Use Etsy to Quit Your Day Job - FULL WEBINAR

Use Etsy to Quit Your Day Job – FULL WEBINAR

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hi guys good to see everybody's starting to pop in I'm just checking on the chat room to see if everybody's here so for those of you who have never used this system before first of all let me know if you either cannot see or cannot hear me or both I have a assistant in the chat room and he's here for you guys so what I want you to do if you have a quick look at my screen here I want to show you what chatroom I'm in so that you can be in the same chat room so if you go ahead and have a look at your Google Hangouts here you'll see that there's a webinar jam lightning bolt thing it might say chat for you if you click it you will get a chat box here this is the chat room that I'm in this is a chat room that Richie and Rachel are in and it's also where my lovely assistant who is going to help you with your technical issues if sitting waiting to basically like run around in circles for you guys so if you want to add your chat in here just type in the bottom you can choose if you want a message everyone etc so go ahead and get in the same chat room as us and let me know if you can see or hear me or neither or both and we'll see where you guys are at so okay all right so I am pretty universally seeing that you guys are seeing and hearing me good to go okay so let's go ahead and get started all right so people always ask me as an Etsy shop owner why would I want you to create yet another Etsy shop isn't the market already insanely saturated am i completely crazy so I promise you I am so not crazy and here's why there is room for all of us I know it can feel like a super crowded market but guess what there is totally enough business to go around I promise you if even if there are shops with products similar to yours don't freak out if every idea had to be 100 percent truly original then no one would ever make any money so I want everyone who is creative and vicious and passionate enough to start an Etsy shop to be able to get the strategies that they need to create success so everyone deserves to live the fulfilled creative life of their dreams like no right I just want to give you guys an idea of how very awesome it is to be a full time seller for those of you who aren't already I've invited my good friend Rachel you may have heard of her she's a bit of a rising star right now her shop is paper berry press and she's here today to talk to you guys about how awesome it is to live life as a full-time seller for those of you who stick around rachel has an awesome free bonus that she's giving away today with this webinar and because she is the go-to Etsy branding expert she's created a free guide and she's going to talk to you about all that good stuff right now hi guys I am so glad to be here today and Jenny thank you so much for inviting me and as she said my name is Rachel Thompson and I am the owner of paper very prescient on Etsy I cannot wait to tell you my Etsy journey story so let's just dive right in right so um my up D journey started back in January of 2013 at the time I was a teacher full time teacher and I also had a seven-month-old and my husband and I were just doing great but there was a part of me and my soul that just was just not being fed and I've always been a crafty person I mean even as a kid my mom would walk in my room and there'd just be chaos everywhere and I'd be cutting out little pieces of paper creating this masterpiece I so thought of artwork and so it was always a part of me but I wasn't really fueling that part of me so I knew I needed that self care for myself and the Etsy shop was the perfect solution for that back in January 2013 it definitely started out just as a hobby I was not thinking about it being like this actual like money stream for my family it just was feeling my soul um so fast forward to nine months later and I was basically in the slump of being pretty depressed because I had just spent this whole summer with my son because as teachers you know teachers kept the summers off so I've spent all summer with my son and also creating products for Etsy and I loved it it was so good and it felt so good and now I had to go back to my full-time job and I loved my job I absolutely love teaching fourth grade math in science it was fabulous but I loved staying home with my babies and getting to to really fuel that creative side of me it was so great and so I knew somehow I didn't know what it looked like in the future but I knew somehow I did want to do that in the future I just didn't know what it looked like at the time so at about that same time my husband and I were trying for a second and I get pregnant so I definitely know I'm like I don't know what this looks like but I know I want to stay at home with my kids and so my husband and I made that happen when the baby was born of course I was still running my Etsy shop and I I got to stay at home I did have to close my shop down for a while I mean with a newborn it only made sense to put my shop on hold for a few months and but the moment that I could a few months later I think was three or four months I reopened my shop and again that part of me just felt so good that I got to make and create these things and so fast forward a year and now my daughter so the youngest at the time with my two kids is now a year old and something happens I find out I'm pregnant again and I was not my husband and I were not planning this baby we were shocked and we were excited and I was already staying at home and so financially speaking we were on one in time we were gonna have five mouths to feed now and I knew that I needed to monetize this thing I knew that somehow I needed to start taking my little hobby business seriously and I needed to start really diving into