STUDIO VLOG 037 | Creating Coasters & Mousemats

STUDIO VLOG 037 | Creating Coasters & Mousemats

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Hello guys and welcome to another studio vlog! Today we get to making a new range of Bee coasters, bookmarks & mousemats!

I hope you enjoy it!

See you all soon!






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[Applause] [Applause] hello guys and welcome to another studio vlog now you may have missed last week's to do a vlog because my personal life has been really really hectic there was just so much going on we're renovating in our bedroom at home free me and Dean have now booked the wedding venue and I actually did a little two around for my patreon so if you fancy going to see as a little private video for my patreon so links in the description yeah it was crazy last week so I'm so sorry about the studio vlog is there any miss one I hope you didn't miss it too much but today what we've got to do is I really need to make some new courses and mascots and I'm thinking of doing a be set so like my be stickers I don't know if I've got any handy I need to create like a course or a mouse mat design based off that I'd also like to do some different ones over time but I'm gonna focus on the B ones because I have an idea in my head for the courses and things and it's been so long since I brought our new closer and mouse mat range and also thank you to Phil share for sponsoring this video today if you don't know Skillshare is an online learning platform for creatives like me and yourself even if you not creative it teaches you how to be great if there's all sorts of amazing online classes honestly there's thousands and thousands of classes and Skillshare are offering two months free for you guys by clicking in a link in my description so thank you so much skill chat it is honestly amazing and I really want to get into abstract art I'm actually going to be purchasing some abstract are off Etsy for some frames to go in my bedroom but I thought when I was searching for eyes he do abstract out I was thinking this will be really really cool to try it myself I've searched Skillshare and they actually have classes on abstract honestly every time I think I'm not sure how to do that I'll go on Skillshare and I'll type in and more often than not they've got a class on it like macrame and all sorts of crazy stuff but yet today we are going to and make some courses and mouths at such are excited about I also have to film a video showing you guys how I Illustrated my children's book my first ever children's books my first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna film the video and get away because I've got allergies and as you can see eyes are really watery and by the end of the day this whole bunch of I will be soaking wet with allergies I don't like only this eye this eye has trouble with allergies so some reason and so I'm gonna film that now and then we're gonna get to it on the coasters so yeah let's get to work shall we I just want to sit down to film the illustration book thing while stories and I've been wanting a plan for this corner the rooms I've got a few plants around this room like around here I've got Peter Lee over here and have wanted a really really large plant for the core of this room because it just looks all bland and I love plants and I decided since it's such a hot and sunny dare to procrastinate obviously clearly don't want to film this this video well I do want to formally but I keep procrastinating so I'm gonna take you to the nursery which is next door the plant nursery I think they call it nursery and it's a little local business and I think I'm gonna see if there's any problem let's go on a little adventure I'm at the nursery so it's plants and stuff here you might recognize this cuz me and Emily go for coffee there sometimes this is literally right next summer and office but now I need to find some self indoor plant something they don't have many indoor plants I said then I asked him if I could use these tanks for indoors I'm pretty sure you can as long as you are indeed them these hanging baskets okay I've got big conservatory here with all the plants in whether the middle eucalyptus I wonder if you can help me fill it this indoors I am boiling I'm actually chicken inside it's girls it's actually an indoor plant but it should be okay I think that looks bad I would like you to grow like although you'll never mind now I'll have to record a video I'm gonna find myself off and I'm gonna record this video and I'll be back in a little bit what yeah Avenue plant deity me okay I saw I just finished recording the book video thing which he will have seen before the studio bug hopefully let me know what you thought of that and what I did was I want a list of all the points and steps that I took to illustrate the book and I kind of reel them off as I was going along and yeah I also moved the plant there but it's not staying there it just looked it looked cute in the video so it's going back in that corner of that and speaking of planets look what's arrived it is my cheese plant which has arrived in the box and this is actually going home and it's going in my house I love you cheese plant I've never ever had a cheese bun I've always wanted one so I ordered one online because I couldn't find one anywhere here so if you have any tips on how to keep cheese pants or monstera or however you say please let me know in the comments below I'll see you another day [Applause] okay so I've finished making all the newbie products and I think they're really cute at first I printed them in this color and it printed a little too dark on my sublimation printer so and I put them to a side and I'll probably sell those for a second so half price and then this was the color I changed it to so I just went into Photoshop and I upped the brightness and contrast and printed these ones island they came out perfect so we've got the kind ones on all got be free behind beautiful and busy bee so we've got how many of them made four of each apart from this one because one one all went wrong so far of each of them which will be on my Etsy star bite I'm watching this and then I've done the mouse mats as well as you can see the color difference is crazy because the mouse mats have a black underneath to them so it kind of like shorts through but they're still really really cute I kind of like it's like a beige color this is better light and it's sure to mark your ELISA we've got the same designs on the mouse mats as well and I've just made the for gratis eventually so I'm gonna stack them off over here and then I made a bunch of bookmarks I wasn't sure what tussilago was because I was going to cause like this coral color but I think I've decided to go off this nice kind of burn yellow color which is nice and again it's the same things on each of the bookmarks it's beautiful be free I just need to arrange these because I've got some more than others and I've run out a metal book back so once he's a sold out they'll be sold out for quite a while until I wait for the new back to book Max come bring I'll do a big bulk making session again now the crickets are just caught in because I'm cutting some sold out designs out and I've adjusted it has a new the new layout design so got some over here these are gonna go back in stuff be sold out within 24 hours last time and I couldn't believe it this old sofa so sunny is gonna be coming back and the big thick pile that Emily made yesterday for us ovulation ones are going out so scale ones are going out and holiday ones June genes nice ones which are gonna be made which are gonna go out as well and then my favorite one these yummy junk food planner stickers which look so so cute well yeah that is pretty much it for the studio vlog please excuse the cutting in the background Hunter our club the crickets on quite a lot of stickers but yeah this might have been short and sweet I'm not sure how long this lock was actually where the lakes district next week which is the first time I've ever gone there before and I'll be taking you guys listening on the rod because I will still be doing work at the lakes history because Dean's 30th birthday but I can't just quit work and I'm already going to Florida twice this year so I'm actually gonna take my work my laptop everything with me so we'll kind of be doing like a studio vlog on the road but I'm gonna be recorded pre recording and there's a studio vlog like help to this week like photographing all these bee products and all the sticker products for next week's schedule so that you guys will get a vlog while my fingers crossed if everything goes okay also I just want to say a huge thank you to school share for sponsoring this video again and thank you so so much it really doesn't mean the world and thank you guys so much and my patrons and every single one of you marshmallows out there for supporting me and what do you miss channel so thank you so so much for watching guys I'll see you very soon all right

