SMK SML Merch Jeffy unboxing!

SMK SML Merch Jeffy unboxing!

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guys this is super Mario Khayyam got all the other puppets here and the Jeffy Papa ride which is the ethanol much one that they sell I started opening it by accident I call you because I was addressed to me we haven't opened a bag yet so we haven't actually like seen actual puppet I just saw a yellow bag and I stopped and I said all car you know insane all I saw was a yellow bag had like the color of this Japanese shirt the expensive one that was how much more that was this one was like two hundred and fifty quid and this one end up costing us about seventy oh okay mm well the carve-outs it's about 70 quid won in the end so there's ninety dollars but in English Pounds that adds up to this menses Mariana like she's not official but still the helmet there he is his eyes his eyebrows look different or the eyebrows look a lot more straight whether the eyelids and the eyelashes yes but are you sure it's different right no rod is there any notes or anything yeah let's say so no I was a tag thing that scan scan that you'll be taken right to the SML video well seems like Jeffy has found his way to home he's loud sassing a little bit slow PS want to see my pencil I'm like a smaller bite hound his face looks funny like I move all these puppets at i/o these Teddy's right lay lay em side by side here Jeffy what are you doing oh my god is – ooh his mouth opens way too much way too much yeah but that we've been using you what's like yeah every year now issues issues are kind of smaller these ones the longer these numbers so this is s mail merge Jeffy and this is there on your hand the same spot is what's the ticket say and compare the ticket new material only this one doesn't even have a ticket no just weird what do they feel like it's the same kind of it's just smaller in it yeah the smaller I'm next here so there is a difference in size I said they were both 24 inches but that's no so it's definitely not very different than one Jeff he's bigger than the other so his shoes can come off in his helmet can come off a thing pema station helmet can come off people need to comment as well if he's nappy & diaper what I never liked it I don't know where I prefer his knees look better on that one you put in the comments if you prefer yeah you gotta tell us Tokai which a daddy under pictures that one looks better but I'm not sure but I'll put that Jeffy on you have a hand go see everyone on the polled and they all vote for the new one but sit sit right beside each other so which one to the viewers and fans while hey old original slightly dirty or news he looks more like roll on the wrap this one mouth doesn't really close properly this one you start closing all the way we could probably fix that are they is that is that I know there is there is car door where in his mouth feels weird you can control as well oh yeah I may pause the video you go grab a rod yeah right back in two seconds like toys now got the rod but just one thing off there is colic tongues not quite stuck down properly and look at the size of it compared to that one alright this mod came of the Jeffy's doc panther-link so how small is shouldn't and it's quite good like that hi everybody you for me or gotcha pixel oh no no don't do it it's no good how much have you boys playing down yes Tom papa look I don't know I don't know which I prefer now yeah it's been a couple of words a hot-glue name but then again we made load and that is to be expected you can't always strap some take it how this is let's take this one's half as well hand it flat like a flag no compared to pineapple head mind you hits you this one's hair is a little bit mad cuz it's quite old in it his head's longer why would you longer ago we could do bit another haircut video obscene if there's any see any joins in the so his hair color is slightly different my new lighting hmm hmm I think we definitely gotta do a video Jeffy's twin of me yeah the pencils are a bit of a funny angle as well in it so yeah well you dig em guys everyone needs to lace let you know in the coins that was is he got anything on his belly or anything barely any different or has he got is his diaper up when I spongebob diapers I mean that one originally Elmo Elmo oh I do I know we're field changed and we cuz everyone got wet in it in a video yeah it looks tiny that's the Box he came in she liked me more or dish for more told me in the comments so we can know which one to use wisdom was Mary Alice Jeffy what are you doing oh you look different Jeffy get a makeover or do I don't wash hmm better worse oh okay yeah well certainly worth the money Tony so he was basically seven if you're in England where we are UK a 70 quid basically thanks well no yeah was about seven it was about 72 I think was ship in which there's quick pretty reasonable if you asked me for a puppet a handmade thing like that considering that one was 250 well yeah and I've seen other people's Jeffie like breaking like so now got a bag a yellow bag a red bag which the dog came in and a blue one which that one coming yeah it's not the same kind of fit me I think I think so yeah so if you're thinking about buying an SML merch Jeffie then I definitely recommend it for the price you have different oh we should wrap the video up there claim you've got another video to pile on you filmed and you've already put it together this many cool I think let me put together oh my god wha thanks I'll get hamburger right she's hitting from certain angles he looks loads better and from certain angle funny looks out role in the rap right it's now ten minutes so we'll call it a call a day there but yeah this is an unboxing toys done of his yeah Australia how long cuz he's left his fortnight one round and their herons but yeah right there's no what all that kind out what you think in the comments folks which one you prefer SML merch or Etsy original let's finish it with a comparison picture so everyone's gotta let us know what they think in which one they prefer when you're thinking that tongue mmm right well see what they see what the viewers and the fans say Mary it's always tiny bit flirty gently hmm white take the side of the lake new video coming what tomorrow guy probably yeah and that is that my body

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  1. Its great you do the videos you do and get alot of subs and stuff but i'd recommend start doing original content with original characters (which dosent mean u cant have mario and friends) but like dont base your videos off of sml's videos be original i started off like you (kinda…) making sml based videos but i've learned to start making original plush content so please learn to make original videos and I would start watching your videos. (of course you dont need to make these changes but atleast consider or think about it)

  2. I ordered a Jeffy puppet from SML merch and it doesn’t look as good as I expected. His pencil is different along with his eye color, and arms. But the mouth really bothers me to be honest

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