Shopify Tutorial For Beginners Part 2 - How To Create An Online Shopify Store 2019 - Part 2 of 2

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners Part 2 – How To Create An Online Shopify Store 2019 – Part 2 of 2

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In this Shopify video tutorial, Part 2 of 2, I show you how to easily edit the backend of a Shopify Store using the default Debut Theme. Shopify is a great e-commerce platform with a robust set of features to have you selling your products/services in no time.

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Pros of using Shopify:

– Quickly Start and Launch a Store
– Thousands of FREE Apps to help you sell and run your store
– Inexpensive if using free apps but can get expensive if you use a lot of paid apps.
– Low Learning Curve
– No Need for a Merchant Account
– No Need for a Shipping Carrier Account
– Easy to Add Apps, Change Themes and Update
– Easily Add other Sales Channels (ie: Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
– Easily Add a Buy Now Button onto an EXTERNAL website. (You can add a product button called BUY NOW to a website that is not hosted with Shopify but would process the checkout through Shopify

Cons of using Shopify:

– There is a 3 option limit for products. Example: If you sell t-shirts and have Size, Color, Material (you can add all kinds of variants to these options like small, medium, large, etc.) but Shopify has a 100 variant limit for these so you would need an app to extend the OPTIONS to get you past the 3 options threshold and the 100 variant threshold.
– You use Shopify Payments, otherwise, if you use your own merchant account, then they add additional fee to your monthly plan plus you will pay a percentage to Shopify in addition to your existing Merchant Account and Gateway Fees.
– If you add another Shipping Carrier (Shopify’s built-in carrier is USPS) if you add: FEDEX, UPS or other carrier there is an additional monthly fee approx $20 per month as of today’s date but this is cheaper than upgrading to the next plan on Shopify.
– No direct access to the Shopify database without an app via Api
– No direct backup mechanism without an app. You can export the products, customers and orders within Shopify but that is it. You would need an app to extend this functionality.

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go cetera so I'm going to show you how to do those a little more detail so I'm gonna go ahead and first start with and we have our demo store here that we ended up setting up and then we have our you know where's-where's to information here so in the rest of the customization for the home page just so you can see how the rest of it would be done and then hooking up the newsletter um as well so I'm gonna go ahead and start by adding some more products to this I don't have any products really just these one here and then this other DVD one so I'm going to do a product from scratch so I didn't select add product I'm gonna call it uh let's just call a short-sleeved tee okay and then I could put my entire description in here well you'll see some websites that have tabbed content in it so you can go ahead and install one of those apps and it can give you a tabs on the description you know how to use ingredients things like that where you can actually edit the code here and then add some codes and JavaScript in order to obtain that so that's an advanced function we can take care of that for you so you gonna have to purchase an app ID make your life a lot easier so I'm just gonna call this a short-sleeve tee t-shirt and then I'm gonna put my little bold items outside cotton looks great long lasting okay okay and then if you want you could use the same editor you can bold it you can make the text larger and things like that so if you really want to play around with it you can also throw other images into the description if you want some people like to place the images here and then put additional images on the actual products themselves you can also insert a video player with the formatting and you can put in tables I don't recommend putting in tables just because it doesn't work very well with responsive design so if you're looking at it on a mobile device like phone or tablet and such the tables may look squished or text will look really small and then you also have the ability to you know insert links say you wanted to link that to another thing it's important that you add the link title for the search engine the SEO and use something that describes the page that they're going to UM then you select insert link so I'm just going to put in yes okay cert link and then you notice you don't see any of the other info but if you go ahead and click on show HTML you have all your wonderful HTML here you know short sleeve title this is Google blah blah blah right okay so you really don't really need to get into the code unless you do anything funky you also can mess around with the color so if you want to all that to be read I'm gonna go ahead and select that and select red so now I get that my link I'm good to go I need to add my image so you can um you can actually drag and drop files right onto here if you like I'm gonna go ahead just okay so now I've got these three so I've uploaded these three images and I don't want her to be the main image I want this guy to be the main image so I just drag and swap them real kind of cool you don't have to do anything else when you're done with everything obvious you can just like save up here but um it's important that you fill out your product type your vendor etc so I'm gonna gonna fill out the product type and I'll call t-shirt just for me okay add t-shirt right the vendor could be whoever you want I'm just gonna put in cool wares now once you add these you never have to retype them in again will be available during through the drop-down selector here on the collections I only have the two collectors the home page stuff and then wears to machine the film in wears to just for instructional purposes but there's multiple collections you can select multiple collections and it will put checkboxes by it and then you could select save the tags tags are important so that you can actually organize the searches at cetera for the product so I'm going to call this t-shirt and it loops the enter I'm gonna call it cotton cotton shirt cool shirt whatever and if it has a name or something on it you can call it whatever you need to call it I call this one nurse teacher okay all right so then I come down I've got the price of the product so I want this is the price that I want to show so in this case I want to show 1995 and I want to tell them that it was 20 to 90 or 20 for 395 and then I have my cost for item so