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Hey guys.

So in todays video I really want to share some of the pros and cons i’ve experienced whilst using Etsy as one of my selling platforms!

I’m going to be straightforward here I absolutely love Etsy…

It was the very first marketplace platform I used to build my art printables business and it taught me how to find my audience, grow my traffic and make hundreds of sales over the last 3 years.

But I also know that there is alot of worry and uncertainty when it comes to sellers using online marketplace platforms like Etsy and don’t get me wrong…

I think you have to be aware of all the potential pitfalls or issues you could come across just to ensure that you use your sales outlet properly and make the ABSOLUTE most from all it has available.

So in this video I’m going to be sharing my expeirence with using Etsy and talk in-depth about how I personally think you should approach ANY marketplace or social platform (e.g. Etsy, Amazon, YouTube, Creative Market, Ebay etc)…

So that you protect your business from it’s cons and take FULL ADVANTAGE of it’s pros!

See you in the video guys


hi guys so in today's video I really wanted to talk to you about some of the pros and cons of selling both on Etsy but a lot of these also relate to kind of any marketplace platform that you decide to go into so if you want to use Etsy or Amazon or creative market or eBay there's lots of different online marketplace platforms and the difference just really quickly I have got I think a video about this so I can think it below but the difference between and on my marketplace platform and just an online platform a kind of an independent online platform or what I prefer to call it so for example something like a blog or a website versus a marketplace platform like Etsy Amazon those places is that one of them is kind of pre set up for you so you pretty much join that marketplace platform they have in general a layout of how they like to present the products that you create to their customers overall and they also have a large stream of potential customers and visitors coming into them by the time that you decide that you want to join they usually have lots of traffic for you to potentially get hold of and introduce to your products and also they tend to have a level of s you're ready to go to help you and also a product and layout so a way that they like to present their products to their audience that they know works to help make sales that versus an independent platform where for example if you want to have a Squarespace website or Wix website or a blog or something like that where you generally have to start from complete scratch when it comes to creating the layout a cohesive easy to maneuver layout for your potential customers you also have to build up your own SEO to drive people to this unknown website or blog you'll also have to kind of set up the transaction systems and there's just a lot more work to do but don't get me wrong I absolutely love both forms of patio I love using independent platforms for certain things and I love using marketplace platforms but in this video I really want to talk to you about the pros and cons in particular of marketplace platforms so if you do if you are thinking about using a marketplace for example like Etsy in order to introduce people to your products in order to have it as the main place for people to come to purchase your products then hopefully some of these would just give you a little bit of information about what you're up against and kind of what you can look forward to so as I love marketplace platform I'm actually gonna start by talking about some of the pros of market based platforms so I'm gonna start by one of the biggest pros of using a marketplace platform and that is probably one of the reasons why most people use marketplace platforms it's the ability to reach so many potential customers and so many potential visitors to your products to your shop to introduce them to your brand and marketplace platforms although have their own branding their own structure they do give you even sometimes if it's even a small window so for example with Amazon it's not very easy to to promote your brand and Etsy doesn't always make it the easiest to promote your brand but you can do it and you have to find ways around it it's very much about having an impact with your branding and impact with your products and impact with your customer service on that platform but it is a great way to introduce what you have and what you've created to a whole load of people who by grace of coming through that marketplace platform I'll go into inevitably at some point stumble into you so it's one of the things I absolutely love about a marketplace platform including Etsy is they have millions of people that are filtering through and as long as you are working to not only be found on the platform which is a really important element of working on a marketplace platform through things like SEO and also through independently driving traffic into that platform and to your shop but also as long as you're really pushing to make your brand make your customer service make your product stand out can be a great way to introduce you and your shop to a whole bunch of people that may have never found you if you were just on an in dependent platform instead the next thing that I really do like about marketplace pop what platforms versus more independent platforms is it straight from the offset people tend to have a lot more trust in purchasing your products and purchasing from your brand and purchasing from you because they have found you and you are on a market-based platform that they trust so by using Etsy's platform you are actually carrying the name Etsy and all the work that they have done to promote Etsy to have it as a trusted place to purchase so when somebody actually purchases something through Etsy they feel that they have that confidence to go ahead and make that purchase because if there's are any problems along the way it's a trusted platform it's a platform