Shopify: How to Create "Contact Us" Page

Shopify: How to Create "Contact Us" Page

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Shopify: How to Create “Contact Us” Page

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hello today we are going to look on how to create a contact us page on Shopify for this you need to be logged into your Shopify back office and then go to online in stores then pages and here you will have to create your first page just name it contact us ok on the content area you can put anything you want to display or you can just leave it blank if you want here on the right hand side we have template you need to select page dot contact to display our contact us form on your contact us page ok so just save it you have created your contact us page view on your online store ok here is your contact list page so whenever a customer sent this contact form this will be sent to your email address directly that is linked in your Shopify back-office ok how to link this to your store navigation so just go to navigation and main menu add value item contact this is a page so we will select a page and then contact us this is very simple and basic let's just refresh our page here we have the link to contact us page hope you enjoyed watching this and if you have any questions be sure to send them below in the comment section

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