this is my own cost so internally if I'm running reports and I'm doing things and I want to know how much the cost is gonna be in this product I can do that here so I'm just gonna say it's for say it's 595 and it's kind of cool gives you the profit margin for you so well you know that which is really cool I mean if you're using a pram the man services like that you're not going to be going in and then selecting some of these items but you can put the compare price for the products if you like on the inventory I always do that just from my own management to let me know what my SCU's are for the different products it just helps obviously put more organization barcodes obviously if you have it's a book or other things you can put them in there Shopify tracks inventory with this product this is selected by default if you leave it at 0 your products not gonna show up on the store or it's not gonna be able to be sold so you can turn it off don't track inventory if you have a bunch of these products and you know you're never gonna run out but if you know you only have 25 then go ahead and put 25 in here okay allow customers to purchase product when it is out of stock you can do that so they can order around back order but then you're gonna want to send them an email obviously let them know it's a back order the system does do some of this automatically but you are going to want to follow up with those people just to make sure physical products so you got shipping or you have or you don't have shipping right so customers want another way here's your your shipping service so if you notice what I ended up doing here you'll see that fulfillment again Shopify or below so if this is I have an app installed or over lo which is for dropshipping so say for instance that product was added automatically from over lo this fulfillment service would automatically say over lo well if I was doing everything manually and I added this product manually from over lo but didn't import it I would have to come down here and select the filming service over lo ok otherwise it'll be Shopify that you sending it it's really not Shopify setting in jus the weights so in the base store shipping is calculate the USPS and then overseas rates are other carriers DHL cetera the Vivian use so if you want to do it by weight you can so in this case it's you know it's a three pound product whatever right I have it set up as pound so people do else's kilograms the penguin where you are in the world the weight is three so say for instance I had previously showed you in the prior video on how to set up free shipping so anything up to point you know oh five pounds was gonna be free so if I'm one of this product to ship for free oh just type in 0.05 and then save it and then this would have a free shipping rate okay so you can do that if you like that's how you set that up if you need to see how to set that up see the prior video before this one it step one unfortunately I'm sorry no no we're in the video it is but you're gonna have to you can scroll through pretty quickly and find out where that's set up so I'm just going to set this back to three pounds and then some customs information so if you have to set us up you can 99% in time you don't know that variance so again I'm gonna do the size so I get small enter medium then hit the enter button and then large enter and then XXL and error right so now I've put those there so now look I can actually choose individual prices for those sizes now so I know that the large I want it to be you know 2495 etc so also those the inventory does not go down to the rest of the products okay so you gotta be careful with that and then you also are gonna want to change the SCU's based on the sizes so if you have the same Guu in this case you get 122 123 124 shell provides good about incrementally adding the next SKU so now say for instance I have another option which is to color so watch what happens to the variations down below so I'm gonna go black blue red green now I'll scroll down and now you'll see small black small blue small red small green medium black medium blue medium red medium green so they're each gonna have their own pricing so maybe the small blue is 2195 but the small black is 1995 so you have the ability to do that and then remember you're gonna want to put inventory in here since you selected inventory to try if you select Shopify not track the inventory this wouldn't be available and you have to worry about it so now I'm gonna do one more and I'm just going to call it a material okay you know just cloth cloth and I'll call it won't so now I've got three and now notice how many more I have so I have to go through and add all these changes okay so you gotta do that manually um you know if you know what your inventory is you can just copy them down you know paste based whatever and you keep going down and you make your changes okay so I'll put that in there and so I'm just gonna do the smalls and let everything else be out right so let's just let small green small red say 25 wrong so I'm gonna let the mediums and larges and cetera be out I like how everything looks I'm good to go now one thing I do recommend is that you come back into the images and you notice a little alt tag here let's go ahead and click on those and add the alt tag this is for search engine purposes so you know Shopify itself out of the box isn't super great for search engine optimization but you could be smart by calling your images what they are so in this case this was a bad example for this t-shirt but if I was selling this t-shirt pessimistically optimistic I would call it it's like on at home I would actually call the name of the image when I name the image and save it for my photo programming Photoshop or other I would call it exactly what it is I would say t-shirt pessimistically whatever you spelled out I'm optimistic alright dot JPEG would be how I would name the actual image when I save it right and then when I come in here to add this alt tag I would call it you know t-shirt pessimistic all right optimistic cloth right and then that way or however you want to want to say right and then now I know that this t-shirt pessimistically optimistic right or whatever it's gonna be call I sleep done you're gonna want to do that for each of the images and so just that little extra push on there so notice I'm none of them have it on there so if you do each of them that all just did something a little thing that helps you with the search engine stuff so when Google Images and stuff are starting to go through the site and look at these sites they can actually pull these images off and throw them up in product images and that helps you with your search engine optimization as well so everything's