Top 25 WINNING Products To Sell Right NOW In 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

Top 25 WINNING Products To Sell Right NOW In 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

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Top 25 WINNING Products To Sell Right NOW In 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping 🤑
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This video will show you 25 potential winning Shopify products to test on your dropshipping store. I explain why it’s a winning products, go over Facebook ads targeting and also show the Aliexpress supplier. There is a consultation call giveaway chosen at random for someone who has liked, subscribed and comments down below! This is a great shopify tutorial for beginners. Watch till the end to get ahead of the competition!

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I'm about to show you 25 winning products for you to sell right now let's go hey always a people issue boy the econ was a back again for another video and today guys I'm about to show you 25 winning shot before products that you can go ahead and test right now guys apologies for the lack of uploads in the past two weeks or so I have been traveling and I haven't had my camera with me so I did not have time to film any content from now on I can promise you guys there is going to be two videos every single week and they're gonna be long kinda similar to this one as I know you guys enjoy the more longer videos as they are much more valuable if this is your first time watching where the hell have you been please make sure you go ahead and smash that sub button for me and drop a like on this video and also a comment on this video as it does help me and more people can actually see my channel as I've been away for a while guys I'm going to be giving away two free consulting calls on this video all you have to do to enter that is make sure you go ahead and smash a like on this video make sure you go ahead and sub to the best film in the world which is of course the Wiz fam and lastly comment down below Wiz fam is the best farm we're taking it back all the way over to the old school saying Wiz fam is the best farm comment that down below spam it down below and you'll be entered into the 30 minute concerning cool giveaway where two winners will be chosen at random so without further ado let's stop wasting time and get straight into it guys please pay attention all the way through to the end and watch the whole video because for each product I'm going to be showing you the actual Facebook ad I'm also going to be showing you the actual page on Aliexpress and lastly I'm going to mention some types of target in which I would use for the exact product right people say the first product is these veneers here and I've seen these veneers come around every single year and go viral year-on-year and basically they are kind of like snap-on veneers for people who have like you know gaps in that t4 have broken teeth and stuff and it literally gives them a whole new look now veneers as you guys know are very very expensive you know they can cost grams and grand you know $5,000 even more so this is kind of like a cheap alternative a universal fit for absolutely everyone so for stuff like this I would target teeth dentist all of those types of things and you know toothpaste all that types of stuff and basically try to get people who want to have great looking teeth now you can see this ad was posted on Thursday guys and it has literally had 753 comments already and over 1,000 shares which is absolutely crazy so I'm going to go ahead and show you guys the Aliexpress page so here's the page on Aliexpress guys they are literally two dollars forty three plus about free dollars shipping also there's going to be loads of suppliers for this on Aliexpress just make sure you're getting ones with decent reviews and stuff like that this has five styles but it's only got one review but there's a tons of suppliers out there on Aliexpress that obviously supply this product so there's great margins in it you can easily sell this product for around $30 or $25 if you wanted to cut it a little bit sure and the margins are there to scale so that is the first product done we are going to move on to the second right people onto the second product now and this is some sofa covers which has went absolutely crazy I'm going to show you guys the video now let me just turn it down a little bit and basically it's kind of I think they're like some water proof kind of seat cover so you can basically change the coloring of your seat which is absolutely amazing you know it looks quite cool and now very quick to set up so you know it's kind of like a quick fix doesn't take hours and hours you can see this ad was posted last Wednesday and it's literally already had over a million views over a thousand comments and over 3,000 shares so this ad is absolutely going viral they have blown this product off and with regards to targeting you want to be targeting last sofas maybe brands like DFS I'm not too sure what American Surfer brands are but that's like a big brand in the UK but try to find sofa brands sofas cushions all of those types of interests and then go ahead and run this product so onto the Aliexpress page now guys and obviously this product has a ton of different variants it literally varies from like $10 to $17 to $25 obviously depending on what sizes you want so you know if it's a one-seater sofa you can get it for $12 if it's a 2 CR or 3 CR it's around 17 to 20 dollars which is you know mainly what most people will have a two to three seater sofa so you can go ahead and also a lot of people will be buying multiple of this product you know people don't just have one sofa in the living room chances are they've got a 2 C or in a one-seater or a 3 C or on a 2 C R so you can make a ton of money on this and obviously add up quantity breaks and stuff like that so with gang we are now onto the third product now this is basically a magic broom I'm just going to turn it down and I've seen this product go viral it is basically like a broom but instead of it being a normal broom it's got rubber bristles on the end right which makes it