Should you FREAK OUT about the Etsy Free Shipping Guarantee. July 2019

Should you FREAK OUT about the Etsy Free Shipping Guarantee. July 2019

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So it has been a week since Etsy announced its planned Free Shipping Guarantee priority placement for items over $35 and there have been many theories and plans and people getting angry at Etsy

Updated – the Etsy video on facebook showing the edit tools price is here
So the big question is is this something to worry about, is it a big deal?

how much should we actually be worrying about this eat see free shipping thing so if you don't know what I'm talking about I'll have up in the card my series of videos from this past week explaining this whole thing this bombshell that eat sees dropped on us for for buyers in the US are gonna be seeing a priority placement for orders with free shipping over $35 and we've had our week of all the negative emotions all that little pity party fear panic thinking about quitting our shop let's get real with some facts and figures and think about this sensibly so have you done the maths and actually figured out how much of your actual traffic comes from search now the data is not exact I'm using the search analytics beta my shop stats and amusing I rank to find out where my last hundred orders came from to get these kind of proportions but it's enough to give me an idea about how big or small these numbers are so in the last year 24% of my entire traffic to my shop came from search terms and not only that but only 16% of my actual revenue for the entire year came from people putting in search terms and even more interestingly only one quarter of my entire sales for the year we're from America so should I really be freaking out about this now if you're from the US or anywhere not to the UK there's also facts and figures and thoughts and everything for all of us but I just wanted to put in my actual numbers here as well now year-on-year my actual percentage of traffic coming from external sources repeat buyers all these other things is growing year-on-year as they get better at marketing myself so search is getting less important so should I really be freaking out changing all my Bracy spending a lot of energy to accommodate potentially one quarter of 16 percent potentially four percent of my sales but also my annual growth for the past five or six years has been way above % so would I even notice it if I lost all of those 4 % of sales and have you done the maths on your shop comment down below how much potential sales could you be losing if all your us-market all the searchers who found you from the US and purchased how much of the drop would that be potentially in your shop if we lost all of them if it is such a tiny number as 4% in my case is it really worth all this effort to panic to stretch to freak out or as some people are even talking about leaving eetzi altogether is it worth throwing in the towel for 4 percent obviously this is gonna be different for all sellers but even if it's a larger percent it still might not be as important as you think III have not actually told us that items that don't have the free ship into the US will be totally buried will be totally lost in the search this was the fear immediately when this was announced everyone jumped onto this thinking that the first few pages of search it would all prioritize the items with the free shipping and if you didn't have free shipping you will be out of the search altogether now we don't know exactly what they're planning but their wording is not that their wording is talking about reserved priority placement this sounds a lot more like what promoted listings is an area where these items can be seen and likely right under that as is now our normal search results will show up so if you were on the front page you're likely still on the front page you'll just be dropped down a row or two now easier telling us in the test that they ran customers were more likely to carry on and purchase after they clicked on an item that had free shipping however that test that they run they were paying for the shipping for the shops that customers purchased from in that small test free shipping really meant free shipping what's gonna happen now with a lot of the shops is the prices are going to be inflated to cover the free shipping we don't know if customers will respond the same to items with a artificially higher price and also another thing if this is just an area just a section of the search then there's only going to be a limited number of shops that are going to get into there so if you panic and put your listings hit the guarantee so that your listings get this free shipping boost that you're expecting it might happen with the millions of other shops on each see the Euratom never even gets shown in that place so you might have made the change increased your prices made you less appealing in the general search and not get shown in this special place and actually over the past year I've heard many shops saying that they've trailed free shipping without the boost they've tried trout free shipping in the regular search and their sales have dropped and when they've gone back to putting the prices back to normal their sales have gone back to normal so actually if you make this change expecting that you'll do a little better or expecting if you don't do this you'll do worse you might find that you're not doing any better you might find that you're doing worse as your items aren't seen in this priority placement and your customers like them less because they seem more expensive and they are more expensive if you're having to roll in an average price to cover