Shopify Tutorial - How to Edits Products in Bulk using a CSV file

Shopify Tutorial – How to Edits Products in Bulk using a CSV file

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Shopify Tutorial – How to Edits Products in Bulk using a CSV file

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I hope this helps you edit your Shopify products in less time and makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Use & or concat(,) to combine the contents of cells in Excel. How to do this is explained in the video!

Make a new column to the left and right of your existing tags.

On the new right-hand side column add new tags like: small, green, etc. etc.

Then, on new left-hand side column use formula:



*Just be sure to copy and paste the ‘formula’ as values. You can’t upload formula calculated cells because you will be deleting the fields the calculations were made from any way!

You have all your existing tags and adding any new you needed. Copy formula to all cells in common that got additions!

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hello and welcome to the tutorial my name is Ryan today I'm going to go over how I add tags to my Shopify store items quickly and efficiently and just so you know I am just getting started with Shopify I am a SEO WordPress developer and and moving into e-commerce so I'm just like learning how to make you know this whole process more efficient and get my store to look how how I wanted to look and stuff like that and I am delegating tasks to professionals and stuff like that but something that I think I kind of need to do myself is the categorisation of the products because to me it's going to be a very important thing my store omus has 10,000 products in it so I need people to be able to find what they need and as you can kind of see like right here like a lot of this stuff is very similar and I mean these should probably be variants instead but I had 10,000 you know just under 10,000 products on an excel sheet that I uploaded in here from the get-go and I was not gonna take the time to do all this so you know maybe in the future this is something I do something I outsource to a VA but let's get to the the video today we're going over how to add tags quickly and efficiently yes you know Shopify has its built in bulk product editor and stuff like that I think it's very slow personally but maybe I'm not using it correctly I don't know but this this is the way I would go about doing this and I think this will be very useful to a lot of people especially if you need to edit items in bulk and you just have a lot of stuff to do so hopefully this helps so we what you're gonna want to do is get your all products on your Shopify dashboard and stuff export your products so then you have your excel sheet in the correct manner you know in the correct form that that you need it because it just came out of Shopify so what's real important is these tags up here need to be exactly right when I uploaded this the first time I typed a couple of them in and I had a spell err and that that field didn't go in right so it is an issue but it's just I'm gonna give you a couple handful of tips here for excel I'm not be stat excel in any way shape or form but I am halfway decent at it so if I wanted to just grab all these and make them like full-size I just I held down control there to add these to my selection there but boom I got them all and then I'll just pick one and double click and now all the the cell contents are visible in here so that's a little trick if you didn't know about that not necessarily needed for this tutorial I'm actually gonna make this smaller because we're gonna be looking at the tags and then I'm gonna use like the title here as a reference to add some tags to these and stuff like that so to get started what I recommend is you know click on your your cell here and make a new column so we'll insert a column we'll go to the other side we'll insert a column wham-bam and we are well on our way so here is our list of tags we have some products mixed up and stuff like that Excel has all kinds of stores and stuff like that and ability to find and find and replace and everything so you can go about it like that if you needed to but for this tutorial we are looking at we want to add some tags so I'm looking at this title like what tags can we add so a lot of these are foam some of them are paper so the tags paper cartridge so these are all what pulled in from you know the document I got from my supplier so I don't like how they're all caps and stuff like this but I'm working on cleaning these things up over time so what we're gonna do here is say I want to add foam and pre-filter as additional terms for this one right because foam and pretty filters that make make sense for tags so I'm gonna actually start off with a comma because what you want to do is have all of your tags in a string like this so just to keep everything uniform for now to keep them caps I'm not actually gonna upload this but pre-filter so I put it comma first foam comma pre-filter because what we're gonna do is merge this cell and this cell and get everything all in one so over here what you don't want to do is equal sign this cell the cell with the original tags ampersand click on your next cell enter when bam there we go so that is exactly how we need to upload it into Shopify well it looks like it but this is actually a formula still so we have to make this not a formula but we're not we're not to that point yet let me get this back mess of my thing up okay so just understand this is still a formula so this this would not work right now because we're gonna delete these columns to re-upload this back into shopify so this is not going to work as is but I do want to continue and show you what else I'm going to do here so I'm going to take this one and what else does this apply to so right here it applies to this one so I'll paste it in that one so I ctrl-c ctrl-v right there so this one can take foam and we'll say come nospace comma air filter okay so common air filter so we'll take that and we'll run that down through these will get that you guys like I do them one by one whatever from air filter from air filter okay so these actually get it to foam air filter okay so this one looks like paper I don't know what this is doing here it's annoying me but this one's a paper filter so we don't want foam on that one so we're gonna skip that one and we're gonna skip all these and come down to foam air filters so that'll get foam air filter from air filter filter blow this one down here actually gets foam pre-filter so I'll grab that and paste that in and this is gonna be we'll just say air filter I need to get my comma I need to get my comma for the correct nomenclature so air filter boom boom boom boom boom boom okay good enough I'm a control see that I want it to run down all these cells right here control V so depending on what isn't in a Cell it's doing it goes straight across so it's taking this cell this cell and this cell for all of them for each line item so each one has whatever you put in here so like I said these are still formulas in Excel so that's not gonna work for what we're trying to do here so what we need to do is control see this come here because we're gonna replace these to get them back in our tags column I'm going to right click and I'm going to paste right here as values now notice the difference this is a formula I want to do that get out of here okay so this is a formula on this one and now this is value so these are just the values up here so you see the difference formula values so that's really the main thing you need to know will delete that will delete this and now you're just left with your tags and all your new additions so you will save this as a CSV come back to your Shopify store and then you'll import that CSV and then shop I will let you know if there any errors in your file and stuff like that and of course you can double check it let me show you one right here nine three so this is product nine six three five so if we go to the store here we're on product nine six three five and then here are the tags that came in so pullies Paul's starter cups wsr we come back to here and there are those tags in that field so that's just to show you that this works just like I said it would if for some reason that and is not working for you this right here also does the same thing come cat or contact con cat look con cat and then it's gonna be a bracket like that is that what it is con cat there we go and then you follow this right here so you go say you want to put this one and then you use a comma because that had a comma right here in the description so comma and this one and then you're gonna close off your parenthesis closed off parenthesis so it just combined those two cells the reason there is space in between is because there is literally space in between right here there's spaces like somebody hit the space bar right here and a whole bunch of times for no reason so that kind of messes my spreadsheet up a little bit I'm sure there's a way to eliminate these extra spaces but just so you know Excel is considering that like you know it's not a character but it's a it's a space like it's you hit the spacebar for a reason it's gonna put a space there so just be aware of that like you really need to be exact but you probably already know that but essentially and the equal just click on your cells and click and for as many as you want and this concat do the same thing so you just got to know the know the name nomenclature I don't know if that's the right word but that's what it is I hope you liked it you know if we can help you out in any way with your online presence or anything like that we're always more than willing to lend a helping hand we really prefer to work with companies that are making money and just want to make more money and really know what they're doing in just want to work with a company they can trust but that's that's us we're definitely not the cheapest we're definitely not the most expensive either but we do get we we focus on local service business websites is what we do like specifically lawn care companies but hvac roofing plumbers locksmiths dentists restaurants anybody that serves their local community that's like my cup of tea on wordpress so I'm diving into Shopify so this is just that I learned that this is how I'm gonna update my 10,000 products tags by by doing this so that's gonna be a fun day or days maybe it's gonna be a week but you know I'm saying so I really hope that help Ryan with optimized get optimized now calm or optimize that design it'll redirect you to optimize that design anyways and yeah until the next video to keep making money

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