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These are the TOP 10 Embroidery Supplies I use the most.

Heat n bond:
Tender Touch:
Magnetic Bobbins:
Tear Away Stabilizer:
Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine:
Heat press 12 x 15:
Needle Threader:

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hey everybody welcome back to my channel if you're new here make sure you subscribe before I start this video I want to say thank you to Cheryl – Kay – jasmine – Teresa – Zeena into Carroll for the coffee I really appreciate it I also want to say thank you to – Danny – Michelle – Elaine Natasha and Robin 4×6 off my Amazon baby registry I really appreciate it thank you so much again so I get a lot of questions in my comments emails about the supplies I used for birdie so I thought I'd just go ahead and make a video and I will put links in the descriptions to each of these items Rowley so I'll try to as long as I can find all the links so these will be the top ten embroidery supplies I always tell myself reaching for in my embroidery room that I use every single day pretty much for every single shirt I make they're just items original tonton and you guys always ask so I will just go ahead and get started so the first thing is the Almighty tender touch may already know a lot get a lot of questions and we didn't love my lives about what I was putting on the back of the shirts that is this tender touch I will link it in the description it says after you done embroidering this is what you cover the stitching with you heat it on the shirt I do five seconds at 315 degrees and this is what I use it is washable so you are able to wash it with your shirts it is perfect and your soft perfect tender touch need it you can get it at Joanne's or on Amazon I will link this in the description below the next thing these are in no particular order I just have them all thank you I'm gonna grab them as I go are my bobbin so these are the Magna Glide bobbins this is what they look like they are magnetic that is what makes them so special because when it is in the machine it pulls it at a consistent rate that's what the magnet helps with so it's always putting the same rate I bet you barely get thread breaks with these that is why they are amazing and they're pre-rounds wasting a lot of time so I get these also often Amazon from my machine this is the l-shaped bow and they have the brushes which machines you do have please make sure you double-check which which type works best with your embroidery machine these also help because they can only go in one way so the magnet goes to the metal inside the bobbin case so there's no you know try to figure out which way is where and making sure you have it going the right way because it only goes one way so it saves you a lot of time there you can also get them on Amazon that's where I get them I know all stitch not net also sells them so the next item is very very very very very very important it is heat and bond light it is the it is the purple one you can get us in the big bolts this is the 35-yard bolts they have these at Joanns you can also get them I get these off Amazon $35 one down seven Amazon whether it's inside hours which I would never pay so get them when they are $35 this is very important because it goes on the back of every piece of fabric you used to applique that keeps from fraying form the wrinkles and it washes a lot better when you have heat and bond light so you pretty much just put this on the piece of fabric you're gonna put it on heat it on I hate it for five seconds you peel it off and you put it on shirt and then you cut it blah see blah and at the end you heat the front of these shirts that has the fabric sort of here's it to the shirt as well so this is a necessity when you're doing applique is like I said the whole design would look so much crisper when you are done if you use this so again I'll put the link in the description for this the next thing most machines already come with it but I somehow managed to lose three of them so it is the needle threader if you have a multi needle machine threading them is ridiculous and frustrating and if I don't have this I cannot even work I tried using scissors they didn't help so you need a needle threader so very very important it's the next item again for appliques are these Fisker curved scissors you see the tip of them is curved and if and they are tiny so I tried thousands and thousands not really but I've tried a large assistant who's to try to cut my appliques and especially getting into those little tiny cuts and little pieces these work the best they are the only scissors that I have found swords cut appliques they are Fisker curved tip scissors you can get these at Joanne's but make sure you use a coupon if you get a banjo hands or you can get them at Walmart they are about 788 788 eight dollars depending on where you are for these they also have them on Amazon sometimes Amazon requires you to buy a 2-pack and sometimes it's one pack but I will link it in the description like I said these make such a big difference without them I kept cutting holes and shirts had so many problems to cut after case but these work amazing like these to me they're just made specifically for applications so without these I would not be able to do half the shirts I do and I'd be cutting holes and half the shirts if I do not have these and I have probably about 40 pairs of these lying around I always lose them but there are small scissors but they work amazing the next item is my thread I get my thread from all stitch this is the Madeira thread if I can't even see where it says Madeira but these are my favorite threads all my third is from Madeira now they do also sell the smaller cones which would work on a brother p800 if you have that these I have multi needle machines as you see behind me so I use the bigger cones because it saves money these are about seven fifteen eight dollars for five thousand yards if you go to Joanne's you get the little coats and clerks for 750 as well and it's a tiny cone about this big so you get almost five times as much for these cones four or five times and it's cheaper why I like them in Europe thread so much is because it has a little shine to it and I don't have any problems with thread breaks especially using a multi noodle machine and it's just so smoother and when you're done the stitching looks beautiful on when you use these so I get some off stitch net I will also try try to link these but all such time that Madeira also sells them on the website Madeira marked legs and I'm trying to like link all these items but it may be a little difficult depending on what time the video who goes up if not you can always look in the comments no just somebody would have asked and I find if I'm only for them the next item is one of the most important which is the shirts you embroider on I use little focus ARB blanks for my boys and girls shirts they are great quality they are super soft 20 percent cotton they're made specifically for embroidery so they're just thick plush you don't really have any issues with stitching I used to use Carter's onesies Walmart shirts they watch their target Ultron it's just hard to find a girl's shirt and I prefer to get all my ideas from the same place so that is why I go ahead and use in our deep links I let me tell you I do not have almost any problems with it early links I use have problems with thread puckering pulling the shirt in with these I don't have any problems I'm not sponsored so which I was there not so I use a RB blanks they are 550 for the girls share its moisture to 525 plus shipping you do not need a tax ID which is the best part if anyone could buy them you don't it's just it's easy they ship very fast your priority mail so like I said