Quit Your Etsy Shop?

Quit Your Etsy Shop?

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Running a successful Etsy Shop is hard? Should you just quit and try a different way to sell your art online? Would quitting be the most sensible step or is Etsy the best place for you? Today lets have a think about some of the most common complaints for selling on Etsy and see if they are true and if the grass really might be greener trying to set up your own website or moving to a different selling platform

selling on Etsy is too hard I'm
just quitting my shop hey I'm Pam Duthie I've been selling on Etsy for 11 years
now have you heard people saying this selling on Etsy is too difficult let me
know in the comments below what you've heard that make you worry about selling
on Etsy and yeah before we get started no I'm not quitting my shop
I don't believe selling on Etsy is too difficult at all
but let's talk about some of the things that people say there's too much
competition there's just too few buyers Etsy doesn't advertise enough please
keep on going up and up my items are not ranking in search each see keeps
changing things people say that Etsy might just close my shop for no reason I
don't have any control over how my shop looks i hear about buyers trying to scam
it's not fair i have to drive my own traffic to my shop
so let's investigate these is it true Etsy is too hard and we should shut
up shop and go somewhere else do something else open her own web site use
a different platform let's think about this there's too much competition on Etsy while it is true there is a lot of competition on Etsy why is this a bad
thing this is the biggest and best platform for creative people selling
creative things for creative people making a living strangely is second only
to YouTube for people who are creative making money
eBay folksy amazon handmade these are all for creative people for people
making something these are all small prey compared to Etsy so where there
is all these sellers the buyers are gonna come it's getting a name for
itself year-on-year there are more buyers coming in to Etsy and so
saying there's too few buyers year-on-year there are more buyers
coming in to Etsy yeah there are more sellers as well but one thing one
special thing about crafty people you may have noticed crafty people buy
crafty things crafty people are more likely to spend money to purchase
handmade gifts they're more likely to understand
the work that went into them and they're more likely to pay the money they're
more likely to be buying supplies they're more likely to have a room
filled with crafts they've never even tried yet
so lotsa sellers is not a bad thing either all the sellers are probably
bigger buyers than just that other random people that come in once in a
blue moon eat see don't advertise enough actually they do they advertise a fair
bet they've paid for national television adverts in several countries they also
pay money for Google adverts on our behalf I mean actually I've seen people
worried and complaining because they see their items and other people's websites
but this is not well yeah sometimes it is other people have stole their
listings and they're scamming people but quite often the time if you see it says
that wee add on it what that means is that website or blog is allowing Google
to show adverts so your listing showing up there that's a direct link back to
your shop and Etsy's paid for it but also if you were gonna go somewhere else
when was the last time you saw an advert for a folksy or if you set up your own
website whose pain for your adverts then so yeah it might be nice if we did more
advertising but they're still doing a fair amount and it's way more than you
would bail to afford to do if you were on your own the fees keep on going up
and up okay first of all they don't really the actual fee increased last
year was the first one since I've been on Etsy okay there are other fees
coming in it sounds like it's more expensive because now we have to go
through the Etsy checkout so you're getting the fees added for the currency
transfer there and that used to be handled by PayPal but these were still
things you had to pay for before and you're also seeing the VAT probably
coming out of your profits as well but yeah that's legal stuff but Etsy fees
are still some of the lowest of any online selling platform and even if you
set up your own website you're still gonna have to pay someone for the
currency transfer you're still gonna have to
for hosting your own website and owning your own domain name so there's
expense and if you go into bricks and mortar even more so if your if your
items are selling in a shop you're likely to be getting 4050 percent of the
sale price 5060 percent in fees so yeah Etsy it at around fifteen percent
depending on the price of your item just factor that into your sale price my
items are just not ranking and search okay
that's tough that's that's horrible we also for that however if you were on any
other platform you also have to learn and abide by their SEO terms which can
be different and some can be very difficult there's no promise that you'll
be ranking on their platform and if you have your own website if you set up your
own online shop you're paddling in the difficult waters of Google SEO and trust
me it is many times more difficult to rank on Google than it is to rank on
Etsy I would actually suggest running a Etsy shop first to start understanding
about SEO and then you can take that knowledge into train to rank for Google
SEO because the learning curve is so steep Etsy keeps changing things they
change how the SEO is they change their policies it's not fair yeah sorry change
changes a thing that's going to happen Etsy makes changes they have to it's
keeping experimenting to try and make sure that they've got the best
experience for shoppers on the platform but not only that everything else is
changing so Etsy has to change to stay up to date certain things like different
laws changes from EU laws or changes from American tax laws impact online
sellers and Etsy thankfully tries to stay ahead of this and keep us right if
you are running your own shop you would have to figure out how to what we had to
do with all the different laws for all the different countries there sounds
like a nightmare and not only that if you're complaining about the SEO
changing I've got some bad news for you Google
SEO Google search engine algorithm changes many times up to several hundred
times a year there are changes not all of them big but there are changes and
Google don't announce every single change people are flailing around in the
dark trying to figure things out so yeah Etsy changes but so does everybody else
and it's just as hard people are saying eat see might just
close up my shop for no reason now yeah you're gonna see this on the forums from
time to time obviously on any platform we don't own
Etsy we don't have any rights and they can cancel us at any time however
we're making the money so they don't want to do that in general if you're
following by their rules they're not going to shut your shop unless it's by
mistake there are a few things you know check read the rules make sure you're
keeping right with everything but Etsy don't want to shut your shop so I
wouldn't worry about this too much we'll cover at the end things to think about
but I wouldn't not sell on Etsy because you're worried they're gonna
close your shop any platform can choose to ban you from selling can close your
account it's in their rules but to be honest Etsy don't do it as often as
it feels like they do it because at the end of the day if it happens to someone
the first thing they're gonna do is be all over the internet mention in it so
the fact you're only seeing it a few times a year says it's not that common
can't control how my shop looks and that is very true we have some functionality
especially if you've got the Etsy plus account however yeah Etsy shops all look
fairly similar however Etsy is working all the time to get the best seller
experience so they try and have the shop layouts that work best for buyers and
they are updating learn and tweaking that and we can change how it feels with
our banners and our photography but basically it's not always a bad thing
graphic design making things look pretty and functional that's again a big
industry people have that as their full-time jobs it's difficult and
website design okay a lot of website building software makes this a bit
easier but it still can be fairly tricky to figure out exactly how you want
everything to look figure out your branding pick all the colors the fonts
everything and get a store a set up that's looking good so yeah we don't
have that much control with Etsy but sometimes full control is a bit of a
nightmare I'm worried the buyers are gonna be trained to scam me and again
okay this happens we're reading about it in the fight in the forums but it
happens a lot less than you think we also have Etsy and PayPal have your
back in quite a lot of instances and if you've got decent policies in place and
you've stuck by your policies and not let your customer down then usually
you're covered and if you have made a mistake sometimes you have to eat it up
sometimes you're gonna lose a bit of profit because you messed things up so
yeah sorry about that but in the main the vast vast vast
majority of customers 99.9 percent of my customers have been amazing super people
that have gone above and beyond to be lovely so yeah don't let the one or two
potentially bad apple spoils for you check your policies make sense if
something happens that you didn't expect edit your policies later on and protect
yourself from it in the future it's not fair I have to drive all my own traffic
well you kind of don't as I mentioned the Etsy search is far far easier than
the Google search and it's here even paying for Google adverts and all sorts
of things for us but no matter where you are you're gonna have to drive your own
traffic and you're looking and saying well if I'm having to drive my traffic
anyway I'd be better off having my own website but like I've said having your
own website the SEO and everything for that he's a lot lot harder it's harder
to get seen so what I'm going to recommend is Etsy is not bad
at all see obviously don't have all of your eggs all in the one basket you want
a future-proof yourself so be thinking ahead to the future collect your
followers in a mailing list or have them on a social media group say Facebook
whatever a platform you're actually most comfortable using even start to build
your own website and you can direct people there by every sale in your shop
pop in a business card that contains your website address but don't write off
eat see eat see it's like the easy button the easy way in to get started I
know it doesn't feel like it but trust me if it was easy to run your own site
if it was easy to do these things by yourself then Etsy wouldn't exist so
much better use Etsy to get yourself started but don't only use Etsy don't
spread yourself too thin trying to do 200 different things that were at once
put your main focus on Etsy and as you're starting grow and start spreading
out to other things as well but no Etsy is hard it's not too hard it's well
worth doing eat see