that is well known that has rules and regulations so it gives people that bit of an extra ability to get over that sales hurdle especially when you are a brand new shop you're selling new products you may not might not have many reviews or many previous sales it gives people a little bit more trust and a little bit more confidence to purchase from you the next reason why I think you might want to consider using a marketplace platform even if you do decide to have both a marketplace platform kind of Avenue for your shop or your business as well as an independent is that marketplace platforms can be great places to learn how to structure an e-commerce store I know this might sound a bit odd but when I first started sending online I used at see what we're talking about here as my preferred marketplace of choice and then what I do really find them helpful as kind of nurseries really training grounds to teach you what your customer needs when a customer once in order to be able to get them over that hurdle of purchasing obviously platforms like Etsy and Amazon have spent millions and millions of pounds working on figuring out what the right layout for a customer is what information they need to know how they want no products presented and shown to them what systems and structures they want to make sure that they feel comfortable making that purchase so usually when you go into places like Etsy or pretty much a specific layout in an Etsy shop for example that you have to stick to so each listing that you create has a specific structure and you just basically have to fill in the blanks of the information that goes for your product and I do find that this is a really great way especially if you've never sold online before and you wouldn't even know where to start what a customer would be looking for or needing a listing or in a product I find they're really useful to basically teach you the information that customers are looking for and also I find the really good training grounds for tweaking and changing and learning what improves your conversion rate when it comes to visitors and people making purchases you know is it product descriptions that need to be improved is it your photography that needs to be improved and it's just it's just kind of I find my more nerves to read the layout so that it gives you the opportunity whereby if you were doing that through an independent platform where it's just you and you have complete creative freedom to structure your blog or your website the way that you want to and your products the way you want to there's like endless methods and different ways that you could present your product to your customer and it's a lot a lot a lot of tweaking and changing and that doesn't look right and why there's nobody purchasing and why are people coming onto the website but nobody's buying and all of these things and I just really found that practicing for a while on Etsy and on other platforms I always have Amazon shops as well has really taught me about what is really important when it comes to a customer and I've been able to tweak and change and practice build my SEO my photography the way that my images look the product descriptions I have the information they might need about those products and everything in between so I do find that also a really good thing about marketplace platform and I suppose the final one kind of walks hand-in-hand with that as well which is that just as I was kind of saying the previous one when it came to the layout of your shot and how it helps to teach you kind of what you need or what would be good in the layout of a shop or in the to present your products to your potential customers I also find that mark is great marketplace pack just like Etsy are really great places to help you learn if you have never really sold online before if you are not confident to just jump on 90 in it you know an independent platform like a blog or website build it up and create it and make it work and run smoothly adding payment systems and methods and everything in between to sell your product to be to then eventually be able to sell your product I find that the thing that I really like about places like Etsy and marketplace platforms is that so much of that is pre ready for you to go so you can just really start focusing on the super important elements of creating products that your customers like you can tweak and change in practice and you're not having to figure out if it's the layout of the shop or the product descriptions or the products that you're creating because so much more of it is laid out for you and ready to go and then you can change and tweak those smaller elements to see what has an impact so those are probably want some of the most important reasons as to why I think that you should never miss out on you know using marketplace platforms I know there are so many horror stories around and there's so many people telling you every three minutes sometimes it seems like like don't use marketplace platforms they're not good and you know don't use them they're trying to take away your identity in your brand and I completely understand the frustration that you can have sometimes with online marketplace platforms and I'm gonna go into some of those cons just now but I definitely do not think all them up because if nothing else you can think of them as an addition to your business it's a way to introduce people to your business it's another outlet if you want to think of it it's like another social media outlet but just this one you can sell online so for example like another Instagram or another Facebook where you can actually sell your product so you can drive people to your products that's exactly the same as what Etsy really is doing for you and I just think they're definitely not worth ignoring altogether because they just have so many amazing elements to them that especially if you are new to selling online I feel like you are going to make it's so much harder for yourself to just jump straight in with a completely independent platform if you and just not even think