Shopify Dropshipping: Product Research LIVE! ( (How I find $100,000+ Winning Products)

Shopify Dropshipping: Product Research LIVE! ( (How I find $100,000+ Winning Products)

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In this video I will take you through how I actually find winning products LIVE! Finding winning products can be a really hard task and in this video I break down my thought processes as I go through with you how I find my winning products.

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Gary Lim is a 19 Years Old entrepreneur from Singapore. Having gone from $0 to over $2.1 million revenue with his online business in 1.5 years, he learnt a lot about what it takes to have success in business. 🔥

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hey guys what's cracking welcome back to another video in this video I'm super excited because I'm actually gonna be doing for every session life so will I sell my channel I have been talking a lot about probably such PI I've never actually done it live with us before so I thought why not just you know do put out research and for my store and actually why I'm doing it kind of explain my thought processes explain that why am i selecting this why am i known that see this bra split you and say I'm watching this you can I have X understandable okay cool so that's what I need to look out for what I'm doing put our research in nineteen it's gonna be a crap ton of Daniel because it's a beginner and instead I'm one of the hardest things to is you don't really have the instinct don't having written on what kind of was the camera it's gonna sell us a comforter that's not gonna sell so by watching this view I believe that's really gonna help you just you know increase your knowledge of what a beauty blog look like you can live up to my channel my name is Gary I'm a nuttiness or entrepreneur from Singapore my channel I talk about e-commerce which particularly encompassed dropshipping Facebook words you know even I grew as far the rate of upwards about it's what I've been using questo and also talk about your personal development spirituality and basically everything to help you optimize your life and your business and get everything to the next level right so that's more mechanics bought any PR ensures that it's come content how appreciatively the subscribe button below grapple do let's get into my netbook and actually start the process right now alright guys so I open a few texts right now and for pure research I mainly always use that you know Aliexpress common feet to spare my competitors to see what a testing I'm teeth and Facebook and also you notice a base fee like spy on my competitors and I'm kind of kind of start by just you know going through scoring on Facebook and that's what I normally do you know just normally you know just go wrong on Facebook and see what people are shelling and I just stumble upon he said actually and it's pretty interesting and then background get more ads so I just took off Facebook at finer and it's no place where fine check out the word finite but just helps you read out or reduce in an only help you show you the air which actually things supposed which actually supposed to be advertised to you right now so it's very odd it's a really awesome tool and I highly recommend to use it if you have an already so you can see you know we have this interesting let's see found one and therefore a drop shipping store and we have this one as well okay corn when I go to the website and see wow so this products have really liked them high ticket product and I don't know if it's a drop ship this is pretty interesting maybe this is not dropship Rock Express and see if they're together so this block is also a drop ship product yeah I think this is a dropship price well it's kind of interesting yeah it is the same one right so you can see that they actually took this dropship product and I don't know if they're crushing and then let me see like you know how many trips how much traffic is getting on the store so what I always do is not when my spine my competitors always copy the website and go onto similarweb top comment basic just to see how much traffic you're getting so if I know that they are getting a lot of traffic I know that it's a legit website and I can kind of model upon what they're doing but if they are not getting much traffic there are more up on him so for this store the global rank is one point one meeting the worldwide which means that it's probably doing well they're making maybe making maybe around twenty thirty thousand a month but it's not like crazy well alright crazy well number is gonna be under the median so maybe if the backside right inside two hundred thousand thousand you know that you know they are running a lot of traffic and they are probably twenty six about the post six beers a month so you can see that they run most of your traffic using Wow such so I think they use like SEO something very interesting anyway this is not website I wanna focus on because I don't think they they do well with Facebook ads so I'm just gonna look at those store that does where Facebook and I saw this ad right it's pretty interesting I'm gonna click on it so one thing I always started doing I'm doing research also just go true you know the Facebook page and you know spy on their video see what accounts like pulasa laundry and I'm so gonna see how much traffic they have on this store so it's kind of okay so it's a little bit lesser than the previous one but from what I see I'm pretty sure they're crushing you know because I saw D and has over seven million views and it's come like maybe because I'm recording in the same time so I'm probably not gonna does this progress because it's a very it's a saturated product yes the energy has 7 million views so it's probably not gonna work if I test it but what I always like to do is to see what kind of other products that testing just so I can know you know what's actually working right now and it's crazy man you see like so many products I mean on so many different kind of products kind of interesting and at least two commas inspector so so basically it just helps me to see what can I put out a long chain so I don't see anything interesting though this is definitely saturated fishing it true timing spice what's there it is bro oh why would this happen so I think I saw something which kind of caught my attention tree it was I can't find it maybe it heater from website something that's and actually I haven't done I put out research in a while so I might be a little bit slower just right now I have like a full-time hobby so just like finding products for us but I figured you know why not just kind of woke up my problems just gives a circus haven't done this in a while I'm going to go sleep there is a very interesting porous inside and actually found one of my Buddha which generated over two hundred thousand dollars on teeth so it's kind of you know they actually work natural sure Cisco so funny actually so one of these I'm sure it is cream before and he generated me over like tens of thousands of dollars but I decided to stop selling because the air wasn't