looking good I go ahead and select save now I have a product that has been added into the where's to collection right and it's a t-shirt and this guy right here it's gonna be my first picture and I'm gonna go ahead and go back over to the actual site itself I'm go ahead and hit refresh you know I hit refresh and I got winners you know I got wares to is where I put that image and so there's my image now so I scroll down and notice how there's a was price and then there there's the regular price right so let me go ahead and select this and remember this is this theme is the debut theme so it's a little different and then it puts the other options down below it so I can go and click on those right and now I've got you know I can look out and see how it looks great right boom there we go it's the best thing all right so notice how I have a small black cloth right so small block and then almost like the material wool okay still 1995 it's blue still 1995 red still okay so if I selected medium once what happens medium red Green notice the button changed to sold out so it still lets the price stay there because nothing's been changed if I had a price for large and I selected this so I'll show you excel so let's go to the excel just scroll to the bottom so here I'll just go green excel I'm gonna change this to 24 and any 5 ok and then what I want to do is actually select edit on it right you leave this page so I want to edit that particular option and notice I get to the next one so now it's XSL green wool so I could change in image here so say for instance I wanted when they selected that drop-down let me just let me just put her ok so what happens a little when I select this option that's gonna swap out and and replace the image that I'm seeing on there so I have my compare price so I'm gonna call this 2995 because this is a larger shirt and then a real pricing to be 2395 my cost per item is 895 so this is for the XSL XXL sorry green wool sure inventory managed by here we go again stock track inventory continue selling all that stuff it gives you all this stuff so I'm gonna go ahead and give myself like you know seven right and then come down it's actually four pounds so it's gonna cost more let me a ship it alright and so you just go through go through each of these options for your um your variance right so I go ahead and go back let me go ahead and refresh this page and now if you look at it says by now so I've got blue says it's sold out I can still buy it which is kind of weird so let me see I got green and notice the girl changes over here okay and then it's wool and now I have an Add to Cart and notice the price is was twenty nine ninety five twenty three sale all right so let me go to large price changes sold out right XXL try to boom also notice on the page you have your red you know short-sleeve I click that it goes to Google you know in this particular theme you can share and as you all may also like and this will automatically select products based on other products in this store ok notice there's no reviews editing on here you can add them with an app you can also add other things like countdown timers and stuff like that in order to increase urgency when we can cover that later in other videos so I'm gonna go ahead and go back to the product so that's how your added product in there and you notice I added the collection and the collection I needed to add it to the top navigation bar well where as was already added let's go back over here so where is it already added into the top navigation bar but I want to add it I don't want it going underneath catalog I want it to show up next to it here so I'm gonna go ahead and go under online store and then I click on navigation and I have main menu well before I do that I also want to add Contact Us page to this site and then have it linked in the navigation bar as well so when I first gonna add pages I don't have any pages added on the store and notice it says online stores password-protected so anybody that's doesn't have the password to look at the website will be able to see the preview page that we're seeing here right here okay so I'm gonna go ahead and add a page and this theme comes with only two templates so if you look at the templates over here and click on that comes with a contact page and a regular page some of the other free themes have a couple more pages and then the paid themes will have a lot of different very variations of pages that you can change so I'm just gonna call this contact us I'll just call it contact you know contact us you know and then you put your phone number and address and whatever else you want here right so whatever and if you notice down below as I'm typing this information into this content the SEO stuff is coming up as well so if you don't select edit website SEO for either the product or the collection pages or the pages themselves then it's going to default to pull the first 172 370 characters from the description section or the contacts section so I've learned this to be different I can go edit website SEO and then I can call this contact pool where's you know and then put the phone number I put the address and whatever else you know we're located at so-and-so so-and-so so if this was changed at different from this it's fine okay so I just leave it by default for now and now make sure that I select in this case the contact page just so that I know that it's gonna have a form on it for the contact and then I go ahead and save it so now I have a contact page and then I'm also gonna add an about page the reason why I might add an about page so you can see the difference between pages so you can do it here view online store or guide it to a store there but you click on create another page and I'm gonna call this about cool where's is cool right okay so again notice that it comes down here about again now I'm gonna just like select page and you can also hide the pages so say for instance you don't want to show the page it you can set a specific publish date when it does go live so you're not ready to put it on there so you can actually hide it and keep working on it until you're ready to add it to the site so I'm gonna go ahead and select save so now I've got two pages on there and then I'm gonna go ahead and add another collection so I have where's three just for instructional purposes okay so going to products I'm go ahead and add collections and so I'm just gonna go ahead and select create collection and then up here I would call it where's oops it comes down let's go so I'll explain this so I want to call this where's three right wears three t-shirts and stuff whatever okay so I want to add a collection image so that I can see what the you'll see this throughout the