Selling On Etsy for Beginners 2020 | Over 300 Etsy Resources & Tools

Selling On Etsy for Beginners 2020 | Over 300 Etsy Resources & Tools

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Selling On Etsy for Beginners 2020 | Over 300 Etsy Resources & Tools In today’s video, I’m sharing Etsy resources and tools to help you grow your Etsy shop. ⇣ OPEN FOR LINKS! ⇣

Etsy Resources & Tools:

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▸ Fiverr: (You can find graphic designers to make a Etsy banner for you)  
▸ Etsy Rank: (FREE tool to find keywords and much more!) 
▸ Creative Market: (Great place to find mock-up, graphic designs, and much more!) 
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hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel this is Nancy from Nancy Betty Joe calm on today's video is a little bit different is basically giving anyone out there there's a beginner or maybe you already sell on XE a little tour of my actual blog to help you selling on XE um if you're a beginner or even if you are advanced so if this is your first time visiting my youtube channel and you want to learn how to build an impactful XE business or small business make sure that you subscribe today so let's dive in this is gonna be just me showing you the different things that I offer because lately I've been getting a lot of comments or even messages that they want to know if I have any resources I think I make it as clear as possible but I know that we can always improve so just in case by mean linking it everywhere it's not helpful I kind of wanted to do a video to touch base on it so when you go to my blog you just type in Nancy but I will leave the link below as well and you can find different things in my shop you can go to the blog section and read any new articles or videos that I have posted on my YouTube account you could go to EXCI shop feature which stores that have a thousand sales or more that have been featured in my blog if you're one of them and you do have adults in sales or more you can click here get feature and then I will select it if I will go ahead and publish you in my blog I have resources it's basically a list of different things that you could use to improve the quality of your store and grow your EXCI shop from SEO what tools you can use for SEO from tax marketing and legal templates that you can use from researching and stats so if you want to know about Google Analytics if you want to know what type of tools could you use to do research on your product and services on social media scheduling so all these tools you can use to schedule social media social media tools that you could use as well as links to shortened down links tools for photos email marketing how to start your own XE shop or site if you want to make a separate one pricing tools font graphic mock-ups like where I get all my designs from and any new any blogs that talk about XE or e-commerce platform I have resources for people that sell vintage XE tools that are dedicated specifically for XE so it's a little bit over 100 I keep adding every month now keep in mind that only ad reparable companies or something that I have tried before I'm not gonna just add anything and everything so just keep that in mind but this is a great list of tools that you can start using to kind of like grow your business on XE and these so a lot of these tools are also for any small business owner out there so keep that in mind you could come in here and check it out I also have freebies so if you wanna enjoying my xt library you could sign up here and every month I ask something new I didn't had last month I'm gonna start adding more and basically you get different things that you could get i have principles like inspirational principles that you can download for free XE listing checklist whenever you create a listing I have like the top 500 hashtags I have other hashtags as well for like in sections like jewelry do yourself crafts etc so it's a whole bunch of them it's over 1,200 hashtags so once you get access to the library there's a whole bunch of things you can download I have like free Instagram story highlight covers so whatever you see that you like you just download and use up for free so I have a lot of resources in my blog if you go to my about Me section you can learn a little bit more about me if you go on my services you can see what I offer to help EXCI sellers and if you want to shop this is basically an affiliate company that I work with and they have amazing products one of them is my my blog about from them so as you can see I'm recommending stuff that I actually buy as well so this is for anyone that wants to start a blog or start their own EXCI store outside of XE you can find beautiful blogs here that will help you with that our e-commerce from me you could buy landing pages so you could start growing your email list you could do you could buy from this company canva social media templates like this package has over 85 different templates which is amazing already pre-made and you just add it with canva so I kind of wanted to show you all that on top of that when you guys will go here if you click here you get 40 free listings when you join on EXCI so I have a lot of stuff in my blog alone and then on top of that I'm doing a free EXCI course you can come here and join by signing here XD free course and basically you just get on the waiting list and once I have when I once I completed the X East or the free course then I'll go ahead and notify you where you're gonna find it out I haven't decided if I'm gonna put it on YouTube or if I'm gonna do like a private room where only you guys could see and whoever subscribes to it for free so the X C course just in case you haven't heard about it it's basically I'm gonna teach you how to sell digital goods whether it's like art like principles on X E and the course starts from scratch how to start store all the way to the end on how to sell it's very detailed I think is gonna be a total of 50 videos I hope a little bit less than that but just stay tuned for that because it's gonna be really good for anyone out there that maybe wants to star stores selling digital goods or maybe start a second store with digital goods but kind of wanted to share these resources also obviously you're in my youtube channel right now I have tons of videos on YouTube I plan to add a whole bunch more videos on teaching you guys how to do different things to improve the quality of your store to grow to get more leads and sales so don't forget to subscribe and don't forget if you're interested in learning more about how to make passive income or Xing selling digital goods don't forget to subscribe today so if you have any other questions about the resources that I offer make sure that you leave a comment below I also have a Pinterest course if you want to grow a limited traffic to your XE shop and business I reckon during the Pinterest course you could come here also to sign up for that so let me know if you have any other questions in the comment section guys don't forget to show me some love the only Deena asks in return is to like my videos leave a comment and subscribe and possibly share if it's not a problem with you guys thanks again for watching

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