Project Share Travelers Notebooks "For Sale"- Etsy Shop

Project Share Travelers Notebooks "For Sale"- Etsy Shop

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Four Unique TN’s for sale at my new Etsy shop. For more details please visit my Etsy shop at :

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hi everyone and thanks again for tuning in to pugs and stilettos today I have a project share which is actually a couple of traveler's journals that I have worked on that I am going to be sharing with you on my new at sea shop so I just kind of wanted to give you a walkthrough for of the journals that I have put up at my new Etsy shop which is called pugs and stilettos with no spaces so if you want to find me on Etsy put in pugs and stilettos with no spaces so let's do a quick little walkthrough of these journals and I'll share with you some of the techniques and the items that are in it but first of all I want to start off with we have three tassels charm with the lobster-claw clasp we have a white bead with the word always and believe we also have a pink paper with polka dots these are like a rose gold polka dots with these stripes all the way around black and white I also have this clip as well with the bow on both sides and we'll take a look on the inside now now this is faux leather on the inside and it has a secretarial pocket in the front as well as one in the back and most of my journals will include all of the inserts that I have in here for example each journal will have a calendar a two-year calendar I will have stickies and little inspirational cards it will also have a shaker board this this particular journal I named it the pink Parisian so you'll find it as the pink Parisian online this is the folder this is one of the paper clips are laminated there's the back a couple of just little cards in here live love live life love this is actually the other side of the shaker board which is actually a pocket up here and you can insert anything that you'd like I inserted this card and here's another one also there's a journal with a cherish yesterday dream tomorrow live today with little pearl accents it is aligned journal it also comes with this metal paper clip in a gold-tone also a pen loop with this beautiful rose tone jeweled pen and this pen is the type that when you turn the point comes out so it's a really cute one it's not the dollar store up on now that have anything against that one I'm even having a tough time finding it but this is actually a really nice pen and that pretty much is the walkthrough of the pink Parisian and if you are interested you can find her on Etsy at pugs and stilettos so that's one of the journals another one this one is called the fashionista I'm gonna zoom out a little bit this is the fashionista and the fashionista has a silver tassel all silver tone and it says here on the plate knowing your heart you are loved and then just very cutesy fashionista young ladies on there striking a pose then the inside has the sequins glittery pattern has two squared pockets and if you if those of you that craft recognize the theme from the pink passport paper pad so a lot of the inserts that I have in this one are laminated and again it's the same theme here we have a paper clip which is a high-heel here's a journal I'm sorry a calendar a 2-year calendar here is a shaker board has the word happy has a cupcake says I'm sparkling all kinds of cutesy little distractors in there a nice little uh Lala card with the paper clip a little of the young lady with a little attitude there also a lined black journal this one has a silver jeweled pen and it comes with a bow large jumble clip with black and white stripes and this one also comes with a folder this is also the back part of the shaker board is also a pocket this one has all of I guess the big cities in the world fashion cities in the world and it's a folder and we have another card here and that is the walkthrough of the fashionista so I'm going to end this video right here I want to encourage you and please show my little Etsy shops of love and just go in and favorite at least I'd really would appreciate it again its Etsy at pugs and stilettos with no spaces thank you so much for tuning in I really appreciate each and every one of you please be sure to leave me any comments or suggestions below they are always greatly appreciated thank you so much for your support stay tuned for additional videos where I will share the other journals that I also have posts my ad tea shop take care thanks for tuning in

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