Selling on Etsy Using Promoted Listings

Selling on Etsy Using Promoted Listings

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In todays August challenge to do one little thing in your Etsy shop every day to see big changes we look at using promoted listings to help you selling on Etsy

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get one and good morning good morning it feels like a great day to make some sales on eat see this is our August to make a change every single day inspiration to boost our eat see shop so let's have a look straightaway today I want to talk about promoted listings if you haven't already switched them on I really advise you do that to simply explain why over the years in many incarnations of sales that have worked in I've paid for adverts and quite a lot of the time adverts have ended up the advert costs more when you actually bring in or it's pretty good if you pull if you get even but as I've explained in videos before in eat see promoted listings roughly for every one dollar I spend I get a return of around ten dollars and there seems to be the case for quite a lot of people I've spoke to as well if you do it properly so this is well worth it but there's also some other added advantages of having promoted listings on we get stats that you don't get in other places so let's dive in and have a look so you're promoted listings are down here in the marketing tab at promoted listings and this is where you would switch them on to manage them I'm going to hit the manage tap here on the right-hand side and this is where you turn them on and off we can set a daily budget how high this goes up depends on your history with with eetzi but set it to something that you can afford but but this is the thing that most people don't kind of excuse me this is the thing that many people don't understand is the higher isn't necessarily the better we don't want to be spending loads of money here so it at the minute in time my daily budget is set to $2.00 a day and I don't spend all of that yet but set it to something you can afford I mean eetzi allows me to put it up to $50 just now I don't want to do that I'm doing some experiments to try and see if I can get even more sales on it but for just now two dollars is working on maybe up it later here we have the button to advertise new listings automatically so that means every time I create a listing it's automatically put into this it's automatically advertised if I don't do this then I would have to go in and manually turn them all on and they would forget no doubt at all their most important bit here is to dip into advanced settings underneath this is what makes the difference now I have a whole video on cost per click the link in the cards above but for just now what we want to do is set the mask maximum cost per click so we hit this button here and this allows us to set when we put our bidding on to automatic this allows us to just tell eetzi that we only want it to go up a little way we don't want to put in massive bids in a nutshell what this means is people who have this set really high the this your daily budget resets every day it sets at midnight so what this is going to mean is at the time when the least people are on the platform your items are going to get seen because you're putting in a big bid but you blow through your daily budget super quickly and so basically as soon as you've run out of that $2 then you're not getting seen anymore so your budget could be boned through in an hour or two so you have promoted listings on but in reality for 22 hours of the day they're not actually on so you're not getting seen that much so what I would say is start with your maximum cost-per-click way down at something like one or two cents run that for a few weeks and see what your views and what your sales are like and then over time you can increase this slowly and see if that makes any difference to the amount of views and the amount of clicks you're getting so once you've done all that you're promoted listings is on now as I said this has some really awesome advantages it tells us some things that we just can't get from our normal stats so if you already have promoted listings on now's the time to dig in and dig deeper you've just switched it on you'll have to come back let it run a week or so before you even come back to look at these because you're not gonna you're not going to see any information so far so I'm looking at I was looking at the last 30 days or even longer time period and as you can see just randomly as I said for every one dollar I'm making ten dollars back I spent in the past 30 days I've only spent $8 and I've made 84 dollars back so it's still averaging out around about what it was and if before you've had your listings if you haven't had them to automate automate then you can change them here as well we want the status we want them set to auto so you would click on this button to select now when you select this this is only all of them on this page I have more than 39 listings unfortunately you have to go through the pager time but then you could hit customize if you wanted to customize what of what the cap was for each a year well if you wanted to not not the cap if you wanted to customize what you're bidding but we don't want to do that we want to we want to automate but mine are all on auto anyway and you can adjust the prices of the bids but we've already done that but this is just if you needed to change it so you can go into it there but we've done it in the manage section and the high level everything's dealt with in the shop so what is so awesome about this we first of all we have the number of impressions now this just means every time your ad was shown and bear in mind when someone searches for something they get four ads across the top and then all that rest of the items in the search so if that screen comes up when you're on it in the little box that says ads then that's one impression and clicks just mean people who saw your ad and then clicked on it your average cost-per-click is just what it sounds like that is the cost that for every single click so I've got it at the minute I've got it set to go up to five cents but on average to get them to win the bid to get the click I'm only having to pay three cents and for these 46 clicks it's cost me $1 and 53 cents and I've made one one order from this and my revenue is $40 but so what you want to do here is have a look at your listings that are getting a lot of clicks for hopefully less views and if if you felt like it you could individually raise the prices of these ones if you felt it was necessary but another thing we've got you can see at the side it tells us 17 search terms now what on earth is this because I don't have 17 tags but if we click on this it takes us to the listing and that gives us again these stats that we spoke about but what we have is basically it's saying what gave us the impression what did the buyer search for and to give the impression so it gives us a list of what all the the bias of search for that they've decided to show our advert now this isn't exactly my tags this is what is super interesting so it's saying buyer searched for the tag Havanese now in the case why did equated they share my promoted listings well I have Havanese in the title I have Havanese in the tag but not only do I have it as a single word it's in heaven these aren't custom Havanese and felt Havanese so that's a reason why and something else that is absolutely so useful here is this at the side saying hi click rate so this is telling those that eetzi experimented with my promoted listing by showing it to people who'd search for the word Havanese and when they showed it to these people I have a high click-through rate so although this is not a very so although this is a very vague term it doesn't say if they're looking for sculptures or art or collars for a Havanese or paintings for the wall but when people search for this actually my listing gets a high click-through rate so this is good to know and this is actually something to target which is why I actually went in and added the one word tag Havanese because I want to really double down on this and exactly the same Tibetan Terrier it's shown it shown eetzi showing this because I had Tibetan Terrier also in the title and the tag just Tibetan Terrier art I don't just have Tibetan Terrier so I might want to go back in and consider just that as a tag as well and again this has got a high click-through rate so the listing they have is very popular amongst people who search for Havanese and Tibetan Terrier so invaluable bit of information now let's see if I can find what I'm looking for here yet personalised pet needle felt is a tag that is a search term that someone searched for and eats he's decided to show my listing to to give it a chance it only showed it 10 times but when people search for this I can't imagine this as a high volume search term but eetzi showed it to me because in my title I just have the words needle felted which is not even needle felt but it's showing us highlighted so felt and felted it's taken as the same needle felt dog is one of my tags which we have needle felt custom pet sculpture so we have pet and felt have a knee so it's used the felt but nowhere in that listing do I say personalized but it's going your title and tags have enough let's throw this out to this person and see if this is something that they would be interested in so bear in mind although we do all the best we can with our SEO easy experiments a bit as well it goes rate someone searched for this is is this listing near enough yeah that might be what it is we'll share it to the person and if each see shows my ATM to the person and that gets a high click-through rate that's getting a lot of sales that's making it seem money then actually what each he's gonna go is gonna say well they didn't optimize for this but they're a good bet on this so we're gonna put you up on the front page for this so this is giving us some ideas of in your listings what people really like when they search for that word they like your listing so it's things to double down on it might give you ideas for different tags to use and it lets you know what people are really liking so this is invaluable this click-through rate this telling you when it seen people are likely to click on your item for this this information is gold it is worth paying the money for anyway in my book okay so I hope this has helped you today give you an bit of inspiration promoted listings don't have to be expensive and in my book they are so useful even just for the stats if not for the extra sales anyway thank you so much for joining me and I'll see you next time

