Top 15 WINNING Shopify Products To Dropship In 2019

Top 15 WINNING Shopify Products To Dropship In 2019

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so literally going crazy recently with my product research not found so so many potential winning products and what I thought I'd do is I've compiled these winning products into the top 15 and what we're gonna do is cover them one by one in this video now obviously I've got strong evidence to support these claims because each products I've got upside down they add so you can see the engagement how many likes comments shares and so forth so you can see that it's going viral and it is successful for a store currently and also you get see the actual store itself the video ad everything's going to be revealed so you're gonna see 15 potential winning products that you can sell right now so let's not waste any more time let's go into my laptop now and let's cover these 15 winning products okay so the first product is this knee brace here as you can see in the video and what it does is essentially support your knee so people who have physical jobs or who have bad knees would definitely need something like this so to solve the purpose and solves a problem for these people so that is who your target audience is somebody who suffers with knee pains or knee joints and so forth and it can actually improve the extension of your leg so and as you can see here the video adds a really good quality they've got lots of different footage it looks like they've compiled multiple different sources of content from YouTube and so forth to create a really compelling video ad and if we just check out the engagement here you can see it's going pretty viable thousands of comments likes and shares so it's this obviously evidence that it's successful for this store so if we just check out the product page for the store as you can see there like a general store here so they're selling it for 72 pounds it's quite a high ticket item it's not really cheap but if it solves a problem and you've got a market for it then it can definitely be a winning product as you can see they put a lot of effort into the product with testimonials so this again is and more evidence that they're currently scaling this product and it's a winning product for this store okay so the next winning products is this golf device and what it does is it tells you how far away your hole is so give you the feet away or the yards to your hole and you look through it a telescope and it gives you these this data about the course and stuff so it definitely solves a problem for passionate golf players so obviously the target audience for this product is really easy you just target golfers people are passionate about golf so it's kind of like a combination of a passion product plus a problem-solving product as it obviously improves the quality of that game and will make them better because they can understand how far away the hole is so we just have a quick look at the engagement here as you can see it's going pretty viral not as far as the other one that's because the market for this product is smaller because obviously not as many people are going to be passionate this passionate about golf to buy a product like this however it does solve a problem and will help take golfers game to that next level so if you can sell them on that then you can definitely turn this into a winning product just quickly check out the store here as you can see they're selling it again it's quite a high ticket item run didn't $29 and as I've said before in previous videos sometimes higher to Gardens perform better because you can spend much much more to acquire a customer as opposed to a really cheap like twenty dollar product again they've put a lot of effort into that product description they've got like gifts and stuff looks like a pretty neat Shopify store here so I'm pretty sure this is a winning product for them okay so the next product here is this baby product now baby product sell really well if you can get to the right audience in front of new mothers because obviously mothers are going to want to take care of their newborn baby now what this product is is essentially a baby float with a seat belt on so the baby can't fall out of it and drowned so it's like a safety float specifically for baby so it's quite innovative it's something new so if you get a great video ad like this one here you can definitely turn this into a winning product and put it in front of mothers who've just obviously given birth and have a baby and you can target that through Facebook demographics so if we just check out the engagement here as you can see it's got three point six thousand likes thousands of comments and thousands of shares so it's definitely going viral it's a winning product for this store so if we just hop in and check out the landing page product page for this store here as you can see it's definitely a drop shipping store selling for $69 again not a cheap product a high margin product so you can definitely go ahead and spend quite a lot to acquire customer for product like this as you can see again they've got videos on the product page now this is really good to have videos it definitely increases conversion rates I'll definitely think about implementing that on your own store you can see they've put a lot of effort with their product description loads of information loads of pictures and stuff really gonna stimulate that emotional response in the customer and trigger them to actually make the purchase from your store okay so the next product is this security HD camera and what it does it connects to your phone and send you notifications automatically when someone's trying to break into your homes this is a great product and solves the problem of kind of security issues and worrying about people breaking into your home now a lot of people take a lot of pride in their home and protecting that family so this is a great product that you can sell to