about using marketplace platforms there's definitely a right time and place for using them and I think that you know if you want that experience you want that bit of help to introduce you to selling online then they are definitely awesome places to go them quickly because I'm conscious of the time they're gonna be talking about some of the cons when it comes to using marketplace platforms so although as lovely as they can be just as every other type of online platform whether it's a social platform or a search engine platform or you know a website platform then we'll always go in to be things that are teething or issues or things that your call that that frustrates me because I'm afraid nothing online is perfect as much as the photic the beautiful Instagram photographs will have you believe nothing online is perfect so probably the biggest con comes to the marketplace platform versus and more independent platform like a website like for example a Wix website Squarespace website a wordpress website and all of the different independent website hosts that you can have is the fact that more and a marketplace platform are you going to be confined to what that marketplace platform once so one of the pros about marketplace platform is that you know they usually come with a pretty standard layout that you and your products will conform to and on one side that can make it a lot easier especially if you've never sold before because you know everything just you just basically drag and drop and slip everything in there and it's quite you know it's it's ready-made to be appealing to your customer however it also means that you don't get anywhere near the design freedom that you could have on an independent platform you can't create a space than is literally custom-built for your target audience it's always going to have an element of that other of that marketplace platform to it so for example with Etsy it's always going to look like an Etsy shop no matter what you try and do to it because only so much you can do and sometimes that can be really frustrating I tend to find that if you are really you know if you're if you built an Etsy shop and you're really missing that design element you really want to be able to give your audience just so much more about you and your brand and something that's so much more independent then definitely feel free to create a website or a blog that goes along with your Etsy shop whether you decide that the blog for example is just a compliment and it drives people back to the Etsy shop to purchase or whether you're happy to have that people can purchase either from the Etsy shop and from your independent blog or website I think you know definitely don't think that you only have to have one that you can only sell on a microscope form or only on an independent website I think they work so well together and I think it comes creatively definitely you can have so much more kind of creative freedom if you are yes enjoying the structure and the consistency of an Etsy shop but also that you have that creative freedom to design a world and brand and structure that your that your visitors whether they're from originally from Etsy or the people who are driving in on your own to your blog and/or your website and I think that that's really part of the fun of building an online business if you can just gather a whole bunch of platforms together to create one business one of the ones I suppose most people get really frustrated with when it comes to market based platforms me included I don't think you are a normal online seller if at some point it doesn't frustrate you a little bit to be completely at the mercy of marketplace platform changes and rule regulations they change and things that they switch up and swap at SEO things that they switch up and swap and Etsy definitely does its fair share of changing and I know that for the largest part are trying to improve you know the experience for the customer and sometimes that can clash with the experience for the sellers and I know lots of people go up and down and make videos on and I've got post on it and every time there's a change it's a huge up-and-down for me personally I think it's an it's an inevitable process you are at the end of the day on that marketplaces platform that they have built those are the people that they are driving in those millions of people are people that they have worked to drive in under their name and they are bringing them to you so there is always going to be an element of they are going to have control over that that's one of the things that you know is inevitable if you want to use Etsy if you want to use Amazon if you want to use creative market whatever other online marketplace platform you want to use if you're going to be using their traffic if you're going to be using their search engines if you're going to be using their platform their shops their layout everything like that then yes you are going to be at the mercy if they make changes along the way I don't think that that is a deal-breaker as much as lots of people get really upset about it at the time I just think it's something you have to be conscious of and as I mentioned in other videos I always talk about it in my private Facebook group for my art printables an Etsy course we always have these discussions because this is why I again think it is so important that you use Etsy for what it is it is an awesome marketplace platform it does all of the things that I was talking about in the pro section of this video but it is always going to have the cons that it's not solely yours that's not your traffic that's not your search engine all you're doing is borrowing those people and introducing those people to your brand as best as you can and that's why I always recommend that one you're trying to introduce those people to your brand introduce them to your blog your website your email Ness as much as you can but also that you are building external traffic to your shop as well that you are growing your email list that you're growing your social media but eventually you do have