Using longtail keywords to reduce competition on Etsy--  Etsy seo tips

Using longtail keywords to reduce competition on Etsy– Etsy seo tips

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The basics of long tail keywords for Etsy SEO.

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hey guys I wanted to show you this these stats because there were people debating whether short tail or long tail keywords are better on Etsy and it's always gonna be long tail I don't care what anybody says because long tail is where it's at if you want to be found on any type of marketplace that has more than ten shops on it because you just want to dive down you want to drill down and get to where your customers are when they're ready to buy not when they're browsing when they're ready to buy so what I did here this is this is a listing for these little wafer paper dots they're edible edible dots that I have to punch out individually it's kind of a pain but you know whatever and you apply it to a cake and it looks like a mermaid scale so I have all kinds of terms in here mermaid party decorations wafer paper dots under the sea parties fish scales mermaid cake decorations so I've got all different ways to describe this in the tags there's even more terms and the goal is to combine these to make different longtail keywords so you might be thinking well the first term that they're using is a short tail keyword but on Etsy most the I think that it says like 60% of the shoppers are from the US it's I'm not sure if that's the exact percentage but it's most of the shoppers are in the US in the u.s. you can see these little boxes okay so I'm gonna put in mermaid party and it doesn't work when I do that so I'll just type it in mermaid party now what happens when you type in mermaid party which is the most search term for this that'll either bring it back and maybe it'll show up in here I don't know okay it's not on the first page there it is okay so it's on the second page of search for that and there's 67,000 results so I know that I can kind of compete for that term okay the next one is mermaid cake decorations under the sea party decorations mermaid party decorations mermaid birthday decorations but these like the first if you if you look it's a pretty clear split that long tail keywords are the most searched for this item but then this is the last 30 days so if I open it up to be the last year it will be even more more stats but what happens when you open this up is it brings these up to so first we have mermaid party decorations that's one of the most searched terms so when people click on these boxes that counts as a search that's just how it is so now see that's in the search box here so that counts as them searching for that term and let's see there it is it's on the first page of results for that what other boxes do we have mermaid okay so for our mermaid party decorations let's go back to there all right so that counts as a search but we also have these other terms and maybe somebody clicked on this so mermaid party supplies party I don't think party supplies was 100 it is look oh what a shot where made party supplies is one of the terms so maybe they clicked on that after they click after they typed on that and actually they clicked on that one they didn't type it in we also have under the sea party decorations under the sea party decorations is the third most searched term so if someone is doing it under the sea party and that's a kind of a common term so that actually might be something that somebody typed in but now that counts as a search there's only five thousand results this is the number that you're looking at for longtail keywords that's what you're looking at okay I don't know if people understand that and there's there's the listing right there the reason that you want longtail keywords is because the number of results that you get are a lot lower so your competition is a lot easier to be seen he's on the first one and it's it's unusual to be on the second page you know 467 thousand results but that one was for five thousand results on the first page let's see under the sea baby shower deck I might have the words baby shower in this listing I'm not sure it would be in the tags I'll have to go back so this only has 1,700 results 1817 97 to be exact okay now my guess would be that I do not have the term baby shower in this listing if it's not showing up on the first page for this term okay it's not on the second page either so now what I'm gonna do is go into this listing to see if the words baby shower are in here let's edit the listing okay and just to just to make sure we're looking for under-the-sea baby shower decorations okay so let's look to see so we've got under the sea in the title we have decorations in the title so all I need to make sure is I have the words baby shower and I don't so I'm going to take out this mermaid I obviously did this before i reworked my SEO baby shower and okay so now I have the words baby shower in this listing and if we look at let's look at all the stats for this while we're waiting because if I didn't have the words baby shower first it won't be in here anywhere and no it's not so nobody found this listing by using the terms baby shower in the search in any form alright so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna wait ten minutes and then I'll come back and see if we can find that listing and search for baby shower you want to put multiple terms in your title and tags so that you can be found for longtail keywords this is not rocket science hey the launch and look there's only one search for this there's only one search for you know the short tail keywords it doesn't matter one search is one person coming to your shop and that's what you want but most people who are ready to buy are in the process of typing in a longtail keyword and narrowing it down so let's wait 10 minutes I'll come back we'll see if we can find it for that baby shower term okay okay I'm back it's about 12 minutes I think we're back at the searched under the sea baby shower decorations I'm going to refresh the screen and let's see if my listing is showing up and okay well this is the ad so that means that Etsy has found that SEO in the listing to put it in the ad so that's good and there it is on the first page all right so the more terms that you can put in the more searches you're going to show up for I didn't have the word baby shower in this listing first and so it wasn't going to show up for the surge as soon as I put it in it shows up for the surge so keep looking for your longtail keywords you want to have less competition and people searching for the terms that they're using when they're ready to buy and that's why you use longtail keywords alright so leave me any questions and I will answer them as soon as I get a chance and I will see you later

10 thoughts on “Using longtail keywords to reduce competition on Etsy– Etsy seo tips

  1. Where are you looking? Sorry but what is “Longtail” and how is it that you’re finding the search number are you using another plateform to show the numbers? The screen looks so blurry.

  2. In the Renae video you mentioned you did a video after your meeting with SEO experts for your own channel, did you delete it or is it not published yet? Really looking forward to it! 🙂

  3. Thanks for such a helpful video! I wish Etsy wouldn't limit the length of our keywords to 20 characters. I have a hard time figuring out how to fit long tailed keywords into the tags. It seems like the only place we really have room for them is in the title.

  4. The orange boxes show up for me only when I search for short tail keywords, such as "gemstone necklace" or "leather necklace." But when I search for "gemstone leather necklace" there aren't any orange boxes visible. Does that mean my longtail keyword phrase is already specific/sufficient enough? Also, do you recommend still using phrases in the orange boxes, even if they dont exactly pertain to my particular item? None of the orange boxes exactly describe my "leather necklace" item. But I'm assuming those phrases are the most searched terms relating to "leather necklace" on Etsy, and I could miss out on lots of potential traffic by not using them?
    Thanks so much!!

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