Selling on Etsy for beginners 2020 | Etsy Selling Tips 2020

Selling on Etsy for beginners 2020 | Etsy Selling Tips 2020

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Selling on Etsy for beginners 2020 | Etsy Selling Tips 2020 – Are you getting lots of views but no sales? Do these things to increase your conversion rate and place higher in the search results for both Etsy and Google. ENJOY!

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hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel on today's video I'm gonna be talking about something that is the most common question that I get asked in my XC Facebook group and also as a freelance all my clients usually ask me those questions as well and the typical question is I'm getting lots of views but no sales and what can I do to change that and typically if your conversion rate is really really high that means that you will rank higher in the search results whether is XE or other large search engines however if your conversions are low it will have the opposite effect you will actually rank lower on XE and also on other search results so conversion rates are very very important and you should be paying attention to them because they are the determining factor of whether your listings will place higher in the search results or lower in the search results so before we dive in into talking about this specific topic if this is your first time visiting my YouTube channel and you want to learn how to build an impact for online business don't forget to subscribe today and also join my handmade community and we'll leave the link below so make sure you join today so let's go ahead and talk a little a little bit more about the different types of actions that you could take today to go ahead and increase a lot of views to more sales or change that pattern but keep in mind that there's something wrong there's an indicator that something's wrong with or you're not doing something specifically to fix that so let's talk about the many different reasons that could cause a lot of views below conversions the first one is title tags and descriptions you want to make sure that your title and tags describe actually what you sell you do not want something that says do-it-yourself wedding sign or wedding sign and when the person goes to the listing and they read the listing description is not an edible wedding sign that would count as an impression or as a view and you're not getting the sales so now is actually hindering your search results so you want to make sure that everything from your title to your keywords and to your description is what you sell you do not want to use tags are too generic or tags that are showing your products to everybody and anybody I just talked about this on a video that I just made on how to find your target audience using longtail keywords I will link it here in the card in case you want to watch that video but it's really important that you start understanding how to use SEO to find keywords that accurately describe what you sell so when people are searching for your products you're targeting the right people so therefore when these people view your products you have a higher conversion rate however if you show your products using the wrong keywords to anybody in everybody so if you're using keywords are too competitive or too generic if you saw wedding signs and you put the word sign that's too generic is too broad now you're showing your products so everybody in anybody and everybody that clicks on the product and views it doesn't necessarily want to buy they probably browsing they probably have no idea what they want but this counts against your store because that comes as a view and if that person doesn't buy from you your conversion rate actually drops and when your conversion rate drops and you have a lot of views where your conversion rate is low that's when XE says hmm okay so this person didn't find what they're looking for they must you know not be selling something or quality or maybe they're not using the right title or tags maybe they're being spammy let's go ahead and rank them lower keep that in mind it's really important that your tags title and description match exactly what you're selling the next one is proud of photography and I know that something that I go I talk about a lot on my exes Channel I talk about it all my exes all critiques that I do and product photography is so important in 2018 XE did a survey and 90% of people said that they purchased from the store because of the picture getting purchased because of reviews or listing description or the price or shipping even though those things are important but 90 percent said they bought because of the photo because of how beautiful the product presentation of it was so product photography is very important if you want to increase your sales and you want to increase into sales basically and increase your conversion rates so make sure that you work on product photography keep in mind a bad photo or an OK photo could prevent you from making the sale another thing is pricing your products or services right ear ENCOM has a great tool it's a pricing tool and you could use that to kind of figure out what price you should have a product or service in case you don't really know how you should price it and it really helps you figure out the pricing based on what you put in a materials etc I highly recommend using a but if you're not pricing your products correctly somebody might stop in and say this is beautiful but they don't buy from you because the price is too high so therefore they feel like I don't want to buy from here when I go buy from somewhere else and they'll leave and because they saw it right they saw the views it actually you know hurts you in the end because they're not buying from you so now your conversion rates drop so keep that in mind that pricing your products and services is really important another one is adding more listings if you only have like ten listy and so on you know maybe five listings people are gonna be a little inclined to buy for you they're gonna be like well how come they only have five listings and even though not every single person's gonna think that there are some people that do that they would go to your store and be like hmm only five listings up or only 10 it almost looks like you know they feel like should I buy from them maybe not and don't leave but the fact that they clicked on your actual listing and solid there you go again and he affects the views versus conversion so making sure you add more listings it depends on what you sell but I see a good number it's at least fifty listings or more I'm if you have like less than that it depends on what you sell but if you sell stuff that you could easily duplicate I recommend doing that another one which is a big one is having an incomplete store and an incomplete store is just like you don't have a banner you don't have your profile picture you don't have you know the shipping or policy intact you're missing you know pictures you don't have a lot of pictures showcasing your products it just looks like you just started or it looks like you haven't updated your shop in a long time maybe have a banner that says you know happy Halloween but we are in summertime stuff like that really triggers people not to want to buy from you because they looking at your store and saying well this doesn't even look like it's a complete store it doesn't even look like you know they've been around for too long so you need to focus on when you're getting started or nexi or even if you already have a nexus tour you need to focus on completing your EXCI store all the way through that means adding a banner adding a logo adding a profile picture of yourself adding your about me story of how you got started with XD adding your shipping policy adding your list making sure that all your listening descriptions are detailed transparent that you explain everything and anything the customer should know making sure you have sections with different categories for whatever you sell making sure that you have your your shop announcements allow that you are updated for that particular month that you don't have in the feature section Christmas stuff but we're in July so just making sure that you store this come that you are on your story that you come actually as a as a seller you are constantly in your store revamping refining it and fixing it and making it better and better and better month after month after month these are really important if you take action on all the things I just talked about and you make sure that you fix everything your views not only will increase but your sales will increase and match the views so keep in mind if your views are low and you're not getting the sales that you want it's typically because there's something wrong and you need to be very subjective and you need to look through your store and you need to do your own exit shop critique you need to really pay attention and say okay I could fix this I could fix that I could see how this could be a little bit complicating when people are reading it I could see how this is too long or this is you know I can make this a little bit shorter and sweet and precise but you have to start doing that this is the only way that you increase your conversion rates increase your sales and therefore at the same time place higher in the search results which is very very important because if it makes higher the search results you will make more money you could double or triple your income the next year so I hope that this video helped you on how to fix when you're getting lots of views for no sales if you guys have any questions please leave me a comment below with any questions you guys have and don't forget to show me some love by liking this video and sharing it in your favorite platform thank you for watching

5 thoughts on “Selling on Etsy for beginners 2020 | Etsy Selling Tips 2020

  1. Hi Nancy, thank you for your work and the amount of care and dedication you put on your youtube videos. I simply like you because you are so pragmatic and you get right to the point.
    I've been following you for a month and I learned alot from you than from any other videos I've watched regarding etsy and thanks for that.
    I opened my etsy shop about 6 months ago and I am not getting a lot of attraction nor sales.
    Could you please look at my shop and tell me especially pertaining my titles, descriptions and tags and finally my designs themselves if I am doing anything wrong, and what do you suggest I'll do to improve my metrics. I highly value your opinion and any advice you may give. Here is the link to my shop :
    email: [email protected]
    Thank you so much

  2. Thanks Nancy I’ve been having challenges with the titles. I have ranks pro but it’s hard to find high conversions with some search #’s for titles of summer/tropical digitals art. I’m struggling, it’s been 2 mths and 1 sale. 😑

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