Shopify Tutorial : How to Start a Shopify Store - Collections & Store Settings

Shopify Tutorial : How to Start a Shopify Store – Collections & Store Settings

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I have created a full series where I share how to get a Shopify up and running including the following.
-What Apps I use in my store
-how to set up the store
-how to create products & collections
-how to modify the settings

all right the next thing I want to go over is setting up collections you're gonna go into products collections are gonna let you basically filter your products based off of you know are they for manner they for a woman or by product type so you're gonna go into products collections create a collection we're gonna call and we're just gonna do two basic collections here and then you know you can put a description for the collection for SEO which you should and then you're gonna do we're gonna do product tag is equal to what do you and that's the easiest way to do it save collection and then that's done super easy and then we're gonna do another one t-shirts and product tag is equal to t-shirt save collection now that was really easy it seems like now what that's gonna do is give you two collections so when you come back to the home and then say we're looking at our online store we're gonna go back into customize theme and you know we see up here it's only showing home and catalog you know obviously you want more than that because how are your customers gonna get around and stuff by just seeing that so you're gonna see your main menu here you're gonna be a click edit menu and it's gonna bring you into here so this is where you saw a home in catalog what we're gonna do is that we're gonna leave home there we're gonna change this to hoodie and collection buddy well actually change this hoodies we're going to add another one that says t-shirts and this is super generic for you guys you know obviously you can go way more into detail and do submenus and stuff like that if that's what you're trying to do but this is the easiest way to do this to show you how it works and then let's go back to the store then when you get up here now I'm gonna say you're gonna see home hoodies t-shirts hats whatever else you put up in there you know this is how the sites coming apart here some of the other things that I you're gonna want to do before you get set up so you get all your proud of products loaded and you know you're thinking about getting ready to launch soon there's some stuff that you still have to do so don't get too excited make sure you have all your social social sharing options and you want that put in any social media accounts you have if you are planning to do this for real you should have most of them filled at least Twitter Facebook Pinterest and Instagram if you're gonna do Tumblr and snapchat and stuff like that I definitely if you have those skills I encourage it it's gonna be good check out it's gonna let you customize checkout this is something you can do as you get into a little more it's not imperative from the start like I said before if you do want to change the way your theme looks so like say you want to make your buttons black to match with the rest of the theme you do that right there it's done and once you get your social media accounts in there they're going to show up down here and let's get into some of the other stuff that you definitely want to gonna have set up going to set and then you're gonna go into payments and this is going to be where you can set up any of the payment methods that you want to use what I suggest is definitely adding a provider here and using Shopify payments they work really good and people trust it PayPal payments that gives them another option I would suggest that as well and also using Amazon payments if you are comfortable with having funds deposited into your Amazon account but then they get frozen for a longer period of time so that's on you if you want to accept that or not but usually these two are sufficient the checkout process you can customize it here if you want which you should definitely do in the future I always do accounts are optional and I require the last and first name company name is hidden addressed number line two is optional phone number is hidden I don't want their phone number you know this is stuff for a banded card stuff that you can use boom boom boom after order has been paid did not automatically fulfill archived order when it's finished all that stuff right there is good your refund policy you can do this and it's gonna put in a basic return policy but definitely you know they are pretty good but go through if you don't want to do 30 days you want to do 14 or something like that definitely look through the privacy policy this is okay to use but like I said and the Terms of Service is pretty good to use to just make sure you go through and read and make sure you agree with all the default stuff and definitely you're probably gonna want to change some of the wording and the refund policy depending on what your refund okay and then getting it on to shipping here this is all gonna depend do you want to charge shipping or not by default they have it calculated I actually offer free shipping on all my products so what I do is in domestic in the US it's a you can do price base or way based or calculated so what I actually do is I add a rate for weight based and it's a I call it free shipping and then the minimum order weight is 0.1 0.1 actually you can just have it be zero maximum order weight is 25 pounds right free shipping boom done now what that does is everything that's getting shipped here I don't I delete the calculated right there so now everything that ships domestically in the United States gets shipped for free a pretty simple way to do that and then where are we again so that was weight base shipping for domestic and the rest of the world if you get in here it's discounted from let's see the rest of the world you could say you ship worldwide it's calculated right here I delete that also and then I add a rate zero to 25 and then I just do if you want to ship to worldwide it's ten dollars extra and then worldwide shipping and usually that covers pretty much all the shipping rates cool so then your shipping set up and ready to go tax settings if you want to include taxes you can if you don't you do all taxes are included save and that means there will not be extra charges added on to your order as a surprise at checkout in the notifications you can set what you want to be notified for stuff like that gift cards actually just all extra stuff right here files extra stuff sales channels this is another part that you do want to get in on the sales channels that I recommend our Amazon which you have to connect your account but this is the easiest way to do it just add sales channel Facebook obviously and these all ask you to connect to you know your social medias and stuff messenger is definitely one that you want to use Pinterest I can't add this channel I don't know why pry because you probably need a store subscription to get that too but um like I said this gives you a an idea of what's going on here now you have those toy store channels so when you go on your product and look at it you're gonna see that you can add them it adds them to flop by default automatically but yeah they're all you know it's just another way to get seen pretty good stuff like that but yeah so that's basically will get your store set up so you have all your shipping profiles ready your Terms of Service your return stuff like that I hope this video helped guys and we'll see it in the next one

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