really really good and useful for picking up you know other material like you can see on the video so this was posted about two weeks ago it's had 150 cave views and the engagement for this one has been great you know has had nearly 500 comments and over 600 shares and I've looked down the comments they are great as well for this product guys I would put a spin on it now I would use the same product but I would market it to pet lovers and the reason why is because pet lovers dog and cat owners they suffer from having hairs everywhere around their house you know dogs that shed a lot like maybe German Shepherds or something they leave a lot of hair around and if you've got carpet it can be very hard to get off and with this broom instead of just marketing it to absolutely everyone I would probably market it to pet lover so I would target things like dogs pets Petco I would also target some dog breeds like German Shepherd I don't know Bulldogs and stuff Google which dog shed the most and target those and that would I think be a very good way and narrative to actually target this product so onto the Aliexpress page guys and this is about $10 for this product and you can ship it free for a packet there's probably going to be a few more supplies but you can see the reviews on this product are great literally over 30 reviews and 4.9 stars so the product does actually work you can see they've got video as well if you if you wanted to take bits from that I would go ahead and sell this product for they're out $27.99 and that's a realistic price for something like this you know or even you could push for $29.99 but I wouldn't really go to much higher than that but that is it for this product guys we're gonna move onto the neck onto product number four now guys and this is another peptide product this is a super cool product man I wanted to actually advertise this myself but I've just been away traveling so I haven't had time to do it and basically what it is is your pet can imprint their pore on to like a frame or something you can basically go ahead and frame it and put it up in your living room or whatever super cool product and people love stuff like this because it is personalized personalized stuff literally blows up on a lot of Facebook ads because you know it's custom to the actual owner so their own dog paw will be in their own house and they you know they really feel that kind of connection between them both you can see within two weeks it's at half a million views 637 comments at over a thousand shares you can see the comment one of the comments up here says oh I love this what a great idea so it's a very good product and I think pet lovers would love this you know again similar to the last product just go ahead and target pet lovers you know dog lovers cat lovers their actual interest cats dogs everything like that and just spam the hell out of it and try find every pet lover on onto product number five now guys and this is a CREP maker I don't really like creps or whatever they're called crepes crepes whatever it is but it's basically an automatic crepes make so instead of having to fry on my thing and get a load of mess you literally put the paste in a bowl go ahead and dip this thing in and it literally makes them there and then so you can see this product is super cool it literally saves the person so much time you know not having to get a pan messy all of that stuff and within two weeks it's had kind of a million views also a ton of engagement and I've seen the comments you know this is very very good so obviously if you're trying to target stuff like this you want to target crepes croissants I think they're called any sort of pastry goods cooking all of that good stuff cooking pan all of that good stuff and you can get this product for around $22 on Aliexpress twenty two to twenty three dollars so you want to be kind of two point five that times it by 2.53 would probably be a little bit too much but you could probably try it but I would probably go ahead and sell this for around 55 to 59 dollars leave yourself you know around kind of $30 margin or $35 margin mine is kind of 15 to $20 conversions and then you leave yourself with kind of $10 profit or so which is very very good per unit so onto product number six now guys and these have been absolutely blowing up lately there are basically food preservation trays and within two weeks you know they've had over a million views and the comments on these have went crazy I have however found one problem is that they are too expensive so what would attempt you guys to do is actually buy these in bulk get them shipped to a fulfillment center and try get a lot cheaper rates because you can see either one of the comments here with great idea but too expensive so you need to try sauce this product a little bit cheaper and get it out there and undercut these people and I think it would absolutely blow so for targeting guys all the target things like cling film foil mainly because this product is a substitute for both of them so you know instead of having to keep buying rolls of cling film and foil you could go ahead and basically just buy some of these trays and not have to worry about that again also again target things like cooking love cooking recipes those those types of people would obviously like this product now entrepreneur number seven guys and I hope you guys are having fun so far now this is the lovely wine necklace these guys absolutely blew this product off and it is super cool they've targeted a passionate audience which is of course wine lovers you know women men a lot of people love wine but obviously this is a necklace for women however it looks very sparkly it looks very cool and they have crushed it with a simple picture ad cause they have not doing some crazy video of a woman they've literally done a picture ad and I would recommend doing like a collage for this using PicMonkey or Photoshop and obviously go ahead and target wine brands you know I don't know too many wine runs off the top of my head but just google wine brands and seal also target wine in itself and wine lovers if that is one but basically you want to be targeting a load of wine brands red wine and white wine all of that