an additional external platform like a blog or a website so you are taking as much advantage in a respectful way of Etsy and mobility for Etsy to drive in this traffic but you're not just solely reliant on it and then if at sea shut down tomorrow by the end of you building of all of your external traffic and all of your external platforms you still have a business and thank you so much Etsy for all of the traffic and the help and the sales that you have brought me so far and for me that is the way that I look at online platforms whether it's Etsy Amazon whatever it is all I can do is use the positives and the the good points of what they can offer me to help build and grow my business as much as possible and protect myself as much as possible from their downfalls so for me I don't want to rely hundred-percent on Etsy to drive in my traffic I want to be bringing in people I want to be building up my email is I want to be creighton platforms that mean that if I need shut down Etsy shop or I decide I want to veer from my Etsy shop or anything like that then I have spent that time building up that audience that they can come with me and yeah that's just one of those pros and cons I think of how of using marketplace platforms and finally kind of walking again hand-in-hand with the previous con which is just that because of the fact that you again you are using Etsy's marketplace you're using Etsy traffic that's been very much you know it's around Etsy you hear all the time that people when they purchase something from Etsy will say to people I got that from Etsy they won't name the shop itself that happens quite often that's kind of inevitable because Etsy has you know I can't even imagine the percentage difference in how much money they put towards promoting Etsy and building it see compared to what I can do with my own Etsy shop it is I definitely think it is a con that you know you are at the same time you're selling on Etsy you're making sales you're finding people who like your shop but they will be promoting it from the most part as part of Etsy purchasing from Etsy and that kind of the reality of being allowed to be on another company's platform effectively but I think it's one of those things that that is again it just reiterates exactly what I was saying before about the importance of building your own traffic building your own brand dang creating your own income of a little bubble so yes people may start off thinking about you is just an Etsy store but you want to find a way to introduce them to who you are or your brand is so much more so whether that is about creating you know external social media traffic drivers like Instagram Facebook Pinterest driving people in from those places but there is about creating additional platforms for your audience to visit whether it is a blog or website on the side and also about getting getting people to join your email list to become part of your tribe so you can start to introduce them to you and not to the giant kind of company that they found you from originally but that is unfortunately one of those things that is going that happens to almost anybody who is trying to sell on a platform that is bigger than them and lots of people nowadays if they purchase things off Instagram say I purchased this it off Instagram they don't even really think about the name of the company when you go on Amazon most of the time when you're purchasing something you will say I purchased it on Amazon you don't think of the specific name of the company that you purchase purchased it from and it's really about driving home the importance of trying to build your brand so you are using these platforms as a way to help you introduce an audience to you and drive in people to you but you are trying to build up your name your tribe your people you want to stick in people's memories as independent of that platform it's one of the the the main points of this video is about making sure that you have additional things on the outside external traffic drivers to your Etsy shop and also again that you are gathering those in email lists and additional platforms and social media that you have a way to stick in the mind of those people even if they found you on an online platform like Amazon or Etsy or whatever it is and I think that that is just kind of one of the best ways to help your business grow and keep its longevity going over time so if anything happened to any of these platforms you know heaven forbid that you still have a business at the end of it and that's always the most important end goal of for me personally a business is that you have something that can stand on its own but there is nothing wrong with using these awesome platforms and their ability to drive traffic and get people over sales hurdles and introduced into people and brands that are new and that you know don't have much of a following yet I really think it's definitely worth checking out marketplace platforms if you think that you might benefit from them so I hope that you enjoyed this video guys please I would love if you want to subscribe to this channel I love seeing I think in fact the biggest subscriber jump this month which has been on last month I suppose by the time this video goes out which has been absolutely amazing I can't believe how many people are really involved and enjoying what we're doing here on this channel so I'll see you in the next video guys bye


  1. I recently found your videos via Auto-play on my television. One "Subject" I've noticed you're steering from is Etsy's "New Free Shipping Policy". In which 2 things take place. 1. The "Coersien" Etsy's using if you the Seller don't adhere to offering Free Shipping ($25.00+) include but not limited to suggesting that Seller ROLL The shipping price into the price of their products. 2. Etsy is converting their Search engine to delete the "Seller's Name". As if All products are coming from one entity. What are your thoughts on these points? You aren't affected because Digital Downloads don't Cost to Ship.

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