Share the Love: AKCWoodworking Etsy Shop. (Hair Swords!)

Share the Love: AKCWoodworking Etsy Shop. (Hair Swords!)

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Hi everyone!!
This video is meant to tell you about this wonderful etsy shop, AKCWoodworking:

And this is a link to Needle:

And a this is a link to Aragorn’s sword, which is also the one that I bought:

These are super beautiful and reasonable priced! I hope you guys will lend your support to this lovely man and his store on etsy.

hey everyone it's siobhan here so i just finished recording a hair idea video it was my double waterfall braids and i had some extra time so i thought i was going to record one more today and it is a share the love it's a shout out to another etsy shop and I have to apologize i know that i said i was going to be filming these pretty regularly and i have completely and totally fallen behind in my schedule anyway um the shock that I'm shouting out is called aack woodworking and the man that makes the products his name is Alan and he's fantastic so I learned about this etsy shop through another girl on untamed tresses com she had a gorgeous profile picture her hair is much longer than mine and it kind of looked almost like a figure eight and through it she had a hair stick but it wasn't really a hair stick it was a wooden sword just looks so cool and so badass I immediately wanted to have one and I was like where did you get that and she pointed me in the direction of this particular etsy shop the first thing I noticed about the actual swords once I got to the etsy shop was how incredibly beautiful they are they're so simple and it's my understanding that they're made from a single piece of wood that is then sanded down into the shape that Alan likes and in one of his emails to me he said that he was inspired by his sister she wanted some sort of hair stick that was going to be easier for her to manage with her own hair and I guess it just got him on the road to making these himself and what was funny is that in his description of one of the swords well actually I should show you the sword first this is the one that I bought and this is a copy of arrogance sword from Lord of the Rings I just thought it was beautiful it was so simple I had to have this one and in his description of this he actually says there's got to be another woman somewhere here in etsy world who likes Tolkien as much as i do and i thought that was hilarious because here in the long hair community online on YouTube and on different forum boards so many of us are fantasy fans and I just thought it was surprising that he hadn't met more of us so I wanted to kind of shout his store out just because I knew that so many of us including myself obviously would really like these i'm not sure if it would hold like a large amount of hair like if you had tons and tons of hair this might not do it but for me it works and it's like totally it's perfectly balanced it's perfectly balanced and I guess if you had really really long hair you could just kind of twist it up into you know like a regular bun or whatever and then just stick the sword through now the cool thing about alan is he um he's really great at getting back to you like pretty much immediately and he was very thorough and answering all of my questions I really appreciated the fact that so there you go that's what it looks like I really appreciated the fact that these are so reasonably priced this only cost me fifteen dollars which considering how beautiful it is and it's handmade like that's pretty much nothing um so yeah that's like the first thing that's really cool about these hair hair sticks they're also really unusual I haven't seen anybody kind of besides my girlfriend on untamed dresses I'm not trying to say your name because I want to protect your privacy I don't know if she'd like that if I shouted her out in a video without her permission but um yeah she's the only person that I've ever seen besides myself now wearing these and um yeah they're very unique thing that's really really cool about Alan's shop is that he will work with you so when I started talking to him I was like you know have you heard of a song of ice and fire Game of Thrones I am a huge fan and he hadn't I mean he'd heard of it but he hadn't read the books like I had and I was like one of my favorite characters Arya Stark and her sword is needle and you can see a replication of it he at Valyrian steel calm and let me show you I've got I've got needle here and um see the the shape kind of and then the detailing on the handle and of course the stark direwolf right here but let me show you I told him I told him about it and like literally three days later it was so freaking awesome I don't know if you're gonna be able to really see it cuz of the glare from the computer that's needle same shape and the same detailing on the handle the only thing that's missing is the direwolf and he said it was because of like cop copyright issues and stuff which is fine but that's really close and at the moment he only has one but he says that you know he'll make more if people are interested so he's great you can work with him you can ask him to sort of custom order things and he said another email that he doesn't generally charge extra for custom orders except if he thinks he won't be able to sell it again um which makes total sense just wanted to give him a shout out and like let everybody know who maybe hasn't seen or heard of these before that they are totally worth fifteen dollars they're absolutely gorgeous and mine just got tangled in my hair um yeah I would recommend these to any of my friends I would probably even buy them as gifts and it's just so cool he made a needle that's kind of the end of my video um I hope you guys enjoyed it I hope it helped um not just You Alan but like anybody else who maybe was looking for something like this and yeah i'm looking forward to buying more swords from you in the future okay bye you

34 thoughts on “Share the Love: AKCWoodworking Etsy Shop. (Hair Swords!)

  1. Alright 🙂 So I have been talking to him now and I have already planned a special custon order with him ! Thanks for introducing us to him, his shop is great !

  2. Hey Siobhan. I have a little question for you about the swords 🙂 I'm going to order Anduril and I was thinking about the length. I have about your length of hair and I was wondering if I should have the sword longer than it is in the original idea. Did you ask him to have it longer or does the length of it work ? Also cause I'm trying to grow my hair longer.

  3. @LaDollyVita33
    Actually I'm his daughter the "C" in AKC Woodworking. My mother thanks you for the compliment. She would be the "K". I bet you can figure out who the "A" is. I'm glad I made your day better! 🙂 Be Happy!! 😀 😀 😀

  4. @BrielleCroft88 It must be! I guess its because long hair makes us all feel kinda princessy? Not sure, but that would be my guess! I've heard about Nightblooming, but haven't checked out the shop yet, so I'll do that today! Thank you for giving me a heads up on another cool etsy shop!

  5. @LyraSpan You're so welcome! He's a great seller and the hair sticks are beautiful! I really liked the dragon as well, and I actually debated between that and the sword! But Anduril won out this time!

  6. @cpm131 Wow!! Are you Allen's wife? Its very nice to meet you!
    Your husband is super talented and his hair swords are beautiful! It was my pleasure to mention his shop – I knew the gals would like them too! Besides being a fan of Allen's now, I'm also a big fan of dogs – and you telling me that about the vet has literally made my day! Especially since I'm not having a great one. 🙂

  7. I checked out his page and he has some nice stuff. I love the celtic designs. I want that gothic dragon one though. I don't wear sticks, but i would wear it alot if i had that dragon stick.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Oh my god ! I just have to get this! I am a huge Tolkien fan and having Anduril in my hair is going to be amazing 🙂 It would be really cool if he had Sting too. Thanks !

  9. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I don't think I've ever seen anything so freaking awesome!!!! I'm one of those ridiculously obsessed Tolkien fans and I NEED ANDURIL IN MY HAIR!!!!! Thank you so much for doing this shoutout!!

  10. @LaDollyVita33 I also got the Celtic Sword. Allen said too much work went into it so the one I own is the only one he will ever make, unless he wants to price it a lot higher than the others.

    I have gotten dozens of complements on the heart.

  11. ahh! i think I might have to buy one >.< first I should probably learn how to use hair sticks though haha and I might have too much hair, mine is almost to my waist :/

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