9 thoughts on “Selling on Etsy Using Promoted Listings

  1. That was a great video, Pam! Thank you. I found it very helpful. I've only just started Etsy Promoted Listings even though I've been on Etsy a couple of years. I've got one question.. I've got 29 items for sale, but I've only tuned on 11 of them (my bestsellers) for promoted listings. Would you recommend putting all 29 on, or keeping to just my bestsellers? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Pam, how do I promote a particular item more than another on promoted Etsy listings please? So say I altered the amount to 10 cents for a particular item rather than your suggested 4 cents, will this be EXTRA to my daily $1 a day or does the money get re-distributed within that $1? What's the best way to do this esp. on my more valuable items? Thanks

  3. Hi Pam. Thanks for the great videos. Always love them. I have a couple questions that I'm just throwing out to a few experienced Etsy users. I'd love to get your take if possible.
    I have just been checking out AddToCart's helpful video's and am following his Promoting strategy as a newbie to Etsy – all SEO is 'on point' / looking great. I am into Day 6 of my 2 week promotion before assessing the stats. I have set my daily budget quite high at $15 (between $10-$30) was suggested to gather good stats. On day 6 I have only spent $0.40 on 4 clicks with 370 impressions. My CPC is set at $0.11. I am a brand new shop so I have chosen to promote / place all 14 of my products in that store window simply to see what is getting the most attention – to gather the stats essentially. On day 6 now is it worth changing that CPC number and perhaps lowering my daily budget?? Impressions seem very very low for 6 days but I have no experience with Etsy in this area. My product is fairly competitive – scarves – but not nearly as competitive as jewellery for example.

  4. How many items do you recommend having in a shop before advertising? Or is it based more on the already popular items that are getting more hits? Is it better to spend on new listings when starting out than on Adverts? I am under 20 listings. However, I am trying to break down some of my quantity listings into individual and create a series in each category. I have not reached my own goals in re-stocking my shop. When my season hits, I will have to be prepared make it manageable for myself before my cut-off date.


  5. My son is helping me with all new photos this weekend! He's a much better photographer so with your advice and his expertise, I'm expecting good things to happen! Looking forward to more of your tips-Thanks so much for the time you're putting into this series for us.

  6. Good Morning Pam or should I say good afternoon! Its midday for us both. Thank you for doing this, gosh you are so passionate in doing this and I really appreciate the time it takes for you to do this, I know it must not be easy. Look forward to your next day challenge day! Take care Pam and see you over the weekend too ie LIVE

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