site here I'll show ya in a second so I had a collection image remember you also want to do the alt tag thing again so I did alt okay nurse where's three whatever right and it's saved so making sure that I'm tagging and editing the Albanese if you scroll down here you have collection type automated or manual so automated is a smart collection and what it does is it allows you to actually show products based on any conditions that they met so say for instance I wanted every product that had the word shirt in it I can go to product title and then it contains okay right sure well if I have every product that named that contains shirt in here what if I have long-sleeve shirts t-shirts or something I only want this to show t-shirts so I can put a t-shirt right so it's anything any product title that contains t-shirt well I can do starts with and does not contain is equal to so is equal to Joe Blow or equal do t-shirt then you would have just those products right and then so you can do all conditions need to be met meaning that if I had another condition so I'm gonna say here's the tag and the tag needs to be blue drank whatever right so now in order to be added to this collection it has to have the name t-shirt and its name and it has to be tagged with blue otherwise it's not going to show it all so a way around that if I want to show all the t-shirt anything with t-shirts and anything with that's tagged with blue I can select any condition so I don't want to do that at the time at this time right so what I want to do is I want to actually add them manually to the site so I'm gonna go ahead and get rid of these guys because I don't want to use it right I'm gonna select manual and now notice there's no process so I need to see this collection first I go ahead select save okay the collection is saved so now I have the ability to add the products so I can browse the look for products I can just start typing so I will just type in shirt whatever and then there's my short-sleeved shirt it's the only product I have and then I'm gonna also I want to put tests in here that's pretty near oh there's product where's test options there we go so I'm going to put that in there as I select add so now I've got my short sleeve shirt my product where's I don't have to select save because it's automatically saved it so now if I look at this collection on the front-end I'll see these two products but I don't have them added to the navigation yet so now that I've added pages I've added a couple collections and now I need to add all of that stuff to the top navigation so I'm gonna go to navigation and then notice I go to main menu here and right now it has home catalog and then these options underneath here well I don't want them underneath catalog goes to the entire thing I just want wares to be by itself make sure you drag it over to the left otherwise it'll so if I go underneath it to the right see how it makes that arrow but if I go to the left that's you know let's keep it outside of it so now these were all being the main navigation so let me go ahead and add another one so I go to add a menu so I already know my collections called it's called where's three but if I don't know what it's called I can go ahead and search for collections and I could find where's three notice there's the image right and if you filter these collections here just be careful because you're not if you put blue or this or that it'll show where's and then it's only gonna show products with those tags so you just leave like the fault and it'll show all the products that you already selected I don't want catalog there I'm gonna put it there you just drag and drop them it's really cool and then if you need to change these or edit them you can go ahead and select it and you can edit it and change what you want here you can delete them nothing's been created yet right I go ahead and select save so now I've selected this main menu I've saved it now I only have the collections on here now I want to add the contact page on here so I just select contact I can click here and select pages or I can just start typing contact and then I'll pull up the page for me because it found it it's like add so now I got the contact page I've got the category pages now I've saved it now if I go ahead and go to my own I gotta keep going here go to the right so I gotta refresh this on my my preview and now notice I've got where's I know long how many drop downs right where's one where's – where's three and they got my contact form so let's go ahead and click on where's three and now where's three we've got see that collection image see what it did for this particular theme is it actually added her in here so just keep in mind that this is gonna be your layout so whatever images you're gonna make you're gonna want to make them so they fit in here not look weird right our heads cut off so no where's three t-shirts and stuff is the description for this category this collection and then notice there's the two products that are added to this right here and then you can control you know the in this case there's gonna be four across but you can also change that to be three or two and I'll show you how to do that in a moment okay so right now you've got a couple in here and you go and click on them look at the products etc so now we're going to click on the contact page I have a generic contact page it's got my phone number it has two contact info the contact form is going to send it to the admin and the website okay so whoever is in charge of the website that's on to receive these notices that the person set up you're gonna receive the email it's pretty basic you really don't have a lot of control over these forms if you want to extend this form or change this form it's apps for it or you can use Joc form it's Jo T I believe Jo T let me see yeah this guy right here it's a free online form builder you can create it sign in whatever and then you make you know you use templates you can select whatever you need to you just create your form you copy the code right and then you're gonna have to actually add that code on to the contact page and it's a little it's easy to do if you don't have a copy and paste and you know where the pages on the site but it's better to let it developer do it I'm not going to show you how to do that now if you need help with that please contact us we can definitely help you do that and change that however you need it so let me go back to the home page eh I showed you the collections assure you adding a page okay I've showed you how to add in a previous video how to add stuff to the footer okay now we can go ahead and add some other items to this notice there's only one image here and it's not nothing else there so we