types of things would be very very good so moving on to the Aliexpress page guys you can literally get this for around $5 or so and to me it is worth minimum $20 to $25 it looks quite premium with the kind of the rose gold look to it if it came in a nice box you know you could easily sell this for kind of $25 give yourself $20 margins aim for kind of $10 conversions and again you've got yourself $10 profit per unit now moving on to product number eight guys and this is the aquarium volcano kit and it's basically like a fake volcano in your fish tank this product is super cool I would have loved this as a kid because I actually did used to own some fishes in a fish tank but for these guys you obviously want to be targeting fish tank ornament those types of things and try basically get people who have fish so for this product guys is around $13 to buy I would go ahead and sell this for kind of probably around 30 $4.99 or somewhere around then it does have a bit of perceived value to do it you know it doesn't look like it's built cheaply and people have prepared to pay kind of $25 $29 for an ornament right you know it's a working ornament it's a volcano so I would price it for around thirty four dollars or thirty five dollars and obviously target the things I mentioned want to put up number nine guys and this is the portable piano a super cool product for someone who loves piano or is learning how to use a piano and this is a very very good product you know this actually blew and because people were actually able to take that piano everywhere you know pianos are usually like big things they weigh a lot whereas this is actually a foldable one so for this you would obviously want to go ahead into Facebook interest try Target grand piano piano lessons piano Google piano brands and stuff like that and that would be very very good for this product now you can get this portable piano for around $20 $23 or so I would minimum go ahead and sell this for around $55 or so it has that perceived value again pianos are not cheap especially one which is portable some you guys go ahead and check this product out product number ten guys is these wind chimes and these are so so cool for your garden they're very nice at night and especially when there's a bit of wind I actually looked down the comments for this product and a ton of people was saying they actually liked it and basically it's just like some wind chimes with like an LED light you know but for this guy's you obviously want to target people like who love gardening garden garden magazine DIY house design old home there call all of those good interests and this is a very great product that people will look for the summer because everyone likes to chill in that garden for the summer so make sure you go ahead and check this out this product can be bought for around $13 or so it is very very good again make sure you just go ahead and do it by like 2.5 or 3 and make sure you have enough margins in it onto product number 11 now guys and this is the kitchen organized that my Matt just booked out and lost a ton of footage on my screen record for some reason so I've had to do it all again but I'm gonna get it done for you guys so for this product guys I would literally go ahead and target like kitchen cutlery all of those types of things as that is what like the product is to do with and I'm gonna go ahead and show you the Aliexpress page now so this product cost anywhere from 10 to 13 dollars guys it is a very good product you know just 3 X 8 as we mentioned before I'm gonna go on and show you the next product now this product is super cool and it is basically a problem-solving product so it obviously helps people solve the problem from getting sunstroke sunburn and all of those types of things you can see it has had crazy engagement over 3,000 comments over 14,000 shares which is absolutely crazy and basically what you want to be doing is targeting people who suffer from those things so targets sunstroke if that's an interest Sun screen and some screen brands anyone who works outside like gardeners for example in the heat as they're you know exposed to obviously sun rays and stuff a lot and that is what I would target for this product here the product is on Aliexpress cars you can literally get it for one dollar fifty to one dollar sixty plus shipping so it's gonna come up to around four dollars or so and you can easily sell this product for $20 so go ahead and check this out here's product number 13 guys and this is basically a streamer attachment it attaches to your streamer for your garden and is very very good it works very well it's done well on Facebook because obviously it's the summer will come into the summer and everyone knows chili in that garden so for targeting on this I would literally go ahead and target garden in garden design house and Garden magazine and what makes this product so while is that it saves them time you know it helps them basically mow that lawn or trim their lawn and edges a lot easier and a lot more efficient than other things do so on Aliexpress cause that thing cost about $10 or so I would go ahead and sell this for probably around $30 also you know three times your margins and I am sure this would sell at that price you can see the reviews on this is a 208 your reviews all at 4.8 roughly stars on average so you can see the reviews of it are very very good want to product number 14 and this is basically a waist slimmer waist shape up fit shaper whatever you want to call it and these are doing very well recently because obviously women like to look good in the summer in the daytime not on when they go out and obviously what it does is basically just makes them appear slimmer more body confident and stuff like that so for this is obviously quite a broad product but I will target things like corset and stuff like that and cause that is basically similar to obviously the products as well so the product on Aliexpress cost around seven dollars or so and you can easily get away with Sun is for around $22 or so you know it's a problem-solving product and it's a product which women are going to see and think I want that immediately it will make me feel amazing and it will also make me look