Strategies for difficult times: rule 2: be more concerned for God’s glory than for your relief

Strategies for difficult times: rule 2: be more concerned for God’s glory than for your relief

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good morning sweet friends so I'm trying out a new I'm trying out a new set up here so I can hopefully see comments so we're gonna see how this works so to anybody who comes into the live or you catch the replay welcome my name is Pam and I'm just doing hopefully quick 10 minute videos on these chapters of this book this book is called the red sea rules if you go back to video 1 I will put information about video 1 in the out link video 1 into the description box so you can hear my testimony of how I came to find this book so first off let me say good morning to tina good morning Tiffany hey Yolanda hey Jennifer hey Linda hey Lee thank you so much for being here thank you to everybody who will catch the replay okay let me know how y'all in this set up Pam I was on that same medication I think and I drink a gallon and a half of water a day or more I felt like I couldn't get enough water Tina when I tell you I am a camel I cannot get enough – I can't get enough water either but glory be unto God it's been great for my fitness journey because I'm drinking so much water that I'm not hungry so I say father God you will take two birds and kill it with one stone or two nails and one hammer however that quote thing goes I might won't he do it he works it for my good my skin was like yes my lips are dry my skin is dry and I feel like a raisin but I'm just drinking so much water oh my gosh and I have to go to the restroom all the time so if I have to stop the lab or take a pauses because I ran to the restroom so idiot oh my gosh blue hey Camilla so anyway we're gonna jump right into this and start with start off start with chapter 2 which is ruled – which is be hold on let me unplug my thing here which is be more concerned be more concerned with God's glory then for your up for then for your relief if you did if you're just joining in and you did not get to see yesterday yesterday's rule was rule number one was realized that God means for you to be where you are and just a little background information this book is ten strategies for us to use that are coming from Exodus 14 10 biblical strategies for us to use when we are in difficult times and I don't know about you but I have a couple of difficult times situations that I'm walking through right now and this book has just been so encouraging to me and so on time and so it's just burning on my heart to just share this with you and share it to anyone who is going through difficult times and I my prayer is that the Word of God will encourage you and help you through this difficult times because remember the theme of this book is the same God who led you in he's going to lead you out and so I'm so excited about that so we're gonna jump right in here to rule number two and I shared if you want to this book is just something I'm sharing with you don't go out and buy this book because I'm pretty much reading it to you but if you would like your own copy to mark in and read through to see what things stand out to you how God speaks to your heart through it all means yeah I got mine for six dollars but the price has went up to eight dollars right now but the regular price for this book is ten dollars and I got it through Amazon and so I put a link in the description box I also put a link to the song I'm gonna just sing a little bit of this song because uh it was just on my heart but you can hear Miranda Curtis sing sing it and she sang it I'm gonna sing it but Miranda Curtis be singing it but it goes like this and my life be glorified be glorified that should be our prayer every morning in my eyes be glorified Lord be glorified and you get the glory you get the praise you get the honor I just want to say thank you you get the glory you get all the praise you get the honor I just want to say thank you in that amazing we just want to say thank you but Lord through everything you get the glory you get the honor you get the praise and our response is just gonna be thank you you know what I mean sometimes we fail to tell God thank you and he's so good the mere fact that we're up and we have eyes to see this and ears to hear it and we can breathe that right there is enough reason alone to tell God thank you also if you woke up in your right mind I tell you what you can you should be shouting so anyway the book starts off with the question well with this statement asking the right question and it says if we could only look upon difficult crises as an occasion of bringing out on our behalf the sufficiency of divine grace it would enable us to preserve the balance of our souls and to glorify God even in the deepest waters oh I thought that was so beautiful and then it says what is okay what is the answer she replied okay no I didn't want to read that it says right here the lady was diagnosed with an incurable disease and it says these are the questions that we typically ask how did I get into this mess how and how can I get out how quickly can I solve this problem why did this have to happen to me I don't know about you but I've asked those questions before when I was in a difficult situation it says these are natural questions but they may be the wrong ones to ask there is a better approach one that results in an entirely new way of looking at difficulties that puts our problems into a different context and creates a new paradigm for dealing with tough situations so the question we should