them and if you really pinpoint that in your sales pitch and your video add a ad copy and so forth you could definitely turn this product into a winning product for your store and produced check out the engagement here you'll see that 5,000 likes or hundreds of shares hundreds of comments over a thousand shares it's clearly a winning product it's going viral for this store if we just quickly check out the product page here as you can see it's quite a nice-looking store doesn't look like your typical dropship in-store looks like they using a different type of theme but as you can see here they've got like quantity breaks and stuff to increase their average order value so that's good and a lot of gifts and a decent product description and again the products quite a high ticket item it's not a stupidly cheap so it's almost sixty pounds here and sort of probably a decent margin on this product as I've said before it's better selling like 50 60 dollar products as opposed to like 15 20 dollar products because you can spend way more to acquire a customer okay so this net product here is like AIT's a different variation of the selfie stick so enables you to take selfies and connect it to like polls and stuff so it's great for people who are traveling who need to take photos of themselves selfie stick few years back went viral they made millions off of that so selling a similar type of product could definitely be a winning product for your store and it is for this store here so if we just check out the engagement here as you can see it's going viral for this store thousands and thousands of lights like hundreds of comments mistake injured shares so clearly this product here is a winning product for this store and for targeting for a product like this you want to try to target up backpackers solo backpackers travelers photographers people have mobile phones there's a huge huge market for products like this so can gain traction with this product you'll have huge scaling potential so it's definitely one that you can make a lot of money with if we just check out the product page here you can see it looks like a general store like supreme travel gear so like a travel niche generalized store type you can see they've got really good product description like images followed by text with bolded out text so they're really not selling the product well I'm guessing they've probably got loads of reviews down here as well yep quite a few probably could do with having more reviews than that but they've got great product description so that's clear indicator that they're that they're scaling this product further wise they wouldn't put so much effort in okay so this next product is in the fishing niche and what it is is essentially upon the net thing that you chuck out and catch lots and lots of fish so this is obviously aimed at people who are passionate about fishing so again it seems to that golf product that I mentioned earlier in the fact that it's a passion product and a problem-solving product enables you to catch lots of fish at the same time so that'd be an unique selling point and obviously your target people are passionate about fishing on Facebook and there's a huge huge market for fishers literally tens if not hundreds of millions of people worldwide notes you can see here there's literally thousands of likes and comments and shares so it's obviously doing well it's only three weeks old almost 300,000 views already they're definitely profitable and making good money selling this product if we just check out the store here it's called every bundle so obviously this is a general store so really doesn't matter general stores and one product stores and these stores all do while it's really just about the products and having a great product description and offer and obviously a great video ad so you can see they've got gifts and stuff they seem to be working pretty well at the minute decent product description really selling the product and then obviously lots of reviews about the products that the product sells for $20 so to low margin product going to be hard to scale and unless you rank up the average order value by trying to sell more the same product or similar products within the fishing niche okay so this next product here is in the pet niche now if you can get a product successful in the dog niche you can literally scale for months and months and months because there's just a huge mark out there and people love buying stuff for that pets so this is like a toilet for dogs or Matt we're dogs we on and it's an easy solution to clean it up and to keep your house clean so that would be your selling point your unique selling point to your customer you've got to really sell them on that to get them to impulse buy from your store again if we just check out the engagement clearly going viral for this stuff in thousands of comments likes and shares launched three months ago so it's doing really well 2.8 million views already and if we just check out the store here so it sells for $30 so it's quite a low fairly low ticket item I'm sure you can get it from super cheap off Aliexpress you can get a decent margin on that product you could also easily like sell two of these or three of these to get that average order value or you can see they're doing that there with the minimum quantity incentivizing the discount now for people who've bought more than one going good product description with gifts and stuff and images which is great and helps boost conversion rates haven't got any reviews by the looks of it but they have copied and pasted some of that comments again this is a really good thing to do in terms of boosting your conversion rate so once you've built up some comments screenshot it and put it on your product page really makes your store look more credible and we'll obviously boost those conversion rates which is what you need so again another product within the pet niche so this is like a claw Plock app for dogs so when the calls