amazing here's product number 15 out guys and again you want to be targeting pet lovers for this one dog lovers dog magazines dog breeds dog charities hot dogs dogs trust in the UK as a massive one and basically it is a lead for people who have more than one dog so obviously they stops that dog from running off and keeps them safe but obviously for people who have more than one dog so it's a very good product the engagement on this term very wise had 2k comments 1.5 K shares and it is a very good product now this product for the link I found is very expensive it's not $28 you can probably get this product for around $20 somewhere I know you can't find it cheaper somewhere for maybe twenty two dollars but you want to be selling this for around $55 or so and that would be a good price point in my opinion to sell this product app now moving on to the 16th product guys and this is a very good one because it's a problem-solving product people obviously when they go to the park with their dog or whatever they are scared of other bigger dogs coming over and harassing their smaller dogs or scared of their dog running away basically so what you can do is basically have this tent which keeps that dog safe and enclosed but they can still enjoy the part and the wind and whatever else is there so very good product it's also waterproof as well and this product is more of a medium ticket item you know you can sell it for around I think $55 or so I know someone who made about 15,000 from this product and they were signing around $50 to $55 so it's a very very good product here's the product Aliexpress guys you can see it here for around 72 $22 very very good product and it has a lot more margins to work with them like cheaper products so you can see there is you know around $30 to play with or $35 depending on the price you sell it out to play with profit margin aim for conversions anywhere from kind of $15 to $20 and then you will have about $10 profit so you are in the money I want to product number 70 now guys and this is such a cool product it is basic luck a baby small romper and kind of jumpsuit thing for kids while baby should I say and it's basically like a fake dinosaur skin kind of dragon skin and for this you want to literally be talked in every parent out there grandparent out there and people are going to see this an impulse buy it you know I've read down the comments is literally had 8k comments nearly ten thousand shares and loads of people are basically saying think II would load this whatever that name is you know their name and then would love this I'm gonna buy it just ordered and so this product is very good for this product you want to be target and stuff like mother care Mumsnet you know all of the parents out there and try to basically talk even some baby clothes brands would be very very good on product number 80 now guys and this is the baby tattoo sleeves these are actually so so cool they look pretty funny that kind of like a card type of novel gift type thing you can see they have actually blown up there literally at 15,000 comments nearly 10,000 shares and that is because they look quite cute you know again similar to the last product the other baby one parents grandparents would buy this for a little bit of fun you know it's literally a little bit of a fun a little bit of laughs and this product is super super cool so you can get this product on Aliexpress for literally three and a half dollars to five dollars including shipping and you can sell this for around $20 or so you want to be targeting similar to the last baby products Mothercare Mumsnet all of those types of things you know targeted move those grandparents things like that and this would work very very well onto product number ninety now guys and this is basically a gift from dad to daughters it's like a little music but you guys probably seen these music boxes go around before but this one is specifically for a gift from a dad to a Dora and again they blown up had over 4,000 comments 17,000 shares and the comments were really really nice about this product which makes it very very cool here's the unexpressed page guys you can get this for around seven dollars or so again just to three times it but for talking and stuff like this obviously you want to be targeting dad's parents all of those types of things and these would be very very good onto product number 20 now guys and this is some nano tape this again product is very very useful it's a problem-solving product I actually tested this product and made some money off of it myself and basically it's for your house you can you know stick whatever you want you can stick bottles to the wall chairs to the wall if you want obviously not going to stick chairs but in the video they shown an example or you can stick trays down anything you want this product works and the good thing is this product actually works like the Nano tape genuinely works it's a very very cool product so make sure you check it out and I'll show you the Aliexpress page now so you can get the Nano tape in different sizes guys one meter three meters and five meters of course the maximum is 5 meters and it's around $5 this thing's quite useful so you know signing out different price tiers or even try to get people to purchase more than one which would be very good you know use quantity breaks or so because this is tape right it's it's gonna run out at some point so you want people to basically try buy as much of it as they can for this product guys target stuff like DIY home improvement tape all of those interests would be very very good for Facebook on to product number 20 now guys and this is some drill bits it's basically like drill bits which attach to the end of your drill and helps you kind of scribe things out or take the chisel things out kind of I've read down the comments of these and a lot of people who have actually already bought this product said this product works very very good like it's genuinely a product which actually works so it's had great feedback you can see the engagement on its bit alright as well but again another great problem-solving product the whole set on Aliexpress cost around seven dollars or so this could easily sell for $20 