Stephen King's KINGDOM HOSPITAL 15th Anniversary TV Series Review - Hail To Stephen King EP172

Stephen King's KINGDOM HOSPITAL 15th Anniversary TV Series Review – Hail To Stephen King EP172

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Long days and pleasant nights fright fans!!!

THE HORROR SHOW Host Jaime’ En Fuego here to proceed into our 3rd Year as yours truly gives my thoughts on Sai King’s Television Series adaptation of Lars Von Trier’s 90s effort for ABC, KINGDOM HOSPITAL on it’s 15th Anniversary, with YOU the Ka-Tet of viewers and fellow Constant Readers.

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11 thoughts on “Stephen King's KINGDOM HOSPITAL 15th Anniversary TV Series Review – Hail To Stephen King EP172

  1. I'm commenting in English by the google translator, can you please tell me what subtitles Kingdom Hospital has, is that I want to buy this for Amazon and I speak the Spanish language so I want to know what subtitles have

  2. A review that starts with the reviewer screaming his face off for attention and then doesn't show the material under review at all just the screaming moron chatting about the item under review… yeah, no.

  3. Jaime, I think you did the an injustice by not rewatching the series, perhaps you may do this one over again if you rewatch it because this series did very well from what I recall and I would love to see King's storyboards for the sequel.

  4. It was downs syndrome. They were one of my favorite parts of the series. I love the theme song, to me in combo with the visuals I think works very well and is creepy. How can you not love Blondie the German Shepard? He was precious.

  5. As a relatively new sub, i came for the book reviews for Steve Alton, and Stephen King. I stayed, because you and cecil. Thanks Fuego for giving me the desire to join the path of the beam.And thanks cecil for the Meg series reviews(which is how i found rhe horror show). After a few months, and through the Nos4a2 content, i feel as if i have new "friends" to hang out with. Thanks again keep it up.

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