Thrift with Me Goodwill haul into Profit on eBay Etsy

Thrift with Me Goodwill haul into Profit on eBay Etsy

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Thrift with Me Goodwill haul into Profit on eBay Etsy


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[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what's up guys welcome back to my channel I am gonna be a gay bar and today I have a lot of stuff to show you I went to Goodwill on Saturday and then I have we got home early on Monday around five ish so I took off I went to Goodwill and oh boy did I find some stuff some scores some not that much but still I will make a profit so without further ado because we have a lot to get through I'm gonna start you guys may see me pick up some things put things back you might not see some things from the car because they either were chipped or cracked or I missed something so they went back on the shelf so I'm gonna start with this is a marriage blessing plate it was $1.99 it is by Tara Ireland between 18 to 20 bucks for $4.99 that is a deal now I came across these vast Germany mugs they were $2.99 each it's I probably overpaid I was so tired last night doing my research instead of you know ww I was looking for mm you know like I can't find anything so I'm gonna Facebook group and I'm like guys does anybody recognize these markings and what is seconds let's rest Germany I'm like yeah so thank you so much who helped ya like wakey-wakey so I got three of these this it has some acorns I think I'm not sure and I have to with the flowers these are beer mugs beer steins these are for beer you can't go wrong there right now this is a very just a little you know drip drip where you a single bowl $0.99 I don't know five to eight bucks I came across this city this spaces I think this is Italy maybe Rome not sure by Kurtz and Adler some of their PCs are selling for good money this is $1.99 so I'm hoping Richmond 12 to 15 of course these things I haven't related research yet so I have to get into it I came across um you all know who done redone whatever his name is sets they were still a target people like them I came across these um pie plates over $2.99 for for I don't know 20 25 bucks I also came across the little speck tray this was 99 cents I need to look at this sticker underneath I should have I don't know 10 12 bucks so that's a good deal especially if you could like these I know I know another little blue make pottery like I just I like blue another stone where little pottery and it's cute it is signed if I can figure out who made it it is in great shape I like it um it was due 9 15 18 bucks I came across this is actually modern this is a peer one pristine but these teapots are made in England they are desirable this was $1.99 so between 18 to 25 bucks I can't complain right you book like them and they are better made in the China maybe in China ones now this little glass called flex tea light candle holder was $1.99 but I have to stick her underneath to tell me who made this it is a new york piece obviously but it is so pretty i mean a little gold and this little crown effect on top I like it and somebody else's like it into 50 bucks I'm not sure these are little hand blown blue speckled bud vases handmade they are cute almost 69 they were both 69 cents I'm thinking for the both I'm gonna sell them as a pair 15 ish I don't know they will look cute bit a little flower it'd be a white Daisy I don't know like you I like these napkins I mean you know where it's going this is going to a friend of mine I don't need to tell you now this is an interesting piece I picked this up this mirror thingy now this is an IKEA mama mirror frame now the thing is these things come into black white or this this natural color now if you look at it somebody I'm not sure maybe comes as a bottle can seal my mess behind you somebody took the time to paint it I'm not sure there is a signature in the back it was 99 cents this is just way too cute I think I'm gonna keep it so that's that one is for me we have a little music box music box music thingy in a pair of right teddy keys these are mine made right in Japan um these things creep me out it's too many horror movies so I found them sitting in a basket I found them sitting in a gift box I did not found just the twins like that 18 to 25 bucks we'll see no chips no cracks luckily now we have a vintage Lincoln arel lingam Bank it is a little you know discoloration and fading unit now I am hoping that's the key I'm hearing inside but I guess I'll find out anyway it was $1.99 ten bucks it's an interesting you know cute piece why not now let's talk about the dragon in the room this is a dragon it's a can of older it is dark a it is definitely we all know it's modern I don't have to tell you but look at him he's adorable is made by a Tuscan oh and they known by making you know fantasy type of decor so anybody who does for the Warcraft um into dragons Harry Potter her game of Thrones whatever Dungeons and Dragons of any mystical and fantasy and medieval wood like this on their walls of the court I like him it was 10 bucks I paid attendance because I liked him and you know what I don't mind having here in my house so thirty to forty bucks depending depending on the market let's see now this little tea cup set it is a master's fantasy by its German I don't remember top of my head so the beginning they add these price ninety nine cents right then I guess they found the play they put it together for $0.99 I'll take it ten to twelve bucks out the door now who doesn't want a vintage unicorn mug made in Japan it was ninety nine cents ten to twelve bucks that's fine with me then I came across this um like who said I can't say it don't you know to a jury this is a pearl what did I call it they kept us something mug it's cool it's like luster where to me so I pick that up this was also $0.99 we're talking twelve to fifteen bucks it looks like it's never been used like it we have mister Kennedy and the boy this is plastic it might even be the other thing called the yellow plastic that so this one is called father father's love so I don't know 15 to 16 bucks it's not that rare and it's needs a little cleaning supervisor kitty get off the table so that's gonna go also up online you need to go away before you scratch me now I picked this up like why would you pick this up right I am a hundred percent sure this is handmade I don't have to explain it I like it this is brass I mean I don't know what it was 399 it is vintage definitely it's lightweight so it's not gonna be such a hassle to ship but somebody made that and they put a lot of tension and detail into it alright next Saturday's haul I think get stand up this is a my Cadillac offend mother-of-pearl even late sticky note in back for myself this was 399 it is not in a perfect shaped as a little cheap here and there cracking over there but if this is maybe not Vietnam about pricing I'm not sure I think this is a very cool I mean I like it yeah find out married that's that that's in my way next so we are into the Saturday haul and I don't know if you're familiar this is finally made I don't know it keeps familiar big this is a fellow made in Finland am I saying it right you know probably you're wrong they even feeling some of these are collectible people collect them this has the mushrooms on it 3040 depends on the condition this is a little scratch I don't know so I have pay $2.99 for this piece now I have one I only get one guys that's all we got I love the net but it's time I came across this little wooden Brewster this is miss Olson made in Sweden little you know hand-painted rooster folk art um this is about 12 to 15 bucks and I came across these two kitty kitties making a mess Wedgwood little trinket touch face they don't worth much but that's okay with me they need to be cleaned I mean I sense she's making love doors I apologize these are compote spoons comfort you know comfort spoon set these are made in England they are silver plated but you're gonna focus but I think they are interesting enough these were 99 cents and label sticky fell off and at least but last but not least I picked up these two pictures my stoppers another one is lima beans these are made by Marty something guys if you can't breathe the name up please please let me know so they were $1.99 each I'm gonna sell them as a set it's gonna look great in someone's um country kitchen so that's that I think anything else Oh No so that's it guys this is my haul for Saturday and Monday the Senate II haul was very small as you could see so I was happy to go back on Monday and get more stuff like we need more stuff like we need and then a hole in our ass but thank you guys so much for joining me for that's all for today I think I got some cool stuff they might not be high-dollar but I think they have fun and that's about it so I will do the jewelry and during next probably tomorrow you will be up yeah either tomorrow day after thank you so much for watching don't forget to subscribe comment like and all that good stuff I love you all and I see you soon bye bye

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  1. Great findings I love the Dragon 🙄hum let's see if I know my friend .the napkins go's to Tammy ,😂and you know what, Anita franira will love the unicorn mug.😊😉🖒🖒🖒great haul .❤

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