8 thoughts on “Quit Your Etsy Shop?

  1. Pam did you see the new drop down menu to add variations? I have been waiting for this, finally my listings will make sense to customers and one design will all be in the same place. Will this have an impact of the number of listings though? I am trying to think if you have to add variations to every single listing now or just use one prime listing and just add more colours etc. Doest that mean you will only add as one listing though?

  2. I have put my shop on a small hiatus as I’ve started working full time. I don’t really have any desire to reopen on Etsy but it’s more because I want to build my market through Amazon more. I find it easier on terms of customer service. My customer service isn’t great unless I am pulling my hair out all the time. I guess it depends on everyone how they want their products. I’ve become lazy and tired over the years so it’s not that I’ve “quit” my shop, just an indefinite vacation…. i guess it’s what works best for your business! For me, being a FT seller was difficult in terms of health insurance and retirement and whatnot. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ my business and the side income I can make now. I am still super busy with product, its simply much easier and more productive this way in terms of time vs money. Amazon handles shipping and customer service. Something I just don’t have time for anymore.

  3. for people complaining about Etsy should try and go it alone with their own website. I guarentee you they will come running back. I am not making many sales but I know why. I have a full time job too and just dont have time to do both right now. I am trickling listings and have about 70 now. I am not putting much effort into advertising etc so I know its going to sit still for a while. That is ok with me I will be supporting Etsy anyway. You cant just sit on your ass and expect sales to come through you really have to be creative when it comes to that and really stand out. Etsy cant do EVERYTHING for you. This is business not kindergarden.

  4. I wish listing items didn't take so long and ten pictures is to much. I know people always complained about not enough pictures but 10. It counts against your ranking if you don't post all the pictures

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