get too long use it – obviously clip pull up the claws of your pets and this can be a huge problem for pet owners they don't know how to do it so this is a good solution for that and this is really did blow and go climbing like it's got over 20,000 comments this add Azhar it's 100 percent of winning product for this store in the probably making I reckon easily like three four hundred grand a month from this ad so as you can see the engagement here twenty thousand likes seventeen thousand comments almost 15,000 shares eight million views in just three months so the clearly doing very very well and the story is called pet stream so it's a niche store based around pet products again I'm pretty sure they using the Brooklyn theme sells for thirty eight ninety-nine quite expensive really for what the product is so I'm guessing there's a huge margin and to be made on this product so the probably spending they can spend a decent amount to acquire customers again good product description seems to be a recurrent thing with all these winning products all the stores have a very kind of in-depth product description so it's bear that in mind when you start to scale a product make sure you get that product description it really good with videos gifts images clear description of what the product does and it will will enable you to scalp harder and for longer okay so the next winning products is this hair curler device so it's targeted to at women obviously who want to curl the hair and have a cheap and easy solution for that so any products which are in the beauty nation involve improving self-image to sell really really well because obviously people just love to improve their self-image in look better than always turn out so I didn't see this video out they've got people using the product which is great you need that in your video ads nowadays it looks sort of curated content from multiple sources from what YouTube and probably other people's ads and then kind of combined it together to produce this great video ad if we just check out the engagement here as you can see again thousands of lights thousands of comments thousands of shares so this is clearly a winning product for they store any launched two months ago ten million views already so it's blowing up for this store it's called meet new gadgets if we just go on through the store here it looks like they're using the Brooklyn theme which is a good thing that converts while and it's a free theme nice big Buy Now button and very long and in-depth product description really selling the product lots of images which is great and they've got pictures of celebrities with the product here a game she's been a really conversion rate and creditability okay so the next product here is this foot cleaner and what it does is essentially you put it in the shower and you rub your foot through it so it cleans your foot so obviously this solves the problem for people with smelly or dirty feet so definitely serves a purpose and you could definitely find buyers for this product however the targeting might be a bit difficult because it's not like an obvious passion product it's got not an obvious audience you just have to test the loads of different interests for this product and to see what works if you just check out the engagement here your what you'll notice that it's getting crazy engagement of 13 thousand likes 3.4 thousand comments and over 6 thousand shares with 3 million views in just the last two months so is a current winning product is going viral for this store if we just check out the product page here again I'm pretty sure they're using the Brooklyn theme there seems to be a recurring thing with winning products and stores using the Brooklyn theme which is crazy because it is a free themes that just goes to show you don't necessarily need to spend loads of money on a paid theme to achieve success with drop shipping again and they've got gifts seems to be another recurring theme where where stores that are scaling winning products have gifts or moving pictures on their product pages obvious is working really well at the minute so definitely implement that on yours again a good long product description and then plenty of reviews down here okay so this next product is in the house from nation essentially a map that you lie on which supports your back and this approach to kind of improve your posture and stuffin and things within your back so these sort of products that the minotaur go in really viral so things like posture correctors and anything to do with improving your lock back structure and so forth sell really really well if you combine that with a great video ad like this one here which clearly showcase in what the product does it's got text overlay if you can do this for your store then you have a massive chance at succeeding with products in this niche so if you just check out the engagement here as you can see it was only launched on friday so there's just a couple of days ago however already it's doing pretty well it's not as obviously as viral as the other ones but it got quite a lot of likes shares 43,000 views so it's definitely probably just starting to take off for this store here so I think if you jump on now you could have a chance at succeeding with this product before it gets too saturated again if we look at the product page as you can see as usual they've got moving images or gifts on their product page obviously these help with conversion rates because everybody's using it they've got sticky Add to Cart button up here and more gifts and I've got a lot proper like landing page style thing at the bottom here which is obviously great in helping their conversion rates and this is actually a one product store that the stores called lunar matte so the whole store is based around this particular product so I think most like that are probably tested this product in a general store and then transitioned it into a one product store this lunar matte store to then scale it