Should you have more than one Etsy shop? Etsy tutorials

Should you have more than one Etsy shop? Etsy tutorials

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There are three things to think about when you want to open a second (or third) Etsy shop. Watch the video to hear what they are!

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hi everybody alright first before we get started give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel post a comment do you have two Etsy shops because that's what we're gonna be talking about if you have more than one Etsy shop post a comment and say how it goes for you do you like having two shops why do you have two shops and I can think of three points that you really have to think about before you open a second Etsy shop now I do have more than one Etsy shop I have this one and I have my main shop which is my main source of income on Etsy and in this one I have 27,000 almost sales so it's obviously I spend more time in this one the first point that I have to talk about is time because you have to spend time in an Etsy shop in order to get sales and in order to be successful at it you can't do an Etsy shop part-time and expect to get a full time income so if all you want is a part-time income or it's just a hobby and you just want a little extra spending money it might be okay to be in an NC shop every now and then and kind of pay attention to it when you have a chance but if you want a full-time income you have to spend full-time hours in it so if you have that time I don't know how you would to have two full-time Etsy shops but you can do it it's it's just a matter of understanding that you're gonna have to spend more time on Etsy in marketing your shops in general and the whole thing as opposed to just having one where you can spend that amount of time there now the second thing to take note of is that if you have two shops you're splitting your sales so the reason that I have two shops is that I have some things that are not edible and some things that are edible but I decided to put everything in a second shop that was not edible and just keep my edibles in this shot but by doing that I'm taking sales away from this shop because if I put everything in one place every sale is going to help the shop quality rating and it's going to increase my sales in one place and that helps the Etsy search algorithm it helps your listings be found easier because it's just a better shop quality rating and it kind of builds on itself so to have everything building on itself in one shop is better overall than having it split up but the third thing which I kind of mentioned is that if you have a really compelling reason then you should have to Etsy shops just for customer like to keep customers from being confused so if you have two products that are completely different like let's saying you're selling vintage and you're selling shoes then you probably should have two separate shops because the branding and the marketing is going to be different you're going to be selling to different groups and you want to keep that separate so that you can kind of market your your business the right way if you have two things that are related like you're selling artwork and then you're putting that artwork onto mugs and t-shirts and tote bags and stuff like that it all has the artwork as a theme so that's okay to keep everything in the same shop but if there's two separate shops and two separate products then you should have a separate shot and the reason that I have this one separated like I mentioned is that this is all edible and these are not so these are the same butterflies here as these are but these are made from wafer paper and you can eat them these are made from paper paper and you can't eat them so if I had these in my cake shop it's gonna cause confusion it's going to make customers I guarantee you it's gonna make customers think you can buy these and eat these so they might buy the wrong listing and I really didn't want to deal with people buying the wrong thing and putting real paper butterflies onto a cake and then trying to eat them and getting mad at me so for that reason I have to separate shops I also use this shop to experiment with and to like run tests on and that kind of thing so I don't expect to make a profit in this shop I do but if I run it at a slight loss or breakeven that's fine with me because I'm using it for testing thing so that's my reason for having a second shop if you have a compelling reason that's fine so the three things that you need to think about are do you have the time that you want to put into both do you have a really good reason that you need to or can you combine everything into one because the third thing is that you want to have everything in one place if you can in order to keep the shop quality rating high so those are the three things to think about and if you have something else that you would add to that list please post a comment and if you want to join the Facebook group there's a link for that in the description of this video and you can come over there and post questions about multiple groups as well

5 thoughts on “Should you have more than one Etsy shop? Etsy tutorials

  1. I started my first shop for vintage nine years ago (yikes!). SEO and promotional ads were barely coming into play then. My second shop was started when I wanted to make and sell handmade items and they just didn't fit with vintage at all (of course!). The first shop is, except for renewal fees, almost pure profit and declutters my little house. I don't promote it at all. It has paid for nicer holidays, and I still have a lot of stuff to list, so I won't close it.
    The handmade shop gets the IG page, a Facebook page, promoted listings on Etsy and has occasionally had ads on Facebook (which I would like to do again with a regionally targeted campaign (I have a niche market). I would like to change the shop name but have to wrestle with Etsy because it has been changed once already (due to a misspelling).
    Having two shops IS a PITA – you must figure out what your priorities are and where your passion lies.

  2. Timely video for me! Been on Etsy since 2013 and have had 2 shops before- all the reasons you mentioned led to my closing it few years back. However, now I am considering a 2nd shop as I want to promote my paintings and my main shop is an ethical crystals shop.

    So other than my paintings of gemstones and crystals, I think people might wonder why there is a cat painting in the crystal shop, haha.

  3. I have two. My main shop is wall decals. My second shop is digital graphics targeted toward other creatives and business owners, so different audiences. My decal shop is very busy in comparison to my digital shop, but I’d only ever want to have one shop where I have to ship physical items, so where the other shop is digital it works really well for me.

  4. I have two shops, also. The new shop took off and made it hard to give the right attention to my original shop and the sales dropped to zero. I recently closed the original shop and it’s a relief.

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