Review & demo - Shinhan PASS Color hybrid gouache/watercolor paints

Review & demo – Shinhan PASS Color hybrid gouache/watercolor paints

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Shinhan PASS Color paints
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Other supplies used :
Zoltan Szabo palette
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Polar Brushes
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Stillman & Birn sketchbooks
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Painter’s tape

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The Shinhan paints were kindly sent to me for review, but the opinions and impressions expressed in the video are 100% my own.

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greetings for today's video I'm very excited to feature something new and relatively different have you heard of the Shinhan pass color pants they are a very unique type of paint that is a hybrid of gouache and watercolor it is the only professional product of this sort in the world the idea of these paints is that by controlling the amount of water you mix in you can get varying results more water will give you transparency like with watercolors and less water will leave the paint more opaque like a gouache I'm very curious about this concept and eager to paint with these paints these paints are crafted by Shinhan and they were introduced in 2015 so they are quite new the range offers 48 colors at the moment and you can buy it both in single tubes of 20 ml or in sets I really like that they offer 48 color set so that you can opt for that and will have all the colors in the product range the paint is certified non-toxic all the pigment information is readily available both with the brochure or on the tubes you can find all of shin-chan's brochures on their website a small bit of history on Shinhan they are a Korean company that has been crafting paints since they were established in 1967 their headquarter is in Seoul Korea they started by making poster color paints but slowly added more types of paint and other art supplies to their products they are focused on crafting the best quality paint possible for me locally their paints have not been available for long my local stores have the professional watercolors and poster paints I wanted to take a moment to talk about the brand because they are fairly new to me and unlike Winsor and Newton or daniel smith some of us might not have heard of Shinhan before the colors I have are burnt sienna permanent red permanent yellow SAP green cerulean blue hue and permanent violet the tubes are made of plastic and easy to open the only downside to these paints would be the general light fastness of the product range according to the brochure I have Shinhan rates these pass color paints with stars four stars being their highest degree of light fastness and one star being a low degree of light fastness only three colors from the range have four stars 13 colors have three stars 24 have two stars and the eight colors have one star in that regard these paints are closer to gouache and designer paints for the conservation aspect it would be best to scan and keep a pristine copy as a digital file and take the necessary protective measures if you want to hang original art on your walls I decided to combine my swatches and a small chart to figure out how these colors look and mix together I was able to get a very natural range of colors from the six tubes that I have I wanted to do some more tests so I picked up another sheet of paper and kept on going when laid down more like watercolor the color is layer very nicely my top layers didn't move the bottom layer too much unless I would paint over it repeatedly in that regard it behaves exactly like what I'd expect from watercolors I also made some very opaque swatches and these behaved like gouache in the sense that it was easier to move a right color if you look at the watered-down series of line I made I had no problem overlapping lines perpendicular to them the purple and green lines lay there on top and didn't affect the colors underneath when I scrub that the lines with the very water we wash I was able to move some of the color if you look at the more opaque swatches the overlapping yellow lines picked up a lot more color because there was a lot more therefore the brush to pick up I was able to pick some of the pigment up but they all stained the paper rather well in this case so I wouldn't plan around being able to lift the color of the paper when painting I set out to paint a landscape to try these paints on purpose I had let my palette dry out for a couple of days I wanted to see how these paints dry and if I can reword them easily some dried out but stuck well through their spot some were a bit more cracked and I could pick them up alike dry little paint cakes nothing had flaked off though which is something that can happen with cheap watercolors and gouache I added some distilled water to the dry paint and let it sit for a minute or two while I prepare everything else the first thing I noticed here is how well these were wet I was surprised they did even better than some of my professional watercolor paints the dried cakey bits reconstituted perfectly without being crumbly or too hard all my pre-made mixes also came back to life as if they had never dried with any medium that can be reactivated I like to work from light to dark I applied a base color wash and built on top of it letting each layer dry completely before adding another one on top the second thing that was surprising to me is how easily I could mix rich deep dark colors Shinhan say they used the best refined pigments and purified gum arabic to produce highly saturated colors and seeing this i believe them painting from light to dark I had no issue with lifting colors where I didn't want to and I was able to build a strong color very quickly as long as you're not trying to make a color lighter you can really pile on the paint and it takes it really well the colors are indeed very vibrant more so than what I'm used to and I really love it I was happy with my first demo but I wanted to play some more with these pains so I prepared a second sketch and painted it this time using colors I have not used a lot in the first painting again the colors worked really well from washes to more opaque applications even watered down these colors never look washed out they have a unique strength that I find fascinating when I decided to try out these paints I was really curious to know how the hybrid factor would play in I love that Kosh is intense and opaque but it is also difficult to work and doesn't keep well in a palette watercolor on the other hand we wet generally better in a palette but it is harder to get strong dark and vivid colors without laying down a lot of layers Shinhan pass color paints really delivered the best of both of these worlds I went in without expectations but I'm impressed by these colors I would recommend trying these out if you're really unsure start with one tube Jaxon's sells these paints and most of the colors are around four US dollars per tube which is less than a fancy coffee I'm not trying to be an enabler but these are pretty awesome so if you can give them a try and let me know how you like them in the comments below thanks for watching take care bye bye

26 thoughts on “Review & demo – Shinhan PASS Color hybrid gouache/watercolor paints

  1. I have a question! When using the Shinhan Pass "as watercolor", do you feel any difference between using this and just pure watercolor paints? Likewise with gouache, are there any difference you felt when using this and when using paint that's just purely for gouache? Do they act the same way? I hope the question's understandable T0T

  2. I'm pretty sure that around this time that this video was made; the mijello mission white, which is a gouache watercolour hybrid as well and they're also a Korean brand! But it isn't very well known..

