The story of Printful

The story of Printful

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After having created several e-commerces stores ourselves, we realized that there isn’t one great drop shipping service that could take care of all our needs, in terms of creating high-quality products, arranging the shipment process, and having a simple, elegant API integration. So we learned how to do it ourselves!

We know how important it is to trust your drop shipping service, to know they’ll always deliver a high-quality product, and never lose an order. We also know how important it is to have the process as automated as possible. The less time you spend worrying about shipping, the more time you can spend growing your business.
Printful is the easiest order fulfillment system you’ll ever use, free to set up, and with no monthly fees! You sell products on your store, we automatically process and fulfill them when orders come through, and ship them out to your customer. Easy as that!

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what do you do when you have a great business idea but there are no services around to make it happen this is Laura sleepers the founder of printful he comes from la vía nope not there yes that's it in 2010 he decided to move to Los Angeles to bring his visionary business spirit over to this side of the big rock we started with star vitamins that sold motivational posters to startups and at the beginning just like with any startup success story the headquarters are in his own living room where all the orders were printed on a single printer packaged and shipped out by lorrison his wife it was a lot of work when we started getting more and more orders with all the constant printing noises their neighbors yeah they were not happy we were not happy they needed to take printing out of their living room but none of the options out there lived up to the quality and speed standards Loris had in mind so that's how in 2013 the idea of printful is born and now it's grown to be one of the biggest printing drop shipping and fulfillment companies in the world integrated with the most popular e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces their printed and fulfilled millions of orders they're constantly adding new products in investing in latest technologies this is Thomas the co-founder and CEO of tremble they have customers all over so we expended our fulfilled and globally and with printful it's always about the customer it's always about the customer prep one is a struggle of starting your own brand so a tight-knit team of the best developers fulfillment magicians customer service managers designers and marketing professionals work day and night at two opposite sides of the world to make sure that starting an e-commerce business for you is a breeze don't have products we've got them don't want to deal with printers we've got you covered need help designing look our design team and photography services got it and well we created printful so you can do it the fun part running the business just like for hundreds of thousands of our customers around the world cripples here to make sure that when you have your great idea for an e-commerce business you don't have to think about the help art so this is us printful and we're here to help you make it happen hey West from peripheral here hope you enjoyed that video go check out the other videos on our channel and don't forget to hit subscribe to never miss the latest content to get started with printful today just click on the link in the description below

18 thoughts on “The story of Printful

  1. Great story!
    I have just finished a completely free course teaching beginners how to build their own t-shirt store using Printful. The course is FREE for a limited number of students. Whoever interested in starting their own t-shirt business Check out the video on my channel.

  2. Amazing story , very inspiring. Big respect to all involved. I been searching all over the web to find the best suppliers that are capable of providing my customers with the best experience possible. And bring my designs to life through the art of clothing. I really feel good about Printful, you guys may just have the missing piece needed so I can finally launch my second Store "Dream Seekers".

    Hopefully I have finally found my suppliers. Massive respect to Lauris Liberts you are a true inspiration Bro 👊 to me and im sure to all that seek to live a higher purpose in life and are committed to following ones own Goals and Dreams. And to everyone else on your Team involved in the creation of Printful… Mad respect 👊 to you all, I hope to one day in the not too distant future have my own team who are as talented and dedicated as you guys are. Good Job Guys 👊

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