performing that well but definite subpoena but however the it's kind of hard to sell it because the market is very small there's not much people nowadays know many people support forms you're racist I think I saw you pronounce it and also actually testing is properly thing really get me marseilles wow this is crazy normally what I like to easily record is probably search websites open a few tabs and it's table you know take my time and see brush through it I don't know how long these gears Graham beep are normally to my property search can take up to an hour but two hours just like finding you know products and just you know getting because there you can into into this zone where you're just I bring that focus and you just kind of instinctively know what's gonna work and what's not gonna work and any stats for me so normally I mean it around I you know when he 3 means beforehand with Gators but I'm doing well Luminos basket body has since something that is I'm just gonna see so you can see just on this website would have found so many I already found like a few potential products that I might test but I don't know I'm just gonna kind of like see them what yeah so I'm probably not gonna test it just because starts like these never really worked for me before the bus rocks that has to go to do with pregnancy maternity and never really vote for me in the past and this is very interesting because I have so some DIY products before but it doesn't seem to have much orders and I feel like I feel like sperm not product that will work but I'm not shredder obviously it doesn't seem to have the Capri Wolfpack that you see just a good normal this is pretty cool because I used to play basketball and yeah Luminos basketball pretty cool stuff interesting but this is really cool as well never see anything like this before but who's gonna buy them one thing I always like to do when I'm doing my research is to go on and see if that's actually demand on Amazon because if say for example if on Aliexpress it's getting serious while it's not getting March newest one Amazon if it's doing well maybe it's a meaningful up to n minus 1 so this is obviously a very new product or maybe just not getting product C on Facebook people actually saw it because the quality's really know what you see it's pretty interesting but I don't know this is a you know and they seem like they're using the same time videos though glowing basketball so I don't know if this plugs I'm gonna test it I'm nothing I'm looking more ads and see what people what kind of result you won't get anywhere this looks like a nice spice the intro is maybe too long though let's leave it too long probably for me I would have made there like you know just like this maybe like two or three seconds and then just keep right to the next part pretty cool look at the handles man Wow awesome damn oh sure I think they are still running this earth that's pretty cool I'm not gonna lie this it makes it look really cool so this part is very interesting and you know what I might actually test is yours it seems like they're running it from this and it seems to be working yeah I feel like I might be able to make it better and that one actually cannot that's it final and Aliexpress supplier well maybe they actually private label this product would be interesting right now it should be still contemplating whether or not to test this one it seems like there's not a good supply for it taking me just a really nice window basketball like isolation they actually launching on March 21st they probably finally do something okay so I kind of found some new ads and firstly is this you know next partial thingy but I know I'm probably not gonna test it but it's pretty interesting because I actually tested something similar like this in the past but didn't vote for me so it's interesting to see that someone's actually taking prerogative move for me and making it work I look at huh and you really capture the attention of the first three seconds of an ad which actually the most important aspect of it if you notice the first scene they use us like the scene of this a woman and so almost like you know orgasming face and then get this treacherous spree interesting now they're very nice add that created for this video some men are good on website and see why they actually made it work and let me see what's this okay this is really interesting because firstly they use of rectangular and I'm just gonna click on website I'm gonna see what's this box about it is really interesting this is Brahman all the dropshipping per hour but it's just currency bounty videos this is actually kind of like a big on drop shipping store and they're you know it's awesome this event at because they have this you know maybe they stole it from another one is usually to ran and it seems a it's working for them though Wow and I really like a website and website it's very optimized definite even the phone is really nice no reviews try to block a spoiler on the top should be stuff carbon fiber mobile phone tripod why would someone need this I don't I don't understand why would someone need it though I'm not convinced to buy it let's see if it's actually doing well I'm gonna spy on the store and see how many traffic you're getting first before making any conclusions about me this may be it no it's a big story and if you're doing well maybe I can learn something from them but it seems like so far it's not oh wow this deductr winner some probably not gonna test this product let's see what complex laundry I know that these guys they probably like Tesla products because I've been spying them for more and they launched a lot of products every single day not a treat for us every single day while she's hit logic then I don't know and it does a lot a lot a lot a lot but this guy's your money test can you test quite a lot as well maybe like four bucks three to four hours a day two two three four plus a day this one is the niche tall you're probably just running like one product for this store and it seems to be working well for them as well so far haven't found anything and I'm probably not gonna test this product just because you know it's a you know like kitchen but I never ever really worked well for me and I tested many kitchen products but somehow I just can't seem to get them to work for whatever reason maybe I did decimal I don't know let's see what this is so right now I'm using this software called common fear and it basically help me spy on on my commenter so basically what it does is you know you can write down the websites of of this all these websites that you want to spy on and they basically tell you what products are launching every single day so it's really awesome because I don't have to you know go to the website and that's actually you know look through these products and see what they are launched every day so this baby swimming through saturator you know this one I've seen I've never seen before I'm soon as this are interesting ma'am I just can't see what this brought us Digital I don't no idea what is this Wow interesting charging blast phone order resistant up chatting kit nope no chicken trucks okay s