what that looked like because at the time I had just made you know sales here and they are trickling in but it was by no means could replace my teacher salary so August of last year I did just that I take my business seriously and I created what you see now on Etsy I have made thousands of sales on on and off Etsy I'm paper very pressed products are currently being carried in over 30 brick-and-mortar stores around the u.s. and Canada and it has been fabulous ride but besides monetizing my business the best part is it's I get a stay at home with my kids y'all and I get to cuddle with them I literally wake up in the morning and I throw in some yoga pants and I just snuggle with my babies and it is by far the best feeling because I am a stay-at-home mom preneur I hate saying I'm a work at home on I am as I call myself a maker mompreneurs I get to make and create and live out my business side of that aspect too of Etsy but I get to do it while being a mom it fits into my schedule perfectly here's the kicker though I had to do a ton of research I mean I was scouring the internet for for stuff to try to figure out how people were monetizing their shops like how did people really create real avenues tree like monetary Avenue streams for their shop I had no idea and so ironically Jamie and I had connected a while back because we both are kind of in the same like realm of our craft and so I she kind of reached out to me and kind of wanted me to beta-test her her course she created and I said absolutely sure she said she just wanted like she just wanted to have somebody that had been successful on Etsy see if what she had created was on was spot-on so I took it and I was I just remember like contacting her and going oh my gosh like where were you last year for me like I this would have saved me so much time because it was not the fluff that you find online it was not just it was not just you know these big here's what you need to do it was like actual like the actual resources and tools you need to use and how to use them to monetize your business it was awesome well um as you all know I was a teacher and I really wasn't feeding that part of my school as well and so at about the same time I was creating of course – I went a totally different route than Jamie I was focusing primarily on branding because as a self-taught graphic designer I knew that branding was a big as my success and and so I created this course called brand your biz to Etsy success and it's really all about just helping you create a visual brand that's going to help like connect with your target audience and monetize your Etsy shop because and I create it for two reasons two reasons simply one is that when your first game started you don't have a lot of money to spend on your branding you can either throw some hodge podge thing together you can either pay a designer a whole bunch of money to create a custom design or you can just get this cookie cutter like template basically that multiple shops have that don't really fit what you envision in your mind for your brand and sort of plop it on there and if that's your about great but for me that wasn't what I wanted the other thing is I realized that a lot of people did not have design experience they knew what they wanted but they didn't know how to create it and so I created of course it's a DIY step by step system of my design process in a way that is so user friendly so about the same time jigna are creating these courses together and when I saw what she created and I thought about my course I thought oh my gosh like I said Ginny your course and my course were like made for each other like if if we could give this to people if we could provide this to people when they take their business seriously and want to monetize it this is like the keys to the kingdom like this I wish we had this and we got started like this would have saved us so much time um and so the funniest thing I think I told her that's kind of side note is I was like kidding this this would be like if my course was on and it it would be matched with your course or you know it would if my course saw your Chris online it would twins or swipe left like you know this it's just guys it is so these courses were made for each other to be paired and so when she told me about really launching her course I said you know what somehow my course has to be connected to yours and so I'm gonna give you this little hint you do not want to leave this webinar right now because I promise you you do not want to leave stay keep staying because there is something in store for you okay like I know I'm building cooked like anticipation but it's worth it like you do not want to leave because in just a moment you're gonna realize that there is so much value if you weren't in this if you're in this webinar right now live you are about to be rewarded heavily so stick around now before I leave I do want to kind of jump into brandy because I see a lot of misconceptions about branding and so before I leave I just want to explain what branding is because there are a lot of different misconceptions out there and so let me switch my screen I've created a few slides and these actually come from lesson 1 of module 1 of my course but it really does describe what branding is and so stick around let me see if I can switch my screen hold on one sec okay I think I found it I hope y'all can see this so what does branding look like because this is probably the biggest misconception I always hear a lot of people just think branding is your visuals your graphic design like your logo and things and yes that is a part of it but let's really define what it does here so I have the scenario here and you're gonna the next few slides are gonna be a scenario and they're all gonna be related around the same one you basically have a guy he's approaching a