Selling on Etsy | New Etsy Ads & Google Shopping Ads | Nancy Badillo

Selling on Etsy | New Etsy Ads & Google Shopping Ads | Nancy Badillo

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Selling on Etsy | New Etsy Ads & Google Shopping Ads | Nancy Badillo – Do you ever wonder where you sales are coming from? Are they from your Etsy ads or are you ranking organically for that particular listing? In this video, I show you how to tell the difference. ⇣ Open for LINKS! ⇣

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hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel on today's video I'm going to show you how to identify where a particular cells is coming from is it coming from a promoted listing or an ad that you're running on XE or is the actual listing coming from maybe somebody typed in the keyword and they found you organically and then purchase so this is something really important to start figuring out because it's gonna give you more glimpse on what listings are ranking higher in the search results and what listings might be birdie in the search results so if this is your first time visiting my youtube channel don't forget to subscribe today I do upload weekly videos to help you build an impact for EXCI business and don't forget to like this video now the reason why I wanted to make this video is because this is a new feature that XE is promoting basically or not promoting but is giving us access to a sexy sellers prior before in order to check what listings you got from sales you will have to go to the marketing section and you can see your listings there and then from there you'll be able to see ok this particular listing I saw I got X amount of clicks and then I got X amount of sales but now you're able to see it on every individual order that comes in and I kind of liked it that way a little bit more because I could see right there and then persons if I'm promoting the same product month after month after month I might get the data confused however if I see it individually for every single day it's just easier to kind of take notice right away what's working and what's not working and you're able to see ok this particular listing I'm getting found with xes and I'm also getting found organically so do I necessarily need to run an ad on this particular listing what I always tell people if you rank already for a particular keyword or in listing is ranking for numerous keywords on the first page of X C I don't recommend running a promoted listing do that for the ones that you have more competition or for the for the listings that you're not necessarily ranking for because then that's gonna help you get in front of more people however the listings that are doing particularly well you might want to go ahead and turn off promoted listings and just use the XE ads on the ones that are not getting any views and in with this new feature it's gonna help you do that it's gonna help you determine somewhat of a XE ad marketing strategy that way you spend less money and focus on the listings that are getting less views and this is why it's a cool tool to kind of pay attention to all you have to do is if you want to find this tool you go to your sold orders these are all those sold orders right here and you're gonna see this little icon next to it and if you hover on top of it it says orders from ads so he's basically telling you this is an order from and it put an ad that you ran if you look at this one here which is the same item it doesn't have the little icon that means that somebody typed in maybe the keyword expense tracker my listings showed up and they bought from me that means that I'm probably ranking on the first page of XE maybe the second page for the for this particular listing so that tells me by the end of the month I'm gonna do an analysis and see how many orders I got organically and how many orders I got with the ad and then I'm gonna compare and if I have the same amount or even more organically I'm gonna go ahead and turn off the promoter adder for this particular listing because I'm paying money when I'm already appearing to a lot of people so there's no point of spending more money on this listing I should use that budget for the actual listings that maybe I'm selling something in a saturated market maybe I'm using a keyword that's very competitive so therefore I might want to spend the money there but this is a really great tool guys if you start using it every day I'm what I would recommend is at the end of the month analyzing what are your top listings what are your bottom listings are your top listings getting found organically and also with that the odds if so can you just turn off the ads for those listings and use that money for your bottom listing some ones that are not getting any traction so you could get more people in front of it and that's how you come up with like I said what a strategy to use your money wisely versus just spending it on every single listing without without getting some return back in other words so you want to make sure that you use your money wisely and you promote the listings that you have a little bit more difficult with but the ones that are already driving your organic traffic you could you know you could keep promoting it but in my opinion I think that those particular listings you shouldn't focus so much on especially if you're ranking for them because you're ready in front of a lot of people so therefore you should focus on the ones that you're not so I hope that you enjoy this tutorial is a short tutorial just to give you an idea of this tool if you have not seen it yet maybe you saw it but you wasn't sure what it was at least now you know how to use it the correct way to come up with some type of marketing strategy for your ads if you enjoy this video or you have questions about ads make sure you leave them below in the comment section I will do my best to answer every single person and don't forget to like this video thank you guys for watching

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