let's move on to step 3 when you use fulfillment the way it works is you pay a starting price for the item and then you pay shipping on top of that and the idea is that you want to charge your customer more for the initial product and the same amount for shipping so that you can make a profit so in this case let's say I want to start selling these t-shirts for 895 that means that all of my t-shirts on Etsy need to be priced above 895 for me to make a profit I've already put in the shipping costs in the previous step so that means if I need to I need to go back to my shop I need to find all my t-shirt items I need to check them off and I need to change their prices I can do that using Etsy's quick edit or I can go ahead and do that using Vela now let's move on to the next step where I'm going to show you how to calculate your profit okay so to calculate your profit what we're going to do is we're going to run a fake order through the system so you can see exactly what it will cost you to order this new item all I'm gonna do while logged into my printful account is I'm gonna go ahead and just create a new order here and I'm just gonna create a basic order I'm gonna go ahead and choose my product so I can go ahead and just choose any given product it allows me to pick the one that I want I'm gonna pick this 895 one we're just making a sample shirt so I'm just gonna pick basics and I'm gonna just choose a file from something that I already have there we go and I can modify my print so it fits on my shirt however I would like and then all I'm gonna do is press Continue I mean once again this is a sample order so it doesn't really matter how it looks it will give you a mock-up so you can take this mock-up and put it in your shop if you want as one of your images so I'm just going to click continue to shipping and it just wants me to go ahead and add an address so I'm just gonna go ahead and put in a fake address once I put in my fake address it will give me shipping method choices so this is USPS first class it's the cheapest one all these shipping methods are track so I normally select the cheapest one that is the fastest which is here and now I can see that my grand total after shipping is twelve dollars so that means all my t-shirts on my Etsy account need to cost more than twelve dollars in my case I would probably charge double this for a t-shirt maybe twenty four or something similar to that in order to ensure that I am always making consistent profit off of this item now if I were to continue with this order I could check out and get a version of this but obviously this was a sample order now we've figured out what we need to charge for our items and we figured out how much it's going to cost us to put them through the portal so now let's move on to step five which is to connect a shipping provider that syncs with Etsy so recently printful just installed an update that means that they integrate with Etsy so you need no other shipping provider so here's what you'll see when an order has shipped take a look at this item it's been fulfilled by printful if we look at Etsy under my completed orders will see the same order here you can see that printful automatically marked this item as dispatch for me and added a tracking number printful is designed to be pretty maintenance free but I'd still advise that you check on your orders now and again make sure that all of your new orders are coming through on printful and that the design is correct in order to do this all you have to do is press on an order and then you can just hover over the print file to make sure that it's printing the right thing and that's all it takes to run printful for your Etsy shop thanks for watching

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