female and he's saying I'm single when I go on a date okay and so as we go through each scenario we're going to talk about and define in business terms what this guy is doing so this example for is I'm single want to go on a date we refer to this as marketing so marketing is anytime you actually talk about your business same scenario now we're on the phone so it's called telemarketing so you get the picture right it's when you talk about your business tella being that you're doing on the phone okay this time there's a computer screen and the guy says check out my newest blog post five reasons you should go on a date with me it's called content marketing hey who's my favorite one guys I'm single I'm single I'm single when I go on a date sounds pretty desperate right that's called direct marketing I think we've all met that that person too before I think we all know somebody in our life that is like that too right a new scenario and now the girl is talking to another female and she says he's a great guy and he singled – you should go on a date with them that's called public relations a fifth time and we're using symbols here we have this heart with an arrow through it and we have some silverware and that's called graphic design and again this is the biggest misconception I get is that people use the term branding with graphic design graphic design is used and branding but they think that those two words mean the same thing now here is the meat potatoes of what I'm about to show you now that girl's protein the guy this is the whole point and she says I understand you're a great guy and single want to go on a date sometime and that's branding so branding isn't what you say about your business its what others are saying about your business so let me switch screens one more time okay so again I cannot stress how much you need to stick around and thank you guys for letting me tell my story again Etsy is a great platform and I'll be around for the Q&A later too so thanks again Jenny a thank you I'm so glad to be here and to to really Jenny and I both are here to really just make it easier for people then then our story we want to make it we want to make it an easier road and an easier path to success then we had we found success and no matter what success looks like for you we want you to be able to get there and on a quicker let's say trajectory than we had so thank you again and I will see y'all in the Q&A okay so thank you so much to Rachel for all of that that was amazing she's awesome so I hope you guys think that is just as amazing as I do I'm super excited that she's here with us today before we move on to how you can turn your shop into job quitting material I just want to give you guys an idea of what my life is like as a full-time selador so before I started selling on Etsy I was working a horrible job with the boss from hell I'm sorry I'm talking like the sort of job what do you get yelled at for going to your grandmother's funeral like it was a bad job around that time I realized that I had no control over my career I was going wherever they would pay me just trying to pay bills and like make ends meet or whatever and none of that had anything to do with what I wanted out of my career and my life so a lot of people tell me that this is the same situation that they've been stuck in for years and that wasn't good enough for me and it shouldn't be good enough for you so I created an Etsy shop and long story short nine months later I walked out of that horrible job and I never look back now I wake up when I want I spent about half a day fulfilling orders and working with customers who are excited about what I create for them so I just want to emphasize this for a minute because it's amazing I work until noon like I make more than a corporate salary working half the time from home when I want to so I can't believe I've wasted so much time in crappy jobs working my butt off for like a third of what I make now and once I'm done working until noon I spend the rest of the day blogging creating new products or sometimes just hanging out like I've been known to have an afternoon drink with friends or Netflix the day away if I really need that time so this means I can change my schedule and take vacation at a moment's notice and for the first time since I was a little kid I feel completely free I don't have to ask for time off I don't have to report to anyone no one runs my life I'm definitely not bored with my job too which is amazing because I have never been able to say that in my life so I really hope that that inspires you guys and makes you want to create the awesome shop that I know every single one of you can make and I also want to say like guys let's be real if I can do this you can totally do it I'm just a random girl who had an idea a couple years ago and in a minute I'm gonna share with you guys exactly how I did it and how you can turn your Etsy shop into job quitting material but first when you signed up for this webinar I promise to talk to you guys about the one tool that you can use to transform your shop basically overnight I am obsessed with this tool you need to have it in your life and here to talk to you about it is Richie who co-invented marma lead which is like the Etsy SEO like gift from above so Richie tell us a bit about marma lead and what it can do for everyone here Hey well Richard from marmalade and spoiler alert I'm gonna tell you about the one thing you can do right now today to grow your business and that thing is use marbling so I'm gonna walk you through some of the different problems and solutions that marmalade has to offer for your shop and just to get started let me tell you it's not uncommon for us to talk to shops that have doubled quadrupled or even grew their business seven times larger with marbling now these are life-changing numbers