SHOP SHARE- TheHealingHomestead Etsy shop owner Emily King

SHOP SHARE- TheHealingHomestead Etsy shop owner Emily King

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hey everyone how are you guys today I have some things here that are a few of my favorite things I had just found an Etsy shop that does carry some items that I actually buy and everybody is different and how they do their different oils and things like that so what I'm showing here which I should have said at the beginning was um oils you know different blends of different kinds of oils oil drops oils pearls there are different kinds of oils that help in different ways for therapy for pain for I love the fragrance of a lot of them it's calming I love anything that's calming especially nighttime one of my things I absolutely have done since I've been married to my husband over 15 years and he every evening I always for him because he it's hard for him to fall asleep so it helps with him and his sleep so I usually do the calming kind of blends for his neck and I even puts them on the bed pillows and things like that and I'm sharing with you guys some things that um that I like I normally do a lot of shop sharing for when it comes to junk during a world but for those who use different kinds of body oils and things like that this is a great video for you I mean I know another person and our family because my grandson to those who know charlie but I've shared with you guys a few times has Asperger's syndrome and he his mother Holle which you guys all know and she does a lot of oils like the oil diffuser and oils for his and that she rolls on for his neck or his wrists and things that help calm and give a sense of that does help and especially like the diffuser that you put drops into the diffuser kind of thing it does health for nighttime or during the day I love it it helps me out big-time so long story short I was doing some research on Etsy because I do there's a lot of big companies out there who do body oils and things like that which I'm not there to share them I really wanted to share a small business that actually makes them by hand and she puts the ingredients together and it's really cool is her name's Emily sorry hi Emily if you're watching this she she handwrites the ingredients was on the back as you can see there's some oil on it already I wanted to try her product first so if you see that this display is kind of in disarray I'm sorry Emily I wanted to try your product to see what I loved and what actually works for me that kind of thing and I have some so many pieces here that I absolutely love there is my computer sorry that was really loud and I have one that I'm gonna give away which is this one she had sent an extra to do a giveaway and honestly the one she sent to give away is one of my favorites so so as she has these cute tags that she puts them on the product and she puts all the ingredients which is awesome to know especially for those who have allergies and things like that and want to know what exactly is in the product is it how to present lavender if it's you know and she tells you what it's for so when you go to her website now down below is her shop information you could click on her shop her shop name is it's right here it is called the healing homestead and the information again is down below and this is what came in the package also what came into the package came in this cute box right here wrapped really adorable she put in a $2 coupon so for those who purchased something which I'm not gonna show the code because you had to purchase something first to get it but she has two dollars off of $10 you guys know that is an awesome deal I mean so that will cover shipping so I think shipping for all my product was alike around I think five dollars so the two dollars off the shipping is that's awesome so like I said shipping was great because the products are lightweight kind of thing and she wrote written this beautiful handwritten note again I've made this you know very clear many times these cute little knows I'm not saying that as a shop owner to write these long notes because some people can't really do that especially when you have a lot of orders but little things like that goes a long way me that she cares she listen to my messages I messaged her for those no I have like neck pain because of an injury and so I told her I have neck pain I'm looking for a certain blends that kind of thing she had like is it she walked me through her store said you want to check this out and check that out and she took the time to say hey check this and she put extras so I love extra as you guys know me I'm big on extras and uh so the note was absolutely beautiful Thank You Emily I really seriously appreciate it she says to add oh wait I'm sorry I should have read the note better just also the extra coupon is for the giveaway as well okay so the person who gets to giveaway which this is gonna be the giveaway I'm gonna do the rest I'm gonna keep because these products I absolutely use every day is these she's got the calming blend and what's really cool about this calming blend it's a roll-on so here's the one I used so the person who gets this in a giveaway will get that two dollar off coupon in her shop so that's awesome Thank You Emily so this is the one I use and I'm not mistaken um let me see here the calming oil blend okay so she can apply it was cool she says she'll even tell you if you're not sure about oils and how to use them this roll on here she tells you where you can put it like she says here you can apply it over your heart on your pulse points like you know different places where you can feel your pulse kind of thing your back of the neck also apply to your palms of your hands rub together and then inhale me personally I use mine on my pillow as well so I'll just rub it along my pillow it doesn't leave an oil residue because it's not all hunter scent that oil natural oil and look he could see inside here she actually if you could see the the actual natural ingredients she hasn't side there which are she has on the back here I can't even see the name but there is tangerine lavender cedar wood dried chamomile imagine that is the dried chamomile but it smells amazing and today did you see my other video if you've seen the video yesterday I'm not sure to say I'm gonna be uploading it and the biggest headache I Coffee I think you know I've been reducing my coffee and take I betcha I'm having withdrawals so I need some calming I need a calm BAM oh yes it's an M it's really cool it rolls on you can use it as a fragrance but it's absolutely awesome I'm gonna tell my daughter about it and maybe I'll go ahead and send some to my grandson charlie it helps also good so there's that and then this here is this one here is the lavender and cedarwood and it comes in some really nice large sized bottle it comes in a dropper form I actually use this um I dropped the dropper into you know into my hand I kind of like squeeze it into my hand I grab around you don't need a whole lot and I rub my husband's bath and neck with that in my time and I even like the leftover on my hands I rub it on the pillow and it's just all night long he did to smell that calming scent and it's relaxing I love that that is one you could put in your cart and you definitely will love it let's hear I think that one right there was this was $15 worth every penny there's so much in it and then the calming muscle relief and pain I'm not sure which one that one is but this one here is she added an extra one in here here for me and this one I think it's the same thing I'm not this is the giveaway I'm sorry I'm kind of watching this one up this one here is oh wow this one is the muscle pain one okay so this one is really strong so where's the muscle pain that's neck pain that's the one for neck pain so you can put apply to the back of the neck we need as you can tell I've been using it oh you can see my thumbprint I use this around like in the back of my ears and down the sides of my neck and the back of my neck I you know like when you feel that ball point in the back your neck roll it there and I love it so I gotta remember the pink one I have it by my bed I have it in like a system and I kind of messed my system up I had this here like honest I remember which ones first which ones second kind of thing so please check out her shop she did like I said offer a beautiful giveaway which is so nice of her along with in a coupon that goes with it I have Emily this cute bag and I'll put it in there for part of the giveaway so thank you so much Emily and thank you guys for checking this out because for those who love natural oils and someone who actually hand makes them so you've have any questions about any of the products you just asked her you know and it's nice being able to talk to a person who specializes in that area to help direct you and what you're looking for so please check out her shop again she gives an amazing coupon after every purchase and she puts little extra goodies which I love so thank you again guys and I'm glad you watched us and Tom next time you guys have a blessed day bye

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