Top 10 High Valued Items Sold on Ebay July 2019 | Selling over $5000

Top 10 High Valued Items Sold on Ebay July 2019 | Selling over $5000

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every one reseller here and this is going to be your top 10 items sold in July of 2009 t know if everyone is having an amazing day so we're gonna go over the top 10 things sold high dollar value items sold july 2019 here in the American Cancer Society charity shop and already gonna see I'm gonna have some troubles I guess wearing a white shirt might not be a great a great idea here also I don't know what's going on with this piece of hair here so but anyways we're gonna go over some of the items that were sold on eBay the top the top we're gonna topped we're gonna do it to top top tops the top 10 things that are sold first off definitely go down there click the like button subscribe click the bell for notifications if you do to the channel I go over things that we sold here in the American Cancer Society charity shop I'm Kris reseller over 30 years all this stuff blah blah blah right you want to get into this stuff let's get into this stuff this was the top item sold this month this is PPI god I'm an already time already doing it pa pa J I think I said it right PJ it's not P I get it's not it's not PA get just don't say it that way it's poj I think polo this is all this is a 18 karat yellow gold woman's ladies watch now the thing with this thing is if it actually hat was in better condition it probably would have sold for more but we did take a best offer for $2,100 this was the highest price thing that we've sold this year $2,100 so basically look out for this brand now poj there's there's also like you know there's fakes and stuff out there so just make sure you know what you're doing this happens to be like a solid gold watch to my understanding so you know the the weight of the gold is basically what you know the reason why this watch went for so much and this is what the the back looks like as we can see here it's pretty dirty it's got some you know it's got heavy wear it's not perfect I mean it you know it's got you know paperwork and everything with it which was a help not to mention it had the box and all this kind of stuff extra cufflinks and things now I'm not sure whoever bought this is gonna basically either restore this or just scrap it for gold I have no idea but this was the best sale we've had this year so congratulations to Paula out of Stockton California if you're in the Stockton California area which is up north from Los Angeles definitely go and stop by there's lots of Discovery shops up there in Northern California speaking Apolo she had another great sale this was a patrick nagging 'el stereo Graf signed and numbered out of 250 for those that don't know this is a you know an 80s artist you know this is the 80 stuff has become very popular over the last ten years and Patrick Nagel is a artist that you should definitely look out for especially sign pieces some of the prints that aren't signed and aren't limited not so much but anything especially originals man originals can go for a ton of money and definitely he's got this he's got this very unique style as a matter of fact like what is it the take on me by aha you know that song I'm not gonna sing it don't make me sing it don't don't don't make me sing it but anyways it's kind of got that same style I won't even be surprised if I did my research thought he had something to do with that a particular music video it's like got you know it's like live-action and kind of sketchy cartoon and stuff so it's kind of the same style you know totally the 80s and just Patrick nagisa artists to look out for for sure we did take a best offer for this and let me look at my notes here for a total of six hundred and thirty nine dollars and eighty cents that was with shipping and all this stuff and it arrived safe and sound you know there was some issues with the frame but the person that purchased this I think is gonna restore this and put it in probably a better frame and all that stuff so like I said two great sales by Paula she really did an amazing job this month for sure next up we have this antique sterling silver set this is blacking tin and compass this was a 16 piece set sterling silver as you can see here sometimes you might come across this stuff out-of-state sales and pretty much estate sales they'll know what they have but basically if you look on the back here I think I took a picture if it says sterling on the back definitely take another look at whatever you're looking at you know sterling could be filled – it's called weighted so if you see sterling and it says weighted or loaded that means that it's usually silver it's not plated it's almost like a silver shell and then in the internal things inside it are usually concrete or some kind of other filling when it's weighted candlesticks are notorious for this so don't get excited when you see a sterling and it says weighted or loaded those two terminologies but if it says just sterling it's a pretty good indicator that it's just pure sterling and also we have the hallmarks here that had to had to do some research on this and huge shout out to the Facebook group that were able to lock that thing down and we did take a best offer for the total for this one was 313 dollars and 73 cents so definitely keep an eye out for this kind of stuff at estate sales you know sometimes you know you can find you know complete sets of these out-of-state sales usually they're gonna probably sell them per piece and depending on everything usually the brush in the mirror have the most silver weight content so if you can get those for a good price definitely try to look for those next up we have another art piece here from Leroy Nieman this is the Brooklyn Bridge hands signed print frame we did try to get $500 for this at one point as this this Leroy Newman is very well known in the art world he's not like super super popular but he's he's more popular than the stuff you're probably gonna find at Goodwill what am I doing here there we go and so what this was was a thing of the