ask is how can God be glorified in this situation we got to change we got to start thinking about our perspective when we are in difficult situations what is your perspective are you crying out how did I get into this Lord all right how can I get out oh we got to find a problem gotta find a solution and you know like we're just trying to quickly find a solution to the problem you'll start calling everybody you know you'll start looking up stuff on the internet I told you guys yesterday my testimony by polar bipolar I was just on just on a rampage and and as I was just doing that my heart's racing it just makes the problem worse when we had those freak outs you don't mean like so instead of freaking out we should practice the pause and pray and so and then change our perspective ask the right question not why did this happen to me but Lord how can God be glorified in this situation Lord how can you be glorified in this situation and then it talks about Exodus 14 three and four and I wanted to read that out of the New Life Study Bible it says then Pharaoh will fake the Israelites are confused they are trapped in the wilderness and once again I will harden Pharaoh's heart and he will chase after you this is the most important part I have planned this in order to display my glory through Pharaoh and his whole army after this the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord so the Israelites pants there as they were told I have read this story about the children the Israelites at the Red Sea and Pharaoh behind them I've even sang songs about it but I really never thought about it in this way that dr. Robert Morgan breaks it down it says here God deliberately orchestrated the Exodus events as an occasion for demonstrating his power he will he yields over both his enemies and the elements because he says it here I have plant this in order to display my glory through Pharaoh and his whole army and it says then it says you too can view your problems as an occasion for God to work wonders and I love this it says considered the words of Psalms 136 oh give thanks to the Lord for he is good for his mercy endures forever to him who alone does great wonders for his mercy endures forever to him who divided the Red Sea and to his mercy endures forever but overthrew Pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea for His mercy endures forever and God as I was reading this over and over and over again God was like sometimes we we have a hard time applying the Word of God to our lives because we're thinking like oh the Red Sea Oh Pharaoh you know like we can't really relate to that stuff but God had me to write it out and when I tell you I got so excited so I wrote oh give thanks to the Lord for he is good for his mercy endures forever to him who saved me from foreclosure his mercy endures forever to him who healed my body his mercy endures forever to him who saved my wicked soul to him who made me whole to him you could say to him who saved my marriage to him who got me this job to him who promoted me and I don't have the education or credentials to him who stretched my checks so I could pay my bills and feed my kids to him the merchants mercy endures forever and as I was doing this I was like Lord I can go on and on and on but I didn't have time I said Lord but you know I could go on and on but we got enough time for me to keep going but that's something we need to do today like we got to start to him everything that we have it's because of the Lord you know what I mean he makes no mistake he is orchestrating everything then it says right here I know he tries me only to increase my faith that and that is all in love well if he is glorified I am content he tries me why are we in these difficult situations because he wants to increase our faith you know and he does this in love and so I wrote right here what is my response to difficult situations I need to press in I need to pray and I need to be quiet I need to be quiet so I can hear from the Lord and sometimes in that being quiet we're gonna have to get off of social media we're gonna have to unplug the TV we may not can't go out and hang out with everybody and keep looping it or running and keep glad my grandma I can't say girl you just keeping them streets hot cuz I used to like to go go go go go I'm like who's having a barbecue who's having a house party you know what I'm saying y'all I was like you know me and my girls we would be like ain't no party til we get there you know what I'm saying as we came in there just crunk or whatever but sometimes you got you can't you gotta be crunk in your own house with the Lord you know see I'm in a difficult situation I need to press in I need to hear from God because I need to know what my next move is you don't have Sam and when he say move we got to move and so anyway I love this so then it goes to give us some examples of how he in the Bible how he increased the faith so it says the disciples met up I'm an from from birth and they asked how did this man get into this situation why did it happen who sinned this man or his parents that he was born this way so they might have it wisest man blind how did he get this way did his parents sin did he sin and then it says in answering Jesus said you're asking the wrong question this man was born blind so that the power of God could be displayed in his life the Savior then anointed the man's eyes with mud which he was to wash away in the pool of Salome so he went and washed and he came back seeing I put I was blind but now I can see Lord thank you and then he gives another example it says come quickly they said oh