Reselling Questions Answered: Etsy, Amazon FBA and Amazon Merch

Reselling Questions Answered: Etsy, Amazon FBA and Amazon Merch

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This is my first time attempting one of these questions videos. If you’d like to see more or have questions you would like answered please leave them in the comments below. In this video I address questions from viewers on selling on Etsy, reselling on Amazon and selling on Amazon Merch. If I do make more of these videos in the future, I might try and keep them to specific topics, since this one turned out kind of long!

I’ve run Planet Alissa, a vintage Etsy shop since 2011 and have sold more than 2000 vintage items on Etsy. I’d like to share what I’ve learned on Etsy with folks who are looking to start or grow their own Etsy vintage store with weekly videos on what I’m selling on Etsy and other videos offering tips, tricks and information for anyone who wants to know more about running a vintage Etsy store.

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25 thoughts on “Reselling Questions Answered: Etsy, Amazon FBA and Amazon Merch

  1. Thanks to share all your expertise with us! Really enjoyed to watch you and get all this useful information. Question: Is it possible you explain a little with we could work with Etsy or Amazon while we are traveling? For example, if I am out of the country for 3 months, could I manage Amazon or Etsy sales?

  2. Thanks for your expertise Alissa! Do you use a repricer for Amazon such as BQool? I was using one with pretty good results, but my sales have been pretty slow and now I'm not even sure if using a paid repricer is worth it. What's your opinion? I am not a full time amazon seller. I am primarily a pet sitter and makeup artist. Amazon is nice extra money for me.

  3. Thank you so much for these videos. Can you please tell me if you can sell Handmade jewelry on Amazon if you are not a member of the Handmade program? I'm thinking of applying, but the process seems very intimidating and there is the fear of being rejected.

  4. Great video. You made up for the length with the sections for each topic that made it easier to jump ahead. There were some questions that seemed quite basic. Like "the answers are at the website" basic. The fact that someone would ask you to explain something instead of going to the website blows my mind. If viewers don't know the absolute basics then they're watching your vids for entertainment, not information. Because I'm also selling on the same platforms you are, learning from you about selling more and being inspired by your success is why I watch. Perhaps referring the really basic questions to past videos (or the actual website) would keep things moving forward. Just a thought. Keep the videos coming. They really are inspirational.

    Wow- I just noticed a comment near mine asking YOU if Merch is still by invitation only. Is this person actually going to wait for you to answer instead of going to the website or using Google? You are a patient lady Alissa.

  5. Thanks again! Very informative! Merch by Amazon was by invitation only I thought Have they opened it up to everyone? Is it like getting ungated in other categories? Thanks

  6. Very helpful video, thank you for making it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Q1 : amazon merch – when you create 1 design and choose 3 different colors of shirts for the design, will that be counted as 3 designs (out of 25) ? Sizes too? Q2 : let's say you bought 3 items and cost you $2 each. 1 listed and sold, 1 listed but not sold, 1 not listed and not sold at the end of the year. My understanding is that you can claim $2 ( 1 listed and sold) as "cost of goods"/expense, not the entire $6 you spent. Do you keep track of sold/unsold items? If so, how? I use excel sheet for it but would like to know if there is better way… I use go daddy for tax (I started this year so never filed tax before though) but not for inventory.

  7. Hi Elissa your vids are really good. I had a question, i noticed you said in one video you dont remember what you spent at the haul videos – what do you do when at the end of the tax year?? Dont you pay more tax if you dont tell them all your expenses??

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