training machine I want to do is actually worked it all because I remember there's something like that in deposits so did really well it's kind of funny meaning sleeping bag I seen this before it's a saturated product the trick nail polish honeycomb and so on yeah actually I we are we are testing these proceeds gonna work for us plus you know she not time to arrange we seen this on teeth one was this well-known fan of fishing soprano grass area also hazel Club I seen this one before this holographic event hunting here this one was actually it is a interesting program but also our models one of this product with over 20,000 orders on Aliexpress someone just took it ask you to like the moon is crazy and see if this no soup I can find it somebody's gonna stick to what these guys who can what they are sharing hmm No note putting sunglasses no winter jacket nice no winter it is for most countries mm-hmm this one was a unibody scum died already so like super I'm seeing a lot of saturated products Shubin higher so I was unable to find much products on common feed and on the other platform some villagers Amazon movers and shakers instead to hopefully find something at my work so if you guys don't know Amazon movers and shakers is basically a to which I also used to do my research alright so the beauty of this platform is because you know never to see the biggest gainers in shows rain over the past 24 hours and it's updated hourly so it's it's not gonna be saturated vias you know it's always been updated and you're able to see like which other products which are kind of like in your heart and training right now so it's a really awesome dude and this is some of the you know different categories and I really open up some so I'm gonna come just take a look at this and once a fine woman Prada I'm propagating baton you know so for me normally it takes around you know one hour to find that you know true for five products and you know share with you guys it's awesome these are the toys and this okay these are the tools and probably gonna be more focus on this one because to send home home improvement have been really great for us recently and I tested this prior in the past and I almost called my Shopify store shut down because they sent me a DMCA letter that's pretty crazy because it's a copyrighted product so far see anything interesting nothing catches my eyes yeah mmm was this that's its unique light issue umbrella light let's take a look at this one wow so this is pretty interesting right this is just like a normal life my looks pretty cool and a good thing is you know it's got lots of seals and it's very bright so it seems like people really like this product yeah it's really interesting but let's look at other ones first known for non-smokers pet supplies so far so far haven't seen anything interesting let's look at more categories ah what's this well just like a treads and you know said but it's really really well in a way interesting so I this brought was have been actually you know it was like a very big Reno it was a really big wiener and I saw like I think this guy he's editor over like a few minutes crazy hearing and yeah now this boy is actually really really interesting well so basically oh man I'm on my trip there's this one this yeah I seen like stuff like I was like this book before and you can bundle it up so it's a I'm gonna Final Cut Express and right now is basically looking for supply no self adhesive that excuse the chords Breen Christine no not this one huh model coin furniture better strike furniture pets shop furniture yes it's something like this yeah so I think have an accepted phony dear but let's see how this looks like I would actually found a supply for a idea for let's see look at this this looks interesting okay so this is for the refrigerator but one idea works for just starting ice test at least before you passed in room for me this and asleep that's you had almost like the same stuff but see if I can find something that is more specific or perhaps something rich lots of also unexpressed I'm actually test this one other thing I don't like what these are this listing is the fact that they have many different you know I mean they have this logo it looks kind quite ugly and they don't have any images showing you know how the Barack and I should be utilized in but definite like the idea of this window this product oh just go look for that cosplay so you know doing proper certifying you can see it Stefan on an easy task takes a lot of time and takes a lot of effort you know to find something which might potentially work so far I think this works yes this is also I can market it as something for furniture as well and actually tested this one it was working for me to pass this lecture theater for winter yeah actually I'm just gonna test this and we probably just gonna you know mark it as a tool that can be okay let me service this well there's always so many more like variations inside Aliexpress so so let's see this VIP like kinda what the two skies are selling so Evo was the decompression tourist oh sorry no no sorry watch this case bad rating so Monica if it has four stars on Aliexpress and it's probably like you know the property sucks but on an Amazon is a different story to his false on Amazon it could be a very good product or its false starts on Aliexpress let's try not a good one watch a this looks very interesting it's a cabinet lock but why would anyone for babies you know it's to prevent babies from being crazy and she's out of the ability I was just selling it well seems like the boys do it was twisted although it's in March so it's a nice probably not walking now let's see more lots of orders so I'm right I'm just opening stuff which has lots of artists and seeing here it is if there's lots of orders recently it could be a winning product but not this one see how we went from this our wanted to another of their so something interesting some polygons yeah protocol does this maybe my work if I can and what we like what is the fact that you can shop with pets and keep a patient show and so what we like about this blog is you know the fact that you can bundle it up so instead of sunny Mexico I can side effects of sixty to increase my nov and that's basically the forest view we found through products and I think it's kind of like a long one it's almost an hour long lecture Halloween's maybe what five minutes or something and I hope you guys got some value out of this video you guys did make sure did you like leave a comment on what kind of videos you want to see our respond to every single one of you and I'm know for the subscriber so really means a lot and I really appreciate it and now got their crotch it I hope you find your way Brock soon and I'll see you guys in next video peace

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  1. hay Gary, you inspired me to begin my dropshipping journey, I have launch some products and had couple sales, however, I fail in the scaling and actually being profitable, I would love to be in touch if you can! Thanks for all the knowledge you share. here from Colombia!

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