Using free shipping on Etsy for visibility. Etsy tips 2019

Using free shipping on Etsy for visibility. Etsy tips 2019

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Offering free shipping on Etsy can be a way to improve your placement in search results if the customers are using the free shipping filter. It can also interest the customer in your listing because of Etsy’s free shipping banner. Here are some ways to use free shipping to your advantage even if you don’t offer it for everything in your shop. Go to the work with me link on my website (listed above) to get a cheat sheet that goes along with this video and explains the options for free shipping.

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what I was what I was gonna talk about today is the benefits of offering free shipping if you are looking at it as just kind of a placement thing and it does cut down on the competition so that's that's really the benefit so let's say I'm searching for mittens black which was the first thing that Etsy showed me when I clicked on the little search bar okay that comes up with twenty-two thousand two hundred ninety two results but if I go down here and click the free shipping filter that reduces the number of results to a little over fifty two hundred so in terms of competition you've just eliminated a lot of competitions like seventeen thousand results are gone so that is obviously a visibility issue so maybe offering free shipping for something light like this would be a good thing right let's see free shipping free shipping free shipping this when when Etsy shows the free shipping badge here it means that inside this listing the seller has marked free shipping in the individual listing but to get something like this eligible order ship free that means that there's a condition on it and it's been set up in the discounts and coupons the sale and coupon section but it still shows up in free shipping so you might want to think about doing that if you're still against the idea of free shipping completely but it will give you more visibility if you set it up so that there are some conditions on it but maybe you don't want to give it free shipping for every single thing right so let's see I'm gonna I'm gonna click through here and show you this because I was looking at this before the condition on this and I'm not sure why my my computer does this the condition on this is that you get free shipping if you buy two hundred and five dollars worth of stuff from the shop now that's a weird amount but it's because it's a it's an international shop and the currency conversion where I'm looking at it is probably messing this figure up so they might have two hundred fifty dollars I don't know that's a high amount so you might want to think of I mean I wouldn't advocate putting a really high amount for free shipping unless people order high amounts but what you can do is look at your average order amount and go a little bit higher than that so let's say your average order amount is twenty five dollars you might want to say free shipping with orders of $35 it up because sometimes people actually order more in order to get the free shipping or they do the math in their heads they realize that ordering one more of this or ordering something else from your shop kind of offsets the cost of the shipping enough that it's worth it to them to do that so by offering the free shipping with a condition and looking at your average dollar amount and using that as the basis of how much you're going to offer off of it like it what's the limit before they get the free shipping you can actually increase your conversion rate and then that helps your shop overall also now let's say you want to offer free shipping but only after a certain number of items has been ordered or a certain dollar amount or whatever for that you need to go to the sales and coupons section which is in your marketing tab in the shop dashboard and create a new special offer so go up here at the top new special offer and you have to run a sale and the way that you do this and you could do it as a coupon too if you wanted to but I think that's a little I'm not sure if you can set it up that way just for you know you'd have to offer the coupon to people too so they have to do the coupon code this way it shows up everybody knows what it is and it will show up in the free shipping filters so you go up here I'd like to offer shoppers free standard shipping okay so that means that they still have to pay priority if they want to upgrade to priority then they still pay for that but free standard shipping and click domestic only and let's see minimum order to qualify now if you say none you can actually go through and choose oh I don't have it in here but if you continue at the bottom let me just put in something here for the code asked me to do this okay it's going to you have to hit continue at the bottom after you fill those out it'll give you an error message if you don't fill that out and then you can choose what listings you want to add okay so you can put entire sections and you can put the whole shop whatever you want to do but if you put a quantity like if you want to say you know five after five items are ordered you get free shipping and you do that but see this here it says this makes your Sales shop wide you won't be able to discount specific listings so if you have some things that cost a lot more to ship than others it might not be worth doing this you you just have to figure that out for yourself okay but that's how you do it if you want to say after you buy five things you get free shipping you put that there go through the whole process or you can do an order total so after $50 I do this on my website if people order $50 worth of stuff on my website it's free shipping in the US but again this makes your sales SHOP wide so I don't do that on Etsy because I have a couple of things that do cost a lot and they cost a lot to ship so I'm not going to do that for free shipping for those items it just isn't worth my time so you have to make up your mind whether you want to do that at all but that's how you do it to put free shipping in with it you don't have to worry about a coupon or anything like that and it'll just show up or you can just put each item having free shipping but if you have some things now that have shipping profiles if they're attached to and you don't want to go through your whole shop you can just do that do free standard shipping choose the choose the quantity and really this is if you want to do you know after five items or after a certain dollar amount that's how you would do that there choose today's date put no end date because then it'll just go on forever and this will not let you choose the items in your shops but that's okay because you don't want to do that if you want to do it this way okay so you can either set something up in the sales section or you can you know go to your shop listings and list them all individually that way either way using the free shipping will get you included in filters let's go to green jewelry okay and that will just eliminate competition it gets you seen more often so there's one 7 million results let's look at free shipping and now we're down to five hundred twenty four thousand results which is still high but you know it's better than 1.7 million or whatever it was so think about offering that because there there are ways that you can kind of control your cost there are ways that you can use this to increase your conversion rate and it definitely increases your visibility as one one factor in where you're gonna end up in search placement so leave me any questions give this video a thumbs up if you thought it was helpful and go on over to my website I put a little cheat sheet for this video with different types of free shipping that you can offer and the decision-making that goes around it and that's on the work with me page that is linked in the info card in this video so go on over there and pick that up you can download it for free and I will talk to you guys later

4 thoughts on “Using free shipping on Etsy for visibility. Etsy tips 2019

  1. I was just about to message you about how to do this after setting up calculated shipping. This was such good information as most of my items are only about $5.00 and so free shipping on a single item was not an option for me. After 1,000 sales, I still haven't set up international shipping. I'm still trying to figure out what countries would be best to ship to. Thank you for this info!

  2. I have mine set to free shipping when you buy 5 items and it works great for me. I love it because it cuts down competition, gives my customers a great deal and boost my sales, and cuts out the cost of the indivual transaction credit cards fees. Win, win. On my bigger items that cost more to ship i just added 3/4 of the shipping cost into my listing price and it all works out great. I win some on some sales and loose a tiny bit if the customer only buys one item. Most of my sales are multiple so it works out great.

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