and you can listen to more of these stories on our podcast Etsy Jam so if you want to check that out you can just look in your podcast app what not that's a jam or even on our blog marmalade com /blog so you can check that out but that's not what I'm here to tell you about today I'm here to tell you is that before marmalade you were flooded with information lots of information a lot of it was kind of kind of useless and you didn't really know what to do with it and that's okay because we've improved upon that with marmalade you're able to make good choices in the direction of your shop and you can be confident that we're only going to give you numbers and things that actually matter you know this is what we do the marmalade team this is what we do we help shops all the time we talk to them we help them understand we look at the data we crunch the numbers and we build that into the product that's what we do them that's what we care about so again only the stuff you need with that being said want to explain a couple different things about marmalade and how we can help you out so the first thing is we're talking about Etsy SEO and what you need to know about that is that the right keywords will make you money right and that's what you want because you want stay in business and the wrong keywords though they're gonna leave you wondering what's going on right I built it I built the website I built the very set up my shop why aren't people showing up to my shop to buy my listings well because you're not the right keywords typically this is I'll explain real quickly with the sales funnel is basically people earning club in the top and these people are interested in buying stuff so they're gonna come to Etsy calm and they're gonna type stuff in search they're doing searches but this is where it's really important it's not the matter of that they're doing searches it's what they're viewing okay so people come to search and then they start viewing stuff cuz they do a search and they say okay yeah like I like what I'm seeing on this page these listings look like what I had in mind so then I start reviewing things well hopefully your listing is the one that's standing out so they view it and then hopefully they read about it look at your pictures and maybe learn a little bit more about you and they say wow I love this this is fantastic I'm gonna favorite it okay so their favorite it so they can come back later and they can buy it and then you're happy and they're happy so how does Marmalade help you with this well Marmon helps you with this because we have this great feature called the marma meter where we do a lot of the you know the math and heavy lifting the background and basically give you a traffic light score so we have green that's good you know we measure on three different metrics and we're going to measure them as green for good orange for moderate and red for it's not so good you should probably move on for this one number one is engagement now engagement is a measure of our people not searching but actually viewing and favoriting the listings right so you put in a keyword are they being viewed and favorited because it doesn't help you any if they just do a search and then they bounce off the page cuz they say oh no that's not what I had in mind you know how many times have you searched for something you're like really that's what that means right good it's not helpful you don't need to ring for that so engaging and second is competition it's really important to make sure that you can actually you know pick a keyword that you can show up for because if you're gonna show up on page 50 no one's gonna find you right you need to show up on the first few pages so if you have millions of listings to compete with well that's a ton of competition that's gonna be really hard to figure out what tweaks you need to do in your listing to show up and beat Millions the category page so this is when we get a lot of questions about what is the category page a great example of category pages it's go to Etsy calm and go search for silver you'll see it it's a very broad keyword and Betsey basically it doesn't know what your intention is so as a shopper and they want to know that they're showing you what you want so you stay on their website and actually buy something so what they do there's solution to this as I show you some big boxes so I've used for but basically the top of the page when you do search some be covered by this and you have to scroll down to actually see the real listings they're ranked for silver because most part most shoppers let's say 90% of them we're gonna say oh yeah okay like I'm gonna stuff going down you know one of these paths instead I mean if necklaces or earrings or rings or bracelets all silver but when I click that I'm gonna get a whole different keyword that they're the people on the next click are ranking for so if you're trying to rank for silver it's kind of a waste because people the shoppers who are searching for it they're not seeing the listings down here they're going down one of these so that's important too well the next thing that's important is that all listings are not created equal okay so you want to look at your competitors not all listings right what are you doing research you want to understand and drill down and see what are the listings I'm competing against doing because I want to beat them you can do this in a friendly way it doesn't have to be you know super cut through a business kind of you know cold way right it can be very nice you're just trying to outdo them in this game alright so I have an example here for you this example is cars okay you are car shopping well you have a green truck a blue let's call sedan and a red you know like sport car right little coupe alright so but you want to narrow it down because you know you don't