Shoes for Minimalists | Barefoot Zero Drop Footwear

Shoes for Minimalists | Barefoot Zero Drop Footwear

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SHOES FOR MINIMALISTS | BAREFOOT ZERO DROP FOOTWEAR I’m an Extreme Minimalist practicing furniture-free living. I invite Nutritious Movement through barefoot walking, mindful walking, Earthing, and natural movement. Today I will be sharing my review on barefoot shoes and why I transitioned.

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35 thoughts on “Shoes for Minimalists | Barefoot Zero Drop Footwear

  1. I've bought my first pair of barefoot shoes, I've been wearing them around the house today and they seem comfortable. I love the wide toe box. I'm going to try to wear them at work but I am a little worried as I work standing up on a tile floor in a bakery for 8 hours at a time and I have been recommended 'comfort' shoes but after reading up about barefoot shoes they just make so much sense!

  2. Thanks for this informative video , ai suffer very badly from Fallen arches (flat feet) which can make it very painful for me to walk properly due that epain my arch and ankles and sometimes my knees. I used to have orthopedic insoles ,but they just made it ever more painful for me that within 10 minutes of walking I wasnt able to walk at all due to the pain. Now I dont walk at all with hard arch insoles and resort to sketches which are more flexible for me.

  3. I was wondering if you have tried the winter and waterproof vegan vivobarefoot shoe? I live in a cold environment and was considering them for the upcoming winter season. They are pricey but would be worth it if they’re great.

  4. I do have to say that when walking barefoot outside watch your feet. If you have a cut you could definitely get tetanus. Not just through rusted metal. It’s in soil too.

    But if you’re comfortable and happy with the shoes or lack thereof that’s great for you. I’m glad you’re door right by you.

  5. The foot has a lot of reflex points. With a regular shoe those point never get activated. If one uses barefoot shoes on uneaven ground all those points get stimulated.
    Walk through a forest and purposely step on all the stones, branches and roots, you will feel super relaxed after 15 minutes.
    It makes absolute sense that those points are under your feet, don't cover them with a thick sole.

    Have a great day 🙂

  6. First of all, I like the way you tell us about your lifestyle and inspire us with it without giving the impression that this is the one and only way for you. Then, I am not as minimalistic as you in many aspects. But I would like to tell here about one thing with which I have gone even a little bit further: I have left the shoes away almost completely, at least in the warmer half of the year, and I try to make very few exceptions. I love it, it feels very minimalistic and connected with the earth for me, and I am happy that I made this decision for me. I think I would stay completely barefoot if living in a warmer climate and not having some (although very rare) restrictions in my job. I also don't want to convince anyone about this lifestyle, I just want to say that this is also an option. Thank you so much for the inspirations!

  7. I've been wearing Merrill Barefoot Pace Glove shoes for years, but they don't make that style anymore. Now I just scoure ebay and the thrift stores hoping to find some. They really are amazing shoes… they remind me of my younger years growing up in California where I never wore shoes unless I had to!

  8. I have a high arch. I always chose shoes which i though were ergonomic and good quality like GEOX, running shoes, NOT flat flip flpops, etc However i was just diagnosed with corns on my foot and the doctor said I need insoles. So, not only can I not wear these super flat shoes as in the video, but I need insoles into already ergonomic shoes……I am very mad at my diagnosis because I thought I always picked out good shoes.Has anyone heard about what to do if you have high arches? Also, these flat shoes are perfect if you walk on REAL land like forest, rocks, ets. they are not for flat sidewalks. Wearing these shoes on sidewalk = other back and knee pain problems.

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