can control that show you how to do that in the previous video as well you can change the gallery your featured collection so if you look at this feature collection now it's got this one product where well if I go back to the online store to edit the homepage right I got and click on customize and then when I click on customize I want to change that future collection if there's nothing shown so if you click on future collection here okay so I don't want to be homepage I want to be something else I want to be how about where's three so now if I do where is three does it shows me the two products here where's two anything else wanted to yeah one two then I select it so now I might future collection isn't be that what's kind of cool is you give you products per row you do – that's huge let me do three four five whatever so if you have a bunch of products and then say for instance you had you want to do a couple of rows you know you can do that I don't have that many you can show the product vendor and then I said she'll cool where's even show you all button so that if in this particular theme anyway so here's the view wall that have taken will take me to that category okay that'll take me to the cool where's three category directly so I'm gonna go ahead and go let me say this first okay so now I have had the gallery that last image looks weird so I'm just gonna add chick in there it's just grab three images women's fashion and then we'll put there we go alright select so now I've got my gallery got the settings set up now if I scroll down some more now I've got featured collection and then here's image with alt text so I can put whatever image I want image with alt text that's here select my image and remember when you do these so I'll put the pineapple guy again so I can and then select so now he's there right but remember that that alt tag so you don't wanna put the alt tags and edit these you just like edit for each of these images and put your alt text in here otherwise it's gonna look it's gonna be weird for the SEO you're not gonna have it just none of that stuff's there okay so image alignment you can do right and then for the text on the left so some of these are pre-built into the navigation which is kind of cool Parris excellent blah blah blah you can change it if you want there you can add a button label click here and then you put in button link whatever I'm just gonna put a pound sign because it's not gonna link anywhere and then you have your little button there you can send them there so I'll select save I like to save after I do each thang sometimes you don't know how your internet connection is or if it's gonna yeah you know you don't know so so that's it then we'll go back to image with text overlay so it's just a big banner I want to look nice I'll go ahead and throw another free image in there let's throw in women's fashion this time let's see we could find a long image and I'll just throw sushi fits yes that's gone yeah all right so let me select it and then I have control over you know image line and Center layout full-width you do fixed-width if you want you can make it conform to the browser section section height medium you can just extra-large watch out big it gets it'll get really big medium that's usually pretty small is real thin so you can play around with this if you want you know put medium leave it default there text size large image overlay you know shop woman's I mean you know whatever you just change your text in here pretty self-explanatory just anything has another button label click here shop now and then you can have it goes directly to a collection so I'm gonna say sis collection I'm gonna go to verse 3 and then I'll go ahead and select save okay it's go back so now you know it's coming along doesn't look fantastic or anything but I'm just playing around right so shop women talk to your business so you can control this stuff down here and footer okay so I've got Quick Links talk about so if I add another thing of contents I want to have in a menu I'm gonna add the four-block shoes let me see quicklinks quickly okay so it only it only allows you to add for with this particular theme so that's why some of the themes are different I'm just like change I'll put main menu here yeah I notice how it shows up right away quick links it actually shrunk down my newsletter it looks weird right so you can do the same thing you can move stuff around I could put quick links over here again and then I could rename it you know main whatever right so I changed the main so now I've got that let me go ahead and collapse that move that because I want it next to that and then talk about your business a lot of people it's good to actually have a little bit about about the company right here just so it helps with search engines as well you know and I just put a little blurb down here you know pull where's it's cool sinks to read more and then you can select it make a link and then we're gonna go out and I would go to the page you want to go to the about page right there you go and then I got it save it it looks weird let me get rid of this main thing right here so go ahead and select that guy I'm gonna remove content so it gets rid of that there we go got a newsletter so if I look at this newsletter subscribers we got into your except marketing customer list so if someone signs up for this they're gonna be set up into basically sent into Shopify they're not gonna go in with the mail champion anywhere else so they're just gonna go into Shopify so I'm gonna go ahead and sign up for this let me do it on the other side here stop jumping over there alright so we refresh everything I see there's gonna show up there we go let's go to the bottom okay so now I'm gonna put in its oops sorry about that okay so I'm gonna put in sales I dr. Burke records and then I'll put subscribe so now it's gonna say yeah thank you for subscribing right that's it that's pretty generic in this one if you want to add MailChimp the process is you add you basically just going to go to MailChimp and get their signup code and then add it into the code in the bottom there's an app for it that works for Shopify but it's intermittent and then they stop adding support for it so it's better to just grab the code directly and add it instead of using an app for it some of those companies what'll happen is they'll create an app for it and then realize it's too much of an upkeep and they're not making any money on it so it's best for them to just not support it anymore but there is a MailChimp app I just preferred to use the code just a little bit better that any time the code changes then you're covered by email check writing or whatever and then you control your lists etc that way so let's