want all of those you probably have something in mind alright and if you are trying to price something and compete with something you're not competing with all of these the person is looking for cute coupe is not looking for a truck all right so you filter it down a little bit well I want the coupe okay so no it's a matter of wool there's red ones and green ones okay well let's say I'm not competing with green cars I'm going to competing with red cars well there you go now we filtered it down filters are important context does everything well and marmalade we help you out with this when you do a keyword search yes you're gonna get lots of listings back but they're not all your competition they're not all ones you need to be concerned about so we let you filter out material right because as you know the different types of materials that you build your listings out of your shop you might say well you know mine is higher quality mine is using like really quality materials these other ones are using cheap materials you know like so my price is higher etc etc right there's lots of differences well your customers know that right so you should know that too when you're doing your comparisons category you know again maybe you're competing maybe do a search that brings back necklaces earrings rings and bracelets but you don't make bracelets you only make necklaces or you're only interested right now in the necklaces that are showing up for that search well perfect you can filter out the things that don't matter and that way you're going to get more and more accurate data the stuff that is really comparable alright so another one you can filter it for your listings if you only want to see your listings that pop up in the search you can do that you can do things like check your rank even check out your combined metrics and stuff like that or you can say I want to see what the numbers look like if I don't include my listings maybe your listings are bringing up the averages maybe they're bringing him down or you just don't want to seem in there because you're focused on what the others are doing right now squared is great it's a good way thankou this but again you can actually control how many listings come back so how many of you comparing you can say I only want to see what's on the first page I only want to see how well the listings are what the listings are doing there on the first page so I can figure that out or you can say I want to see the first two pages or you can go as far as say I want to see twelve pages and that's great for things like brainstorming because you go real deep all right now we can talk about price when I talk about price a lot of people are like okay well I use a spreadsheet for that I put in my cost materials that put my time little mark up and then boom there's my price okay but you know what price says about your product like what it really says about your product to a shopper many people don't understand the power of pricing and what it tells people we have a chart and I'm going to explain a little bit we don't have the breakdown I'm about to show you down here but we do have a bar chart and this bar chart is going to show you how listings are priced kind of all brought together combined is going to show you okay there's X number of listings that are priced at let's say $2 and then maybe there's 30 listings that are priced at $30 and then 10 that are priced at 100 it's gonna tell you that kind of thing but I want to explain to you what pricing actually tells someone about your product because remember customers don't know much about you at this point you know if you say a big brand like Apple yeah you are going to have an impression whether or not you're a fan or not you're gonna have an impression of what that is and it tends to be of higher quality when you say something like Apple so people associate if something is expensive and it's an Apple product they're thinking oh is just a high quality product but if they don't know anything about your product if no know if Apple changed their name and then walked up with a phone and said hi this is the new generic phone it is $50 it's cheaper than anything else you're gonna get in a smart phone what do you think about it what is your perception of quality people are gonna say well it's cheap obviously the price tells me that and that's how this works with your product – they don't know you you don't have a brand you're in a handmade marketplace they're assuming that price tells them what the quality is so if you've done your filtering and you found your comparable listings in marmoleum then this is gonna be just showing you the information for the comparable isness and over here in the cheap section if you're lower than average people are going to assume you have lower than average quality if your average right so what they're seeing on the page let's say it's in the thirty to fifty dollar range they're going to assume that thirty fifty dollars why are you listening then there's gonna be pretty average quality and then high qualities would be anything above that when they see a higher price they're gonna think ooh you know this person does a higher quality maybe I put higher quality materials in there maybe there have more years of experience in doing this they're more professional price isn't it Thomas you've got your cheap your average your high quality what we find a lot is that the advice to go kind of you know in this range for most sellers is a great spot to be now unless you're a shop that you know is actually doing the lower quality which is fine there's always a place for that right and there's no shame in being that and there's no shame in being the high quality but you know make sure you understand whatever you you're going for as your shop you can understand how your price is set in that perception