47 thoughts on “STUDIO VLOG 037 | Creating Coasters & Mousemats

  1. You have a lot of electronics! I have always done traditional art, and now at age 30 my dad gave me my first scanner. I also received a drawing tablet as a gift a few years ago and am learning to use it. I think it would be a really cool vlog idea if one day you showed us each of your printers, the ipad, and how you use them all. =)

    ps thanks for another great video!

  2. Oh.. I am so far behind. Summer has been mental as I have a kid so I haven't been able to watch much YouTube but I am so grateful for the time I had with him.
    Anyway, catching up now. You have to stop making such cute products because I am trying to save money! I am terribly tempted to go on a wee Katnipp shopping spree! Eeee!

  3. The bees are so cute! And I love that you make things like ovulating and period tracking stickers. Love seeing you and your work behind the scenes– so cool! 😃💖

  4. Love your videos Katnipp – bought the printer that you use! Can you do a video on how you make your cards? What card you use etc.. I know you done one on your prints so not sure if it'll be that similar.

  5. I really missed last weeks one! So happy to see this one ❤️❤️ As soon as my personal life goes hectic I stop making vlogs as well haha we have just been moving house so no filming for me 😂😴

  6. Happy Birthday Dean! Hope you have a wonderful time in the Lake District! I totally have a sad memory of not getting to go, my sister and I were supposed to go to see Peter Rabbit but as we drove from York towards that direction we got word of snow settling in around Leeds so we couldn't risk going forward. At the end of March!!! Gah. Many years ago now. I hope I get to go one day 😍 Love the bee products too and really love your vlogs!! I find vlogging really difficult, I never get enough footage and don't have anything to post except for a bunch of intros 😂😂😂 Teach me please, Senpai!! 😘

  7. Cute Bee products 🐝. I love the yellow tassles as they remind me of Honey, so they're a perfect match for the Bee bookmarks. I love how you just seem to 'get things done'…you're not a procrastinator in my eyes. I have a Cricut Maker, had it a few weeks – I'm sooooo used to a Silhouette….I'm struggling a little….but I'll get there..eventually 🤣. Enjoy the Lake District – it's beautiful 😃 x

  8. Hiyah! I bought the book for my kiddos! It was too cute not to! Should come this Sunday. Squeee! :3 if I’m ever on your side of the pond during a con or something that you’ll set up shop for I’ll have ya sign it for them. 💖🤓👌🏽

  9. Loved these so much cute u inspire me so much may I ask what type paper you use for your heat press love xx cause your craft inspire me again thank u love xx 💋 can’t wait for another video xx never stop creating love 💕

  10. One (1) question: is there the sleepy marshmallow as a pin? I love the design and I collect pins but I cant find it on your shop so idk if its out of stock or if it doesnt exist 🙁

  11. ok, maybe i noticed your difuser was near the printer or something like electronic, move it from there the humidity will damage your equipment.

  12. My monstera is super easy to care for and has pushed out so many new leaves! I keep it in a west facing window and it also doesn’t mind being slightly root bound. I probably water it once a week or just when my moisture meter reads dry 🙂 out of my 40 house plants it’s definitely one of the easiest to care for!

  13. How come you went out, suffered under the sun, got back in and still have your make up on ?? I can't tolerate eyeliner on a hot day !!😭😭 the new plant really ties the studio together, plants are always nice to have around!!

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