Brooklyn Bridge and you know obviously it's got the twin towers in the background from 9/11 so those aren't those don't exist anymore which brings you know makes this piece a little bit more for myself a little bit more memorable I did mention that in the in the description I think signed in sharpie beautiful signature not you know this this print is uh basically hasn't been in the sunlight so it wasn't ever ruined by UV light nice frame anyways we sat on this for a while we did take a best offer and it sold for a total of three hundred and six dollars and ninety nine cents and this was this one was kind of a pain in the ass to ship because I have different frame boxes for art and usually um the frame stuff is square this one happens to be rectangle so the longness of this I had to kind of Frankenstein uh in addition to one of my boxes to get this dumb oh but I have a couple of videos on how to ship art and if I can remember I'll put them right here I'll put one of them right there if I can remember I doubt I remember I don't have a pen to write it down oh well my slow blip my son little bit my slow brain say there you go it's slow it's slowing down well definitely not remember but anyways I digress next up we have this Eternity for men and the reason why I put this is we had 12 of these we talked about this in the last two videos that a lady that did schwag bags for the Academy Awards basically donated a bunch of this kind of stuff to us we're still kind of selling through this sold through real quick at the price point of nineteen ninety-eight though we did sell a few of them at twenty four ninety eight our $24.99 I should say all twelve of them sold very quickly I think for resale I think if if you put this in a retail setting you would probably like like a Macy's or something you can probably get fifty or sixty bucks each for these and I think that's what happened as these were authentic pieces as we can see here if we can thumb through you know definitely authentic he says these aren't knockoffs and one guy bought five of them and that was like over $100 sale so like I said people probably own shop they can easily double their money you can easily sell this for $40 in a like I said a boutique or something like that and so these sold through very quick as a matter of fact the total on all 12 pieces let me see here we made two hundred and eighty-seven dollars and nine cents on the twelve pieces and that's total with everything including shipping with that so a really good sale really good stuff this sold through real quick and I've talked at nauseam about perfumes and colognes to their their sleepers for sure and you can find them even ones that are like half full if you can get some rare ones out-of-state sales and things like that are definitely things to pick up sure next up we have this Oscar de la Renta brooch pin and glass enamel all the fun keywords there as we could see here this one went up for auction this is a beautiful piece obviously a vintage piece here beautiful Oscar de la Renta autographs this was at a Pleasanton California huge shout-out to Pleasanton they had some pretty good sales this month as we can see here let's take another look at the mark there that's what the hallmark is gonna look like it's gonna say Oscar de la Renta if you don't know what that looks like that's what that looks like it's gonna be like a little squiggly signature but if those have been in the jewelry game we'll recognize that made in the USA of course and we this did go on auction and I'm gonna do a video pretty soon about the importance of auctions I think auctions are pretty much dead as far as a reseller community but I'm gonna say right now that I've been experimenting with auctions and I have some really good tips so if you're not subscribed to the channel you should probably subscribe and click the bell for notifications for anytime I go live and we'll be covering that stuff in a future date so the total with everything this is sold for two hundred and sixty four dollars and ninety nine cents this is a great sale and like I said brooches even if they don't if they're gold-tone or silvertone or whatever some of the vintage ones still go for a pretty good amount of money and just don't count on the the gold content or whatever or being able to get some good money for the guy huge this thing is and this this lady's hand huge next up is this world war 1 trench periscope for those of them know what a periscope is it's basically like a binocular that has a long tube that you don't get your head blown off when you're looking through it so if you're in a trench which is basically a fancy name for a squared hole you can look out of the trench without getting your head blown off and basically that's what this is it was a nice piece these are sleeper items to World War one items in World War two items you can find them every once in a while out of state sales and garage sales and things this one had its case and there's our shop if you want to come visit but basically this was in pretty good condition you might say oh this thing actually looks pretty beat up but for being like you know over almost over 100 actually over 100 years old it's in pretty good shape it works pretty well the lenses and the glass aren't broken or anything and as you could see here it says a trench periscope all this stuff is model 1918 so this is just over you know a hundred years old unless this was manufactured after that and they just that this has happens to be the model 1918 as we could see here it's got all the hallmarks and so this is pretty easy to research I've seen these things go for between you know a hundred to four hundred dollars depending on condition for as far as these conditions or everything but we still get it we still got a pretty good amount of money for this and I did try to list it for 300 and we had it up for a while before we did take a best offer for a total of two hundred and $13.99 so this was a pretty good sale next up we have this Kate Spade bag this is an El purse handbag all the key words there I would have probably stuffed another couple of key words into this but a