or I would probably put it at around 20 to 99 because they are made of metal and they are a set they do have a little bit of perceived value to them you know they're not a high ticket item but you could easily get away with selling this just over twenty dollars you want to be targeting stuff like drill bit drills some drill brands as well stuff like that and all of those things would work very very good now this product is a little bit different and it is very very cool it's basically like a slime thing which is kind of like a stress toy man this this product is something that I would buy just out of stupidity but it looks really cool because you basically just spits out like some fake sick and then sucks it back up again which is real weird very weird but people are obviously loving it a load of people born for their kids their grandkids I've seen a lot of comments of parents saying I've just got this for so-and-so you know their kid's name or whoever and the engagement on it has been amazing it's literally had over 12,000 shares 11k lights and a turn of common literally over 4000 comments so this is a very good product for something like this you want to be talking toys parents because they might buy them for their sons and daughters Toys R Us because it's a little toy stressed because it can also be seen as a stress board so those are the Facebook interests that I would use Connick number 23 now guys and this is basically a kid's toy for the bath time a lot of parents struggle with bath time which is a common problem you know a lot kids don't want to get in the bath for whatever reason they're you know it takes up too much their time I don't know but I know we're not apparent struggle with bath time and this cool little toy basically spits water out while they're in the bath and stuff like that movie functional can obviously play with the floor on it as well but it's very very cool and kids love it when they're in the bath you know it keeps them occupied past this time while the parents can wash them or whatever so this called so this toy is very very good for that it's a problem-solving product but it's also a cool product you know a wild fact for which parents would think wow this is very very cool so the product on Aliexpress is around eight to nine dollars I would want to be targeting again similar to our baby stuff man like Mothercare Toys R Us all of those types of toys you want to basically just be put it out to parents and that's what would target for this and you go ahead and two to three times the price and sell it for around that and also if you want you can try up side it with another toy or something like that onto product number 24 guys and we are nearly at the end and this product is basically a bath bomb a rainbow bath bomb for women for kids whoever and basically you just put it in your bath and it dissolves out it looks really cool to be fair and we'll obviously turn your buff into a different color so again just quite have a cool gift for anyone out there who likes and enjoys bath so you know it's quite a general product guys but I will target stuff like bath bombs Lush Cosmetics I think it is which in the UK is like a big place that sounds bath bombs and stuff like that any of a bath bomb brands you can find all body care brands and stuff like that also bath would be a good interest and that is what I will target for face book interest so the product can be bought literally for $2 70 and what I would do for this is poem in a pack of two because no one's gonna want to just one so I literally put in a pack of two or pack of four and sell it for $20 or $25 would be very good for this product so onto the last product now guys and this is the shower foot massage this product is great for summer because women love having nice heels for the summer you know every woman's trying to wear slippers flippers whatever they are cool and like to have good looking feet and good looking heels and this product helps with that it basically massages your foot and gets rid of all of the dead skin is done very very well had a ton of engagement over 3k comments and over 6k shares and it is also a problem-solving product for this product guys we want to be talking in like health care body care women's health magazine you know all of that types of stuff and any type of brands which you know care for the body basically so yeah you know like Clemmy lotion brands all of those types of things moisturizer that would be very very good for this product the product can literally be bought for just over $1 20 plus shipping which is around $3 also so you can buy it for around $5 and this could easily sell for $20 or just over as well and that is it for the whole 25 product so that is it for today guys I hope you did enjoy this video I literally gave you guys 25 winning products which you can go ahead and test on your store I've given you guys the Facebook ad I'm also giving you the AL Express supplier to get it from and I've also told you some target in an interest that I would use for each product if you think that video was worth it and you have made it all the way to the end please please PLEASE go ahead and smash that like button for me smash that sub button for me and subscribe to the best family in the world and lastly comment down below wills family is the best farm and that way you'll be entered into the competition that's all for today guys the econ wizard page

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  1. The modeling strap I was selling her here in Brazil until Dad Mark blocked my ad account and say it can't appear before and after in the creative or body parts of the woman ..

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  3. Some of the products have high potential, especially the dog/pet angle products but then how do you go about making original content (videos) of these products if you don't have a pet? I wonder how if days of compiling others videos into your own video and suing that for the ad still works?

  4. What do you do about AliExpress shipping times? Do you pay for shorter delivery like a week or so because it’s like 30 to 50 days which seems extremely too long

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