so for the most shop most shops that actually are shooting for that kind of like mid mid high average quality we find that tell him to go right above average there in that area doesn't get them the best results shoppers perceive them as a quality seller you know it sets the tone for the whole transaction I'm gonna hear from them I'm gonna get a high quality product I'm gonna get great customer service and all that fun stuff and a lot of times when people move from here up to here and they've been selling this quality product anyway they actually find they get a lot more sales over here that's because when people are going on at SIA when people are gonna buy handmade they value quality and so this is actually they're looking for no the next thing I want to talk about is how side by side actually saves you time so right now we have a keyword comparison tool it likes to compare or keywords side by side our brains work best when we can compare things side-by-side you know so think about it you know is this coffee cup right have three coffee cups if I just show you one how big is this cuz this big is that small medium or large I don't know because I don't have anything to compare it against now even if I start obvious I have drawn the same size coffee cup but this one's as large this one says 20 amps and this one says grande you know they're all the same size but if I just show you this and it's of large I don't know how big is large how big is your large how many times have you gone somewhere and you have to look for the cup because it says I sell small medium large but you don't know how large their large is until you see it next to the other ones well keyword comparison makes that easy to write because you see them next to each other and then you can see okay this one has you know a great Parma meter rating so does the Marmon meter rating it it also has pricing so you can say okay well is that expensive well it depends is it expensive compared to what to the other keywords that you're going to look at so putting a keyword keyword keyword and you can compare the pricing a little cross now it's also going to show you the top tags that are gonna be returned for that keyword so you do the search and it's gonna say okay these are the most popular tags and that's a great way to not just get other ideas but to say okay yeah I'm onto something because those sound like they could fit for my product too so you're likely in a search where other products are going to be like yours you're in the right place you're in the right party for that matter and top listing so there you can actually peek at the top listings and see what those are and again make sure you're in the right place at the right party which brings us over to tracking so tracking is really important too right why do some people always seem to you know be able to be frightened trust me right place at the right time well timing is everything and while I'm not one known for being punctual I do understand the importance of time and opportunity in particular windows and so we have this tool called keyword tracking that is gonna follow up to four keywords the opponent has contracted over time over a rolling 12 month period and there are of course five different charts one of those results so the results is a measure of competition you combine that with shops which should also tracks so you have how many results with how many different shops competing well if you see these start to take off well then you know your competition is starting to take off right and again now you have an idea of well let's see if measured my sales start slipping or something like that well what's what's changed well I've got a ton new competitors so how do I differentiate against them price maybe you sell something that uses a commodity like silver or gold stuff like that well the price of materials do fluctuate well you can see if other listings are starting to adjust to that or not alright again that's the market based pricing you have a price and you know is it staying relatively flat or is it taking off like results important to know views and favorites again these are my driven two measures of engagement so let's say your shop is starting to get less views all right let's take a look at some of these key words that we think are core to our strategy what's happening with them well they're going up quickly well our views should be going up quickly too so what's going on or if they're going down then that explains it too it's like who better jump into a different keyword alright it is easier to ride a wave than to create a width right so when something catches on that trend is contagious wouldn't it be nice to know exactly when that's actually gonna happen that would be great well we have this another feature called trending tags and trending tags updates every day and lets you know what tags are winning on Etsy these are trending on Etsy so it shows you the top ten and they're not all gonna be what you want right they're not all gonna be relevant to your shop you're not gonna jump on all of them that's okay because our little surfer doesn't catch every single wave right but trending tags is like that cool hip friend that you have that always seems to know what's in and as well as like hey that that's not in or you know starts that new it starts using that new catchphrase and you're like what does that mean that like you haven't heard it well it's a lot like that but a lot less annoying right it's just it's just pure knowledge and knowledge is power so you'll get to choose whether or not you catch this wave or the next one and that's trending tags which brings us to our close here all right I need to do two things I need to number one get marmalade with entrepreneur trust me when I tell you this we have designed the entrepreneur plan to be fired