heat cell from Eureka California so a huge shout out to them the great purse knew what tags Kate Spade I'm not like a huge fan of Kate Spade as you know some of the stuff doesn't sell but the handbags and things that are you know very unique in the Kate Spade world definitely go for a pretty good amount of money so definitely keep an eye on that now I don't think Kate Spade stuff necessarily is counterfeited as much as like Gucci and Prada and all that stuff but definitely be warned and just to double-check everything before you purchase something if you especially if you're at a flea market I don't know what it is the flea markets but those are the places where you know they sell the knockoffs quite frequently we did sell this for a total of two hundred and ten dollars that's what's shipping and everything so great sale to Eureka very unique item owls are pretty big in the whatever I don't even know what you call it the animal community it's for people that collect animals eles owls are definitely one of those animals that like you know like elephants too or another big seller in the animal category but anyways yeah so definitely check that out next up we have this kevin harvick signed replica helmet this isn't a real helmet it looks like a real helmet it's the size of a real helmet it's just not a real helmet that you should be wearing and I think I actually took a photo of that part yeah see it says replica helmet not for use it's like pretty much like a real helmet except where you can't put it on there's this crazy plastic piece that's like embedded in there and so which is basically protecting the company from that being sued in case you know you're like oh this is a I can use this helmet and then you died from head trauma and then you try to sue the company and they're like this isn't a real helmet duh but anyways I thought it was actually really clever that they put that piece in there a huge shout-out to uh that company he shot to Bakersfield also I guess one of the managers went to school with Kevin Harvick so he's donating stuff at the Bakersfield shop all the time so if you're in Bakersfield which is very much north of Los Angeles maybe like an hour and a half out maybe two hours out of Los Angeles definitely go and stop by if you're in the Bakersfield area and we sold two of these there was another one I didn't show it because why show the same thing we basically got the same exact price for both of them one was a red one one was a white one we did take a best offer for this in this sold for a total of 200 and $1.35 both of them went exactly for that same price and I'm not sure I have to go and check but I don't think it was to the same customer bottom twice or audit one after the other cuz this sold like a week before the last ones sold so I'll have to double check that but I think there was two separate buyers but they paid exactly did they did a send a best offer and paid exactly what they did for it I don't know what I'm talking about you start I'm like I'm all keeper confused today next up is this Star Wars Destiny sealed lot thingamabob we got this huge collection of board games and I got very excited because when we got the donation there was like 16 boxes just filled of sealed things and I was so excited because I saw this first box I open it up and there was all the Star Wars stuff and it was all sealed now I was like oh man and this stuff's got to be worth a ton of money so I was very excited than when I went through all the other boxes they were like all used pretty much 90% of the stuff was used board games that weren't really worth much so I kind of got excited but then anyways I went to look these up and they weren't actually going for that much money and so I don't know what it is it's kind of like a dice collectible card game thing it's not very popular so if I was unguided in Amazon this would have been a great thing for this particular brand now this particular company that makes this stuff has locked this kind of brand down so you have to have an invoice you have to sell this stuff to be able to sell this on you have to have a store with an invoice to basically sell this stuff on Amazon which we didn't so Amazon would have been a great place to source this or sell it if we were unguided but it was just better just to sell it off as a lot and is which we did so whoever bought this got a good deal if they were gonna turn around and resell or if it was a collector that wanted to buy this as you know for their collection and the person that bought it I looked at their eBay store and they sell the individual little cards and dice that come in these things so I'm pretty sure this is for resale it'll probably double their money once they open it up and do all that hard work of listing and finding and all that stuff which we weren't gonna do this was a huge box that was in my room and we got as much as I felt we could possibly get for it and like I said if you're not following us on eBay go down there click the link there's good deals in there for resale so go down there click the link if the link doesn't work let me know I've heard people saying the the American Cancer Society eBay shop link doesn't work but when I click it it works so it could be something on there and it could be something YouTube's doing to me I have no idea but let me know in the comments below if you can go click down there and check that out well once again I'm reseller here on that's the wrong guy I'm reseller on steam it I was just doing a video for that Christopher shut posture that's why that's what I meant to say anyways oh man I forgot I had the white shirt on anyways ever hope everyone has a great week and we'll have another video tomorrow so take care and happy sales

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  1. I totally remember watching that Take On Me video on MTV in the 80’s, and I can see that style in the painting you showed too! Congrats on the sales, I love history and thought the carrying case was cool, and kudos to “Happy Harvick” for the donations! Looking forward to the live tonight!

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