go here all right okay so everything looks good everything saved theme settings you can always change what you need here so social media I don't have anything in this social media right now so it's as shown when sharing a link on social so you if someone shares a link on there and you want them to see your logo in this case it's this girl up here so I'll just select here and I'll select her and then select so anytime somebody shares from my page and shares a link they're gonna see her all right so you could share on Facebook tweet pin on Pinterest again this theme is pretty limited and some of its options but I'm just going to add these just so you can see where the social icons show up all right and then I'll just put that it doesn't matter so you can see where they are Instagram tumblr snapchat YouTube and you know and you don't again you don't have to use all of them alright so at the moment I don't have them up there we go they're there so here they I show a ball at the bottom right so say for instance I'm on a Vimeo and just leave a blank hit tab and then it'll disappear okay I don't know snapchat tab disappear load thinks it off so whenever someone clicks on those little go to my social media accounts right it's like save and it'll appear at different places depending on the theme that you choose so some of the social media is the tops of colors you can change the entire look at the way your primary buttons are featured collection headings and things like that to say I want to be blue it changes it the blue okay notice all the titles so just be careful when you start getting here and mess around with these colors because they do affect sub pages and things underneath you have form field borders pages page borders so you can play around for colors typography here's my existing font size right so heading base so I want that headers to be bigger all right image with alt text there you go and then body text so I got works and I'm gonna go and change it I don't want to be a different fat face or about a scroll down pick something really goofy yeah shoes air mouth notice how it's gonna change guys select then I can change the body text if I wanted to it's good to kind of have two different styles for a body and for the main title that way it separates the idea for your brain as well I don't like the text being that small something to go up one kick it up to like 19 okay and then you can bold product titles if you want I want you to turn it off okay so typography social media favicon so this is 32 by 32 so whenever you make an image so different since I've got her and she she's gonna need to be square so you can take her into canva or another program and you can photoshop whatever and make it a square image and you know you make it 192 by 192 or 512 by 512 which is actually a good one because then it'll just resize it down for you so you can select the image you should put her in here and then that's gonna actually size it down for me to 32 by 32 so I have no idea when they get so let's see what you hear oops okay back on Add to Cart notification show notification when I was out at the cart see there's just generic things just for this theme background image for checkout pages some people like to make look all whatever custom images you're gonna want to add your custom logo to the checkout page that's what's going to show up on the top with a check out when someone's going through the checkout instead of just your name position left and see medium size water submarine typography so you can change all that stuff too okay let's go back remember this is just for this debut theme other themes have more options on theme settings they have more stuff for their sections and stuff like that and the ability to have other items remember the free themes are gonna be very limited but just enough for you to get started and then you can either add apps to get your functions done or you can go through and look at other themes that I already have a lot of this functionality built into them that you need without having to add an app to it so you know shop provides great out-of-the-box you know 25 $79 whatever and then you start adding apps to it you know five bucks a month ten bucks a month twenty bucks a month you know you get up in two three four five hundred bucks a month you know after you add a bunch of apps to do things when you can actually purchase a theme that some coders already integrated a bunch of those other apps into that aren't necessarily those apps but it's code that functions and works exactly the same way that the apps are supposed to without the extra fee so may be worth paying 350 dollars for that theme or the hundred dollars or the two hundred dollars now talking about themes just gonna be a little weary when you go to sites like envato or theme forest or are these other sites that sell these Shopify themes some of them may or may not being compatible you're gonna want to look at the reviews on those sites before you do purchase those themes some of them are $59 and you're like well it's the only 59 bucks for this cool theme and then you add it on there and there's some rights violation or there's something else they're just going to be careful make sure that when you do purchase those that the images are you know you're allowed to use those free and clear copyright license things like that okay and then talking about images so say for instance I don't like the free images that are on this system that they have on here the for selecting so let me go to my slideshow right here right so I got an image slide and then I want to change this guy right here you know you have free images there's websites called bursts there's other websites called unsplash there's other free image places you could also use Google in order to find free images and the best way to do that is you go to google right and say I want men's fashion I'm going to type into a t-shirt how's that I'll type in t-shirt and then I want to find an image that I can use on my website so now I've clicked on images but I don't know which one of these is free or I can use right so I'm go to tools and I'm gonna go ahead and select usage rights and then you have labeled for reuse right so with modification means you can change the image labeled for non-commercial and then labeled for non-commercial so labeled for reuse is what you select and then you can select the size so say for instance you want a larger size you can do large or you can do larger than if you start doing these selections you're going to get some limited start limiting down your information so if you're looking for something for print it's nice to go a little higher but you know 1024 768 is typically good and then you're gonna want to