Jesus but Jesus tarried Mary and Martha they sent an urgent message regarding their brother Lazarus because he was dying and they asked Jesus come quickly but Jesus tarried and then Lazarus passed away and the sister said Lord if you had been here our brother would not have died but Jesus saw things differently he had a different perspective you know he don't think like we think and he explained this sickness is not unto death before the glory of God that the Son of God may be glorified through it then he raised Lazarus from death to life to the glory of God yah I don't know about you but I got some dead situations in my life and I need the Lord and His resurrection power to come and touch it and I am believing that even though he made Terry he may be Terry right now but I just have faith that he is going to show up and he's gonna show up right on time and he is gonna work a supernatural miracle Oh father God thank you so anyway the book goes on to give some more examples and we got time to go through them all but I want to here get this part here God doesn't waste suffering if you are suffering and in a difficult situation right now that is so painful and it feels like you can't talk to nobody about it because they just don't even understand the pressure and the pain that you are on just know this that it is not being wasted what you're going through is not being wasted and it says God will deliver us in his own time in his own way for his namesake my God my God and then it says this is our submissive prayer that we should say say be okay so save me from this hour know father glorify your name that is after all what our lives are about to him alone belongs to glory not unto us O Lord not unto us but to your name we give the glory and that Psalms 1:15 and 1 and then the last part I want to share with you it says the Lord devises ways of turning difficulties into deliverance and problems into praise and then it says over here in his own way the soleus afflictions never appear intolerable except when we see them in the wrong light how what is your perspective in the situation that you're going through that's that's what we got a got to change the way that we look at things with the same confidence we can say God will deliver his people from every trial and trouble they encounter it might not be my way it might not be thy way and yet in his own way the Lord will deliver he will do it for his name's sake and he will do it for his glory so we don't need to worry about the outcomes you know God is faithful and it says his way is always the best and it says right here call upon me in the day of trouble and I we'll deliver you and you shall glorify me so we can call out to God in the day of trouble and he will deliver us and then the other thing when I read this I was thinking about over here okay well I'll get to that a minute it says like the experience of the Israelites at the Red Sea the worst moment of our life can really be the greatest day for the Lord is in the business of delivering his people in his own way in his own time and for his glory then it says many are the afflictions of the righteous wrote David in Psalms 34 19 but I love this but the Lord delivers him out of them all so now instead of asking how can I get out of this ask how can God be glorified in the situation's I'm facing and then as I read that it brought back to what we had talked about yesterday where it says right here don't be surprised when it's seeking to do God's will we find ourselves trapped and painful frightening difficult in impossible situations life is hard especially for Christians but we this is but this is what we have enemies that we have a determined enemy seeking to devour us in this world and you will have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world and I'm just like oh that's so good so we're gonna have afflictions and troubles but God has overcome it all and God is faithful he will make a way and so on today I want you they usually give you life study questions and homework at the end today's homework it says come why not compose a simple prayer right now to reflect a changed perspective on the way you're viewing your present Red Sea dilemma and so if you could do that today I wrote mine out and I'll share it with you right now it took me five minutes to do this you just start thinking about what you're going through right now and instead of lord give me out of this oh god oh god please like sake I know why I don't want to be in here oh oh oh God but it why did he leave me oh why don't they fire me oh why am I sick why do I have this you know don't let's not do that and I do it all the time I do it all the time but as I've been reading this book and I catch myself doing it I'm like oh stop stop stop change your perspective and I'm telling you in it and it totally changes your attitude also when you change your perspective instead of oh woe is me Oh y'all know he left me y'all know I got fired like instead of doing that you know we're gonna change our perspective how God Lord speak to my heart how can I give you the glory in this yes I'm unemployed but I'm believing you to stretch my unemployment check you know what I'm saying and then that be no testimony when you go to church on Sunday maybe like how you doing girl you know I got unemployed but Charlie gave me a unemployment check and Cha I got more than enough because I took that check and I gave it to King Jesus you know I said now he's being glorified you know we just gotta find ways to change our perspective so we can give God glory rule number two be more concerned for God's glory then for your