by far the most valuable we are not new to this we've been doing this for a long time so we know now let me ask you a question with that would you spend 73 cents to have more successful at City at C SEO of course you would because if you won't be successful of course you are well marmalade entrepreneur is about 73 cents per hour how did I come up with that well if you spend five hours a week at four point three weeks per month that's about 22 hours per month now enter Marley we have an annual plan where you save more money than doing monthly and it turns out to be about $16 per month well you combine those two numbers you'd end up a 73 cents per hour you are going to spend more time thinking about it than just investing in it I have to tell you as a small business owner as a business owner of any size actually your time is ultra valuable is the most valuable resource that you have so you know it's your move but you know make your choice wisely number two I needed to go and take the shop Fitness Test we've created the shop Fitness Test for Marmalade to give you a baseline of where you're at right now it's gonna ask you some questions about inside your shops and your shop stats and it's going to grade you on things like how well you're doing on an Etsy SEO and how your conversion rate is and some other metrics it's really important and it's broken down so yes you can get an A in this and enough in that people ask all the time why is that quotes because you're doing really well in this and really bad in this same way you can get an A in science and and F a math right it happens important thing is it tells you where your shop is weak and where you can improve and gives you some ideas of how to help so please do those two things and with a closing thought I want to leave you with this all right remember that your competition does not want you to do this they want you to hang out in the forums they want you to complain that you're not getting sales or you're not as successful as you want to be right because you are their competition so instead of taking the nap that they want you to what I want you to do is go out today and do what no one else is willing to do because tomorrow then you're gonna have all the things they can't have because they didn't put in that time and effort so again making sure is wisely but that's what I have for you and I definitely look forward to hearing from you in marmalade and when you're in marmalade know that we've got nice little question mark that lets you send us messages or you can even email us at success at marmalade comm and we can help you out with all sorts of fun stuff Thanks okay so now let's get to why we're here and let's talk about the five steps you need to take your shop to the next level aka how to turn your shop into job quitting material so let's get started with the five steps you're here because you want to create your Otzi empire but do you know what we'll do the exact opposite of that creating a shop with no identity or direction if you choose five different niches or sell a hodgepodge of products that don't make any sense together you will always struggle to make money on Etsy your shop needs to have a line of products that clearly go together you don't have to sell the same thing over and over again but they do all need to have a common theme so don't forget your Etsy shop is not about you and all your different hobbies it's actually about your customer and what they want if you don't approach it as a business from your customers perspective it's never going to support you so rather than showcasing all the latest crafts you learned how to do it's time to narrow your focus and get down to business you need to become known for something so step number two is to turn yourself and your shop into a true brand you're a passing moment in a customer's day they aren't going to remember your shop just because they bought something from you once you need to make your brand a memorable experience there are a handful of ways to do this and Rachel's bonus is going to show you exactly what you need to know to make an impact on your customers for the long run but believe it or not planning out your brand and making decisions about how it looks and feels to customers is a huge part of getting remembered all the big companies have totally mastered this if you look at certain fonts and colors you immediately think of certain brands you can do this for your Etsy shop and it should be at the top of your to-do list step three okay we were powering through here step three is something I see all the time and that's beautiful amazing shops with absolutely horrible keywords and search terms they've named their products something super cute that doesn't describe what it is at all it makes for a great looking shop that just sits completely stagnant rarely making a sale the words you use in your titles tags and descriptions need to be on point not cute not fun they need to describe your item exactly as a customer would describe it in a search box now if you don't know how to choose your tags or you find it really difficult to figure out what people are calling certain items don't worry I'm gonna offer you guys a special bonus at the end of this webinar that's gonna solve this problem for you once and for all step four is all about looks it's so important to make sure that your products look amazing buyers on Etsy are there because they love a boutique experience and your items will sell if they look like they belong on display in a unique little shop on the corner alley or something you can communicate so much to your buyers just by taking a picture you can communicate an item scale size color who would use it whether it can be given as a gift really think about what questions your customer might have when they go searching for a product like yours