all eventualities rather than combined shipping and shipping to directly to that location and customers will realize this customers aren't stupid firstly many many buyers are also sellers too so they know all this debacle but they also know if they're buying a single item for under the 35 dollars that's in this guarantee it's likely that'll have had the price increased to cope with rolling over if they sell more than one of the item they'll realize it's likely if they buy several items with the shipping price rolled into the price they're paying shipping four or five six times over so it could very well be that customers will start boycotting items in the free shipping area I know personally I'm saying I'm not gonna buy anything from this free shipping section I'm gonna buy things from normal search but most importantly to all of this relying on search is a terrible business strategy the eat see search is not for you it is not for the seller the eat see search is to make eat see money it's about to show the customer the thing they're more likely to buy we are not guaranteed any kind of placement on search ever when we put up a listing we're paying for all the infrastructure to have our shop to both to deal with the sales to both to deal with the money and everything we're not paying for a position in search now search is a nice extra and it's something we should be aiming for with the good SEO to get a chance together a little boost but it shouldn't be our main business strategy it shouldn't be the main thing that we're relying on we should be relying on building from these customers that we get in search to turn them into returned customers with awesome customer experience and keep customers with us no matter where we're intending selling on the feet in the future with mailing list websites and social media and diversifying our income not just relying on a neat seam income perhaps with getting placements in bricks and mortar stores selling tutorials and courses or running workshops looking into some affiliate programs where if you recommend to people some of the tools you used to create your items you get some money back for driving people to that company and also driving your own traffic from figuring out about Google search from perhaps get featured in other blogs or media now if you already do free shipping and it's working for you fantastic don't stress about that at all possibly check into the legality of it but you don't need to do anything you don't need to freak out keep it as it is and if you feel like testing this free shipping then fantastic too we should always be testing things so give it a go if you feel like doing that but if you consider that you should be driving the majority your traffic from search and that search is likely to still be working just fine after this change and that there's a vanishingly small chance of you getting included in this preferential area then it's really not worth panicking about at the minute in time as eetzi is actually saying it's worth hanging tight seeing what tools they're offering us seeing what this looks like when it's rolled out at the end of the month but not making massive changes to our shop based on what we don't even know is going to happen yet so I hope that's helped to slightly reassure you I know this free shipping thing is not great and it sounds like they're trying to blackmail us into doing what they want they want people with free shipping however it's a shop to run it our way so don't make changes on a knee-jerk reaction to things you don't even know anything about yet and speaking of learning what's going on Etsy is supposed to be opening the Q&A session on to the new tools that they're offering today so if I find out where that's where that is and if I find out the demo video there were supposed to be doing today I'll let you know in the comments in this video and we'll talk about that more in the next videos so don't forget if you want to keep updated with everything I'm learning from this free shipping pallava promo we face to subscribe click the bell to get notified of all my new videos and come back often for more tips and tricks thank you so much

10 thoughts on “Should you FREAK OUT about the Etsy Free Shipping Guarantee. July 2019

  1. I actually had to decrease my prices to go with regular free shipping so I am just going to keep them at that price. I am lucky that my produces are over 35 AND easy and cheap to ship so il see what happens. I think Etsy is a really good place to start out but for anyone who is more experienced them me who has years under their belt should probably look at alternative places to sell their stuff. Etsy is turning into a corporate business and it feels a bit icky.

  2. I'm doing a mini test right now with offering free shipping in my store. It's the summer time here in the US, shopping is a bit slow. I think it will pick up in a few weeks. Thanks for your positive vibs

  3. This is a great video Pam. Im glad you are posting updates about Etsy's decision to offer free shipping after $35.
    Is it okay if i try to share this video? I say try because, i need to work on my computer skills.
    Thank again Pam😀

  4. I’m opening a new shop soon 4 years after closing my last one and I feel like nothing has changed 😂 the last time I was selling there were people furious over some algorithm changes. I do really sympathise with the upset over this change as it does feel like blackmail but ultimately relying on Etsy for the health of your business was a silly strategy 4 years ago and it’s silly now. I’m hoping this is the change that makes people realise they can’t do that anymore 😕

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