Shopify Print On Demand Baseball Jersey | Subliminator Product Review

Shopify Print On Demand Baseball Jersey | Subliminator Product Review

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what's up guys Joe Robert here back again with another print-on-demand product review today we're taking a look at the print-on-demand baseball jersey from the apps' eliminator we'll jump right into it right after this yes it is my name is Joe Robert I am NOT a guru and I do not drive a Lamborghini alright guys like I said today we are taking a look at this awesome print-on-demand baseball Jersey from the app subliminal this is definitely a unique product I have not seen this on any other print-on-demand apps and I think that you guys could get super creative with this because the options for customization are truly awesome if you guys have not seen some of the reviews that I've done in the past on other print-on-demand products you have to go check out p OD ninjas calm i review a ton of different products most of the ones that you guys are probably selling on your store right now I have done reviews on so if you want to see an up close look at some of those products go check out p OD ninjas calm the link will be down in the description of this video so throughout this video i'll show you guys some close-ups also try to hold it up at different times to give you guys a good view of it but overall this thing is super nice there will be a full review coming on pio d ninjas calm very soon breaking it down and giving it a ninja star rating but i just wanted to make a quick video show you guys some up-close photos of it and get you guys acquainted with exactly what this product is like one of the things that i love about this product is that the price is just 28 dollars and that does include the shipping cost so if you guys fulfill this product from sublimino it's only gonna cost you 28 bucks and that's including the shipping so if you charge a customer shipping that's even more margin for you and overall i think you guys could price this at forty five forty nine even fifty something dollars and make a ton of margin on it when it comes to the shipping time we did receive this from sebelum inator express so the time frame that we got it in is not going to match what your customers got it in but overall sublimino always does an awesome job with fulfilling their orders within the average two mated times that they give you inside of their app if you want to check out more about the times that sublimino their estimates for their products you can go check out their website subliminally calm or you can download the app and look at it on your store another thing that I thought was really cool about this product is you can see that down the middle there are stripes there and there's also some buttons and what's Eliminator actually lets you do is you guys can actually choose the color of those buttons and of the line going down the middle they allow you to choose white or black which can really give you guys an awesome advantage when it comes to creating your design because you can make the buttons in the line match whatever you're trying to do with your design another really cool feature of this product is right here on the inside I'm going to kind of hold that up maybe you guys can see it maybe you can't I will show some close-ups of it as well but you guys can actually edit the tag on the inside so you can definitely brand these the way that you guys want I think it's a super cool idea for the product it really gives it that extra added value and it's going to help you guys brand your products on your store which is always something that people that are selling print-on-demand product struggle with and being able to add it right inside on the tag there is definitely a plus another thing that i really like about this product is that all of the design elements are created in separate templates so as you guys create this product the sleeve element the front of the back the inside label those are all going to be created with different templates you guys can really get creative with it you don't have to deal with a difficult template or anything like that like I said earlier if you want to check out this product go to subliminal comm or download the app on your store and you'll see just how easy this product is to create the last thing that I want to touch on with this product is the quality okay so I don't really wear them anymore but when I was growing up I used to really wear baseball jerseys a lot and this thing it feels like a real Jersey I'm from the Boston area and I used to wear a ton of Red Sox jerseys and this thing it feels just like a regular high-quality Jersey made by Nike the material is exactly what you would expect with a baseball jersey it kind of has that Airy like performance like feel and overall I think it's a great product the buttons feel high quality the print quality is great I'm gonna try to hold this up again for you here is the front and here is the back as well you guys can see across the whole design there is the POV ninjas logo every time sebelum inator sends me a product they send something that is really cool now I did not make this design they did this and I think it's awesome I think that you guys could definitely create some really cool stuff with this especially if you try to go after various niches for sports you guys could add last names to this Jersey obviously you're not gonna be able to put like a superstars name on this but if people that you're selling to wanted to add their own name or someone else's name to it you could definitely give them that option if you set up customization on your store so like I said overall super impressed with this product I think it is definitely a potential winner for you and if you guys want to check out the full review it is coming soon on piadina at the time of this video the review is not done on VOD ninjas calm but if you're watching this check the description it might be done as soon as it is done I'm going to add it to the description so and if it's a little bit after this video was already uploaded the review might be there down in the description so thank you guys for watching my name is Joe Robert and I'll see you guys later

5 thoughts on “Shopify Print On Demand Baseball Jersey | Subliminator Product Review

  1. Love the vid Joe. Yes this is a cool jersey. I noticed you don't mention mat'l composition. I guess it's not important. Would knowing that WC fulfillment has say 40% cotton/polyester in their mat'l vs some other rival store's claim of 25% cotton/polyester mix, effect your decision.
    I just thought that if we place a value as to what type tees we want our print to go on (100% cotton or less depending), we would also check the type of cotton blending on these jerseys, hoodies etc. for what they contain. At least thats my thinking.

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