come down past the sponsored sections and then you can select these t-shirts from these particular websites so say I wanted to use this t-shirt outline or this one here right so go ahead and select that need pics so I can either right-click or save as or however I want to do that I could save the image as and then I got the image I can use it on my website worried about somebody saying hey that's my copyrighted image now it says images may be subject to copyright law more so Google has to put it on there by default just so that they cover your own butts but you know you're pretty much guaranteed that you can use any of the images on this site free and clear without any repercussions let's see let's go back to so we covered the collections the banner feature selection view all image in the center cool stuff there changing the stuff around we're adding a solution meaning this how they're all blue now email address okay so the emails when you get in here let's go back to the little suitcase up here and then come to customers now here's Here I am right so I am a customer right and it's basically no information about me because I signed up for the newsletter so it put me in here as a customer there's no info on me right accepts email marketing no account see that so you can have your own notes in here customer hasn't placed any orders yet you can tag them with what they are doing shopper or this that anything notice how a newsletter is tagged right so what is this dude so this allows me to use them in my marketing so we go to marketing create effective ads with simple tools in create campaign and you create ads Google Shopping campaigns snapchat story etc so carousel ad track new customers by promoting on Facebook so you can send out stuff to them that way you can send them discounts you can you know do all kinds of things right so you can export the customers well so I want to go ahead and select my export my customers I go and select export and then I'll just say all customers right CSV and then I can import them in the mail or my other marketing methods where I can send them out a newsletter or whatever it's going to be okay so at least this way you have these customers in here and you can see who accepts email marketing who doesn't okay so you can just select the subscribers like export and you're good to go apps might cover installing apps very simply you just go ahead and select on apps and say for instance I wanted to add product reviews right well I'm gonna go ahead and go if you visit the App Store and then I would go ahead and select reviews alright I don't know what I want I select reviews I dunno I start looking at some of these you can go through and click on them and then read everything it's always nice to see with the stars are this one's by Shopify I add this to a lot of sites since 4.5 but whatever so I go to product reviews and then it's free you can read about what it does about the product reviews read the full description what it does and you can look at screenshots of how it is right oh it's gonna be on your site okay it's free and you can read other people's reviews would like to remove at my site when I install a widget and will install all blah blah there's people that don't know that it is these apps when you install them that if the theme allows it it may allow you to edit and automatically install the app but other times when you go to add these apps and it says automatic install the app may say that it's installed but it may not have installed correctly right so you'd have to get in there and edit some of the theme code and most of the apps will actually tell you how to do it and where to place it or you can contact them on the forums or support so I'm going to add this free one less like ad app and it's gonna ask me if it's gonna tell me that does cool where's product reviews view data manage products orders manage our online store right and you can look at the details of what it does before you decide to do that so you raise your customers personal private views remove the app after eight hours request to be sent to private lot okay so read each one where you start clicking around and what you want to do you know if you're worried about them accessing any of your customer data so install app okay so this code simply Rob you wanted to copy the following code snippet to your clipboard right so paste a snip border your product template right and so I'm gonna actually have to do some additions in order to make this app work right so I'm what I typically do is I open up another tab and salgo loops this another tab here and it says following snip or to your clipboard alright product review so I just gotta copy that and then paste a snippet and your sections product template liquid file where you want your review to appear usually it's just below the product description tag echo may look something like this so what I'll do is I'll look for sections and then product template so in this particular instance I have to go I went to online store I go to actions and have to go to edit code okay I don't recommend you do this I recommend that you hire me or our company or an expert to do this for you always create a backup of the original file before you start clicking around and added things so it's under sections then I've got a product template so in this particular here's my product template here dot liquid right so I'm under Sections product template and notice there's a bunch of stuff in here I just select all I copy it ok and then I'm gonna go up here add new section and we're gonna call it product template and then I call them a ridge then that way I know it's the original file and then there's all this stuff in here notice there's the actual file and there's the one that I want to save as my backup or you can call it back up or whatever I went ahead and you can scroll up and see the dissolve the exact same code and select save so now I have made a backup and call it back everyone thought I might close that tab so now I can work on this one without having to worry about if I'm gonna destroy you know the original code okay otherwise you gotta reinstall the theme and lose all your stuff and it's a pain in the butt so now it told me to look for I can do ctrl F or command F on a Mac and just type in description and maybe I can do it again correctly there we go so it told me to look for a certain code I'm sure to go ahead tap down div class and then so here's product description with there's the title right we go down some more and then here's my product description my actual product description right and then my share buttons are right below it so if I look at the product right they got one more one more okay so if I look at the product we go to