Ranking on Etsy with eRank the best Etsy SEO tool

Ranking on Etsy with eRank the best Etsy SEO tool

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Once you have done all your amazing SEO on Etsy, found your keywords and made your listing, but now how do you know if you are ranking on Etsy?? By using eRank (the new name for EtsyRank / Etsy Rank ) my number one best Etsy SEO tool out there

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hello hello hello I'm Pam Darcy and you are watching another video on ear ank the new name for eat see rank the my favorite tool my favorite website for help and grow your eat see shop now if you haven't already seen my other videos in this series the playlist will be in the cards up above and but what we've already done is how do we look at the keyword tool I'm comparing keywords and the keyword explorer and now we're going on to my favorite thing so through those other tools you have learnt you figured out keywords you want to rank for hopefully you've built yourself some fantastic listings but now you want to find out are you ranking so the rank checker is under tools rank checker this literally is my favorite one here nice simple thing you type in the keyword whatever the keyword was and what this is going to do is it's going to search eat see and find out if I'm ranking for the term I was looking for so you pick the keyword so let's have a wee look shall we try ministry doc let's train miniature dog and you put in the name of your shop you can also search for other people here as well but it's me were looking for and then pick the shop location now this is because user specific results if when a shopper searches for something the results depend on many things including their location and their behavior in the past so if you want the high level big deal thing amoebic to find out how you are average all across the world then you could go for a shop location all but certain locations give a little boost I'm in the UK so other people searching in the UK will find me a little bit easier in fact we have question mark here that we should be looking over the feature allows you to only show results from shops in the specific country so as there'll be a boost in the UK I want to find out if if I'm looking in the UK am I likely to be ranking in the UK so this is like low level easy getting to search for your location and you're just competing against the people in your own country and then once you get better at ranking then you have a look for a worldwide but let's hit the search again I'll leave this running in real-time so you'll see this is a rank heading over asking eetzi for its query so that it can bring back the data so it takes a wee minute again don't hit refresh or anything you can see it's working by the little spinning us at the top corner and boom here we go so this gives us a little bit of data still about how good this keyword is you're aiming for first of all tells us this is a high competition this is how many et listings there are so it's high it's not very high it's an orange it's a medium demand and it's a very high engagement and frequently asked questions section here and I've actually never looked through this so shall we look at this together let's have a look at this together so click on this why do I see different results on each see the results on the it see rank come duel directly from the eetzi API and are shown exactly as we get them from eetzi however you'll still see differences in your search results there's good reasons for this personalization eetzi personalizes search results based on your unique browsing and search history localization it may be customizing search results based on your local region contextual result eetzi now looks at contextual saint's what they know about the buyer to improve the relevancy of the results timing easier constantly adjusting the rankings especially for highly competitive keywords so the results you see are a snapshot at the time so this all means that this is just given us a snapshot it makes life easier you don't have to sort through things but it's it's going to be different if you hit this an easy rank and then when into your eat see in searched and then got your friend to go into their eat see in searched it would all give different results we can't know exactly where we are it just gives us an average and why can't I find my listings it's difficult to rank for highly highly for broad search terms especially when there's lots of competition you might want to narrow your search for example instead of searching for leggings try searching for yoga leggings or black yoga leggings so this is longtail keywords how broad or how specific your terms are so miniature dog is somewhere a bit in the middle it tells us it tells us it's roughly a miniature dog so we've got high competition but I know from the size of my shop in the United Kingdom I'm likely to rank for that so if we scroll down we can see where some of the listings are it pulls up some now the rank just is what it is they're ranked from 1 to 200 million and let's see what it says here hover over the question mark nothing's coming up if I click on it nope these aren't working just now there's been a lot of changes in it see rank so but it's telling us I'm ranked at position number 3 on page number 1 for my first listing here and here we have from my second listing I've got two on page two and one on page 3 so at position 49 in position will rank 88 which is position so this is really important as well it's great to be on page 1 but it's better if you think about how when you search for something the stuff that appears on the top of your screen you're more likely to pay attention to so rank 20 and above seemed to work much better than say rank fit somewhere down the bottom of page 1 so it might be better to be on the top of page 2 rather than the bottom of page 1 and then there's some more information here this information is super important I really love this bit well firstly we've got an idea of the tags again here with the color coding these are the tags I've got from my listings so what did we search for we had searched for a miniature dog so we can look and see is that in the title the tags a miniature dog is in the title here so that's why it's ranking is in the tags as well we can see but also there's