TOP Countries To Target Facebook Ads For Shopify Dropshipping In 2019

TOP Countries To Target Facebook Ads For Shopify Dropshipping In 2019

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Choosing the correct countries to target when using Facebook Ads is essential for success.

In this video, I go over the specific metrics I use to decide which countries to target my ads to. Each product can be uniquely targeted depending on a few factors.

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what's going on everybody's shrieking ah stay here so in this video I'm going to be talking about exactly which countries you should be targeting in 2019 for the best results I know there's a bunch of information out there and a lot of youtubers out there where one says to target only USA or Canada and someone else says to target top-five while the third guy says target worldwide and while these people may be speaking from their own personal experiences beginners or even people who aren't fully beginners and have a Shopify store running but don't get the results that they want often don't know which way to go is it to target this way or that way and we're going to be clearing all the misconceptions in this video so by the end of this video you're going to be knowing exactly which product should be targeted where because the real answer is it depends you will have to stick till the end to really understand as to which product falls under which category so let's get right into it so before really discussing as to which country is better than the other let's talk about exactly why choosing one country over the other is better or worse why is it even important in the first place showing the results all be kind of similar and the answer is a little bit more complicated than that because first of all every different country has a different type of person living there with different kinds of experiences knowledge life awareness etc but the most important thing as to why we don't do that is because of the metrics themselves CPM CPC CTR cost per purchase etc when it comes to choosing specific countries or target and differentiating between each country it is important to know that every different country that your target will get you some different types of results when it comes to these metrics and your own experience if you have been running Facebook Ads you may have noticed one country gets better results than the other and the country that doesn't get you any results usually has really high stats like high CPM high CPC etc and that is very common – you have when it comes to targeting this country but along with that the second thing that really makes you want to choose one country over the other is the language barrier there were some countries out there where only about 1% of the population speaks English so if your entire advertisement and product page and ever thing on your website is in English it won't really make sense to target these other countries along with that you have to know that each country has a different pocket of audience and each different pocket of audience has a different person with a different buying viewpoint again it goes back to the life experiences the personal experience of each person in this country these people believe in different things their culture tells them differently etc so in a case like this a product you may be selling could fit perfectly in one culture in one country while in another country the use of that product may be completely against that person's culture so it is important to know where your products dance in order to really save that money so he can invest it in better places and get more money inside your pocket but some common problems that people often face when it comes to dropship is target when targeting worldwide you may have noticed that you get a bunch of clicks but you get barely any or even zero purchases and in addition to that sometimes a lot of the purchases that you get from these worldwide ad sets are fraud orders but on the other hand if you only try to get top 5 countries you may notice that you're getting a little bit of high CPM or it could be even higher CPC or any other metric and if you go in and only target USA and Canada you may be thinking that if this one product is not a winner in these two countries what if it is a winner in the other countries I won't know because I didn't test in that and these kinds of problems and questions are really really common to have because those are all problems associated with the specific countries that you are targeting and this is again why it is so important to know exactly why one country or specific countries are better than others in your case but in addition to these problems I've also seen problems with the currency or payment options in fact some of the worldwide countries I've targeted specifically in Asia have had people asking me for different types of payment gateways because 90% of the people in those countries don't have access to credit cards or debit cards or even PayPal accounts they prefer something called cash on delivery which is basically them paying for the order after it gets delivered to them and if you target a country for a product which solely relies on cash on delivery then of course your product would not sell at all if you don't offer that payment gateway option so these are again all problems which are associated with all of these different country options and that just makes it ten times more important for you to know which country you should be targeting in the first place and this brings me to my next point which is how do you even determine which country to target is there some type of real weird technique that you need to use to understand and the answer is it is actually very very simple so the first thing is that you want to be asking yourself the question which is what is your product is it a high ticket product or a low ticket product or is it season specific and you'll know why this question is so important in just a few seconds but the more information you have relating to your product which basically gives you a general idea as to where you should be selling it the better it is for you so the main reason why we're asking these questions is to understand which countries we want to target to when it comes to targeting countries the first option is targeting the top five countries which is really common now when it comes to these top five countries one thing you want to understand is these countries have the highest buying power meaning their currency is some of the most valuable in the world the people in these countries have decent jobs which can allow them to spend more money than the average person in another country and what this means is that any type of product you may be wanting to sell especially if it is high ticket would be better off targeted to these top five countries people in other countries but certainly in Asia or parts of Europe or South America they would not even be able to afford high ticket products Ally's ninety-five percent of these people so in a case like this you would kind of be wasting your money but on the other hand if it was just a low ticket product with few dollars maybe $20 $30 etc then it would be better off to include these other worldwide countries but when it is a product that is above $100 you definitely want to only be going towards the top five countries but even if you're selling a low ticket product you need to keep in consideration that a lot of these countries in other areas of the world have some of the highest risk involved specifically South America parts of Asia like Indonesia or even Russia are countries where there's a lot of high broad so knowing that you want to kind of keep in mind who you want to target to because if you're fine dealing with these higher risks for these countries and would much rather prefer just go in worldwide directly you can do that but these countries again have some of the highest risk and if we continue on when it comes to a product being season specific there's one reason why I asked this question in the first place and that is because in the world that we live in when it is winter in the United States or Canada or in this part of the region it is summer somewhere else so if you're planning on selling some bikinis or some pool floats or anything like that and you know that it is currently winter time in the United States it would not be wise to target us as one of the countries for this product so keeping this in mind you would then go in and change your way of attacking and targeting and simply use other countries where it is actually summer and the same goes for wintertime when it is summer here in the United States you would not be wanting to target the US as one of the countries for your portable heater so that is when seasonality comes really into play and you need to know that when determining what countries to target so as you can see clearly every different scenario has a different solution to it when it comes to targeting these countries you don't just want to apply one solution to every single one of these selling options because in that way you could end up losing a lot of money so again high ticket items specifically the top five countries if it's a low ticket item you can't go worldwide but in that case you would really need to pay attention to these Pacific countries which are high risk of fraud and finally if it's a seasonal product then you have to know where it is a specific season in the world and then target those countries but my final verdict would be that for general products not falling in the categories mentioned above you want to either target top five countries or the e Paquette countries only and you can find a list online using Google or on Facebook groups I have a free Facebook group which you can join the link is in the description and it should have a reference to the tea packet countries but nowadays I'm definitely recommending that you go with either top five especially if your product is high ticket but otherwise you should definitely be going with a packet countries and the main reasons behind this is that first of all we don't want you to just limit our product views to a specific country because as I mentioned above each different country has a person with a different buyers viewpoint and a different culture so in one culture the product may not be accepted but in another it might be so in order to really get the best bang out of your buck just targeting the top five in packet countries would be really less risk because you're tired Paquette countries and this is where a packet works so you won't really get those charge backs of people waiting over 30 days or over 60 days for their product in addition to that these countries also have an average buying power meaning they can afford the average products $30 $50 $70 again for high ticket products I would highly recommend top five countries for anything other than a product that is above $100 you should definitely be going with a packet countries and again this would lead to much much less room for missed opportunity you don't want to live with the regret in the e-commerce that maybe this product would have been a winner had you targeted another country so when you're talking to a packet you really minimize room for a missed opportunity and you go straight for the areas which can't grant you the biggest ro s so far right now in 2019 I've had great results targeting this top 5 any packet countries but again when you're targeting countries besides the top five you need to really be careful as to which country you choose because of the high risk of fraud but if you found any type of value in this video don't forget to smash that like button down below and subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you guys next time

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