school wares here and they click on this guy and then here's my share all right here's my description and now here's my share right here's my description so now I just put my cursor after that div tag there and go down a couple and then I go and grab their code copy okay and then you just follow what they're doing once added to your theme it's really pretty simple actually and so I'll go ahead and paste it into that tab I select save okay now you can come back and you can click on the verify and continue sometimes it does it yes sometimes it says now we cannot verify you've installed you know remove the password so that's why I can't it can't verify it because I have a password on my website I'm gonna say you continue without verifying and then I'm gonna go ahead and go to the product page and hit refresh and now you'll see the product reviews show up so write a review so there's no reviews yet right so I'm gonna go ahead and write a review I'm gonna say Jack and then just do sales and you may want to put it somewhere else sometimes it's just not the right place to put it I'll give it a reading so I've given this five-star rating great shirt Wow right and then I'll go ahead and submit the review well just cause someone created a review on your website doesn't mean it's gonna show up automatically so you'll get a notification as a shop owner and then if I look in here I'm on chronic review so I'll just hit refresh and now I should see how the review that came in Wow great shirt right so status spam right so I could select it and then I can go hey publish this review so you have control you have to worry about people being jerks on there I'll go ahead and refresh this page now and I've got a free shirt one review but as this page gets larger this is gonna push down so you're gonna want to make sure you put this somewhere where it's not really interfering with your you know your design style or whatever so I play stick it over here in the images whatever and you can mess around with the code and figure that out yourself or contact us obviously so that's basically how you add a free app and there's other paid apps where you have to go through you click on the app you find that it's paid and you have to authorize it to charge you and then Shopify will charge you directly under your account that you have set up through your payment methods for the app and then when you if you don't want to use the app whatever you could always review it I'll remove it etc okay discounts I didn't talk about these last time so you can create a discount code you'll also create automatic discounts so creating a discount you go ahead and create discount code and then you can do a percentage fix the mouth free shipping by X get Y right so pretty simple and I'll do the same thing they have spring sale this is what I can promote percentage fix them out I'm gonna say percentage is just easier did 10% higher order specific collections pretty a bunch of no-brainer you can select it and then you select your collections you know you only want it off with women's wares three so I'm gonna say you know or so only off where's three products okay and their minimum requirements I want them to spend at least you know fifty bucks loose a hundred yeah whatever customer eligibility specific groups of customers so say for instance I only wanted all the newsletter customers to get it they tagged with newsletter so I can select that right or I can say specific customers I just type in their names Joey Freddie Billy whatever right what I'm gonna say everyone uses limits this actually is limited number of times this discount could be used in total limit to one per you use per customer so you can do that and that'll save you and then I notice how it kind of goes down gives you all the information available right and then you don't have a start date yet so I don't want to start yet until September one whatever and then I wanted to end September thirtieth right and then there I said it so now I'll have to worry about it now I set it up so you can go in here that's like save there is a generate code thing so you can also select generate code gives you generate code generator generate code so you could just change those if you want instead of doing spring sale so you don't have to figure out what you want to do and then you can come and track these later okay may have canceled this card changes discount codes so now I got my spring scale it's scheduled I haven't used it yet okay automatic discounts so creating another mag discount and it applies to the cart automatically so this can be a vitex get why let's do this particular thing so by X we'll call it and then we'll call by X get Y so if they go one of specific product pull it so they buy that one and they get what to get one it's browse okay those so now they get that so they can select those added this kind of value so by one customer gets so free or they can get 10% off the second one or 50% off the second one alright and I only want to use one time per order and I can set the dates okay I select save so now if I buy that t-shirt so he refresh this and I select at cart shows me my cart here boom new cart let's check out notice there's the logo for the girl otherwise I had no logo do not be there he also a small subtotal calculator next step enter your name in here is two sales so I'm not a robot it's in your shopping so now I've got my USPS notice there's no free shipping right it's gonna send me here continue to payment in discount good oh so you have to add bolt products you have to tell your customers so it's like you have to add this to your cart in order to get that one right so you select the first product and you tell them to add the other product and they'll automatically get another discount so if they do have added to their on you're doing a promotion you could say it in your promo bar at the top of the website if you want say you said enter by X you know add short-sleeve and get product where's at 50% off okay so you can do it that way sometimes they're automated in the fact that you can just tell people to add these two products to your cart and then you'll get one of them 50% off thank you for watching this tutorial and as always please hit that subscribe button down there or videos aren't all helpful or if you'd like to contact us contact Africa or graphics comm sales at Africa graphics comm all six one nine seven zero two seven three seven seven we are shopify bigcommerce amoeba merchants WooCommerce WordPress developers and experts so if you need any help or just have a simple question please feel free to contact us otherwise either like or vote up hopefully subscribe down below thank you you

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