  3. Too bad you can only buy them in a huge set for mucho $$$$… I found one place in Florida that sells individual tubes but most of the common colors are out of stock.

  4. I loved your little paintings. I can see this video was from last year, so I guess you have a good experience by now. I wonder if it was easy to go from dark to light? Thank you for sharing this great review.

  5. Thank you for such a nice review!! I definitely have these on my wishlist now.😉😍 I've been eyeing them forever, but not many people had reviewed them so your video was very helpful!!! 😊👏👏💕💖

  6. thanks for the review eve… after playing with reeves for two years these will be my upgraded gouache paints and i just love the fact that i soon can play with a specialty palette, i orderd a mijello palette for myself and my cotman palette will be filled for marty to doodle with, im not sending a mijello palette to the us my postage cant handle that 😂 is my thank you for marty as he was so generous to sent me some really awesome colors to play with hehe. good to know it rewets fine.

  7. Hi, I bought my first Pass colours after watching your review, and have just got 2 more tubes, making a set of fourteen. I have successfully dried these into pans, a couple did not look the way I expected, being rather thin and bubbly, but the rest are fine, so I guess I probably got the binder. I poured them in three goes as there is a fair amount of shrinkage away from the walls. Your paintings are really lovely, and gave a good idea of the versatility of the hybrid nature of these paints. I was trained decades ago in using gouache, when quite a lot of illustration was still being done by hand and digital illustration was unknown. I have a few examples from that time, they have weathered it pretty well. I used Talens gouache then and have a couple of boxes of pigment I decanted from these 35 years old tubes! All except one reconstituted well! The one that didn't grew a very hairy beard…. So Gouache can last a long time unchanged. There is a high reliance on exact colour mixes in use in order to colour match them. I was wary of using my old reconstituted ones on anything requiring a lot of time, so bought the Pass colours. The more than exceed expectations, and the better the paper the better they look. Am about to make up a second set for someone else, as they are so pigmented I may never get to completely use them, just as I never used my Talens set, which was purchased originally for doing airbrush pieces!

    I hope you are still enjoying yours as I think they give a very different effect to traditional watercolours while having all the advantages of being able to be used very diluted, which traditional gouache would not do if used with a standard brush, and did not tolerate layering at all.

  8. I am very interested in these hybrid paints. I know Mijello makes a white class which is a watercolor/gouache hybrid as well. Have you tried these as well. I’m looking for any opinions on differences or quality before I decide which ones to get. Thank you for your video, very informative, a cute little painting. Thanks.

  9. Thanks for this review. I did really enjoy it and love your little paintwork too! I'm looking for a first set of gouache paint at the moment. I actually already own Shinhans artist quality watercolour 24set which I do love.

  10. I'm not sure I'm happy about the lack of pigment information in this product. Also, if you will test them for lightfastness, I'd be most interested. Nice review! Lucille x

  11. Hi Eve, I was under the impression that Mijello Mission White is also a gouache which, with the addition of water, becomes a watercolor. Could you have a look into that, please?

  12. Have not heard of these, so this was a bit of a surprise for me. As always, you bring something wholly unique to the community and for me, I've learned about so many new products and styles from you, for which I'm so grateful! Just received my DaVinci dot card palette and really enjoying it! 😉 The company is fortunate to have you presenting their product, as you are so thorough in your reviews, and you produce such incredible work. Honestly, I believe you could take a bowl of mud and still produce ridiculously beautiful artwork from it. Seriously! lol! Thank you for another unique review/demo that really gets me thinking! Cheers, Eve! 🙂

  13. You used distilled water to rewet the paints, is there a particular reason for that or is tap water not so great for paint ?
    I'm adding this to my must try list, now I hesitate between holbein, winsor&newton and these ahhh… 🙂

  14. Interesting paints! never heard of them. Great review as always eve! fun to chat with you at Lindsay's live shows 🙂 I am also uploading ym new watercolour series! happy to be back filing…Happy Weekend! 🙂

  15. ive seen these on jacksons before and um and ahd over them as I've never seen them used. was always worried that they'd be too good to be true. The paintings and paint look amazing.

  16. Great video Eve! 😁 I have heard of the brand, but not of this type of paint. I definitely see how these would be useful for people who do more types of illustrations. Is it the added ingredient for opacity that interferes with lightfastness? I'm just curious as to why gouache tends to have lightfastness issues. I love that forest painting!! 🤗

  17. I have shinhan watercolors and Holbein gouache and really think this is something I would love to try. Love their stuff, both companies. I like that lifting isn’t much of an issue. I really love your landscapes, so serene. 🙂

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