other tags that we might be ranking for and it gives us an ad a medium competition low competition high competition and then we have the price of the items the total number of views the daily views number of hearts when it was created so for example this is a four year old listing updated as well this tells us now if I just renewed this listing so it tells us it was updated a hundred and three days ago now this might be updated because it's sold or it might be updated because I've renewed it or it might be updated because it's brand new listing but it gives us an idea of the last time any activity happens on this so I've got an idea of what my listings can do so my best one is getting just over two views a day and the ones on page two and everything are getting less than one view a day so I know this these are numbers I can keep in my head as I scroll down and what we can see is we can look at the top listings now I want an idea if will I be able to rank for this well we know I can but if I haven't ranked for this exact term if I was going for a different term looking for this will I be able to rank for it so if we look at the results here we want to be looking at the daily number of use the daily views how old this is and if we look now this is a very interesting thing because we would say for a relatively competitive term this item has no hearts on it it has very few views and it's updated a month and a half ago so it's not selling that much lately and it's ranking number one and then is why I'm saying really short titles can help because this is terrible really it has one tag and the title is only ministry dog so it's giving it's putting all its bets on miniature dog I'm a miniature dog – that's pretty terrible tag but it's ignoring the – and it's just ranking for a miniature dog that item won't rank for a single other thing however its ranking really well in a competitive term just by putting all its bets in one place so that gives us an idea that we might well built a rank and well we know we can because we're right there but if we look down so daily view so we're looking for things with low daily view so here's another item we're really low daily views it's only had one view it's fairly new listing though it was renewed four days ago so it's showing the boost for newness the boost for a new item means that this item is able to rank and if I'm looking closely at this again it's a short title vintage military dog figurine ceramic spaniel ornament so that is what eetzi saying it's looking for a short title so we've got now I could also click on to eat see to find out more about this cellar but as it stands that's an item that hasn't got many views it hasn't got much engagement and it's ranking than the competitive term so that's fantastic I made both to rank and again look here's another one it's not getting many views it's a fairly new listing and it's ranking so if I'm looking at this I'm scrolling down I'm saying even if I wasn't ranking I feel that I might be able to and if you look at the ones that are ranking nice short titles they're not so many keywords stuff two titles so good to know now let's just see for funsies sake what happens if I stop looking the United Kingdom and looking also it's ranking number three at the top there I bet I'm not number three if we look wait but this is this is like the super duper one if you were doing well right let's depress ourselves let's have a look let's have a look at the next level down the next level of hardness so for a worldwide search how am i doing for the same term from my shop and actually that's not bad but it just shows in the UK I'm at number three worldwide I'm ranking at number thirty but I've got a few listings still ranking for this thing and again we can have a look now as this is the harder one it is more important I'm trying to look here to decide would of is it worth trying a listing with a belt a rank for this so again if we look at these daily views anything depending on your shop how many of you think you can get but I'm saying if it's under one view a day then we might be in a channel in with the chance of ranking so this is less than one view a day it's a fairly old listing with 700 views so it's a fairly good so it's a fairly reasonable listing and again this has got 600 views let's have a look that's got 3,000 views here's here's one it's averaging at point one view a day it's got less than a hundred views and not a massive amount of hearts it's literally just been updated so this is telling us for not err no offence meant to sin these mini-art what a cool name for not the greatest of listings it's not driving much views or anything but it might have just sold and been relisted or it might have just been realist listed but it's really brand newly updated so this means that updating it is getting it to rank at number nine so we might built a rank something a little bit higher on this page so this is what I use this data for I find this super interesting to build to compare firstly I've used all the other tools to find out is this a good keyword and then a dive in here to find out am i ranking or if I'm not ranking Who am I going to be competing against might I be able to rank so I hope this helps it gives you an idea of how I use ET rank if you've not got an account here I would totally recommend signing up right now almost everything I've showed you here is completely free to use you can I am using the pro the paid version which gives me slightly more functionality but the rank checker and the keyword tools these are all in the free version as well so I hope that helped police don't forget come back next time and if you've got any questions leave them in the comments below thank you so much

4 thoughts on “Ranking on Etsy with eRank the best Etsy SEO tool

  1. Thank you so much for this video! I am new at this and is extremely helpful your explanation, it gives me hopes when I see my jewelry ranking with some of the keywords! I certainly will come back to your videos! Kind regards from Spain.

  2. Thanks a ton for your whole playlist on this tool Pam! It’s incredible how many parallels there are to YouTube SEO. And, haha, even some small details like you have to search in incognito and new listing get a boost for newness apply here as well. 😃👍

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