Redoing an Etsy listing to update the SEO. Etsy tips 2019

Redoing an Etsy listing to update the SEO. Etsy tips 2019

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Yes, I forgot to add “sugar,” but I went back afterward and added it in!

I needed to rework an Etsy listing that hasn’t sold for a while, so I decided to do it on camera. For this one I didn’t research new keywords because I know what kinds of terms people use, but I do go through the stats to make sure I’m not eliminating any keywords that are being used already!

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hey guys I am going to rework this because it just came out for renewal and I haven't sold it for a while and I used to sell them I think pretty frequently this is one of the first listings I ever put up so the way that I'm going to do this I'm going to go into clique and first I'm going to look at the stats for this now this is the shop dashboard in your listings manager you can click the little gear it'll drop down and you have all these options or you can just go to the listing itself if you're signed in to your account there are choices up above the listing where you can choose all these things too but I'm just in the shop manager so I'm gonna do it from the drop-down I want to look at the stats to see what kinds of search terms have been used to find this and I'm gonna go back for last year because I want a good solid chunk now I see I don't even remember selling US 14 times last year that's not I honestly don't remember selling this for a long time so I would say it was all back in so I haven't sold these since September okay so that's why I don't remember all right so most of my searches came from Etsy external search that's odd okay I would have to go into my Google Analytics to see what kinds of terms were being used but I'm not going to do that right now what I'm gonna look right now is just what this was searched for in Etsy so that I don't get rid of those terms because I'm gonna rewrite this the SEO but I don't want to get rid of the things that are already finding it and you know honestly if you know the NCC stats will tell you what you are using now that's already working but it won't tell you other terms that you could be using it might work better and that's where you use Marmalade you can go in and research it that way I'm not going to do that just because I've done enough way for paper that I know kind of what terms people are using for these but I do want to see so the most the most common phrase that people use to find this is edible flowers and after that it's my shop name all right well then I'm gonna put that in my stats area in the tags I mean edible flowers cake decoration wafer paper flowers sugar flowers for wedding cakes should these aren't really sugar but people do come to them if they're just looking for edible flowers people who don't make these tend to use the word sugar flowers when they're searching for edible flowers so I am gonna use the word sugar and you have to think like a customer that way if something isn't a hundred percent right technically but customers refer to it that way you have to use those terms so I am gonna use that I don't want to take that out let me see cake to remember edible cake flowers so we've got a lot of edible on a wafer there are wedding purple that's interesting so people are searching with the color they are using rice paper which is interesting because wafer paper is made from potato starch but people call it rice paper again that's something that customers do not take decorators so I don't want to take rice paper out because they are using that to find it and there's purple again now see here's here's an example of the translation this is not in my title or text but it's he's translating it for me so that's what the last video I did was about whether you should put foreign terms in your tags I'm not sure how important that is because obviously this is not in my tags or title right now and Etsy is finding me for that so you know and see there they're fixing Spelling's editable here's blue so they're using the color I do have blue and purple in this as the attributes but I'll go in and show you the full listing in a sec so we have a lot of edible there's hydrangea the color sugar okay so pretty much everything that I have in there now is working I don't want to get rid of any terms but I might want to add some because I'm seeing I'm starting to see blue and purple so people are searching by color I do have different colors of these so I'm going to add some colors to it I might add occasions because I see a lot of wedding I don't think that I have birthday or anything like that in this in this listing because I I did a long time ago like I said so alright so the most important thing to keep in there is edible flowers in that order and match that in the title and tags and then maybe edible flowers cake decoration because that'll that captures the edible flowers part wafer paper flower the weddings and the color is that kind of okay so let's go back to this listing and now I'll do it from here and let's go and rework this okay so we've got the title 50 solid color edible flowers and decorations wafer paper flowers for cake decorating wedding cake toppers rice paper hydrangeas okay now I remember finding it with hydrangeas that's way at the end of the title let me see if that's in the tags too where's the tags it is in the tags okay so let's see first thing let me look at the pictures I need to rework these pictures but this doesn't have my logo in it and I want to have that in the first picture so I'll wait and redo those later so that'll that'll go on my to-do list okay first I want to put 1-inch right up at the front so that people see that see how big they are solid color edible flowers I'm these are really not well they are solid because they don't have the pattern of the flower oh no I'm going to put watercolor because people do search with watercolor for this kind of thing edible flowers and I'm going to change this let's see evil flowers for cake decorating let's see wedding cake or cupcake toppers okay so we have 51 inch watercolor edible flowers but you know I'm going to put the word 50 now I'll put 50 I think if people are searching that's that's just to show people how much I doubt they're going to search with that number they're not going to look specifically for 50 flowers but I want them to see that they get 50 right up at the front under the listing photo in search results wedding okay 51 inch watercolor edible flowers for cake decorating and that was I think that was one of the terms and it was either cake decorating or cake decorations and ANSI tends to use that kind of interchangeably wedding cakes or cupcake toppers okay then we're going to do rice paper hydrangeas because I do want to leave rice paper in there and people were searching with hydrangeas so I'll leave that there rice paper hydrangeas – let's think nice paper hydrangeas then the other one was this sugar I don't want to put sugar in the title I'll put that in the tags paper hydrangeas I'm gonna just put assorted colors available okay and that's that's more for the customer than for the search engine but I have rice paper hydrangeas cupcake toppers and edible flowers and cake decorating those I will repeat in the tags