Sharing a couple New Art Dolls - Art share #3

Sharing a couple New Art Dolls – Art share #3

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I’ve finally gotten back into customizing and creating new art dolls. Yes, the first one is for sale in my Etsy shop. The second is one I did for an art show for SideShow Dolls. (Matthew sculpted the alien dog for that one and it is a custom of an existing Sideshow Doll). I’m so excited to show the first of many art dolls created from the sculpt by my husband Matthew J Black that I​ shared middle of the year.

38 thoughts on “Sharing a couple New Art Dolls – Art share #3

  1. That first doll reminds me of a story I once heard about a young woman who lodged with a family in New England during winter in exchange for work as a cook and maid. (a long time ago when this was a thing) . The wife grew to hate the woman and had her husband put her out. She froze to death and became a vampire who rose during the winter months at night killing anyone who ventured outside during the winter at night. The wife after losing her husband and sons (their bodies were found in the spring) became so fearful of her she shut the curtains tight and not allow anyone to even look outside at night during the winter as she claimed that said vampress would peer inside with her face almost against the glass, nor would she let anyone go outside.
    I have no idea about the origins of that story btw, so if you know where it came from by all means let me know as I would like to know.

  2. I love her, she is so beautiful!!! 😍 Your art is always amazing ❀️ and I was thrilled to find and buy more prints in your store!!! I fill my walls with your art! HUGS!!! 😁

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