another problem love these shirts as alternative if you do not want to spend the 550 on the shirt you're just getting started you can consider the boys grranimals from walmart girls shirts are very hard to find only other place that I know that has ok girls shirts is Hobby Lobby I use them a few years ago I haven't used them since because and I like getting all my shirts from the same place so ARB blanks is where it's at the next very important item is stabilizer I use tearaway although this one says cutaway I accidentally bought cutaway on accident I haven't even used it so I just keep it just in case I need it's like an emergency but it's cut away and I use this brand-new broom new bro thread to tear away stabilizer now with the tablet stabilizer it almost only works with ARB blanks because they are so thick in great quality you don't have issues with thread pulling through now if you're going to be making a card as 1z these will not work great with Carter's ones if you do use the tearaway out there at least double it if you're embroidering on Carter's onesies it's best to use cutaway stabilizer most embroiders anyways always say if you wear it don't tear it meaning do not use cutaway potato a stabilizer but I myself find that I love the new bro thread tear away stabilizer only in combination with the ARB blanks it does not work well with almost any other type of shirt because other shirts will make them and even made so thick that the tearaway works amazing and I also like that you do not see what I like tell me because I don't like the charm you can see the stabilizer from the front and it just looks all blocky I don't like that I like my design to look clean fresh amazing so that's why I like the tearaway and like I said with ARB you don't see it the next item is when I get a lot of questions on which is vinyl I like to use heat transfer vinyl for my ships some I didn't know I could even use it until I went to a show and realize that yes you can use glitter heat transfer vinyl on your shirt so I have been using it ever since I like the shine it's a lot shinier it looks a lot better and it is easy to embroider with a lot of reverter is like the vinyl from micro world so I will also link it in the description it's the micro world mirror glitter vinyl I believe if I'm incorrect like I said I'll put the correct link in the description people want X you use the micro world vinyl so I will just link that almost all my designs I like to use a little glitter in them because I just like the extra effects of glitter and I think it is nice a shirt pop a little more my god that was Riley again if you don't know I have a three year old Tyler named Riley and I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant with baby boy so yeah it's hard to record videos with her especially videos like this I was trying to strapped her and I put the projector screen on for her to be able to watch something hopefully because if she hears then I'm talking to you guys she will legitimately bust in here and take the camera so let me hurry up and finish the last thing and one of the most important things that I would not be able to do my job without the mighty hoop oh do you mind if I use the 8 by 9 mighty loop I believe I was saying if I ate the whole time but it is an 8 by 9 mighty hoop this is the most important thing in this whole entire embroidery room that I need because the hoops that come with these machines are 8 by 8 they don't fit on to t-shirts they do not fit on three t-shirts they fit on 14 up but I you do a lot of 2 T 3 T so I use these for 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 8 10 12 I love these hoops they make it so much easier to hoop and there's no problems it eliminates hoop burn for the most part sometimes yes it still happens but it is a lot better it's a lot easier this these things literally saved my life they only they do not work on my one needle but they do work on my six needles so my one needles I still can only do four teeth by t Blasi Blasi but these are necessary they I will put the link to these in the description I believe they are from I think it's called masters without these I would not even be able to work they are magnetic for those who don't know my loops are they are magnetic with these you need to be careful to keep them away from computers which does run right in front of me but I'm far enough away human computer electronics if you have pacemaker it even tells you on there don't even don't even use these replace me because I'm Nik and I guess it'll turn off your pacemaker oh please do not buy these if you have a pacemaker you also gotta be careful not to pinch your fingers now I'm scary cuz I think I put my thing between them so now I'm screwed guys okay that's the but it's very strong magnets but like I said it makes hooping so much easier so I would purchase these I think they're 250 I couldn't be wrong 150 to 250 dollars depending on what size you choose and they just make hooping so much easier and I'm able to make bigger designs and I know a lot people ask me about what size my designs are and I usually make them like seven by seven to fit inside the hoop you can make them like seven by seven and a half sometimes but I love these because you also know exactly your space because on the other hoops so here is the hoops that come with my machine as you see it's so much wider but this is eight by eight inside seven eight seven and seven eighths by seven and seven eighths inside this is the eight by eight and you know it kind of tricks you because there's this added space here so you have to have the fit this much into the shirt versus versus just this much so oh it's good stuff it's a lot wider so it stretches up your shirts more that's why I like the mighty hoots straight square straight easy it's easy to set your designs using this so this is the most recommended product I have I would buy a no I'm not sponsored you know they probably never sponsor me I only have two thousand subscribers guys soon maybe if I get to a hundred thousand Oken separate um but I love my mighty hoops and a lot people ask me what hoops hoops size 8 by 9 8 by 9 mighty so those are the most things I reach for in my embroidery room if you guys have any more questions go ahead and leave in them leave them down below maybe I'll make a part 2 if you guys have enough questions or you want like follow-up items I use the most after this or maybe for vinyl not just for embroidery or just in general I will be more than happy to make a part 2 just go ahead and leave that down in the comments go ahead and leave any questions you have in the comments and please make sure you subscribe my channel you post on your vacations which is the little Bell button next to subscribe so that you do when I upload new videos and content I try to upload probably twice a week I do do a live try to once a week where you're not just seeing you work and you mustn't ask any questions and I can answer them right then and there I won't be doing an embroidery machine video because you guys really want to know about my machines it's just hard to do a machine video because I haven't running all the time and you won't be able to hear me and as you know I'm 37 weeks pregnant so I need to get my orders out now before the baby gets here so that I have time to just chill so after the baby gets you know that's probably when I will be doing a embroidery machines video so that is it for today's video thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video which will probably be me cuz I'm not the recorder right now is answering my you guys questions you guys left me on my community tab when I asked you guys to leave me some questions you guys would like to answer so let me go do that and I will see you guys in my next video bye