there are lots of options out there for taking great photos and don't think for one second that you need a big fancy camera that costs thousands of dollars when I first opened one of my shops all my photos were taken with a smartphone and they got me well over 600 sales once again if you're struggling with product photography I've got lots of goodies coming up at the end of this that will help you get your photos in order all right step number five it is time for a marketing funnel this bad boy is all about automating your sales and exposure so you keep getting ongoing traffic consistent sales and new people finding your brand every single day you do this by finding your customers where they like to hang out online in many cases Etsy search is a huge part of this funnel but don't take social media or online features or blogs or even your own email lists for granted here all these things add up to exposure and the more places you are online the more likely you are to get found okay so I just touched on the five things that you're going to need to create a shop that's going to help you quit your job just to review those things were number one find your niche number two create a brand number three get your tags and titles in order make sure that Etsy SEO is important to you number four is make sure your product photography is on point and number five is get yourself a marketing funnel and as you can see after all that that going the distance on Etsy is a bit more complicated than just throwing up a product and waiting for the money to roll in everything you do needs to be pitch perfect and I have a program that's going to show you how to get your shop off the ground the right way the first time so I don't know about you but when I first started I did not have time to make all those beginner mistakes and take like ten years to quit my job I was ready to do it once and do it right so what if you could hop in a time machine and kind of talk to your future self so you could you know the Etsy mogul version of yourself and she could tell you exactly how to avoid all of the pitfalls and beginner mistakes well think of this program as your time machine I want you to get it right the first time I created this program as if I was talking to myself a year ago so that I could undo all the things I did wrong that held back my income this is exactly why I'm sharing my new course your first 1k on Etsy with you guys I want to help Etsy entrepreneurs push their shops that next level without stressing out over every detail staying up all night worrying about cash flow or spending hours and hours on research that only leads to dead ends so we're gonna cover all five steps discussed in this presentation and I'm going to show you how to complete each one step by step with no guesswork involved I've made it incredibly simple for you to get your shop exactly where it needs to be whether you are just starting out or you've been at this for a while now this program is exactly what you need to take your Etsy shop to the next level or just to get started on the right foot you can know that you're making all the right moves because I'm talking you as someone who's been there done the research and found Etsy success with three separate shops so I really want to help you guide your shop to success and that's because I can tell you from experience the other side is glorious I love working until noon and being done for the day I just can't explain how freeing working on Etsy has been for me and I really want to share that so I'm gonna guide you through my entire five-step process and tailor my knowledge and experiences so you can create the perfect strategy for your specific shop you can take what I'm showing you and mold it into something amazing that works for you this program is a two to three hour course that's going to guide you from start to finish when it comes to setting up shop and making your products look irresistible to buyers as I said we're going to go through all five steps and I'm literally going to handhold you through exactly how to set everything up so because you guys are here at the live webinar I'm not just going to offer you the course I'm offer I'm also going to offer you a bunch of really fun freebies so I've got three awesome bonuses just for you guys the first bonus is Rachel's amazing brand of guide which you will get completely for you with this program it's absolutely amazing I've seen it I love it and you're going to learn how to create a memorable brand that makes sales over and over again rachel has really made her brand shine and she really loves getting into this stuff and you can really see that in her freebie it's just a absolute pleasure to do and it's so much fun so the second bonus you're gonna get absolutely free is a pre-recorded shop critique that I did with a new seller and it's gonna walk you through all the mistakes that new sellers make so you can just skip that part and just pass go and collect your $200 you do not need to waste your time the third and final bonus is Ritchie's offering a 14-day free trial of marmalade Pro for everyone here today you can use your trial to insure your Etsy SEO is on and sending the right customers to your shop so you will always have a steady stream of buyers I can't tell you guys how much I love marmalade I use it all the time I'm probably on it every single day I really can't express how valuable this tool is and I'm so glad that Ricci came along and invented marmalade for us so the offer for the course should be coming up on your screen now and right now we've got about five minutes to answer any questions that anyone has so I'm gonna pick out a few of the comments and hopefully I can get to each question and figure out how to get them to show up on the screen for you guys

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