further so I definitely recommend jumping on this product now okay so this next products about removing hair from your back and a lot of men have this issue and obviously it's hard to shave the back of your back with just a normal shade shaver because it's too small so this product serves that problem and it's got a lot longer handle and it's easy to just kind of rub and shave off those hairs so products about this again that you need to have a unique selling point they sell really well through facebook ads if you use a video ad like this what really shows the product in action and stimulates that impulse buy for the customer so they're just click on your ad and make that purchase there and then without kind of researching too much and as you can see it's going reasonably viral for this store so launched a week ago already got 123 thousand views 165 likes almost 500 comments 66 shares so it's probably just starting to take off for this store so again it'd be a good time to jump in on this product before everybody else does okay so this next product is like a kitchen gadget and products like this sell really really well especially if you hit the right audiences because anything that involves innovating the process in the kitchen they can speed up or make cooking safer people just want to buy this and add it to their collection of kitchen gadgets at their home so obviously again a great video add text overlay and obviously sharing people using this within the kitchen and if we just check out the engagement here you'll see it's going pretty viral fallish store only in two months it's got four point two million views twenty-three thousand lights one thousand five two comments almost nine thousand shares so clearly they're making a lot of money from this product so here's this store here so quite a weird-looking store weird background color blue black round box it's working for them lots of images videos and stuff and demo images giving kind of what the product does within the description so it's very kind of visual as opposed to just loads of text listed game which works really well for conversion rates and looks other lute using loops reviews and to add in lots of reviews for the product so that's good so essentially the three most important things are the great product great video ad and a great product description if you can nail all these things and get your product to the right people then you can definitely have a winning product the scale for months and finally this last product here essentially what it is is like a simple bit of rubber that you put over a damaged pipe thermos so it basically just fills in the damaged hole to provide a cheap and quick solution to a damaged pipe or hole in something so again very simple product probably a low ticket product due to its simplicity it's not gonna be sold for like fifty sixty dollars probably and resold for fifteen twenty dollars however he could easily increase your AR v with the product like this squishes obviously people are gonna want to buy more than one if we just check out the engagement here it's going pretty viral launched just frøydis a few days ago it's already got almost a quarter of a million views thousands of Lights naughty comment six hundred shares so it's going pretty viral for these products so it's probably just at that point where it's gonna really take off before this store so definitely jump on the knife here thinking about getting in into this niche if we just check out the product page here so nice big green Add to Cart button which is good as I said yet it's like $20.00 or sixteen pounds for the product well here they're clearly trying to get that I've read you all the value or boy having the quantity breaks up in here and to really get people to buy more of the same product for a volume discount so that's a great way to get people to buy more of the same product really news to lysing this to its poor potential here again gifts on the product page obviously it's working very well lots of text and images followed by more text and more images than just some instructions and what's included in the package and then there again they're trying to increase the ARV here which is good and down here they've got some reviews again which is good I'd definitely rather have picked reviews though of people actually using the product thought that converts better than just text reviews it's got a good foot to here so what you've noticed about a lot of these stores a lot of them is just general stores with normal product pages but they've really gone to a town on their product descriptions really selling the product using lots of images so bear that in mind and really implement that into your own store thanks down to the end guys I know it's been a long video but remember to understand exactly why these 15 products that I've gone through or winning products for the stores that I've shown and if you like this video be sure to leave a like and a comment down below subscribe turn on notifications if you're new here so you know exactly where my next video is coming out so I'm going to be bashing out a lot more content now regularly every single week so stay tuned for that and I'll see you very soon in the next video

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  1. Obviously, all those products are already saturated, right?
    I believe that is not good to go in with winning products that already have enough engagement right?
    I would like to know for a product that we sell $60-70-80 how we start with $5 ads or need more? I would like to know about how to estimate the ads costs according to selling price!

  2. Fishing net is really a very profitable niche. I started selling these nets a month back and I've scaled it to around $1k. The main thing is that people buy 2-3 fishing nets at a time. And also I've priced the same fishing nets at 35$ and yet people keep on buying. No difference in sale.

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