  1. Love your videos! I've been shopping around for a multi needle for some and have narrowed it down to 2 machines. One is the 6 needle Babylock Endurance, the other is the 4 needle Janome MB-4S. Can I ask which machines you have. I'm just curious which ones you chose. Thanks in advance!

  2. I have a question I was looking at the tender touch you provided the link to – it stated it’s a cut away… I may be wrong but I thought you use the tear away? Please clarify so I don’t buy the wrong one in the future.. thank you 😊

  3. Hi  Angela.  I'm one of your newer viewers and I really do find your videos extremely helpful.  I'm getting ready to purchase the Brother PE800 and I'm very interested in the applique` process.  Do you have more step by step videos on these types of projects?  Thanks so much!

  4. I came across one of your videos, and I was hooked. I just fell in love with ur enthusiasm and ur way of explaining yourself. I’ve been watching for over an hour now I definitely am a subscriber now❤️❤️❤️

  5. Hey
    Love your videos.. you do a fantastic job . 😃
    My question is my hubby just got me a Embroidery machine.. and I’m starting out with napkins.. looking for a beautiful lettering.
    Or font .. for a fall tea party..
    where can I found lettering or designs on the web site ..
    thanks you so much looking for your next video..

  6. Awesome video girl. I’m trying to get into making the 5T shirts for my son and I’m wondering if the PE800 will do it? Also what are the multi needle machines that you use ? Keep up the talented work!

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