Shopify Store Review - L'Homme de Cuir

Shopify Store Review – L'Homme de Cuir

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Great looking site selling men’s bow ties, neck ties, and pocket squares. Love the visuals.

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Lucas Walker is an entrepreneur from Toronto Ontario Canada. Founder of Treats Happen and Venngage, he also consulates and works in ecommerce.

hey it's Lucas Walker again doing a store review thank you for submitting these to me if you want your store review drop one a note in the comments this store looks really really really good great menswear I did take a look around before jumping in my first thought is and this is just really nitpicky but here where it says poor vamoose here I would put that in into Indian letters because if I'm looking here I might think that the site is in French and I don't speak French especially with the name long Duke here the other thing I would do is have a more diverse group on the home page here oh it can be alienating don't have only people of color or only white people up on the front it's really aim to show that you are going for for everyone website looks great I love the sold out here because it does show some great social proof with the Currency Converter I heard a great shot that about 91% of people will leave if it's not in their local currency so if you were targeting Australia or the USA or even Great Britain you're probably losing some conversions based on the currency converter here ties again great products because they can't be damaged in transit they're nice premium products love that you got the purchase here right on the home page you've got a commercial to this just really adds a lot of a lot of brand value here great looking Instagram feed I'm gonna probably have to add this to the to the list to the playlist of great looking sites let's take a look at the collection page here here we have our collections maybe my internet but the site speed does seem a little bit slow I like how you have neckties bow ties and pocket squares I would add socks I'll do another video my socks are my favorite product to sell but this all looks really good so far the story love you're free worldwide shipping as well great use of video I would suggest show some some photos and visuals of that making process I would also add in a blog into the the website love that that's handmade in Denmark so really showcase what that process looks like and I would add a blog as either a lookbook or style guide let's take a look at the FAQ here general yeah I mean everything looks really good I would consider adding you're not using gorgeous looks like you're using to help center up I would use use gorgeous to answer your your customers questions what everything looks really good let's take a look at a product and jump into your product pages nice suede bowtie it's what suede bow tie a camel looks great the books yeah photos look good I would have I would out in product reviews here that's one that's really missing and just some lifestyle shots of customers wearing it it's super easy to take a selfie wearing a tie and that does add a lot of a lot of credibility as well so something new here but I mean like everything looks really good I'd say you're about 90% there out in some some more social proof the lookbook let's take a look at how it looks on a mobile here see iPhone 6 or 7 it's nice and mobile-friendly go times yeah I mean everything seems to look pretty good I know that you're you're doing with a French Lane leather but I would say that's you're leading their living tag from a user experience point of view if your customer to speak English it might be a little bit hard to understand and might they might just read that and assume that the sites in the French but also for Google as well having having guy that people are searching for currently my mother bowtie or just says the bowtie shop bowties it might be a little bit difficult for for Google to pick up but talk your recommendations are at a blog add in some more product reviews and some light images and lookbook what everything looks really good and really premium self really well done Cheers

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