I'm gonna repeat edible flowers cupcake toppers and I don't know if rice paper hydrangeas will fit and cake decorating and I'm not sure if I think I think that cake decorating has as part of the category so I might not need to put that in there but I will I think it might be cake decorations now see this is the blue and the purple this is why people were searching for this and finding it in here because the last time I checked and this could change but the last time I checked Etsy wasn't using the variations and I do have a bunch of variations on these these all these colors but unless the color is in the title or tags Etsy has not been fighting them the variations aren't used as the keywords so I'm gonna put more colors in the tags just so because if people were searching with blue and purple I want to put more colors in there if I have those available okay so theme let's see if there's a floral theme let's do garden and outdoor okay occasion there's no specific occasion that goes with this and there's no specific holiday so I'm gonna leave those blank you don't want to fill this out unless there is well maybe I could do no there's wedding I'll put wedding okay because we do use these for wedding cakes but for the holiday I'm not gonna put anything for holiday because it's not there's no specific holiday on this manual physical so I want to manually renew this because that does give you a chance to actually look at things when this expires now if you put a quantity down here then it's not going to it'll renew automatically until this is zero and then it says okay we've we've gonna either automatic or manually renew it so I want to manually and then the description I'm gonna rework this because this is a lot of text let's see I'm going to actually I'm gonna leave that I'm gonna leave that that's a link if using them on icing they should be attached to last minute I'm gonna take this out because I send instructions with them and I don't want to scare people off if you tell them too many instructions right up at first then it scares them away let's see this work Peter on phone it in buttercream I will take that out I don't need to put this I send instructions with everything so now that's a gum paste thing see this is the kind of thing you have to go back and check every now and then some of these things really refer to other listings I'm gonna move this down here keep the links at the end I will put you will receive because you want to have people think about them getting things fifty flowers which I hope find that once they're shaved in like okay okay that's good these wafer paper flowers are hectic every way from rice paper or it's totally edible I'm going to put let's see one inch wide double and fine for vegan okay okay okay so I'm gonna add colors are I'm just gonna add this so that people know that they're not getting just one color and it's kind of a range of those colors okay and that's it all right so I've got my URL to go to my newsletter I've got the main shot page I've got one more listing here and I could take this off because I'm not sure what that does if it if it's a link that doesn't take people to it okay so that's my description I don't want people to customize this so I'm going to take that off all right and this is the wrong section so let's say this is a kind of thing you need to go in and kind of look at these things I'm taking all of these out and I'm just going to start over now I know that I want to do edible flowers okay and I'm gonna do a cake turnover because people were finding it that way and then I'm gonna do cake now let's look at the categories hmm cake toppers okay so decorations and cake but cake decorations is not so cake decorating I'm going to put cake decorating like decorating just and us in what would the other ones rice paper hydrangeas I don't think that's gonna fit price paper hydrangea ok rice paper hydrangea fits that's good and the other one was cupcake toppers okay so those are mine those are my listing these this one this one this one and this one are the words that I'm matching between the title and the tags and after that I'm just gonna put in other stuff okay so I I want to put in wedding wedding cake I'm gonna put wedding cake decor I'm gonna put birthday idea oops smell it right we good birthday ideas about birthday party ideas what about let's see girl first first so someone searches for girls first birthday party ideas then there yeah there you go I'm gonna put smash because people look for smash cakes okay now obviously no one is gonna search for girl first first smash I'm just putting these in here so that Etsy can find those words in my title or tags if they're looking for that kind of thing because they'll they'll go and pick this out and add it to the other words and if you've watched my other videos you know what I'm doing okay so I'm gonna do small mini little so people are looking for little edible flowers there you go I don't think that's gonna fit I'm gonna do that and then I'm gonna put cake pops I know people have used these on cake pops and I've got mini there so if they're looking for mini cupcakes that's taken care of I'll put cookies I want to put in some colors so I'm gonna do pink red orange green but like red orange I don't think there's any color that's gonna fit in there so do pink red orange green yellow oops white okay so I only have one left what will it be O'Regan cuz these are vegan about garden garden party and tea party okay so now someone searches for Tea Party cupcake toppers this listing will come up if someone searches for pink rice paper hydrangeas this listing will come up if someone searches for first birthday smash cake this listing will come up Oh ideas I was looking for ideas there it is okay so I've got a whole bunch of things covered I don't think I've taken anything out that was being used before but I had a really limited range of things before so I think that's it I'm gonna make sure that the shipping is right free us yes okay I'm going to publish and there we go all right so that's that's how I would redo this so I did not do any research on this because I've researched enough and I've sold enough at these types of things that I know what people would search for it but if you're not sure about the terms that you need to use you should go and use normally to find different suggestions look in Google you know just look around to see what other kinds of things in other listings that you have look to see what people are finding those similar listings for and that's how I would do it so leave me any questions and I will answer them as soon as I get a chance

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  1. Hello I am a professional designer t-shirts, but I do not speak English well and I am happy to keep up with the work at the etsy site I have not sold any design since I started working on the site. Do you accept to work together? I design for you anything you want and you publish the designs in your shop and the profit is equal

  2. If you do one of kind items would you suggest renewing or making a new listing since there is no sales history to the old listing? I am just not sure on this subject if the new listing boost is any better than renewing now with all the changes. Thank you Kara.

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