Tiltwell 3D Printed Ink Bottle Stand

Tiltwell 3D Printed Ink Bottle Stand

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A look at the Tiltwell Ink Bottle Stand. A short review and a look at what bottles fit and a couple that don’t.

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hi everyone and welcome to today's video today I'm reviewing an item from in Tilt well this is the ink stand a bottle stand and took well is a company who sell their products on Etsy Bob over there sent me a few items to have a look at and they're 3d printed which is kind of cool so this is the inks and the purpose of this and this comes in a multitude of different sort of colors and finishes but all 3d printed in this sort of plastic the purpose of this is to help you get the last remaining ink out of ink bottles so the idea being I'll just use here the watermen bottle even though it's got its own little stand that when your ink is running low in the bottle you can place it in there and then put it flat on the on a table like that and you're able to put your pen in further into the sort of the corner of the bottle we can hopefully get a nothing to pull so you can get up your bottle and that's the basic run of it that's what this is designed for and I think it's very cool it allows you to fill up instead of having to hold the bottle at an awkward angle and you know try and get you know your pen in and fill up and all of that sort of stuff it allows you to fill up with two hands and not worry about sort of knocking the bottle over and all those sorts of things so I'm gonna do two very basic things that I'm gonna talk about what I like what I don't like about the item and the practicality of it and I'm gonna show you I've got here a range of ones that known ink bottles we're just gonna try out just to give you an idea of what sort of will fit now as I said this item comes in a lot of different sort of colors and different finishes and all that sort of stuff I've linked to the Etsy page below so you can check it out Australian dollars wise this comes in at a range of price points so some of the basic models range from around the twelve dollar mark through to the more expensive ones being so up to the sort of twenty five Australian dollar mark postage to Australia is pretty so you might want to add a couple of things to make it worthwhile it is obviously better price from the US singer that sort of where it comes from so basically one down of the item it's a stand the logo there printed into it it's got these lines that are the the print lines because 3d printed objects are printed in like a laserjet printer many lines as they've built up it's a really cool idea and I love the fact that 3d printers are being used to create stuff like this and this is a practical object whether it fits your design aesthetic is you know up to you there are different colors of course that allow you to so you know you might not necessarily want this sort of bright blue or green but yeah you might be able you'll be able to find something that is good for you so you can see this is like little indents and things and these are all designed to sort of help stabilize different sorts of bottles and you know these divots here are designed for a righteous ooh bottle which we'll see in there in just a second so what do I like and not like well firstly I like the practicality of the item it allows you to do something and it's designed to do that and it does it that's great so you know you're not you're paying money for something and it does its job that's great I like the fact that it comes in all these different colors of plastic and all those sorts of things there are branded and multi brand versions so designed for specific bottles and believe this is the multi brand and I think it's a really nice basic sort of item it's not something you're gonna keep on your desk let's be honest its its function over form so the design is designed to do its job not look pretty and although this may appeal to some people's design aesthetic I think for me the practicality of the item wins over the beauty shall we say what do I not like well a common thing with these two long products so far is the finishing there are sort of sharp corners these 3d printed lines are rough not so much on each one an item like this but you know for a couple of extra dollars if you did some sort of extra finishing on these products just offer a couple of these little sharp corners I think that would actually I'd be happy to pay more few extra dollars for that if that was the case really there's not a not a lot else that isn't too like it's actually a really practical well serving object so let's see a few different bottles in it so as you already saw the water bottle fits very nicely works very well so that's good this is a dare tremendous bottle also fits in there maybe not quite as sturdy but you know would certainly allow you to do the job this is the triangle bottle that is used by mine for the 150th anniversary series and also used by California for their inks that fits in there which is great because it is actually a pretty impractical bottle directly so put it in the other way to get ink down into that very fine point at the bottom there next we have the Voyager crew bottle as I said this has actually it's got its own little dimple there turn up a mo film but this fits perfectly it's designed with that in mind so that's a very good fit and that would work very very well indeed next is the Mont Blanc bottle now it has its own little you know shoehorn in there there's a but it doesn't fit either the stand so lucky it's got its own little reservoir there Robert Austin Gotham fits beautifully perfectly and actually that's very handy because these bottles once they get low are harder to feel from so having able to use two hands is a godsend a diamond 80 mil bottle fits so that's actually a really good width there to get that sort of perspective of what will fit in there the Pelican Edelstein bottle it's very very well and larmy not at all but lamia also has its own little reservoir on the bottom line so in terms of practicality of the item bottles that can make use of this this tilt well ink bottle stand does a pretty decent job now what do you do when the ink we'll get to even lower another product I'm reviewing shortly is this it's the ink stand it's got the thingy so this is a another 3d printed item and you pouring in there I feel you know so you get enough to cover the noob and then you can pour it back into the bottle using the ones about there so watch out for the review of this one coming out I've been using this quite a lot but this was the instant as you can see a lot of bottles fit in there it's practical item it does the job and whether you can justify the price point particularly the higher price point you know is up to you but there is sort of a a range of of these available and I suppose if you're not necessarily concerned about the color or anything like that you've got quite a lot you can choose from so this was the tilt well ink stone ink bottle sand I hope you found this video interesting and useful if you did give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel hit the notifications button for myself today with the videos that I produce please feel free to get in touch using any other platforms listed below you can find me on Instagram or Twitter at the underscore our stage underscore me or you can contact me on any of my videos here or drop me an email which is also listed below if you've got products you think I should be looking at get in touch or if there's a way to support the channel by sponsoring a review or providing an item for review get in touch and let's see what we can do in the meantime enjoy your pens and all the associated accessories and I'll talk to you soon

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  1. Interesting, this could be handy for me. I have cerebral palsy and my co-ordination isn’t the best. For that reason I have limited myself to cartridges only. In some ways I find this an advantage because I don’t have the dilemma of which colours to buy next etc. however being able to expand the horizons a little might be nice. Thanks for the informative review.

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