relief and like I said in video number one when we get busy doing God's work and we stay committed and we stay faithful to him when we come back to our situation's he will work it out because He loves us he wants to bless us and to that there's just a purpose for all the things that we go through and we just got to just keep that in our the frontal of our minds and and ask the question how can God be glorified so I'll end with the prayer that I wrote and it says Lord you are so good you are so faithful you are so kind and I know that your hand is on me and I will trust you through this all this is working for our good and I pray that you be glorified Lord you get the honor and you get the glory through this hardship lord I thank you for this hardship lord I thank you for this difficulty because you are doing something for me in me and through me Oh father God our strength is rising through this difficulty father God are our faith is increasing through this hardship so Lord we just thank you we thank you Father God and we're gonna we're gonna believe that you're working this for our good and we're gonna be better than we were before when we come out of this fire we're gonna be better than we were before Lord we just love you and we trust you we trust your timing we trust the duration of how long we got to be in this we trust how much pressure you're gonna put on us father God because you make no mistakes father god it's said right here you had planned for those children to end up in that best spot that they were in where favorite was behind them and the art and the Red Sea was in front of them you planned it out that was on purpose that was on that was deliberate that was your plan all the time father God so warn in our difficult situations and our hard things father God we believe that you led us right there to unemployment you led us right there to this sickness you led us right there to this brokenness father God because you're going to use it for your glory you're gonna use it so we can have a powerful testimony and we can go out and help somebody else Oh father God we just love you and we just give you all the glory and all the honor and it is in the name that is above all names the name that is more powerful than anything in the world and so your precious sons name Jesus we just thank you Lord in Jesus name Amen okay I added a little bit to that I got a little bit caught up I didn't write all that but may I felt good about that party dad daddy Oh as I was praying God was just speaking to my heart how much time have I been on oh my gosh okay as I was praying God was speaking to my heart and he said sometimes we pray like Lord use me Lord I want to be you by You Lord used me in a mighty way Lord I I just want to I just want to do your wheel I just want to do your work I just want to I just want to do your assignment I want to do what you have purpose for me to do we pray that prayer and God just as I was praying God just says sometimes those hardships are the thing that I'm going to use to birth that gift oh my god in the name of Jesus that hardship and that difficulty is the thing that I am going to use to barf that ministry to barf that new job that career that thing that you've been wanting this hardship that you're going through it is to birth that next level oh my gosh it's to birth that next level so stop complaining stop complaining about the hardship and the typical day giving you because it's going to work for your good that says the Lord it's going to work for your goodness says the Lord the man that left you is going to work for your good the sickness that is upon you it's going to work for your good the unemployment you just got laid off it's going to work for your good whatever it is that we go through thus says the Lord is working for our good y'all oh my gosh so stop we got to stop complaining we got to change our perspective not how did I get here oh why is this happening but father God how can you be glorified in this speak to my heart and help me to just walk righteously and holy knits oh my god I want to walk in holiness God and in righteousness God and I want you to be glorified you to be glorified nothing else matters nothing else matters nothing else matters before you to be glorified in Jesus name Amen alright I love you so much uh y'all know I want to read comments but I get so caught up and then I start crying and that I can't see oh my gracious but I hope you guys are enjoying this series and Laine hey Yvonne hey red cottage barn hey laQuita hey happy for life hey I need a berry hey d1 hey ISA um if I didn't get to speak to you I tried to scroll up real quick and just see some more names and hey Andrea I love you I love you all so much and I pray that this lesson lesson rule number two encouraged you and oh and then read see rule number three oh my new rule number three says acknowledge your enemy but keep your eyes on the Lord okay so we're gonna come back and I'll let you know when I'll be doing rule number three but y'all this book is so good I'm so excited and I thank you for joining me here live and to the replay viewers who will watch type in your replay viewer in the bottom comment box thing and if this is your first time here I would love for you to subscribe and join our online family come over on our Facebook group and join the princess prayer warrior Facebook group we are still in the faith and fitness journey and so yeah lots of fun things going on for the Lord all right I love you so much please give this video a thumbs up and I will see you the next time bye bye

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